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"Banned for ~9 years. I'll be back."


Submerge it in gasoline and light it. #4
1868d ago by BannedForNineYears | View comment | Trolling
I hated the first one. ;3
It was one of those games I had to force myself to play.....
inFamous definitely slaughtered Prototype. #7
Fall out? :| #3.1
Pssssssh, we don't need no stinking innovation!
I'm fine with having mediocre shooters that have nothing we haven't seen before.
/s(arcasm) #5
Why does the crease in his thumb go away? :( #8
This is gonna be the greatest game since every game in existence. GOTY for 2011-2XXX. Chuck Norris would prefer it over turning into God. This game's gonna cause the weak minded to go insane. This game will get a metacritic score of over 9000!!!!!
o_o #14
He should post this stuff on his Youtube channel. #12
Most overrated game is FF13!?

"And why did people rated this game high?"
Fail grammar.
FF13 was an amazing game!

Also, "Why did this game even attempted?"
Fail grammar again.

And lol@Calling Kinect innovative.

"I was really surprised at the difficulty levels of Peace Walker...It's impossible to finish the campaign without a buddy!"

I did th... #20
It only does copying Nintendo.
At least you guys are getting Gears 3 and......Errrrm....

Really, Microsoft? Way to abuse your fans...

They should stop focusing on sales and give up on stealing Nintendo's fan-base...Aka stop catering to the casual games. :| #1.12
That looks nothing like Alien Swarm. xD
I haven't played in a while, but I don't remember the HUD looking like that. :P

Also, why include HL 2, Portal, and TF 2 if you're just gonna include the Orange Box as well? xD #10
I disagree. :| #23.1
GT5 is a PS3 exclusive, you shouldn't have been surprised. :|
IGN doesn't like PS3 exclusives. #3.1
........The Stoner 63 owns.
It's like an assault rifle.
Also, I loved the Enfield when I first started the game. #12
......It was an amazing game.
Haters gonna hate.
I think the main problem was the fact that there were multiple discs on the 360 version. :P
It's 2010! Multiple discs is unacceptable.
>:[ #12
These images are really ugly. xD
Can't even judge this comparison seriously. #12
.....Fun if you don't mind making yourself look like a retard. :P #3.1
Lol@People who think ME 2 is a 360 exclusive.....
It isn't....
You can call it a Microsoft exclusive I suppose. ;3
Not for long though, so enjoy it while it lasts.
Lol, poor 360 owners....Trying to twist definitions in order to make their console look superior. #1.1.9
Agreed with Neckbear.

But there's no denying that this is an amazing deal.....
Although this looks like Action 52.... ~_~
If you don't know what that is, look at AVGN's review of it. xD #1.2.4
Hm, what if Naughty Dog did this? What if ND put random sentences on Nathan Drake's body? ~_~
Seems kinda unprofessional, but still, I think it's funny. #9
...But why did they use a LBP PSP image for LBP 2? ~_~
That's.....Pretty fail. #1.6
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