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Well, I don't see why not. I believe the team is quite talented, and they actually delivered a better performing port to the PS3 with Darksiders 1 and 2.

I think the team really needed the financial backing of Sony or another wealthy publisher to reach the full potential with the Darksiders series. I know Darksiders is not in the cards (unlikely Sony will buy it), but I'm sure they could help out with GoW or other projects. Who knows, maybe the core team of SSM will w...

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As a multi-console owner, I can honestly say I am disappointed with the 360. I don't mean in that bratty fanboy way either, as the exclusives that the 360 has are very good. It is just that there is a lack of variety and not many new IP's in ages.

I know I will be picking up a PS4 before I pick up a '720', that's for sure. Until MS prove to me that they want MY money by adding more new IP's (non-kinect ffs), I'll just wait patiently. I'm only u...

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I know, where is all the blood and nudity and fu***ng swear words!!!! /s

I'm glad that not all gamers think like you. Sadly, the vast majority do (looks at CoD and Battlefield sales).

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Haha. "Stupid xbox (hits it), why aren't you making us any money?"

I suppose the fact they still made a profit'is good.... but coming from a 360 owner I feel neglected, as they are using a butt-load of money to start new IP's......for Kinect, instead of the ones I'd like. I have a Kinect, which I bought for the youngins', but I have no particular interest in it. Untill I hear profit=more new IP's, I could not'give a rats ass.

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The fact I have to wait another week is making me cry. I HAVE to get the Australian version, as they usually sell out and look better in my collection.

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Dildo Baggins?

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Great list. Agree with them.

I'd also add The Darkness, Metro 2033, and Prey. Oh and Assassin's Creed 2.

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Sad. Loved Darksiders franchise. Hopefully someone picks it up, as long as it remains multi-plat. Wonder why even so called 'hardcore' gamers never picked this up. Guess too many people just want to blow heads off in a FPS year after year.

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I sort of agree, but there is still good reasons as to why it is taking a while. I'm sure all will be forgiven when the new Zelda ir Metroid is released, perhaps even the new 3D Mario?

Still, it takes a man to apologize publicly like this, so I applaud him. The Japanese are very respectable, as they always admit to their mistakes and try to better them. Activision and EA could learn from them and their humility.

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Yes, it is a very strong contender already. Well, at least as much as the other unreleased titles.

Can't wait to see how good it looks on my 55 inch TV when I am falling down trying to catch a sky-hook (whatever they are called....Nissan?)

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I think the franchises should stay multi-plat. If not, imagine the inevitable shit-storm on the internet? Bayonetta was not even THAT popular (going off of sales for obvious reasons), and the internet was pissed off majorly. Imagine if something bigger like Saints Row went exclusive?

As far as I'm concerned, MS and Sony should be creating their own new IP's, not buying existing ones. As for MS, one can not deny they have a lot of catching up to do in that respect, and...

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I'm not going to 'disagree', as I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect yours. But the fact is Final Fantasy has been around since the 80's, Chrono Trigger started in 1995 and Legend Of mana started in the 90's also I believe (at least the Japanese version). You cannot expect this to be as large as them straight away. I wish it would, but chances are it won't.

Also, regardless of whether he has played this or not has no effect on...

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Metro 2033 was amazing. Can't wait to see how this turns out. Will be getting day 1.

I'm not a PC gamer (got a decent rig I could use, brother...), but I am curious as to how this will push PC's. At least in the Physics department, I could imagine this very much being a struggle on most people PC's on high settings. Looking forward to the videos as usual (one can dream, right?).

On the plus side, PS3 gets this game also, and I wonder if the CP...

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You see, the problem is, as usual for people on the internet is that they HAVE NOT READ the article!!!

The article is simply pointing out that JRPG's are pretty well under the radar, and under-appreciated. Aside from the massive internet hype, unfortunately it will more than likey be forgotten in the sea of massive sequels coming out.

Glad that the author mentioned Eternal Sonata. How many of you people have played it? It is an amazing game, released in 2...

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I'd agree with you if it were an FPS. But we need an Infamous game. To me, Prototype sucked (sorry to the fans lol), and while Crackdown was brilliant at the time, Crackdown 2 was a major letdown, and dare I say a step in the wrong direction.

Seeing as Microsoft have no intentions of making a good Crackdown game anytime soon, and Prototype isn't that good IMO, I'd be very pleased at another Infamous announcement. Awesome Graphics and Gameplay made me feel like a ...

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With the mouths on those two it would be like Clash Of The Titans lol. They are both hilarious and I respect them.

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No I understood it, and I am in agreeance with the title, as it promotes healthy thought.

Just thought I'd be 'that' guy and point out the obvious hypocrisy when negative light is shown to a minority, as any light is what is singling out a group and creating said 'minority'. Preaching to the choir I was. Good article though. I'd have Sergeant Johnson from Halo as he was ripped straight out of Aliens lol.

EDIT: FU&%$#G spelling mis...

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The new Xperia 2 Tablet is amazing. Thinking of getting rid of my Xoom 2. As far as the phone is concerned, it looks great but I'll wait to see some more of it.

The tablet is amazing though, has 2gb of RAM and is the thinnest tablet in the world atm. Pretty powerful thing if you check the specs out. Hopefully they have some cool apps designed around the PS4.

(My phone is pretty fried atm, broken digitizer. Seriously looking around, so might start here). ...

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My list (obviously going off my preconceptions).

1. Beyond 2S
2. Ni No Kuni
3. Bioshock Infinite
4. The Last Of Us
5. Metro Last Light

All of the games I listed focus almost entirely on the single-player. Although I love playing online multiplayer, nothing beats a well crafted, amazing and unforgettable single player experience. The 5 games I listed have every chance of being some of the best games this gen IMO.

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I would not be suprised if publishers made you renew your online pass to be honest. They keep bitching about server costs, so I wouldn't hold my breath. It will start off by having 'premium' packages, and the free packages. Premium will probably get you on better dedicated servers. After enough people pay, everything will be subscription based.

Not saying that it will definitely happen, but I would not be suprised.

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