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LBP is Casual Sh1t. Poor Media Molecule is wishing they weren't the Flopstation 3's latest victim. I bet they look at the Wii and it's audience and feel like shooting themselves for trusting Sony.

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More like a royal ass beating. XBL has 10 times the content BSN has.

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Only game this gen that looks exactly the same on a 1970's black/white tv as a color tv.

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Overhyped black&white COD4 clone.

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It's usually because trying to hold a meaningful conversation with a mindless zombie is useless.

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LBP is casual sh*t on a $400-500 console, that's why it flopped. I hope to God, no one feels like a "hardcore" gamer for buying LBP. Actually, that would be f*cking hilarious, so if you did please tell everyone about how hardcore you are while playing LBP. lol

@ duka
lol you are a brainwashed fool.

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Normal people are aware that the PS3 sucks ass.

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PC gaming is just an all around pain in the ass and wallet.

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I can't wait to see the spin you little Sony twerps put on your comments when Gears of War 2 takes Best Graphics at the VGA's.

On topic: First rule of marketing a game is don't openly compare your game to another from a different dev, let your game stand on it's own merits.

Here is what IGN,Gamespy, and ZTGD had to say about Gears 2 graphics.

"Fantastic looking characters inhabit splendid worlds that feel truly alive. You?d be hard pressed to...

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The salary that Sony pays him, and the slew of other viral marketers on N4G that pretend the PS3 is a good game console has something to do with this.

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LBP is casual trash on a console that only hardcore Sony fanboys and videophiles buy, get over it already. Grow a set of nuts and go play Gears 2, Fallout 3, or Fable 2.

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Nice ownage by all of you lol

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All Black Friday sales stay in the U.S. Perhaps it's because Black Friday only exists in the U.S.

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I think you're the one with a blu-ray player forced up your ass Nowood.

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All I know, is that IGN has just lost all of their crediability. The Resistance series is the definition of generic shooter. The Gears of War series obliterates the Resistance series in every way imaginable. I've taken sh1ts that had better gameplay and prettier graphics than either of the Resistance games.

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Resistance 2 looks like a PS2 game.

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What kind of ignorant comments are you going to make when Gears of War 2 wins Best Graphics at the VGA's?

lol I'm sure you will pull something completely ludicrous out of your dumb ass.

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Gears of War 2 wipes it's ass with the PS3's entire game library. Lol, you don't even need a color tv for Killzone 2, it looks exactly the same on an old black/white.

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Yeah, I imagine your PS3 is super clean and has no problems, because it only has one game worth owning in it's whole library. I'll stick to my screaming Yeti 360 with loads of great games over the Snorestation 3 anytime.

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I spent 30+ hours with Fable 2, and I agree with Traveler and Steven. Fable 2 was 9 or at the very least an 8.5. Destructoid isn't what I consider a good source for accurate reviews.

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