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Middle Eastern Martial Arts tend to be weapon based as opposed to hand-to-hand combat type training. Egyptians practice an art form called Tahtib which is believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt. It is a folk dance now but was once used as a training for fighting with a stick.

From what i remember in a few studies , there were a few similar sword dances from Syria , Irak , Lebanon etc with some of the martial training elements within those .

Still it&... #5.2
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The whole premise is ridiculous anyway . We are supposed to give an accolade to a game that barely keep up with the one it clones in a few areas , got issues of its own , and no innovation , nothing to add on top of it (after all Mordor did have its nemesis system and added to the mythos of LOTR , beyond just being a clone) ?

And let's not even enter the highly debatable subject of design , art and level design .

Well yeah no dice most people wont care an... #33
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Er no ... with two "similar" gameplay , i'll still vote for the one with a better design and artstyle and more engageing content ... namely Dark Souls 2 .

Not just a copy that did well , but ultimately lacks a soul (HA!!) #13
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Who knows ? despite the protests , many never truly left , and plenty still came back with the first expansion .

I didnt because i dont plan on coming back for so little new content and gotta play other stuff , so it will wait at least a second one , on the backburner #3.3
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Same here . Neo was a kick in the groin . Then EXA was a slap that actually fooled people into believing it would improve on NEO .

THen we had all those mediocre to sometimes barely ok diablo/hack and slash , wich main hook's always were the Tony Taka art . That and the pseudo harem choice for the hero between "sexy evil" and "nadesico pure white hotness"

And then came an actual proof someone at Sega always hated shining force all alon... #2.1.4
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But for once he isnt wrong . Resonance is nothing stellar , it's good , but its something so remotely different , that besides tenuous link and use of lore like the usual beastmen , its hardy a Shining Force game .

And the previous stuff from the ps2 to psp were absolute crap or mediocre action rpg titles .

Plenty here are horrified and always angry about what "FFXIII supposedly did to the serie" ... well imagine the situation for Shining Force... #2.1.2
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There is no side nor story . if they had a statement to make , they'd do so before hands or during the attacks . Not after multiple attacks while trolling on tweet and literally laughing at everyone's expense #5.3
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That's of course BS when the "reasons" are provided after the facts , multiple times . And when it was so obvious they were having fun at it each times #3
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Then again can he be truly blame with that kind of title ?

And it's not as if you said anything pertinent in the article beyond "hey it's a good thing , at least they could be back stronger" .

It's rather vague dont you think ? Stronger for what ? To endure hard to prevent and stop further DDoSing , when the ante will mostly be upped constantly ? And when they were already beefing up their migitations services regularly ? Short of ownin... #3.2
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except some above did assume they are underage . #9.3.2
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Why are they no doubt underage ? You guys assume only teens would be idiotic and bored enough to pull those pranks gone too far , when could easily be a mix of adults and kids .

Hell they advertized their actions with the most likely goal to tempt other groups to follow and do the same during the attacks , or to gain further botnet access #9.3
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You guys do realize that just because their telling you NOW about the investigations doesnt mean that they just started ... it's not has if they openly discuss most investigations #2.3
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5pb's games actually sold well on 360 . They had a strong secure niche over there , along a few shmups .

The problem is that it's even bigger now on vita/ps3 , and that their 360 japanese audience hasnt at all made the jump toward the XB1 like they expected #8.1
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After the latest flop of Chaos;Child , i think they do realize that the japanese 360 niche they had didnt move on to XB1 ... #4
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And this is why i mostly care for the most "cinematic" games from the current nintendo franchises , such as Xenoblade , Metroid , Fire emblem AND a few mp centric titles like smash and kart , instead of their regular titles .

I disagree with the idea that cutscene and storytelling is detrimental to gaming ,. It's a matter of balance , genre , and personal preferences .

And even then there can be the odd title that is way too talkative and into... #13
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Of course it's not impossible , but it's not as easy as you guys claim .

DDoS is a global, fundamental issue with the very structure of the Internet. It's a real problem that can't always be solved just by throwing money or servers at it.

And mitigation doesnt necessarily work the way people believe or imply . Let's say the average size of a DDoS attack for the year is 10Gbps. Sony or MS then pays their mitigation partner up front for serv... #1.1.16
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Like said above twitter is no sufficient proof . And it's obvious those tweet accounts could be taken down but it would be useless as you create alts in mins .

Some law enforcement or private services are most likely just monitoring those and documenting potential offenses for some suspects #41.2
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Hey i'm all for less downtime , paying less , or not paying anything at all , but let's face it ... DDoS is a global, fundamental issue with the very structure of the Internet. It's a real problem that can't be solved just by throwing money at it.

You up the DDoS mitigation with money , the opposite side morons up the ante for free #27.2
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Then you're having a sharing/primary console related issue . I'm mostly playing Dragon Age inquisition and Guilty Gear right now . They stopped bugging me when i logged out , and i've been verifying for my peace of mind my other digital games , and free psn stuff .

All works except online only stuff like Destiny and FFXIV . #16.5.3
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You keep repeating this , but it isnt true . Digital games are accessible offline , if not , it's because of your settings . Or some bigger issue with those on your end .

For most people , those that would be unplayable are game that needs an online component to run , and those are only a few or 100% online centric . #1.5.2
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