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B-b-b-but, the UK doesn't equal the world. /s
*looks at worldwide sales numbers* Oh, it appears Sony is still ahead lol. When GT6 comes out, the sales of the PS3/PS4 will annihilate the competition. #1.3.1
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First graders are at least being taught standards, which is better than most average Joe fanboy review with crappy website. Gaming Journalism needs to have standards in place. It seems as though you can make a website and get on metacritic, which is not very professional at all. #4
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That's just racist. Not all Asians loo-.......oh, it is his son lol. Hahahah. #1.2
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Don't forget paid reviews, and troll reviews. Tom Chick for example. Gives Uncharted 3 4/10 when everyone else is giving it 9's and 10's. Halo 4 got a 2/10 from him also.

People like him should f*** off tbh. They are bad for the industry. Plus, it's funny seeing fanboys fighting over their game having a 1/100th metacritic lead, even though 1 troll review brings it down like 2 points. #2.2
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Haha I like funny ads like this. The game looks freaking sweet. Plus they are pushing even more enemies on screen at once, and they have improved the already epic lighting from Gears 3 (hopefully dynamic lighting, as the fire FX have improved also). #3
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Wow, this just keeps on getting better and better. As a Gears fan, I was sceptical at first. Game-play video after video, I ended up pre-ordering it a few weeks ago. Now this good news. I don't think there is any reason to complain now. New campaign, plus another very short chapter running alongside Gears 3. Plus Overrun looks very awesome.

I can safely say I can't wait for this now. #3
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Agree with Sexius Maximus. You need to play Lost Odyssey. Absolutely amazing game. One of the best JRPG's I have ever played and all round one of the best of any genre of game I have played. Basically, if you are a JRPG with an Xbox 360 you have to have Lost Odyssey. Hell, just borrow a friends Xbox and rent it if you have to. #10.1.2
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Oh my mistake. I clicked in the article, but it was just all text, like my tablet isn't loading it fully or something.


GOW Ascension and Gears Judgment will be pretty big, but yes, SC2, or any game by Blizzard ships crazy amounts of units. Diablo 3 has passed 10 million already I think. #3.1.1
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Yes, agreed. To all those who liked the naval battles; good for you you, they were fun parts of the game. But is this called "The Pirate Creed"? F*** NO!

Ubisoft are turning this into nothing more than a casual action game. Where the hell is the stealth and assassinations? They are too afraid to make a purely stealth oriented game, for the same reason EA didn't want to make a purely single player horror experience. But Ubisoft gets a free pass lol. Wake the f***... #3.1.4
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Also because Ubisoft milk this bad, and use major bull-shots. Even if this game is unfinished, they will still release it, just like AC3. I will not be buying this day 1 on principle. #1.1
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Wait this is the second article today detailing the "best games of March", and both left out Gears Judgment and GOW Ascension. April fools already? #3
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" just this looks more better."

As opposed to less better? I kid, I kid. #3.1
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Thank you! I always need to show people the Onimusha 3 intro. Some of my favourite games on the PS2, with excellent graphics. Also, it would be unfair to have Blizzard intros. They are always so well done.

I'm just glad they had FFVII and Uncharted 2. I though Alan Wake's was pretty awesome as well, it set the mood. It was a massive copy of 'The Shining', which is why it was so good. #17.1
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"Crytek is all tech."

tek = tech? Crytech/Crytek.

Anyway, I agree. Good luck to those who enjoy Crysis. Unfortunately I don't 'get it'. Never really, although I really, really wanted to, as it has epic graphics and I love sci-fi/aliens.

If the game-play was tighter, and they actually had a decent protagonist, with a good story, I think I might be interested again.

I do respect Crytek... #1.1.1
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Larzen I have to agree.

Most the damage to the games industry has been done by the developers/publishers. Too many times I pre-order a game, and it turns out to be lackluster with disc locked content and day 1 DLC.

I hardly ever get games day one anymore. This month being the exception. GOWA because I haven't played a decent hack n' slash in ages, Bioshock Infinite because I don't want the story ruined and Gears J for my multiplayer fix.
... #7.2
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Your point has no merit.

Gears 1: 94 meta
Gears 2: 93 meta
Gears 3: 91 meta

Gears Judgment isn't even out yet, so I will reserve judgement. You can't call a game bad when it isn't even out yet, that is just idiotic beyond belief.

Also, there is the fact that you are never to warm to anything MS or Xbox related... so go away. #2.1.2
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Agreed. I was thinking the picture would mean something like "How to write a blockbuster video doing the exact opposite of the game in this picture".

Unlike a lot of people on this site, I give Gears credit where it is due. Best 3rd person game-play, very nice graphics and MP. But the story is one of the worst I have come across. Not that it was boring, just that most of the characters and their voice acting was horrendous.... #1.1
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Yes but Gears is an Xbox exclusive silly. That is why there are never any positive comments about it on THIS site and why it isn't allowed to have another game but any other franchise is. #2.1
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God Of war isn't out until the 14th over here, which presumably means the 12th for the U.S.

If they are not just display copies, I'd be picking one up straight away. That is like over a week early. I wish I could get it now. #4.1
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Thinking the same thing. Although, Starcraft 2:HOTS (cool abbreviation btw) will be massive.
One thing I have come to know is that Blizzard PC games sell an unnaturally large amount of units lol. Plus, Starcraft is pure awesome, and Kerrigan rocks socks.

Also, the author is missing one of the biggest, best, most amazing and polished games ever created, that just happens to be coming out this month; The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct....lmao just waiting to see how mu... #3.1
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