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if it's a semi hint at Kratos in other mythologies i'm so down for it .

I'd settle for a new hero , but as long as interesting stuff like Norse Myths get explored i'm psyched #2
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They probably just figured people with the expansion would want a fresh new strike instead of the same repetitive stuff .

it blows but there are other strikes than the weekly one ... and it's all content rotating and repeating all the time anyway . #1.1.4
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i'm not sure i understand the question . You can go up to 30 without the expansion with raid gear . #10.1
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Quite honestly , what's even the point of staying there if you dont intend to go through the rabbbit hole and move up in the content ?

It's your right , but if bored with the game or unwilling to pony up for dlcs , what's the point of sticking around in Destiny without the expansion ? #7
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I echo the opinion . There are whole section of the movie and tv industries that dont care to have female heroes , unless it's for dramas , romcoms and tv shows like Scandal initially created with catering a female audience in mind ...

And yet here we are with gaming taking the full brunt of things "because there are idiots on the internet" . #8.1.3
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She does look lame , but people hella abuse terms like generic , especially when is she is nothing already done in the context of tekken .

Hell people didnt complain about Leo , when it's a copy and paste of Dead or Alive's Elliot for both the look and moveset , with Leo being a woman the main difference .

And the people complaining the most dont even care about that , they would complain all the same about those characters you mentioned and liked , i... #32.1
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I'll play devil's advocate ... most people arent claiming that tekken is solely realistic and dont feature goofballs or even sexy tease characters ...

But it is sometimes annoying and disheartening to see some of the recent roster addition choices , when many fans keeps hoping for the inclusions of still missing martial arts .

Some get there once everywhile , but look at the most recent tekken 6 to tag 2 then revolution new characters ... supernatural... #3.2.1
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Or she could just stay as intended . Quite frankly i'm betting i'll dislike the character just like , i can't stand Alisa ...

however why should me preferences decide to the point of censorship what's in the game or not when it comes to characters , especially with so many to choose ? #3.3
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Well about the order , not everyone expect or want true gameplay novelty for all games . And thanks god for that , when it's rare and usually 1 game out of 20 ...

Sometimes an unusual setting and an appealing story and background can do wonders for a conventional title .

I feel like that with the Order . I'm sold much more on a potentially good tps in a steampunk/victorian setting with werewolf hunting over the usual space marine stuff or plain modern... #1.3
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Except even is "this era" it's hardly a precedent , as much as i love CD Projekt RED ...

Batman itself was delayed . It's laudable , but people are overreacting on account of what happened with Unity #2.3.1
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Or comments are just comments from discussions you know ? We all , or at least many comments on stuff we dont hold that dear or arent that vested into around here

Especially when you know very well that plenty avoid even going on the source articles , thus not really providing help and hits , at least directly .

My point still stands , she is a hot topic . And well she may be some day a force to reckon with in the field , positively or negatively ... but i c... #7.1.4
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No she isnt . you vastly underestimate what Jack thompson would decide is questionable content , and how he'd prevent their access .

however misguided and badly informed , or even phony she might be , she still is at core debating about a better portrayal of female characters in games #3.1.1
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I dont disagree that she is a hot topic and rose to fame thanks to everyone here , but the subject is supposed to be about influence . It may come but she hasnt exactly have a significative impact on gaming yet .

The thing she is most associatied with lately ... the feud between the pro and anti Gamergate ... wasnt even started with her . #7.1.2
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But how her being a hot topic an argument when it comes to gaming influence ?

It will maybe change , but so far , she hasnt had an impact of any existing retail game , with her campaigning and agenda .

JAck thompson was a hot topic too with his war against gaming and gta ... he wasnt relevant either .

Kim Kardashian having a game that actually sells a lot , however mediocre , is relevant and influencial , in the gaming world #7.1
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WHat ? this is the first i sadly hear of this . So now she managed to latch herself upon Mirror Edge (or rather was hired as per her fame and agenda but whatever ) ?

If true , i sadly expect a shitstorm of boycotting for a game that doesnt need her , and wich actually need more people to buy it .. #1.3.1
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Sure , and truth be told , i dont even fathom why people would go into such a game without making sure they already had a few friends going in ... but still it's hardly unfair and wrong to ask that he was provided tools to socialize WITHIN the game . #7.1.2
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It was just examples and some of the stuff floating around , unsupported . I wouldnt put myself out believing any unicorn stories from dubious sources every new events #5.2.2
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7 brand new and unannounced games AND 21 from other platforms , now announced as coming to ps4 or ps3 or vita . And two popular japanese games announced as localized . Those are facts , unlike anything you've said thus far .

Say instead that you dont care for those and/or wanted more #12.2
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People are busy fighting ps vs xbox wars instead ofeven discussing the one big news there .

Something most actual fighting games fans hopes or beg for ... a unified and cemented pool of players across platforms .
With the exception of the Xbox 1 , but is is even a surprise ? most initiatives to include cross platform plays dies with XBL and its closed network .

So yeah i dont see how the biggest console platform + PC combining online (aside from tech... #15
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And as a final note , and even said below , the event was going on beyond the mere show , as an actual anniversary event , with games on the floor and further announces .

So yeah i just think you guys are just jaded . You setup impossible goals and wonder why they arent met , instead of just enjoying excellent games and potentially good games being shown mostly back to back #14.2.3
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