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I'd buy it but for the starter pack and The Simpsons pack (even more so after seeing LEGO Springfield on YouTube) that's $130+tax.. that's insane to me. I'll wait for a price drop or Black Friday (hopefully).

WB is going to push this hard, they've already delayed LEGO Marvel The Avengers for this.

I saw a post on NeoGaf, where someone bought everything that is available, cost them $380+tax!! #3
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Should've bundled it with LEGO Movie, LEGO Batman 3 and LEGO Jurassic World.

Or gone full out and bundled the LEGO Dimensions starter pack. #8
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I already have TWD on multiple consoles and MGS just doesn't interest me.

Not a bad month but not a great month either.. here's to hoping November's offerings have a better selection. #2
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This game is going to get crushed in sales.. between MS own X1 offering this holiday season plus the big 3rd party titles releasing.. this game is going to get lost in the shuffle. #4
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Proprietary and ludicrously expensive memory cards killed the Vita for a lot of people.. and that's ALL on Sony. A picture of a prototype Vita was released earlier this year that showed the Vita designed to use the SD cards.. So, the fact that Sony changed that, is all their fault.

It's a damn shame too, the Vita is an amazing piece of kit with a beautiful screen and some truely awesome games (Killzone, Tearway, Persona)

The lack of BIG 1st party titl... #5
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Yeah, it's single player but co-op is available, split screen or online.

I'm definitely getting 'Borderlands' vibes watching the videos though.. #1.1.1
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Sony always does, 'Ghostbusters' is their ip. #1.1
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Basically it's a Vita except it's not handheld and you connect it to the TV.. which is awesome actually..

Also, a hack has been released that allows you to play virtually all the Vita games (stock PSTV, some games weren't compatible) But that's all changed now.

Decent price at $39 #1.1
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Think I'll wait until I'm playing the game, so that I can see which perks work for me. #3
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Also, if you haven't already, turn off auto download updates as well.

Quite a cool little hack, don't have a PSTV myself just the Vita - wish it would work on the Vita though, I still have some of my PSP games that can't be played on the Vita and I'm interested to see if they could. #13.2
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Yeah, I read about this on NeoGaf this morning..

$50 is too much even with the digital download of Black Ops 1 included, this should be $40 max.

Silly Activision. #7
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$50 for multiplayer only.. should be $40 max. #3
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Oh I know.. currently going through another playthrough of 'Fallout 3' - by the time I'm finished with it, '4' will be out. #2.1.1
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Ah, remember the days of the flight simulator games from the late 80s to the mid 90s.. those came with manuals that required a small forest to be felled.

I still have a game called 'Tornado' it released by Spectrum Holobyte, it came with 3 250 page manuals, a 300 page appendium to the manuals, a 250 page detailed schematic manual, a "cold war" 300 page novel, 4 different keyboard overlays and a bunch of posters/maps.

Sure don't do that a... #2
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I just want to play the game damnit!

Thank god, we only have just over 6 weeks to wait. #2
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WTH are you on about, ppl bitched like crazy over it because it made the PS3 so damn expensive and screamed like hell until Sony removed it..

But yeah, continue thinking that BC makes a damn difference.. guess all you can look forward to is BC titles rather than new titles explicitly for the X1. #18.3
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Sure gonna be expensive to play this game.

I wonder if LEGO or WB will have plenty of figures available or like the amiibo's only be in limited stock.. so that scalpers can buy them all up and sell them for obsence prices on Ebay/Amazon?

Wow, i just looked on Amazon and most of the figure packs are $30 each, a few here and there are $15. #4
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It was in the press release when then announced the season pass. #2.2.1
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EA would be last company I'd want to be bought by.

So many developers/studios EA has destroyed. #18
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How odd, I DL'd 'Dying Light' 9.2GB demo, 'Tearaway Unfolded' 7.2GB, a 'Witcher 3' add-on and Crackle (and an update file for it) yesterday on my PS4 and it was all done in just under a hour.

Maybe your internet is shit? #11.1
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