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Yes very sad! Being friends with the guys at the local company makes you want to cheer for them even harder.

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That's not true always true. People experience this online period.

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If you read the article you can see that it is about the press conference, not "Is sony really dead". So I changed the title in hopes that it is more accurate to what the article is about.

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Competeion makes for better games, Look at NBA 2K and NBA Live. They have change a lot for both fans. Can you say the same for madden?

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I'm tired of Madden of their so called upgrades. Madden 05 would shit on NFL 2K any day(Yes 2K was a good game also). I do have to agree that EA getting the exclusive deal ruined the football genre. Lets face it, EA will continue to produce crap after crap and it will not change unless people stop buying it. Once they released the epic fail of a game on the 360 launch...i knew it was gonna go down hill. I have not bought a madden since.

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First, people have to understand that the 3DS was no meant to compete with the Sony handheld. Second, Nintendo will sell more because whether we like it or not "Casual Gamers" are the dominant market and Nintendo figured that out long ago. I have all 3 consoles and yes my wii collects dust, but again I'm a older gamer. My issue with Sony has always been mass appeal. I like their system but can they cater to more than older gamers?

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I cant agree with Read Dead Redemption! Am I wrong to consider it a grand theft auto western? It just does not feel original? I like the game but i got bored easily. Also people mention heavy rain was so's a reincarnation of Indigo Prophecy and at least that story made sense.

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Great games, love the old school stuff.

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Hey, I loved your article! Really good perspective and it made me think about my friends the same way.

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I loved the guys there. I was able to meet some of them in person. Just a great group of people.

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Average downloadable content is 12.99, Average profit for new/used game sale is 35$ you tell me if that sounds right? GameStop makes about 15$ from a new game sale and 100% of the profits from a used sale. If you can't see that those numbers are lopsided than get some glasses.

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The reason games are high is not because of EA, its because of retailers like GameStop, Blockbuster, GameFly. As a developer I fully understand this article. These companies bottom feed off the industry's profits and make millions. Not ONE cent goes to the developers! If all games were sold new = Companies have more money to produce better games = lower cost for buying titles. Please do your research and not be so quick to point fingers.

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This event draws more than 400,000 people a year, so to have the game industry recognized here is a major accomplishment.

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Loved the article, the title misleads though.

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The list started out good, than just spiraled downward. Fallout, any of the sports titles could have made the list.

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Indie games allow for more creative approach. When your a big studio, you have to keep the BIG bucks coming in. That means choosing the FPS Blockbuster will win 90% of the time.

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Home consoles are cheaper, and more accessible for the average gamer. I still love my PC titles but, when I just wanna game for a quick second I grab a console controller.

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Always feels good when video games get credit for more than just making people fat.

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