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People throw too much BS on both sides of that argument .

Of course the WiiU got its share of excellent exclusives and games . But that's no reason to disparage actually great multi or other exclusive from other consoles as inferior or crap , or to pretend every game get broken releases like Unity. There a pretty not exhaustive list great stuff missing on Wii U , that plenty of us would pick over the usual nintendo games .

And like it or not , some genre... #1.5
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I said it's out there , or using your terms yeah it's ridiculous . Doesnt mean it's hard to follow .

And what do you want me to explain ? in a nutshell 2 rival secret societies spanning centuries , one believed to be the ultimate evil , want to snatch some precious artifact , they use a convoluted mean to explore the past to find out where said artifact was hidden or lost . Even adding other twists , it's straighforward and linear in its unfolding
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How can anyone's brain be hurt by Assassin creed ? That's ridiculous . It's a bunch of pretty straightforward and linear stories , even if the sci fi concept and elements are out there , only it involve delving into full blown flashback of some pasts , but in a straight linear to follow from one game to another . What's mindblowing about that ? #4
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It's a feature they need at some point for a better value a because well it was already there in the past , so no sense getting rid of it , when all media devices including tv propose it by default now ...

However people forget how awkward and not perfect actually it actually on consoles on a daily basis , unless using commercial streaming solutions like Netflix , amazon and Hulu . It's a crutch you use when a better media playing solution isnt available , wwhen ther... #6
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i'm tired with both styles of fanboys , pretending it's nothing anyone should want or that it's a huge win and must have games .

We shall see what goes on any of those platform , and quite frankly, any mmo would benefits from having more than one single console platform , if they want a console future #11.4
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The best for me remains Cid from FFT . Anyway i'm biased toward any playable Cid #9
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oh enough , the game was too easy , even in its hardest modes , for a serie known for featuring some degree of challenge , among other issues people found with it .

There is no denying that .

Sure i still wont like the game much , as it will still feature the same artstyle and plotline that i dont want for the serie , but at least they heard some feedback and fixed some of the eyesore , i'll give them at least that much #3.2
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Yes and no ... depends how it's handled . ME had that BS going on about choices truly mattering and being important , when it didnt most times aside from mood settings and superficial stuff .

That i do not like .

But being honest and upfront and just providing tons of extra experiences and adventures where you decide what to do , seems fun in itself . No need for a particular "decision meter" , invisible or not . that judge the entire game sessi... #6.1.2
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Not really . The "issue" with DAI , is that the storytelling besides the main quest , was supposed to be done via actual inquisition choices with consequences on the field .

Hell the first behind closed door videos , wich were never officially released afterward , were all about you making practical choices in the hinterlands, like defending a certain spot or village against an invasion force , or instead diverting soldier and ressources toward strenghtening somepla... #9.2
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Still, for those games especially wrpgs , it's usually the clear cut and drastic choices toward the end that shape the endings , not often the multitude of small choice along the game #6.1
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I can't say that i understand , if someone want a game of average scope and length , that's like 70-80% of gaming's offering .

So yeah i completely disagree , lets have at least a few mega opus that are long and complex #1.3
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They didnt bother with guilty Xrd , i'm guessing they are testing the water "once and for all" , considering blazblue was present on 360 . #4.2
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because quite a few held out knowing there would be an extend version , and were already in the process of acquiring next gen consoles .

More consoles with CP extends and i'm hoping and guessing crossplay on ps platforms is more than welcome #1.2.1
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and what , you believe his replacement would be better then ? At IGN ? #3.1
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FFS there was even Aladdin on Megadrive and Snes lol #7.1
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Thinking into it way too much . For starters , the character is actually something i've seen Arab players request for a while . Plus for those that want to remove the saudi outfits and the keffiyeh can easily do so in the game .

Character customizations has been a selling point for the serie since tekken 5 now .. #3.2
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Some people clearly want a better price for their own interest , understandable . I admit that it would be much more tempting at 15 with 1 or 3 months deals , then 10-12 fpr a whole year .

But some people clearly just dont care and dont like the idea of renting and streaming games anyway . Folks that complaining as soon as the service was announced and would even at 5 dollar a month .

personally i mostly want a proper list of games with more interesting stuff... #10
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The pricing isnt ideal at all , i concur ... but come on , all along people were complaining about renting those on a game per game basis at outrageous prices . Now there is the requested sub . What's missing are the inevitable discounts , especially with PS+ and a proper list that keep being updated

Of course it's more expensive than just buying a ps3 , but mostly if you discount actually buying and renting games ... And you guys act as if it's a prerequisite t... #19
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Still , it's inherent to the net , not really gaming . You can go on comics , anime , tv shows forums comments section and it's no less virulent .

Hell i could argue that comics and anime got it harder . By glance you'd believe that most posting hate every single books or shows , and are ganging up on anyone that dare disturbing the ambiant negativity .

Especially in place when it's easy to leave comments as an anonymous guests or stuff like... #4
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0.19 more pleasure apparently #1.1
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