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Anyone think this is the direction the NX is going? They test the waters so to speak with this 'Pokemon Go' - The NX does the same but with all Nintendo games.. you use the controller to go play outside then when it's dark (stormy even) you dock the controller into the console and play your game just like a regular console. Certainly would be an innovative approach to gaming.

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80p is $1.04

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Seeing as Frontier Developments seems to be in no rush whatsoever to release 'Elite: Dangerous' on the PS4 (as they said they would) - Then NMS will satisfy my itch.

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If you played the PC version, then Yes, your save will carry over BUT if you played either the PS3/X360 version, then No.. you have to start a new game.

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I'll buy it used sometime in 2017 - fcuk Crystal Dynamics.

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Thanks for that.. might as well try it, if it doesn't click for me, move onto the next game.

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Is 'Call of Juarez' any good? Never played it.

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PS4 Mod beta is delayed until further notice. So, no mods for PS4 players.

I smell an exclusivity deal between MS/Bethesda - and let's be honest, not the first (and won't be last time) Bethesda shafts PS gamers.

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Grim Fandango Remastered (cross-buy Vita/PS4) $1.49 - that's a no brainer.

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I'm thinking we won't see this game until at least Q1 2018 but have a feeling this will a Xmas game of 2018.

That demo did look polished, of course by E3 2017 I wonder if 'Days Gone' will still look like what we saw in 2016.

Either way and IMO the older I get, the more it really pisses me off that Devs show games that are YEARS away from being completed, let alone released.

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Kinda like Crystal Dynamics.. they favor MS so much over the Sony platform - so much so, that the last game CD coded themselves, was back in 2006. Nixxes has done every Sony version of 'Tomb Raider' since 2007.

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Mods were supposed to come out in June for the PS4. Bethesda haven't even commented on this, this news (which is old BTW) was posted on Twitter days ago when someone posted info from patch notes.

Anyone think mods will be available day one for the 'Skyrim' remaster this October?

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Well, that's a fine attitude to have isn't it.. hope nobody buys the game then, so they can't fleece people out of their money again.

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"The PS4 is winning because it has games people want to play on it."

Pretty sure those games (outside of exclusives, that every system has) are available on the X1 and PC as well. If it came down to power, we'd all be PC gamers. All Sony did, was give a clear message on what the PS4 is.. and that's not to knock the X1 which is fine console on it's own, but in it's case MS muddled the message at it's reveal and it'...

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Lord, another one! Between the PS4 and Vita, I think there's a competition to see which system has the most updates in a year.

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Well, of course they are.. after the trainwreck of 'Evolve' don't think they have a choice.

My local Best Buy last week had 'Evolve' (brand new) for $8 - even at that price I wouldn't touch it.

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For those select PS3 gamers (myself included) who couldn't even play 'Skyrim' due to freezes, total lockups and various other little things (re-bought it on the 360), the PS4 version might just be playable.. but either way, I'm not paying $60 for that privilege. Not even the thought of mods will sway me to pay $60 due to the simple fact, that mods still aren't available on 'Fallout 4' for the PS4. (PS4 beta mod coming soon).

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How though? They revealed no specs, no hardware and certainly no games. Only a 'wishlist' of what they hope is coming.

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Scorpio pack-in title? Still a shame though, would've liked if they had shown combat (or did I miss that video)

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Nuka-World is being released in August and that is supposedly the last DLC.

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