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Uh ? The graphics from 15 are pretty close to pes14 only in hd , nothing ugly , but nothing looking intensive . This not even Crysis 1 or Witcher 2 ... if you can run Fifa , you can run this #4.1.3
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You do realize they are owned by Warner ? Literally the owner of Marvel's rival entity ?

Not happening in the near future . And knowing Warner , if Rocksteady moves on to another property instead of a whole new ip , it will be their own from DC #2.2
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I guess it's supposed to be happy it's getting the game cheaper and benefits from it /s .

oh and some joke about being more optimised when released later #7.2.1
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sure but at least Fifa wont patch and bugs its transferts 3 months later while the community manager "insults" you for being "unreasonable and impatient" #1.1.1
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You guys are surprised ? He's always been full of BS #2
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Yes and no . They'd make more money with people just buying the current and past crop of ps3 retail (and digital games) .

They left the bc out because it does require extra work on ps4 (might not even be possible , the console is far weaker than what ultimately the polished emu will require down the line ) , is a financial cost , and they can obviously still charge money for re-releases #4.2
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Er no . The ps2 emu was in its optimisation phase for years . It's not nearly as easy as you make it sounds , especially when the ps3 is more outlandish than the ps2 hardware already was with its "emotion engine" , but it will happen #6.1.2
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Not at all . SE already pays its servers for the game for all platforms . The hold up is precisely MS as told #9.1
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Removing a choice , a game to choose is good for ps4 consumers ?

You guys are telling yourself it's getting moved from a crowded timetable ... but it's likely going to a still crowded timetable unless it releases in summer 2016 .

Feb , march and april period are packed with huge games fleeing the fall holidays every year now .

PS :

I'm not getting the game at full price whatever the console . This is what i planne... #1.1.4
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I feel it's rather demeaning when instead of proposing something truly interesting for that audience , the resort is to turn something already popular and established to fit some PC demographics agenda .

It's kinda mirroring an issue some of us got with comics properties and their adaptation . Plenty black folks want existing (and hell actuallyy popular) heroes or even new ones , instead of "blackwashing" someone else , because of the greed and cowardice .... #5.1.2
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How about this ... go play instead a game with character creation , or a game with a female lead (hell even some hyrulian spinoff) . #10
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When you look at how some multi platform stuff getting advertised as if the game was solely on XB (mind you same goes sometimes with stuff on ps) ... you can bet MS WILL advertise the Tomb raider exclusivity .

I doubt any radical shift will happen solely on the account of Tomb raider , but you can bet they'll try making it happens in addition to other titles like Halo .

Time will tell if their diverse 2015 portfolio will look more appetizing to gamers tha... #21.1
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Nowhere ? There are enough gaming CONs as it is , and the shift is going to internet. Also something like PAX grew enough to maybe even be considered as your "chosen one" #8
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"It's taken a long time for the gaming industry to get any respect from the mainstream press, and things like this hurt that perception and only give those looking for a reason to look down upon gaming a valid reason to do so. "

Ok , no just no . First things , first , it's a trully appalling and shocking move from Hauppage's end .

But next , what the hell does it have to do with giving the gaming community more respect in the public an... #6
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because it's probably cheaper ? #1.2.2
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Sony wasnt going to go bankrupt to acquire exclusivity on games from a popular genre , but still on a decline sales wise . Or that can just sell just the same as a multiplatform title . They didnt for GTA IV , that should say everything

and while it sucks , Dragon quest was always about getting released on the most widespread consoles of the japanese market . Sony never had dibs on that , as it was foremost a popular franchise on Nes and SNes too .

The exclus... #7.1
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let's not even start onsome people paying more each month than a sub , on dlc of lesser scales , like mediocre map packs , and bite sized 2-3 hrs content , than any FF14 content patch (or heck even if i can't stand the game , ESO) #4.1.2
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Lol the game was never at 60 , and is currently found even cheaper than 24 bucks ... and offered you a whole month . If you dont care about subs it's more than enough to finish the storyline and move on .

Meanwhile you get a month of a FF title for 24 bucks ... at worst . The monthly fee can also be cheaper if you choose to make only one character

And it's a title actually requested by a few xbox owners . Just like FFXI was , till they caved .
... #4.2
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Sure , but those delayed releases or late port usually never sell as well , on consoles , as they originally would . I can mostly think of titles such as Star ocean or Tales of , doing better when re-released , with the fanbase being mostly on ps consoles

later sequels might , but delayed stuff for timed release ? Havent seen that yet happening a lot . It's not even always about fanboys boycotting and punishing a game . Mostly that for some titles , the hype fades away wi... #3.1.1
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You dont even know yet if it's good for business (or bad)... only time will tell .

I dont understand those bullsh*t defense articles , instead of looking out for every gamer , they come up with "why it's ok that Sony/mS/Nintendo/EA/ubisoft/Ac tivision/Square/Etc f*ck us over , it's all good , stop feeling entitled" stuff .

Truly they should be the last one always on the publisher's side , and yet here they always are , championning... #12
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