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@greenpowerz- Yeah, he usually just says what people want to hear, I guess for bubbles lol. Makes him happy I guess. Kinda sad though...

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Nobody tracks actual sold units...

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It always has been 2nd. N4G fanboys have convinced themselves, based on one unsubstantiated report, that the PS3 has overtaken the 360. They then proceeded to relentlessly repeat this as fact all over the comments section of articles. The official numbers say otherwise, but you can't have a rational discussion with rabid, delusional children.

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Let's be honest, it's a vita game. It's not gonna sell either way.

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Tying costumers down? Sounds kinky.

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Oh noez another Xbox d00m article on n4g media is biased want ms to fail.

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Of course they did, did you really expect them to use the same processor in a next gen console? Has anyone ever done that?

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I don't know what any of that shit in the article means, but screw it, I want one.

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@-King: he was referring to the US numbers that were just posted, nobody said anything about NA so not sure what your point is...

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You're forgetting that the US is one country, while Europe is an entire continent....

Edit: Apollo beat me to it.

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I just come to these negative vita stories to watch fanboys defend it like its one of their children.

People who aren't delusional know this thing is in trouble, but the comments are amusing.

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Have a hard time understanding why people keep wasting their time bitching about COD.

Just like comments from 2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012 etc. same shit with a new date on.

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Tradition? You mean PS3? The Ps1 & 2 sold so well so fast they killed TWO Sega consoles and took them out of the hardware game.

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The 80gb did have an emulator, not the 40. The 40gb was my first PS3. It got the YLOD. Slim has been going strong a couple years now though.

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I thought the 2nd version of the phat ps3 did use an emulator?

EDIT: I was right.

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How is this a hate article?

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Dude, take a nap or something. You cranky.

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Lol @ the Halo forums. I love some Halo but that forum is probably the worst community I've ever had the displeasure of being in. Biggest bunch of entitled cry babies in gaming.

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You're fighting a losing battle trying to reason with fanboys. You know damn well Sony can do no wrong...

If the PS4 used CD games and was made out of aluminum foil they would spin it as a positive.

All I'm saying is it's okay to prefer one console/controller over another, but to act like they're some kind of infallible god is straight up retarded.

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What's with the asymmetrical comments? Our thumbs are opposable, ya know. Its not like its uncomfortable to move your thumb an inch.

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