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Not better than DD, now go fantasize about your "waifu", move along nerd. #15.1.1
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I killed her way back when I won the sniper battle.

Simply because they gave me the choice and I took it. Saddening that the horny nerds on the internet will literally fall in love with a girl with no personality, as long as it has breasts sticking out.

At the end she suddenly appears in cutscenes as the game's way of saying that she is alive regardless. So why give me the choice? No reason, that's why. Good game, rubbish incomplete story. #15
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I bought a key there, even though the money was subtracted from my credit card, I did not receive the key.

I filed numerous complaints and they didn't even reply.

I have bought keys from Kinguin and Gamersgate without any problems. IMHO opinion, stay away from G2A. I am not the only one they have scammed, just do a little research... It's common for G2A to scam their customers. Buyer beware. #6
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I am saddened by all your disagrees. You are right, gamers have just become extremely shallow.

Funnily enough that the older games that focuses on narrative and gameplay is more immersive to me than most AAA games. Substance over the superficial. #2.15
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What car game do you think looks the best? #2.1
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"They've built their own prison, so they exist in a state of schizophrenia. They're both guards and prisoners and as a result they no longer have, having been lobotomized, the capacity to leave the prison they've made, or to even see it as a prison." - My Dinner with Andre(1981). #30
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Bought the game at launch, pre-patch it runs poorly, post-patch the game doesn't start up. There are loads of people on the forum with exactly the same problem, but Ubisoft's tech support just ignored me.

After a month I contacted Ubi again and they said "reinstall the drivers", but I already reinstalled windows and everything else.

After months of Ubisoft giving me and others with the "black screen problem" the finger, I decided... #3
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I doubt this is the truth. More like PR BS to excuse them from review backlash. #14
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PaRappa the Rapper #12
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It just shows that the ESRB rating is random. How can you compare GTA V's M rating to Dark Souls'. Can't remember nudity, sex or swearing in Dark Souls. #5
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I feel dirty every time I read the word "levolution". #9
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Please Sega! My body needs this! #1
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Looks a lot like the Yakuza spinoff "Ryƫ ga Gotoku Kenzan!" which was never released in the west. More recently Yakuza 5 also failed to see a US/EU release.

My optimism is wavering. Please Sega, please bring it over! Learning to read and speak Japanese is going to take a long time! #8
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He looks a lot like a young G-Man from Half-Life 2 in that pic. Could it be... #14
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I can barely watch a Youtube video in this country, but most people here believe the local witch-doctors can cure AIDS. #8
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It's getting hot in here. #16
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Anything in The 11th Hour. #15
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I think I have a shot in the dark: The 360 has a hardware upscaler and the PS3 doesn't. On my 1024x768 plasma monitor the Xbox natively outputs to that resolution without any aliasing or artifacts.

I don't know if the PS3's downscaling is kernel based or based in the API of each individual game, but it doesn't allow anything except the standard resolutions. The image suffers from aliasing as a result.

I think the 360 hardware upscaler is to... #23.1
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Women receiving preferential treatment to attain managerial jobs so a company can fill a quota? That would never happen in today's society! Oh wait... #15
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Yeah, the user base isn't huge. There is a middleman though, Ster Kinekor, who is involved in the distribution of the Playstation brand in SA and the middle-east. The people from these regions pay $700 for the PS4, like the user from Egypt below.

I just hope things will change. #5.1.1
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