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It's no use , the DW main serie even went as far as removing and replacing controversial changes from Dynasty Warriors 6 (like the Renbu system) in the following sequels ...

But they wouldnt notice the changes of gameplay and new features , because it's already decided that it's always the same , by people that await yearly iteration and increments of gameplay that arent even less repetitive nor more innovative :p .

So no of course they wouldnt no... #3.1
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Uh ? It's not even close to crumbling , they had Empires games since the ps2 with Warriors 4 .. And dynasty Warriors 7 had an empire version too

They'll always done those once or twice everywhile . And they were already behind games like Bladestorm and Kessen from which they take ideas for their Empire stuff ...

With the success they keep having in Asia , the influx and addition of popular anime franchises to the formula ,and with the way they recentl... #1.3
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I'm looking forward to an end of sort too . Of course CC2 will push for an new saga of Naruto games ...

I'm just hoping for something different and better in the gameplay . Not pretty but stale Ultimate Ninja serie with tiny increments and fixes .

If not , i'll just focus on CC2's other games as usual #1.2
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Yeah that's annoying . Specific modes for games should be around the releases of said games , not a month later at best #6
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Er no i like Xenoverse , it's finally a good dbz game ... but the risk would have been trying something like that 6 dbz ago .. not when you realized your previous game flopped and that people got tired of yearly dbz crap . #4
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I dont buy it , when people say "XX consoles has no games" it's usually to trash it ... not to imply that there isnt stuff for them .

The phrasing is too deliberate and precise . Maybe there how you want to use it Kalkano , but we do know its real meaning with most people #1.6
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I dont think they'll launch that new console without major titles like they did with the Wii U . So i greatly doubt that at least one major Wii U title wont suddenly become a cross platform project like Twilight Princess , to help them #3.1.2
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Mii U !!! #2.1.3
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Lol Salvation ...keep trying like it's 2007 guys , keep trying ... #20
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I dunno why people say that it's a good thing . There hasnt been many if any fighting game that restrict regions that way with a good netcode .

And it's a delusion that once they enforce such rule because of the mediocre netcode , they'll magically be able to have smooth match in their local region .

A game with a good netcode that let people roam free with just area and region search filters or lobbies , will be usually smoother both locally and... #2.3
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unfortunately mainstream media would turn it into a negative thing with a spin ...

Something like "Even in death they can't get enough ! the dangers of gaming addiction/skyrim " #2.2
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some people ignore the WiiU for other reasons than the price . Dropping the price will create a bump , but it's the same for every other consoles .

It wont change a thing for someone that got other reasons not to get wiiu so far .

And removing the pad wont change the library of games . XB1 , without kinect , at least is on the same plane of power , even if weaker , than the ps4 and the same "wavelength" for titles .

You remove... #2.1.6
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it's the standard prices . And i'm not worried , considering the huge amount of stuff they added for free between storylines , quests , area , dungeons , classes , at least after the ps3/ps4 release , this expansion is basically a whole new massive game .

Hell that's actually how Destiny should provide content and justify the pricetag for its dlcs and season pass #1.1
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Those articles are stupid they project bias and bad expectations as some kind of fact and truth .

Most gens dont give you in the first 2 years titles like the upcoming Bloodborne , Batman , Witcher 3 , Mortal Kombat X .

Nor past titles like Forza 5 , Horizon , Driveclub (yes despite the launch disaster and issues) , Sunset Overdrive , Infanmous 2 etc , and an already solid base of multiplatform crossgen titles . For what i care about the most , beyond rpgs ,... #26
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There is nothing good about it . Quite honestly it just hints that their netcode might be bad ... and that it will most likely be capricious both locally and across long distances , as seen with MK9 and injustice .

The restriction was already there for their previous games , and it fragmented the community for a game that already wasnt followed alot , after the launch period honeymoon... The Eu scene for MK9 and Injustice was quickly underpopulated . #8.1
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Iaint a fan of MK , so was on the fence for MKX , but now it's certain considering this . So long MKX , i'll just borrow some copy some day to maybe play the story mode #6
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I hope it's sarcasm , i really do .

If not QTE has been in the previous game from NTR , in story mode , nothing new ... #5.1
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The picture is from Samurai Warriors 4 lol #1
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I also miss the older and true arena shooters . Even if deemed brainless , part of their competitive fun was the level of intricacy , depth and skills , they might require . A bit like playing fighting games

The issue is that modern shooter automatise so much basic actions , that it needs to engage you into some sort of teamplay accomplishement , so you could feel relevant and useful ...

Yet the mainstream and most popular of those shooter fail quite a bit a... #2.2
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It's its own game . It could very not even be called a final fantasy actually and mostly share tenuous and trivia FF elements like some of the bestiary ... and a tiny link to some stuff from FXIII as it was supposed to be a shared universe of sort .

Then again each FF game could be its own thing , if not at least from a few gameplay elements they share with each other on top of the bestiary and nods #25.1
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