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Yeah it can only and solely be that , and you're the one with the insider's knowledge on all things betas and NDAs. Keep playing that tune /s . But good job making me come back , i guess i'm too easy . #8.1.7
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Except that a select few of us actually are used to testing or got extensively involved in QA and testing , hell still do to this day ... so we know that you're mixing up half truth tainted by bias , with the rest , for the sake of whatever opinion you're pushing on the late SFV beta threads .

I very much doubt that you're trying to educate people about how it works here . You've just arbitrarily decided that it's just a marketing stunt and insist on it ,... #8.1.5
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Dude it has nothing to do with consoles or pc , it has to do with a game being in alpha state , and thus with its expected set of problems and things to optimize and iron out .

It's about a pool of people testing a set of features and mechanics , while probably on an already outdated build of the game , with a studios still advancing and working ...

Your console alpha will most likely be as shaky and dicey , if you ever get to test for a closed one #4.3
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Yeah that's my issue here . The breach of trust , and yet some people are so keen to defend SMS that they are like "who cares they've got more money back" , "nothing is illegal they can't sue" or the best one "nothing was promised , no lies were told" .

Didnt some of the same people go apesh*t over colonial Marines for Wii U (aside from the natural anger over CM on all other versions) ? But now it's ok because "they made mon... #3.1.1
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You also can pretty much link f.HP after a crush counter standing HK , leading up to massive dmgs.

CC St.Hk, f.HP, cr.HP, LK.tatsu, super

Or even replacing LK.tatsu with EX tatsu, EX hado, EX DP in the corner.

And Nash seems more combo oriented actually than some of the available cast , with stuff like cancelling command throw into combos .

The game currently seems to also rely on many Target combos instead of links , so mo... #18.1
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I agree that Sony needs to upgrade PSN , but what you said got nothing to do with it , and made no sense here . No other game or psn service was even affected by the traffic for the SFV beta and whatever happened with it .. #15.1
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You're really trying hard here ...

Everything said about the game actually pointed out for a true beta , and a first for a Capcom fighting game .

It's not about figuring out PSN or XBL , it's about trying under pressure a completely new netcode , methodology and its servers .

So yeah many console games lately destroyed the meaning of beta test , and turned it into a glorified demo , but it's not the case here .

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likewise read some of the complaints ? If people wanted to cash out on investments they'd go on other ventures .

Most invest to see the games happen , not to gain something . It's an happy consolation that they got more than they invested , but if you ask some of them , they'd rather have the game instead ... or at least not be fed lies initially .

Barely anyone is even mentioning lawsuits , and here we are with a rather defensive article ... #6.1.2
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Even then it's unlikely that they'll let their RE cash cow be freely released .

And of course they know they don't have a Gamecube remake to rerelease for RE2 and 3 . But they still most likely have useable assets to recycle , and they still have multiple choice of owned engine to remake them eventually , once they've exhausted other possibilities of simple remasters . #1.1.4
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with Capcom in the midst of re-releasing older Resident Evil and explicitely stating more remasters or remakes are coming ? it's a pipe dream imo #1.1.2
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Tons of roundabout and weird logics used in the article , and at the expense mostly of nintendo fans , which i quite dont understand here . But then again the current press and blogosphere cares more about defending devs than gamers

So yeah sure there is no legal ground for a lawsuit probably . Regardless the game was actually announced coming to WiiU and promised

They even provided fake updates about the project going well , instead of being vague or pessim... #3
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So what if he got a weird look that some might call "hipster" , if he aint got the attitude that goes with the wording ?

It's the hipster's attitude that is mostly annoying , not the looks . #6
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"i purchased a turd , which instead of cancelling i still released at full price . But don't worry i didnt get the turd and the franchise to solely release crap !! Next game is gonna be great like Alien Colonial Marines , i pinky swear !! XOXO Honest Randy" #4
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Oh god please don't , if there is a trend not worth following , it's that #13
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Infinite was hardly underrated nor even badly received . It only fell short because of its gameplay , wich was actually good , but nothing as innovative , varied and different from other fps and the serie as a whole , than initially presented . #26.2
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Exactly it's a better survival game than a few current ones available on consoles , got a few interesting ida for stealth . And the multiplayer is actually interesting and different enough #11.2
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Is the gameplay actually matching the storytelling and presentation ? If you think it does , which a lot of people do , then no it's not overrated . #11
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Signing up doesnt mean you get in at the first phase . The only sure way was to pre order the game in the US or on PSN us store .

There will be other phases , one planned at fall finally including pc , and one can assume one more open and public before release #1.1
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"Is that said from your experience dealing with bulimics?"

Not that i even got to justify myself here , but actually yeah , i've known at least one person suffering from it . And it doesnt make me an expert either

In my humble opinion , reinventing cartoon images as reality is isnt necessarily helping those suffering from it , and is ripe for ridicule from those on the outside looking in , as you've seen here and elsewhere . It's not a w... #2.1.17
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I kinda understand your point and stance actually , i just disagree and don't see it that way . It can't be both way , you can't show one character and how it "should" be , and then proceed to say that it's not about them being "unnaturally" depicted in the first place . It can easily be interpreted that way by fragile people

There can be other kind of positive reinforcements than dealing with virtual charact... #2.1.15
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