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I dont believe that at all . Not so close to release and with the publisher involved .

The good old days where betas were actually vastly different from the retail and not hidden demos are long gone . They've been in many cases close to retail , for anything not mmorpg based from the last decade . And i mean actual mmos , not every genre dumped as a persistent world for more bucks #8.2
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He's no messiah , but like said before , the tone changed . And he did cut some of the BS floating around , that was hurting the console's rep , instead of helping it .

And again , that's mostly what you can ask from an exec in his position . Some clear posture on gaming , features , and marketing . Not so much a con man promising everything intangeible "from the clouds" #17.2
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Dumping a whole pointless focus on tv and shows , when there was a dire need to rebrand toward gaming ?

Most likely fast tracking games ? As opposed as resting upon the laurels of Gears or Halo ?

Stealing home exclusivity like Tomb Raider , even if it's a controversial and dirty move ?

A sudden change in PR , where instead of pretending you can follow the PS4 and match it each game for the resolutions and "raw power" , you avoi... #1.2.2
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Well they can't even really hide being some blacklash for Unity . People tried and saw the beta , and there is the open beta . The game just isnt really good #1.1.1
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Lol utterly false . White knight chronicles actually had a decent start and fumbled with the sequel .

We already know what Demon's Souls kickstarted for all platforms

Ni no Kuni sold quite well .

All of the ps3 released or re-released Tales of games are best sellers .

Star Ocean 4 , was mediocre , but still performed better on ps3 as soon as it was released

Most things and series from Gust and nippon i... #8.2
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The two best were actually on Wii imo . Xenoblade and Last Story #3.4
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Meh , next gen dev gallore (quite frankly they'd have had issues on ps3 as an exclusive too anyway) kinda ruined star ocean 4 .

And having it 360 exclusive killed , sales wise , a franchise than was only behind FF , DQ , or the Tales of series , back in the days of SO2 and 3 . #1.1.8
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Yeah i dont see it doing as well without Spencer . I'm not going to call him jesus or anything . But at the very least the perception that he'd be behind all changes or all things positive helped a lot .

And he was so far actually behind many of those changes , or in a position to push them further #1.1.3
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having jrpgs sometimes between 6 months and a year , after japanese release isnt going to do much for the XB1 in that market .

It was already one of the reasons the 360 bombed there ... lack of any real japanese presence at launch , across all genres that work there .

At least the 360 had a niche crowd for shmups and a few visual novels . So far it hasnt manifested yet with the xb1 . #1.1.6
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Actually it is , some forget plenty could play the beta and try it . Gameplay is better , and the crew's realisation isnt such a step above from what we could see thus far . #2.1.1
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Nah it's a poorly made NFS , with the autolog system turned into a persistant online system ... while bringing no advantages for such a thing , compared to well , any nfs of late .

Oh yeah but it got a big map and xp grinding -_- #2
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After the flop of Lost Planet 3 , that's likely to change .

And he did produce the first Lost planet , so there is still a chance for that #1.2.1
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About time Sega suffer financially from those crappy or average Sonic releases #6
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I had exactly what i wanted , a device to play vita games on big screen , even if i already own a vita . Sure i'd rather have an option to plug an hdmi into the vita , but it's not there .

For those that want a tv and streaming device , sure it needs to be updated ASAP ... and i bet it will #2
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again you are obsessing over an unimportant detail . And some publishers are using it and just cutting the content from the disc , when it's still laying there waiting and being sold each pieces .

Who cares if parts of it is on the disc ? It is obviously witheld content , when it isnt completely done before releases in some cases . #6.1.2
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It is what it is ... and i dont have a good opinion of such dlcs . But what's the point complaining about that for Destiny ? Every big game do it now , and we've known about the pack months before Destiny's launch .

And quite frankly i dont care anymore if it's on disc or not . Even when it isnt , it's obvious that i most cases , its content already is done or well advanced enough , and being held hostage .

It's the very existence of... #2.1.5
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so what bothers you is that it's disclaimed as two more levels ?

You do realize how long it usually takes (the first time when discovering it at least) to go from 27 to 30 in the original game ?

30 to 32 probably could just be represented as 10 level gaps in other games . It's just a number and how they choose to represent their level systems ... doesnt mean that you'll just casually play a few hours and boom you're level 32 . #2.1.3
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Excet it was obvious for everyone without ddoses pilling up further annoyances #6.1.3
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Dont fall for the DTS hype and avoid Turtlebeach anyway . Just get an Astro for the same price , or some Sony headset for way under .

The DTS part is BS ...

The DTS sound field generator is the same exact version as 500p...

They still include a DD5.1 decoder but the Filter for distorting the audio for virtual 7.1 is done with DTS from the DD5.1 channels... Basically It's DD converted to DTS on the headset.

Aside from tha... #1
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sure but it didnt bother me in Arrested Development .. basically where i discovered him anyway #1.9
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