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What i dont understand would be the use of the remote on its own . Ok you can look around with it , but like shown on the wii you still need something to move properly , a stick (like on the nuchuk) . In the comment of the site i see people excited about a resident evil with it . But how would you move , straf e, while looking around ?

unless its for simple games a la wii play , or those eye toy stuff , wich i'm more inclined to believe .

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I still think it was great as well . Dont worry i'm not a ff7 hater . But i always felt , like a few others , until the "ff7 haterade" forces arrived , that it's appeal and popularity is more based on its technology , and the fact that its most of the playstation generation's first big rpg or even first rpg , than really the best or most original ff title .

I feel that FVI was superior on every regard , most of all storytelling and characters , and that had it been ...

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If there is a single ps3 game that doesnt really need ads , it would be MGS4 or final fantasy XIII .

And i'm sure anyway they'll push it , its just not a tough sell like new ips or obscure titles .
Thus requiring months of ads beforehand

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EQ2 still exists ? Arent those people forcing themselves so they could feel elite ? Cause even back at its release i see nothing other games didnt propse better :p .

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dear lord , how can anyone that played bioware previous games like planetscape's torment , baldur's gate 1 and 2 and their addons , even icewind dale 1 , and Kotor 1 & even consider Mass effect as a contender ? Short bust of story and content with not so much liberty , and not such an amazing story to begin with .

And i wont even start on oblivion , an open game indeed but band and full of emptiness ...
Devoid of an actually interesting story outside of actually great bo...

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Personally , while i can see its a bother , i dont see whats so annoying about them ... chance are if you can spare 4 giga you cant even download demos or video often .

And its not like you'd play that whole list all at once , far from it .
Are you still playing heavenly sword ? Sigma ? DMC4 ? Ratchet and Clank ? Resistance ?

I bet none of the above would stay more than the needed time for completion , and i bet you never felt the need to install them all toget...

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Dear lord among all free mmos (even if all are crap) and f2p , thats all they could find ?

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i'm more tired indeed about covers , but most of all that trend of removing health bar from fps , and replacing it with some kind of cheap blurry screen going red over time .

Got nothing against it , but dear lord , mix it a bit , not every game needs a bar , but not every game need that realistic crap , especially in completely unrealistic settings .

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So far the intelligent things from that article was about mandatory tutorials and realistic games ... otherwise ....

There is not much wrong with QTE .. games that fails with it are game that abuse it , especially for bosss , and here we got a game that almost use them all the time without being tedious and failing , like bourne .

I dont remember much seeing barrels misplaced ... i sure dont see them in streets , and if you do i bet the games involved got far more pr...

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might blows but i dont really care . invite and text in game is what matters to me . Also most ps3 games propose voice chat so what the hell are we b*tching about ?

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Yeah but is this new interview he seems to say otherwise . If he allows another guy to helm the serie , then his comments about someone else touching his game in Sigma are quite some BS .

Anyway i dont like the serie , back from the ps era , but i still hope it will be a great version for its fan , and not yet another "b*tches at the beach" game ^_^

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i'm betting the us version was translated by microsoft ... just like how the US version of symphonia was done by nintendo for the gamecube , hence never available for the ps2 version

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Actually no i aint proving your point at all . There is a limit to supporting swapping disc .
I know mine was reached with baldur's gate 1 and 2 ....
I dealt with the first but refused to play the second until the dvd version wich i knew was coming arrived .
I was a mess switching disc back and forth for each zone , even though i doubt we would see stuff as badly organized as on city on cd 1 , and its close outside neighborhood on disc 4...

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I can only disagree , for starters Kojima has never so overtly bashed any console . IF anything he always seems like a guy with indeed a preference , but that if given time , would develop everywhere possible .

There is a difference between bragging about a technical aspect of a console , especially when you kinda got proof of it , and just dirty talk and trashing .

Has Itagaki actually done anything that wasnt possible on ps3 , or was even ...

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yep i read that yesterday also . I sure didnt believe it as the end of DOA , as its a decent cash cow whatever i think of the game , however i thought he wouldnt want anything to do with it .

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Sony's video thing is coming , i'm just guessing their greediness , not that its always a bad thing , and given all the media they own , would push them toward hosting their stuff , rather than go through a 3rd party , even if successful .
Kinda like apple is on its own .

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I bet that either Sony wanted to get his own version of netflix , or the deal isnt exclusive and will roll for both consoles .

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Also this guy is no legend . he got a rock star following in the press and among players that follow his antics there , but he hardly left such an immense mark over gaming , at the very least not so far with his games .

I like his NG serie , but while well done and fun , its no game of the century , let alone decade .

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I can only wish people are gonna be fed up by DLC at some point . I love cod4 , but to pay for 4 maps , especially with a few that were in the solo campaign , is too much .

There is worse like Ea's dlcs , but still ...
I dont think i want any dlc besides stuff that actually warrant it , like songs for rock and singing games , actual addon sized content for a game , or entire games .

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Thank god he was abrasive this time , and finally an interview worth reading , finally insight worth reading ...
Someone over tecmo finally gave him a wedgie and told him to tone it down ?

However i still cant get over his babbles about Sigma . Its one thing to dislike someone taking your game over and modifying it , even when its mostly a new make up , but its another thing to trash a colleague like that , to call it crap , and bash a console just for the heck of it .

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