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At the risk of being unpopular , with the current game releases planned , i'm kinda hoping it does get delayed

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Difference is the price of future expansions isnt jacked up because it include stuff you already bought as required .

And mmos dont lock you out of existing content , but solely the new ones and new stories .

Not everyone skipping the game necessarily boycott it ... some people have others plans delaying the purchase , but still intend to play the base game they bought , until they get the expansion . It's a pity Activision doesnt give a damn about pleasi...

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More like probably two more dlcs and a new pass ... then a new game including those two dlcs without any discount for the owners of the pass .

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"Nope its not. "

Checked it , as i seemed certain , but the game is being co developed with Dimps , my bad .

" i massively prefer 4's gameplay over SFV which just feels casualised and mainstream"

I don't have issues with it thus far . There is enough depth within it imo , and being able to pull 1 frame links consistantly , while an ok requirement shouldnt always be a necessity , like in SFIV .


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Don't apologize if you actually enjoyed the game . You wouldnt be one of those i describe buying stuff they know aint good enough , out of brand loyalty .

If you enjoyed it , that's all the justification you need

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I'm not swearing off anything , but they'll have an hard time proving to me that they can pull of a great game out of those franchises . Especially Castlevania , the way they treated it for over a decade

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Well it's true that the grunt work was outsourced to Dimps .... but it doesnt really differ that much in nature to just hiring as many foot soldier to do it in house , when all ideas , concepts and decisions are your own .

And it was a risky first attempt at 2.5D , well one of the first real ones , for the genre .

Anyway at least SFV is definitively done in House by Capcom .

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It's for the kind of lemmings that purchase even the mediocre or average titles of a long standing serie , in the hope that "it will be great next time" and/or hostages to the fear of such series dying if not "supported" even through their worst games .

Basically the Sonic cycle . And well it works for publishers . Even with diminishing returns , until of course a boiling point is reached and the brand tarnished .

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Not complaing much about the game , it is addictive and great to play in co-op ...

But it doesnt provide more content that many mp shooters or most mp centric games out there at a lower or equivalent cost . Especially when compared to rpg hybrids like Borderlands

The rest is a matter of personal preference and choices . So no , i feel people can objectively complain about the quantity it provides for its steep cost .

Especially for people t...

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See i do have issues with Destiny as a game , after playing it less than a year , but as much as some of you guys wanna pretend that it's just marketing , the game always had a big active and playing community .

Yes even when it's was trendy (and deserved) to pile upon the game , and trash or criticize it .

Call it addiction or brainwashing , but the game has a staying power than no title with just good marketing , could pull all year long like that

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Careful you're drooling ...

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You'd think a fan runs away from mediocre stuff like that lol

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Possibly blackmail ? Or bad taste , despites showing some taste , initially with stuff like "A Young Doctor's Notebook" when it comes to tv ?

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Still TBD . There are 2 reveal spots left for classic SF characters , so he got two more chances to appear in the initial roster .

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There is nothing special and rare about gamestop pre-orders (and their equivalent in other countries) getting it lol

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I don't even see how you get that , and from just a title blurb . With any new tech and especially tech of this kind , only time will tell .

The product aint even out yet , hasnt flopped yet , hasnt been ignored by devs or embraced by them yet , and here you are parading with an " i told you so"

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It wouldnt matter anyway if at least he was an alternative costume not tied to a specific store preorder ...

They better add it to the regular game soon ...

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I'm not saying they should . Like i said i'm not even playing the game anymore .

Am i surprised however ? Especially when they locked even ps exclusive content ? Nope .

And aside from making a moral stance , or not being ready to get the new pieces , it's no real use playing it without wishing to move on to the new content , at some point

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How is she a Lili ripoff ? I'm just seriously asking , what makes you feel that way . Since Karin is the original one dating as far back as 1996 , and doesnt even use the same fighting style .

And considering that even the Lili/Asuka rivalry and friendship , is lifted from the Karin/Sakura one

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I was never a big Karen fan , outside of her fighting style , so i dig her SFV look too . Didnt ask for a redesign for Cammy either .

Some angles of camera , and the lightning involved , and still shots from scenes in motion (wich the people against those designs obviously noticed quickly) , makes everyone sometimes look bad , not specifically Cammy , Chun Li , or that Ken redesign .

Some of it will be about a necessary coat of polish , but that's to be...

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