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Now they gotta get their act together and fix what needs fixing ...
Cause its quite sure pre orders would have dropped a bit , had people known the launch would be that painful .

Now the game got a golden path , just needs further polish and works , wich i doubt funcom would be foolish enough to ditch or fail .

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Hum we can mock them all we want indeed , but still their complaint is a bit valid ...
Let's not play suddenly prudes and wise people . A part of the appeal of the game , or rather the conan universe and myth , has always been the unrealistically sexy women . Even the most important and famous female character of the mythos , is just basically a sl*t .

it's a minor thing obviously , but it kinda show that the devs of the game are capable of shying away , in the future , if ...

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Only 3 ? it's quite obvious resistance 2 , Metal gear 4 , tekken 6 , little big planets are coming this year .

And why the hell does everyone always forget wipeout hd , even among sonydroids , its on the store but its still hell of a game .

Let's also add stuff like the siren remake , Socom , Valkyria Chronicles , Disgaea 3 and x edge , even if no one outside of the jrpg crowd cares , and the naruto ps3 game .

360 got a busy year too , but the '08 line u...

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You ought to realize that plenty people didnt have pcs , and now with each console aping more and more , and better and better most of the possibilities of a pc , they need them less and less . And lets not even get started on those external HDD with media ouput .

Thing is my pc even dead 3 months ago , and i still dont give a damn , because of all of the above . I'm chilling with my consoles reading my media , and my ps3 even printing and running on linux , both things i laugh...

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I blame as much Valve as I blame EA . Yeah yeah they left the "keys" to EA ... well it doesnt absolve them . Nor does Toriyama when he sells the right of his universe for an awful DB GT anime .

Valve knows damn well EA can be a butcher , and its their property nonetheless , they should frickin care and watch like hawks ... but of course they are so up their *ss about the ps3 and others being crap , and only dealing with 360 because its basically a windows pc redux (whe...

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I agree , i dislike VF for two reasons , its not my cup of tea gameplay wise , when its a pure simulation (a genre i tend to dislike in every type) , but also i feel that every VF character got the charisma and appeal of an oyster .

however when you're into fighting simulations , there is VF period .
tekken is more an arcade-simu hybrid .

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You dont even know how madworld actually play . it might as well be an artsy yet crappy project (wich i glady doubt) .
You're also comparing apples and tomatoes ...
obviously the main idea behind fracture , aka "terraforming" needs raw power ...

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What's the point of the game then ?

And what's the point of moaning about crappy wii ports like Farcry then ?

You cant expect a dev to have that kind of ambitious project needing much horsepower , and then ask him to just do a cartoony or downgraded less ambitious version of it .

Things like that are part of the reason why 3rd party wii kinda sucks . It its just a downgrade and doesnt benefits from the wii , there is no point .

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What's anyone and probably what will be the scam , is that they wont put the same level of attention outside of zooms , replays , and really known players .

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Hum "new character either known as Mars (aka Hades)" ?

It's actually Mars (aka Ares) or Pluto (aka Hades) then . i'd think anyone would know that ...

It's a quite pointless article anyway , the clothing thing was a nice surprise on screen , but we knew already armor where gonna break , we just now have a visual for it .

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I never felt insulted as a gamer by his movies . people were up in arms about it , but so far he has only adapted sh*tty games , or games sh*tty as a movie concept .

Why do we hate him ? Well from starters a good director wouldnt go near those again crappy concepts and ideas of movies .
Also , he is hardly worse than those hacks doing straight to dvd horror and monster films , BUT i never hear those con man speak , make up excuses about budget , the original material , why ...

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Kamiya slaughters Itagaki . he is a fricking genre creator ... Itagaki merely used existing formulas so far even if well .
His DOA serie isnt nearly as awesome as he claims , when you dont factor the boob jobs ... his NG serie delivers , but its hardly groundbreaking ... merely a hardcore take on the genre .

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You realize 1tb blu rays are on the way ?

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But they arent buying crap most of the time ... thats where they're full of sh*t .

We may hate as gamers , stuff like wii fit and wii sport , but they are well done . Ubisoft's crap never make it to the top of the wii , unless its decent stuff like Rayman and the raving rabbits ... the top where you'll find Nintendo , capcom , guitar hero , and actually well done games in their respective genre , mostly party games .

I have yet to see most of the cheap knock off jun...

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No its a fact Zack and wiki werent even advertised , hell you're lucky if you even saw the reviews of the games in most magazines ans reviews sites . While we had a full year of those crappy experts stating the obvious , that GTA will sell , and that Resident evil 4 gamecube with new controls is already neat enough to warrant a hit .. little time was spent around the game's hype .

Bloom box ? I heard of the game eons ago because of spielberg's involvement , later on not so much and ...

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Doesnt mean they sell and will sell many of their wii crap . Sure raving rabbits worked , but its actually a good game in its casual niche .

While their other cheap nintendo rip off probably wont sell that well .
As for their we tried normal games it didnt sell speech , please....

How is their farcry wii even possible in this day and age ? They tried to force down people's throat crappy ports of ps2 games like Prince of Persia and are surprised in doesnt work ...

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Again sorry but outside of class balance and a few things like server overloads WoW went quite fine . AOC's launch might not be the worst (again past titles and "recently" dark and light took the cake) , but it wasnt a good launch .

Numbers of pre orders were good , and the current base is big , great even , the reviews are good , even if most based sadly on the pre lvl 20 experience , but its a quite bad launch that got little to do with servers overload and proper cla...

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I say Bollocks and denial dude . Wow had you run of the mill launch issues like broken classes and servers issues . AOC is on a far different level .
I have enough experience thank you in that area imo , and right now among serious mmo (dont give me any crappy asian f2p grinding game or free stuff please) , AOC is doing only better than the gold star of those past years , Dark and Light .

AOC might be fun , but there is a limit to the "mmo always launch badly" e...

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AOC is a AOC killer period .
The game is getting a success alright , but it will and already get downplayed by the numerous issues and bugs at hands .
Some classes are broken , and not like "it's ok it's a launch they will balance the classes " , but like not working at all .

Its obvious that the 700k pre orders werent aware of the state of things , werent aware of the faulty designs in quests and core mechanics , and technical issues ..
Its also obvio...

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how about reviews (and its up to everyone to trust a source , or to sample poll a quantity) , the jap demo (and the worldwide pretty soon) , and obvious enough on screen details ?

its quite obvious that NG2 is hardly that different from ng1 , if you enjoyed the first you'll enjoy the 2nd probably , like i do (but with disappointements on my side ) , if you dislike it , well shiny new graphics wont make you enjoy it neither .

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