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Its not a bout "hiding the truth" its about allowing rumor articles favoring one side and not the other. Either rumor articles are acceptable here, or they're not. Can't have it both ways.

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So I see the fanboy mods that run this site finally killed that article debunking the 720 always online rumor (again) after it was approved.....but they allow crap like this? Well at least there is no doubt how shit this site has become now.

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@Dayz- Your comment from just 5 days ago on one of the Xbox "always online" RUMOR articles:

"Microsoft seems hellbent on killing the xbox so it looks like it's just PS4 vs Ouya at this point lol"


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Wow. Great game, you guys get way better plus games than us Yankees.

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@lilbroRx- Careful bro, 'tis not wise to speak ill of any Sony® product 'round these parts, lest ye lose yer bubbles. Please cease with your logical posts and just type something like "#PS4FTW420YOLO" and watch as yer bubble count doubles from all the "well said" upvotes.

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Luckily people all over were selling their amd keys for $25 on reddit. Snagged one up and loving this game.

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Obviously I haven't played this game, but I imagine flying a submarine would be much, much harder than flying a jet.

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After ragging on the Vita in a few articles, I feel the need to eat some crow. I was at Target and they had one on display with a LBP demo, and I have to say it was freaking awesome. The graphics were actually stunning, and the gameplay was so smooth. Needless to say I'm getting one soon. The commercials and screenshots truly do not do the Vita justice, you actually have to experience it yourself to appreciate it.

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LOL why the disagrees? Are you disagreeing with the fact that I didn't watch it, or disagreeing with the question? Neither makes sense, grow up kiddos.

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I didn't watch the event, did they announce a price?

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I thought Killzone 2 was probably the best PS3 game, and Killzone 3 kinda sucked. Here's hoping it's more like 2.

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@smash-yeah because bashing the vita gets you sooooo many agrees on N4G /s

Are you new here?

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IDK man it sold more than twice what Vita did, and according to N4G the Vita is a raging success!

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Yikes, Vita is flopping hard.

Edit: @disagrees- You might not like it, doesn't mean its not true. If those numbers aren't flop status, what is?

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Just remember to keep the vita box you will get more when you eventually sell it on craigslist. Might get enough for a 3DSXL.

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"And as a collective group, they are agenda motivated and frequently wrong"

You just described the Sony boys here on N4G!

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OK I read the article, other than a quick jab at xbl, I didn't see how it pertains to gaming or the point he was trying to get across.

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Obviously you didn't read it....

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@Kingthrash360- that's strange you didn't say that about the author of the "PS+ is better than xbl" article that posted commented "hell yes!"

Hypocrite much?

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Where's all the "flamebait" accusations at? Trolling for hits? DOWNVOTE THIS SITE!!!!? Oh yeah that's right, this is a pro-Sony article. My bad, carry on...

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