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I doubt MS or Sony will care . But it is a win for Nintendo as they prove further the diversity of their ecosystem , beyond "mario and zelda stuff" #15.1
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You just dont think . Nintendo needs it regardless of how it sells , to show a more diverse portfolio . Just like Sony was expecting initially Heavy Rain to be a small success for the sake of showing a diverse portfolio of games . And it could very well be a surprise and sell better #5.5
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Oh yeah , how dare they get a sequel that no one wanted to publish over at Nintendo ! We'd just have kickstarted the whole thing !! /s #9.2
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I dont think Kamiya would beg for scraps from Sony either way , Sony have to show they want it . They dont have the best relationship (Sony's fault mostly) , even if obviously he wont just block multi platform releases . #4.2
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Seriously , if it's alive and good , there is not much to complain about . Except wish thatrelease a graphic powerhouses with its future console , if you care about that side . #1.1.2
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No what ? No Nintendo no Bayonetta , regardless of how much it will sell on WiiU . People need to get over it , or should have supported the first game better (especially the 360 version wich actually ran fine) #1.2
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Before blaming it on relations with MS about Ryse , people need to remember how odd it has been to see Crytek purchase so many ips and studios , when they had two true major successes under their belt : Farcry 1 and Crysis 1 .

Crysis 2 sold considerably less , and wasnt what i'd call a success given the expectations and being on 3 platforms .

And i'd say Crysis 3 is a flop .

How could they grow and expand that fast and with not much u... #42
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what are you even talking about ? I've always prefered PES . But in 2013 they ruined the game by messing with content that was already there , and their slow and innefficient patching .

2014 ? They got worse at patching and released a buggy game with even less content .

Fifa is what it is , still flawed , but it's mostly improving instead of devolving .

And regardless , they were , and are hemorrhaging fans with their missteps , lie... #1.1.3
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Should have happened to the horrible WarZ instead #4
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Bethesda did pioneer the worst dlc trends mind you . And their additional quests and addons werent always worth anything .

Till GTA5 and their mp dlcs , Rockstar basically launched new huge games as dlc expansions . I wont vouch for the rest of take two however .

As for CDR and their Witcher series , expectations are high in the departement ... since they managed to add tons of content to the Witcher 1 & 2 , for Free . And they almost managed to enhance a... #10.1.2
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I see that i dont have to regret ditching the mp a long time ago . It never provided what i wanted from it , namely the heist coop experience #5
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Well a blank page would be better to be fair #5.1
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Why do people care so much about how gamers are represented still baffles me .

I dont like his stuff , but if anything he shows that anyone regular can be a gamer , albeit a mediocre one . And he does advertise some games the mainstream folks wouldnt hear or care about , in the process . So there is at least that #2.1.4
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Well to be fair that shit have been going on since Bayonetta 1 . People lacking taste is nothing new here #11.2.1
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Well good for you . It's still obviously happening and a franchise #1.2.2
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it's much worse than that , everything from his acquaintances , and personal life , is a boring chore to deal with .

He made me miss Desmond !!

I say keep just the cap and bandana design with another more interesting hero .

And take a freaking clue plot wise from great series like Person of Interest #2.1
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I doubt those people are saying they want it immediately or next year . But we do know it's a commercial success and a sequel is obvious .

Anyway going back to the topic , i do have some wishes , i wasnt dissapointed by the graphics or something like that , like some people .

Part of the story was bland . Especially when it comes to the hero . There are parts of his life that are wasting his potential imo .

Given his occupation and the ha... #1.2
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I just see the past differently . It's not the first time i look back at old magazines from USA , UK and France , and shake my head in dissmay .

Of course i'm biased . The most shoddy works often involved import games and genres i love , that werent the most popular , with reviews that could bother getting game facts straight . Often a few jrpgs and quirky titles , way before FF7 had its break out mainstream success .

In conclusion anyway , sure they... #3.1.4
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Except i'm from that era you speak off , and i feel you and others are blinded by nostalgia .But i'll be probably remain in a minority

Things did get worse , just like it did for journalism in many fields , as a whole . However newsfeed had plenty decade to display professionalism , while i feel videogame journalist barely even had time and a chance to exist . The internet and sensationalism took it by the storm to soon for it to be well organized .

I... #3.1.2
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it wont be interesting . Even the most positive preview from the game's own blog , allude to something more in tunes with "Pes 2014 HD remaster" #6.2
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