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Also, haven't they released a short movie alongside the last few Assassin's Creed games? I know they did with Brotherhood and Revelations. Hopefully if it is a game, it is a Vita one. I would be depressed if it was an ios/android game.

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Wow that's awesome. The bandage actually feels real. And the scratches in the artwork feel real. Too bad I can't really afford to buy a new controller for the sake of it.

One of the better designs I have seen.

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ARCHER: Cry havoc, and let slip the hogs of war.
LANA: Dogs, of war.

Sorry, couldn't resist. I was watching Archer last night ;)
Anyways, mine would be (short list, I could have hundreds lol).

The Darkness 2 (a proper sequel to the first game)
Lost Odyssey 2
Bully 2
Warcraft 4 (Been more than 10 years)
Tenchu (more like the golden days)

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Ummm, no it isn't. LMAO troll, 8/10 is considered a good game by most people. Besides, I didn't see you in here when it got a 9/10 (36/40) from Famitsu.

7 is average, 8 is good. Some of my favourite games are around the 8 mark. The Darkness, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia. Some could easily argue they deserve at least a 9/10.

Scores mean nothing. The game, if you were following it is very good. They even made a domination MP mode work, in a Hack N Sl...

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Calm down, calm down. By all means, pay $60 for a game you can get for half price on another console, does me no harm.

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I loved Pokemon. Do you remember those little Tazo type things that you battled with, you like flipped them or something. Each Pokemon had a star rating. The show was amazing. I loved all the old episodes, with the giant Dragonite and Tentacruel, damn it was great.

I see some of my cousins watching it today, the little kids, and I just facepalm when I see what it has become. I'm at the age where I don't care any more, as long as a new generation of kids can experience...

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Lol I watched the developement video for the Wii U version, or at least read it. The guy basically said they clicked on the PC textures and blammo! It worked. Obviously they still have to do some work to bring it on there, but not for $60. EA.......

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This deserves all the slander in the world. This patent is pure evil, nothing less. If it were ever implemented in anything, I would not buy it at all.

Unless they pay me every time a jack-off or have sex in front of it. Has to work both ways. They are getting a free show out of everything.

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That is a prime example of why whenever fanboys (of whatever console) make out as if the media is attacking their beloved corporation, I just laugh. Thank you for making my day.

Damn, it's raining outside. "WHY DOES WATER HATE ME??"

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Lol; "Following Cliffy B's rant to Kotaku". Wasit not in his own personal blog, and Kotaku decided to take parts out of it? Why does everyone think that everything is conducted in some hollywood interview. It isn't.

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I loved Banjo Nuts and Bolts. Sure, it was different from what people would expect, but it was really, really fun IMO. The graphics were quite spectacular, loved the water.

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It was. I paid $128 for it. Also paid $128 forDarksiders 2, and it went on sale a couple months later for $66.

It pisses me off. I'm fine paying more for a game to get it early, but most 'limited' edition games are actually not very limited at all. They are just tricks to get die-hard fans to pay extra. I don't buy big Collectors Editions any more, as they always go for half price later on.

Developers/publishers need to make a set amount, and ...

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Dorito's and Mountain Dew press?

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Lol that sounds like an insult to Xbox gamers lmfao. Basically, "this movie sucks soooo bad, that only Xbox gamers should have to suffer through it".

Exactly what we have all been asking for, a new IP :-) /s

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More like $45 too expensive. I think I'd play it if I were paid $10....... for a few minutes (which, coincidentally is the same length as the campaign :-)

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"Best I can do is $5.....oh, my mistake, I can actually only do $3.50.


At least that is how it goes at my local gamestop/EB Games.

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It's a really neat concept. Also, there is no reason for anyone to complain about this game any more. If they followed the stories and videos on this, they would have realised a lot has changed.

Campaign with declassified extra challenges.
Extra unlockable campaign.
Smart spawn system.
Overrun. FFA. Survival. Domination. New characters and weapons. New game-play options. Classed based multi-player modes.

All while improving the l...

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Yeah, that's what they said they are trying to capture, the gritty, dark atmosphere from the first. I just watched the whole thing, and it was awesome. I can't believe that when this game was first announced, and even a couple of months ago, I wasn't hyped at all. They keep revealing more and more content, so I pre-ordered it. Can't wait.

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Don't be silly. Anakin would never do that. Obi would own him :-) :-) :-)

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Same. Even before cockpit views, I always had it in '1st person'. When more games starting using cockpit views, I was extremely happy. I always drive in it.

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