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Yeah, you can go through the main quest pretty quick if you work specifically on that, but I've logged about 90 hours without really even touching the main quest. I worked up through all the guilds (except assassin's) and the arena. Basically I spent every night for a couple weeks just creating the perfect character! Level 52 custom build fighter/mage with 100s in every ability (even luck, and that's before the magical mods) and tons of custom built spells and the best magical armor and weapo...

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Is it available in disc format or just as a download? I can't get broadband at home and I hate to lug my machine to work for downloads.

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has it labeled as a December release. Not sure if this means it is definite, but it just seeing it on there gives me hope.

Bad time to release a niche title though, during the holiday rush.

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See only the bad in the "opposition" equipment and only the good in their chosen console. They are immature and irrational. They lack the maturity to look at all the systems and pick the one they feel is the best fit for them.

If I could afford it (both with time and money), I would own all three. But, I had to choose one, so I chose the one I felt was the best fit for my lifestyle. Yes, I have owned all the Sony home consoles (currently, the PS3), but I looked very ...

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How, exactly, would it "ruin the game"? The PC version is about done, and the console version obviously has not been developed, so it would have no effect on the PC version. I'm not a "pompous adolescent" or a "lazy adult", I just am not going to spend hundreds upgrading my computer to buy one game! I would just like to play what appears to be an awesome game!

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I don't understand why people care wether it stays exclusive to PC or not. If you want it on PC, get it on PC. Those of us who can't run it on our PC or just simply feel more comfortable with a controller would like to play the game too. I don't care if every game goes multi-platform. What difference does it make to me as a consumer? I don't make any money from it, I play games to have fun!

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I loved the series from 1 to 3, but after that, it really lost a lot of its appeal for me. Now, with DC coming on board and shooting for a teen rating without the fatalities (or limited fatalities), I really can't help but wonder if it is all hype and gimmick just to try to get people back on the MK train. I certainly hope that is not the case, I hope it is great, but excuse me if I'm a little cautious of this one.

Oh, and the Joker would be awesome!

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Cutscenes are very important to story telling and I don't like games with no story. I have never really understood the idea of "but it takes you out of the action and ruins the flow" type of mentality. I always feel more connected to the story, as long as it is good. Without cutscenes, I think a lot of games would be emotionless. I've found myself laughing, angered, or even teary-eyed at some cutscenes. Done well and applied correctly, cutscenes are a vital story telling tools for v...

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It kinda works, possibly only on Xbox360, and only if you are online? Oh, great! Where do I sign up!?!

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Find Jimmy Hoffa's body the other day!

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And I also think this stuff about him wanting the game to be like myst and non-violent is bull. I mean the reference was a rumor circulating on the MTV blog? Oh, that's a reliable source! I think it is more likely that he didn't want to spend the time doing it. Some actors don't want to get involved and that's fine. The game just isn't put together well. Par for the course with movie to game adaptations.

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is you pirate the games. YOU are the reason prices are so high. Companies have to make up the losses from [email protected] like you that steal their product.

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You should know what you are talking about. First of all, I've been gaming for over 20 years! I didn't say anything about dumbing it down, in fact, I hate that companies do that. I want a straight port. I can't afford to upgrade my computer anytime soon. I have bills, family and investments that have to take precedence over gaming. I would rather spend $60 on a game than hundreds on upgrading my PC just to play one game. This PC gamer vs console gamer / PS3 vs Xbox360 crap is just lame. We're...

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Is, that they could sell even more! Yes, the game sells very well on PC only, but they could sell more by offering it to console owners as well. From the posts that I have read on this barrage of Diablo 3 articles, is that many people are not willing to spend the extra cash to upgrade their PC, but would snatch up a console version without a second thought. It would probably be worth the effort on their part.

I also don't believe there is a big separation between console and P...

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More money and a bigger gamer base is always a good motivation! I agree, it would be hard for them to port to the consoles, but even if they took another year or so, they could attract a lot more fans.

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This game looks awesome! Hopefully they will make a PS3 version because my PC won't be able to handle it and I have no high speed internet at home. :(

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I don't understand why some people (BigKev45,below) are so against it staying PC only. The more systems it is on, the more people play it, the more fun for all. Even if they delay the release for a while after the PC version comes out, I would still pick it up for my console. As I said below, I will not upgrade my computer just for one game!

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My PC won't be able to handle it, I'm sure and I don't see any point in upgrading just for one game, no matter how good it is. I had the original Diablo on PS, and it was a lot of fun. This looks 1000% better! Please port it!

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No! Get picked apart on every single tiny aspect that is not perfect? Oh yes! I expect reviews of this game to run the gamut, from 6/10 and up. This game and its hype is its own best and worst enemy. I wish people would look at an individual game for what that game is rather than comparing it to everything else and its brother. Why does each successive game have to "out-do" the last? Why not take the game at face value and enjoy? Gamers have become a very jaded bunch, in general.

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Innovation is a tricky thing. Too much and the whole thing gets convoluted, too little and you get slammed by every one and the media. The most important thing is to have a good (or adequate, anyway) story and a feeling of involvement with the action on screen. Let's face it, there isn't much more you can do with the FPS genre. It is a relatively simplistic field.

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