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It's for the kind of lemmings that purchase even the mediocre or average titles of a long standing serie , in the hope that "it will be great next time" and/or hostages to the fear of such series dying if not "supported" even through their worst games .

Basically the Sonic cycle . And well it works for publishers . Even with diminishing returns , until of course a boiling point is reached and the brand tarnished . #6.1
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Not complaing much about the game , it is addictive and great to play in co-op ...

But it doesnt provide more content that many mp shooters or most mp centric games out there at a lower or equivalent cost . Especially when compared to rpg hybrids like Borderlands

The rest is a matter of personal preference and choices . So no , i feel people can objectively complain about the quantity it provides for its steep cost .

Especially for people t... #1.2.2
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See i do have issues with Destiny as a game , after playing it less than a year , but as much as some of you guys wanna pretend that it's just marketing , the game always had a big active and playing community .

Yes even when it's was trendy (and deserved) to pile upon the game , and trash or criticize it .

Call it addiction or brainwashing , but the game has a staying power than no title with just good marketing , could pull all year long like that #4.1.4
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Careful you're drooling ... #2.2
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You'd think a fan runs away from mediocre stuff like that lol #5.1.2
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Possibly blackmail ? Or bad taste , despites showing some taste , initially with stuff like "A Young Doctor's Notebook" when it comes to tv ? #5.1
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Still TBD . There are 2 reveal spots left for classic SF characters , so he got two more chances to appear in the initial roster . #9.1
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There is nothing special and rare about gamestop pre-orders (and their equivalent in other countries) getting it lol #4.1
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I don't even see how you get that , and from just a title blurb . With any new tech and especially tech of this kind , only time will tell .

The product aint even out yet , hasnt flopped yet , hasnt been ignored by devs or embraced by them yet , and here you are parading with an " i told you so" #1.4
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It wouldnt matter anyway if at least he was an alternative costume not tied to a specific store preorder ...

They better add it to the regular game soon ... #1.1
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I'm not saying they should . Like i said i'm not even playing the game anymore .

Am i surprised however ? Especially when they locked even ps exclusive content ? Nope .

And aside from making a moral stance , or not being ready to get the new pieces , it's no real use playing it without wishing to move on to the new content , at some point #1.1.2
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How is she a Lili ripoff ? I'm just seriously asking , what makes you feel that way . Since Karin is the original one dating as far back as 1996 , and doesnt even use the same fighting style .

And considering that even the Lili/Asuka rivalry and friendship , is lifted from the Karin/Sakura one #33.1
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I was never a big Karen fan , outside of her fighting style , so i dig her SFV look too . Didnt ask for a redesign for Cammy either .

Some angles of camera , and the lightning involved , and still shots from scenes in motion (wich the people against those designs obviously noticed quickly) , makes everyone sometimes look bad , not specifically Cammy , Chun Li , or that Ken redesign .

Some of it will be about a necessary coat of polish , but that's to be... #3.2
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We've already seen that some actually do , in increasing numbers for the major franchises . We know that some of the genres we favor lately , like FPS werent always , if ever something they gravitate toward .

And it's not as if more than a fringe and niche purchase some of their most japanese centric games . Their worldwide best sellers are pretty universal on a cultural and content level ...
Buying a Mario is definitively not the same market as purchasing a... #22.3.2
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That's incredibly silly . Kinda why i pointed out earlier that the negative troll japanese reactions only concerns some people , even if it does exist .

Let's put it this way , let's imagine the japanese press lurking around on n4g , twitter or even 4chan , and quote knee jerk reactions from westerners , and then using it in sensationalist articles like "western gamers find japanese game characters ugly" .

It's pretty easy , especial... #22.3
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Not really , Karin was one of the most in demand characters even in the SF4 days #2.1
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Keyword is "some" #3
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Taken King doesnt exactly scream "new players" , it's actually content (regardless of how it was brought forth) for regular players , and a package so newcomers wouldnt miss everything .

Most people knew from the beginning that the game would advance via dlcs expansions and everyone was fine with it , except for the part were those dlcs were mediocre and rumored to be cut content .

It' like complaining about not enough being done for the ori... #4.2
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It was the same when they made the PS exclusive strikes , and werent using them in rotations , just because it wasnt on Xbox , and they didnt bother making separate playlists . Very aggravating indeed #3.1
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They don't , people can do whatever they want .

But when you know the hybrid mmo nature of the game and how it was planned to go , i personally don't see much point in sticking with the game if you're not going to follow the next content and get Taken King .

I don't plan to , and thus left months ago ... #1.1
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