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First kickstarter I actually care alot about, come on internet do your thing

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If he was the furthest thing from egotistical you wouldn't even know his name

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This is clever marketing. If it was purely for artistic reasons, it would be optional.

If you don't believe the marketing propaganda you know ps4 is only a decent but restricted gaming pc. less pixels means they can have turn up the graphics quality...

so its not really a bad thing. You just don't get the choice of what graphics settings/resolution you want to play on like you would on a PC.

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PC games usually aren't restricted like console games.

Could go all the way up to 4k resolution. But 1080p has been standard for many years now.

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This list is just as much about poor optimisation than graphical fidelity.

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If you REALLY like gravy then buy a gaming PC ;)

Altho 60fps is ok for a singleplayer game.

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one reason why he's wrong: occulus rift

4k on that will be much sooner and is bound to be opoular since it makes a much bigger effect compared to a TV.

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60 fps is too low, 120 is where its at. (for competitive games)

And no thats not the distant future, like this video suggests. my PC is mid range 2 years ago, plays cs:go max settings at 200+ frames per second. my 120 hz monitor was only £150.

yes I'm not going to get BF3/4 at 120fps on high settings but competitive games like CS or DOTA, etc. 120 fps is very affordable and useful.

even the cheapest gaming PC could run any 360/ps3 ga...

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Won't this mean not only way better graphics but WAY less development time & costs?!!

I mean if we can get much better quality 3d models from scans, that means some guy doesn't have to spend HOURS manually modeling/texturing them.

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downvoted by ragin consolers. ironic because it probably looks WORSE than ds1 on pc.

apart from a few cool new wind effects, it looks same as ds1 but as a pc gamer I notice the horrible low resolution.

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The only reason I installed steam originally was because I HAD to, in order to play HL2, portal, TF2 etc.


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Well yes because every cod past cod 4 was not worth a penny on PC. no dedicated servers, QE lean, mods, etc etc etc.

plus the gameplay got worse and worse and imbalanced. more focus on killstreaks and other bullshit less of actual skill.

if you cared about PC gaming you would not have bought those games on PC, otherwise you are part of the problem.

I also miss loved cod4, all you can do is buy CS:GO, and adapt.

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to be fair he's kind of right, the story is only interesting at the start and end.

the middle part and most the game is just: go to here, kill obligatory enemies, now go here for some stupid reason, kill obligatory enemies....

overall I did enjoy the game tho.

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Bookers debts were settled when he sold anna, so why would he need to resettle them by saving the girl anyway? I guess because his memory is rewritten but that is a sloppy excuse.

anyway its a good overall story and fun game but tons of plot holes, and so much inexplicable stupid shit (like drinking potions to throw fireballs).

it gets on my nerves that it trys to take itself seriously that people take it seriously.

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I upgraded to AMD for the much better price/performance over nvidia.

my AMD card is the noisiest piece of shit tho. and I think AMD still sucks at anti aliasing, which is a huge deal to me.

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sure, if he was talking about a completely different game to the one in the gameplay video.

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"how do we evolve the gameplay? How do we evolve the narrative? How do we evolve the things around the technology? How do we make it more Battlefield?"

A: make another cod campaign.

really dice? at least be fucking honest about it.

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Funny how each generation claims its photorealistic.

While these do seem impressive now its only a matter of time before we will laugh at that terminology.

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As a true PC gamer, I haven't bought a cod since cod4, so all this moaning about price amuses me.

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I wont be buying it for singleplayer, but does look good.

Lets hope multi is not just a graphics update.

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