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Wow when you cough does it hit your screen and turn into words? Awesome. *fart* not really *fart*. Jks.

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Same. It is my most anticipated game of the year, even more than TLOU, and that is saying something.

PS: Everytime I see you post, that picture reminds me of Aragorn from TLOTR, The Two Towers when he is all beat up. Or just a zombified version

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Going by the price of the dlc without the season pass, it would appear that there will be SP content on offer. That, or just overpriced MP maps.

Disappointed. SEGA dropped support on AvP 2010, and I wonder if they will even bother patching this game. Is the MP region locked like AvP? Anyone know?

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Well I stopped reading after you said The Darkness sucked and then compared it to GTAIV.

One thing I'm suprised you haven't learnt is; never insult a game in your article as chances are there are fans of that game. Especially The Darkness which is regarded as having one of the best stories in gaming, but apparently you just wanted a shoota-mathon. Buy CoD....Or The Darkness 2 if you want that.

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Good to hear. The problem was that the PS3 over here was highly priced compared to the 360, but after the priginal slim models, many more people started to pick them up.

It is sort of looked at as the 'premium' console, but now it is super affordable with the newer slims. Plus, it doubles as a blu-ray player.

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Cool. I'm also waiting on Christmas /s

Seriously though, the Wii U version will ship with all patches (hopefully) and it has some cool features. I hope Wii U owners are happy, but by going of the majority of reviews it will be a hit and miss.

Great review. It is possible to point out a games shortcomings but still give it a positive review. Prey comes to mind.

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Haha thanks for the advice but I meant 'Alien' as in the 'Alien' IP. Got plenty of games with aliens :-)

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I'll probably rent it now, then buy it later when there is a goty (ROFLLMAO) collection with all the dlc. Need my Alien fix, but don't want to be disappointed minus $80.

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Oh please, is this anything new? Big name site giving higher than average scores? Money money money money money. That is all it is, and all it will ever be. If people don't think that money plays a large factor into what a game scores, then they are naive.

Example: Your best friend asks you if you think that his girlfriend is pretty. Whether she is or isn't, you better be damn sure to answer 'yes'.

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You got it right. Even if they do offer a bundle without Kinect, the fact is that ALL consoles have been built around the Kinect 2.0, so the price you are paying has been driven up by Kinect 2.0. I highly doubt that Kinect would be its own stand alone device, as that would be severely limiting its power, making it not much of an improvement over the original Kinect.

I don't even know if I care anymore. All these rumours have ruined it for me and I pr...

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No full stops and commas make Jack a breathless boy.

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I don't doubt Bungie for a second, but one has to wonder how they will make 4 games, and 4 pieces of dlc for each of the 4 games by 2020. It seems they are under quite a bit of a load, and I can't help but think the combination of Activision, timed exclusivity and a stiff contract will make the franchise suffer.

Suppose we can only hope they get some freedom...

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Yes it is fantastic. They were talking about this ages ago, but obviously the big companies declined to comment (I think Apple had a BS excuse).

I doubt that our government will get anything done, they are utterly useless when it comes to technology. Too many old Christian men in Australian politics (not hitting at Christians, just that the old ones have that olden day thinking).

Too all those saying it is because of the dollar differences, you are wrong. The...

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Lol in the very last pic of her apartment, is that a Super Nintendo Controller I saw in the bottom left of the pic?

Anyways, better check google images for any 'information' on her before I decide to watch Twin Peaks :-)

EDIT: lolololol I google her, and found this.

It is her promoting a PG-12 film in a G-string lol. One of the...

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"Pretty sure there is a correlation there."

That your partner beats you like a little girl and doesn't let you play console games? Lol I kid. O.o

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For me: Bully 2, 3.
Red Dead 3, 4.

Never really cared for GTA tbh, and wasn't that keen on LA Noire. Also, Max Payne was overshadowed by stupid MP support over SP.

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Gearbox: Uummmmmmm.... it wasn't us who made it??? :-) :-) :-)
Sega:............... uh, yes you did.

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That would be pretty cool. Next-gen games please. Fallout 4 and Fallout NV 2 (or name it after wherever else it is based) would be awesome. Still, they must be kinda sour after they missed the bonus for not getting 1 point higher on metacritic.

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I'll be getting it regardless. AvP 2010 averaged in the 60's, but to me (a huge Predator and Alien fan) it was like a 9 (in terms of fun, disregarding the shortcomings).

I think that if you like Aliens you'll probably enjoy it. I never hyped this game up, as I wasn't expecting much, especially considering the series has never really been reviewed that well (there are exceptions). Nice review.

PS: strange how Dead Space 3 and this are getting s...

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Can't use Kinect, sorry. I game in my room which gives me like 1-1.5 metres. The kinect is set up in the living room, where I don't like to play (my room is more private, quiet, better sound etc). The kids love it, but even then they have at least 2.5 metres from the TV, yet the Kinect wants them back further? Not gonna happen.

It also sometimes thinks the edge of the couch is a player lol. Epic fail. Not buying something I do not want and need. If this rumour is true...

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