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the irony is he would have been stabbed the same way if he did the same for mario kart , but of course its gta's fault

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i dont really see reasons to take the "risk" 6 months from now i doubt you'll care about the game unless its a sequel a la "vice city" .

You'll be playing a new game , a ps3 or 360 exclusive , or a new mumtiplatform game .

Just pick the game for your platform , or buy any of the two consoles for GTA AND exclusives titles you care about ...

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Nice list for fans of the genre . In my case i cant be fan of any , since my grip with ultimately all mmo is the amount of grind . I dont kid myself , quests are just a deguised form of grind , but the illusion would be enough for me . Thats why i'm more inclined to enjoy mmo such as wow and a few others , since they drown you with their lore , quests and story bits .

Unfortunately most free games fails hard in quests and storylines . Not to mention that their world is horribly s...

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I thinks it will be that easy . GTA was the driving force (with GT) behind the western success of the ps2 . I have no doubt it will be "worse" for ps3 and of course 360 .

Just look at every damn news outlet . Since last week the amount of Gta4 related articles have trippled . You're lucky if you find any other kind of articles drowned into the gta flood , and thats when the subject isnt Metal Gear , Mario Kart or gran turismo .

Every local (european) stor...

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"You're only referring to the big, well advertised names in PC gaming"

Thats because like you saw i'm giving a general or if you prefer casual list . Of course when , as an ex i say that not many tried to reach Total annihilation's depth , by not many i mean "not many" , not "none" .

You gotta also admit that some of the titles you gave , the most awaited and noticable , are guess what ? From big names such as Blizzard , Gas powered gam...

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It's further proof imo , if most of what we got to show over two years are WOW , the sims and once everywhile a new game making the top like crysis , or farther behind guild wars ... then the gaming scene is pretty bleak right now on pc .

I wont be surprised to see spore , the sims 3 and starcraft 2 as major successes .... but i dont expect a lot of other titles to do so .

Pc gaming is pretty bleak , just ask Epic about Unreal tournament 3 or why everyone is suddenly...

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Gotta be kidding ... i love the console's first party games , but Nintendo has been far from leading with example when it comes to online .

Friend codes and no online chat in Mario Kart anyone ? So yeah right you got meteo , vote and other gimmicky channels , but in the areas that matter its BS . Lets no even mention the virtual console wich is an even greater rip off than micro transactions and dlc ...

Of course Majesco is happy with the opportunity to unload its s...

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I actually felt pc gaming has been dying for a while , albeit slowly .
They kept confining themselves to the same genre , with the pretexts of keyboard and mouses , and most dev dont bother chasing after the big licences ...
They actually just copy it , and hope to get some of the leftovers .

Eq and Wow were successes ? Lets just clone it down to the interface and hope we get 500k users .

How often does anyone even bother challenging the kings of RTS ? H...

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I agree , that point is hardly possible to improve . You'll either go for a goofy speed and action pace like a quake/unreal game , something really slow trying to feel realistic like CS , or the COD hybrid .

The article feels like your usual attempt at faking being bored and going against popular stuff . Like just criticizing Halo , britney spears or anything popular , not because you actually dislike it and got some beef with it (like i do ^_^) , but just because lots of people...

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i feel quite the opposite actually . Especially after so many pc fps , i feel that Halo got nothing really interesting going on , but get away with it , because it being the major attempt at FPS since goldeneye .

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"I seriously doubt there's a major problem but Gizmodo reporting this??? "

I dont see how their rumours are any worth . They are the same guys falsely reporting xvid not working on ps3 , when the related divx firmware appeared ...

I also recall them , on a totally unrelated note , being the morons that disrupted some important salon last year , acting like kids with remotes . So maybe i'm not familiar enough with them , but i havent seen anything that sep...

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I find the while the US version is pretty good , i cant think of david Hayter as Snake and prefer the japanese voices .

Thats why usually i'd play the us , then once entirely familiar with the game (damn jap text!!) i'd replay in japanese .

Its really annoying that we dont get the choice , it was supposed to be one of the interests of blu ray discs . I could understand it for MGS4 , but its the same with most ps3 games anyway .

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I dont see any reason to complain this time around . Giving the patch prior to launching (relaunching rather) the beta is better than having to deal with the swarm from the get go .

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They actually got plenty to lose , its not really that free . Its a place to sell and advertize stuff and most of all a display for the ps3 .

Wanna makes potential buyer feel the ps3 is actually that big deluxe entertainement machine ? There you go with Blu-ray , video on demand , and Home .

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its only "free" when you bought the console , and many things inside it wont be free .
You wont have free access to game rooms , you'll have to own the game first .

But yeah i get your point , no need to make a fuss about it .
Unless again its the prerequisite to get in game XMB .

Trophies only coming with Home i could understand and couldnt give a sh** about something as stupid as that . But messaging is a cornerstone of building online communi...

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But it will be buggy ...
Have you seen anything mmo or online that isnt ?

Unless they are short of servers , there is no reason for them to delay the product if stable enough .
It will have bugs and issues , but just imagine once it finally get released that it would be far worse , had it been released 6 months earlier .

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Yes thats the annoying part . Look at wipe out hd , for many months they spent their time showing videos and screenshots , without giving even an estimated date of release ....
And now finally out of the blue we get a date .
Little do they know that some people will buy the console for that game , among other things , and that without info they might just get tired .

Eye of judgement 2 ? You delay the thing the very day of the release without warnings , then without i...

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I would usually think so , but just look at the outrage from people over the msg online beta fiasco .

Years ago you could expect people to react in a sane way about betas .. but right now sony knows that even as a beta , if Home was to have major troubles , people wouldnt stop bashing it , and some wouldnt come back to it , once finished .

I want Home but i dont care about it being delayed , i just hope xmb in messaging and features wont depend upon Home , and be re...

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I cant wait to discover the shock and horror on comics fansites later today as they update the news . I dont like superman and most of the dc universe , but they didnt deserve such an awful fate lol

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"Why would a "Warner Brothers" (WB under batman) logo be under Bat-man? They own only the rights to the movie, DC comics owns all right right"

Duh because DC is owned by WB ...

I feel that whatever universe would get crossovered with MK is shaming itself , so while i got no major love for the DCU , with it still being a cohesive and somewhat sometimes interesting universe , its quite silly to pair it with such a wreck as MK.

THe marv...

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