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The problem solely lies in their business practices. I do not dispute some great quality titles have been published by them, many of which I have bought and enjoyed. Just that some of the most mediocore cash in crap has also been published by them. Like Kinect games.

It seems SEGA will do anything for money, ANYTHING. Let us not forget them abandoning the AvP 2010 MP a few months after release. They left it with broken matchmaking. Never forgiven them for that.

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First off, ouch.

Now, SEGA just published Aliens Colonial'Marines, a buggy POS that wouldn't have been considered average in the 'Pong era'. Also, they let Bayonetta go.
If Ninetndo did ever becomes a software only company, I would be devastated if they had business standards as low as SEGA's of today.

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What about peeing?

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Hey vegeta, what does your scouter say about the articles power level?

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I do so hope this is a sign of things to come, and not some quick 'sorry' package to the fans so that they buy a '720'. Suprised to see there are some genuinely good deals. Too bad a don't buy digital games, unless they are arcade titles.

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Maybe you :-)

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Windows 8 can drink donkey semen for all I care. It looks disgusting.

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Lol. They should release a Randy Pitchford lying about Aliens CM on blu-ray. It will sell like hot-cakes lol.

Just imagine; 3D, 1080p, deleted scenes and a special booklet on how to lie. Oh, it is also available at Imax in 4D where his saliva spits in your face while he is lying to you, with his little smirk.

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Oh yea, I remember the Succubus. If I were Dandelion, I would have went in as well, even if I died *afterwards*.

Did Geralt actually have sex with the Succubus? I think in the Australian version we didn't get to :(

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The one posing with Superman was the hottest.......

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Yes I noticed that also. Trying to win back some Xbox fans who are tired of their constant bulls***. Not trolling or anything, but MS don't really give anything back to their fans, and now this seems more like an act of desperation than a thank you. Coincidence that next-gen is knocking on our door? I think not. They are going to have to do a whole lot more than this to make me buy a '720'.

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Damn I can't get hyped for this game. I know it will most likely be awesome, but for some reason I haven't seen anything yet that pulls me in. I'm sure others feel the same. I still have no clue what the game really is. Is it an MMO? Is it sort of MMO? Seriously, they need to clear all this crap up at E3 or whenever.
(I haven't even pre-ordered it :( )

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Absolutely keep it. Not only is it a JRPG, it is a high rated JRPG. At least in Australia, these things sell out. Keeeeeeeeeeeep it. (If you trade it you don't deserve to play JRPG's lol).

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I'm amazed your avatar hasn't been censored yet. ^^dat ass.

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Eastern European and Nordic mythological creatures are some of the freakiest s*** ever. Absolutely love it. And yes, ^^ dem TTs lol.

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So many mediocore FPS this gen, and now a handheld is beating them. Lol. Hopefully the quality of this game makes console devs lift their game next gen. Such a powerful device, the Vita is quite amazing. Who else would like to play this on a HDTV? That would be awesome.

Also, I'd like to see a limited edition Killzone Vita bundle.

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God it better not be anything stupid. Nothing worse than hyping something up and it turns out to be not that impressive. Sounds like GameInformer's 'special' cover reveals. Ughh.

I do hope it is something good though.

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Well said Jek, that would be correct. The reason they focused more on Baird was because we had Marcus' and Dom's story, and then Gears 3 delved a little into Cole's. Baird was left out.

Baird and Cole are more interesting than Marcus and Dom IMO. I like that they didn't do what we expected them to do, which was do the whole Marcus Fenix prequel that was touched on in the books and games.
I caved in and pre-ordered it. Gears has the best MP afterall imo...

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Lol do people really need to question the logic behind this? Uh, hello, DLC packs?
Of course they will leave out characters. Expect a seven swordsman of the Hidden mist pack day one or thereabouts.

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Yeah that was the old dashboard from like 2008 or 2009 lol. I remember as that was when I first got a 360. Suprised they didn't have a newer pic haha.

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