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Almost no one cares about the behind the scenes drama and not that many people even follow the online antics of loud personalities like CliffyB involved with their games ...

So i doubt it will have any impact . You can ask plenty mainstream players if he even knows Cliffy B , at best some will remember the hits he created , but that's it , hardly whatever he said on any subject #18.1.1
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The crux of my argument lies precisely with the lack of good enough games , hence the refusal of the platform .

Again when publishers truly apply themselves to making the platform worth playing on its own with good titles that makes the platform choice unimportant and irrelevant , then the platform will not be as decried .

The xbox , ps2 , GC , were defined by its essential cults and genre defining titles , not the flurry of crap that was still available on... #19.1.2
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Sure but what you guys realise is that some won't care , when they can split the cost via gamesharing #2.1.1
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It could go either way . Don't forget that youtube Gaming got a feature that will be a repellant for twich streamers : They are literally using content idenitification to be able to cut live streaming , should copyrighted content be detected .

It's an open door to abuse for trolls #4.1
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That's not exactly true . There are quite a few metal , hard rock etc groups that are quite popular among the youth and successfully selling .

Radios and tv just wont play them , unless they are theme based , because they just follow trends and wont play those groups until some hit grabs the absolute top charts for some reason .

Hell years back that's exactly what happened with groups like Nightwish or Within Temptation being gnored by medias , while... #4.3.2
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It's supposed to be like the first cancelled beta .

US preorders and those through the world that signed up and got picked .

And going public doesnt make up for anything to people that werent in to begin with . They only said they'll make it up in some way for the beta testers at some point , especially considering NA involved customers .

There are two more phases later on , the next one will include pc , and the third , will proba... #2.2
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I dont really agree ...the problem lies with the intent of game publishers .

Back in the 80-90s enough made truly high quality game with the outmost "craftmanship" to be taken seriously as a source of entertainement . They strived to provide cult titles that defined their platforms .

Until that intend is there on mobile , in spades , it remains usually mimickery at best , or a focus into another market . I'm running in circles , but for the nega... #19.1
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Yes they are going to focus on Mobile... but the way you preconize , the message is just muddled and indirectly give them approval to do so imo .

Even if abysmal , there is still a point letting them know you dont agree . One of this way might be buying the last great AAA game from a revered creator . And again letting him see that you did enjoy his game and magnum opus , regardless of crap intern politics at his expense .

Anyway there is no way i'll rage... #3.1.4
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I'm not following that logic ... if the game does bad , it would actually reinforce their established view that mobile gaming is the future , instead of investing that much on consoles (and PC) big budget games .

If it fails , it's the big signal to not even attempt further titles with hopefully a great new team (sure i dont believe it but...) , but instead to milk a plethora of crap MGS mobile stuff .

It would basically absolve them and alleviate the... #3.2
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""If it gets high sales then I feel like my hard work has paid off although it means I would have generated a LOT of money for the horrible company who threw me out and has tried to wipe my from the companies history. Not to mention will eventually abuse my franchises in the future by driving them into the ground ruining their image "

I disagree here . It's happening weither MGSV is a flop or not , they will forever milk the older titles at least . And from... #1.3.4
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Activision as well actually . Bungie still owns Destiny unlike Halo , and only agreed to a publishing deal over a period .

And Bethesda/Zenimax did the same with Evil Within unless i'm wrong .

It's a relatively uncommon and recent trend , wich i'm sure someone like Kojim could push for .

Gives him enough freedom , while securing proper funding . #4.1.5
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It's not cheaper than a disc . Retail single unit prices for sd carts arent a good indicator granted , but unless mistaken i really doubt it cost as low as dvd and blurays .

Especially if they wanna store more than 10gb of data ...

Tech does evolve , but from what i remember .. besides the production cost of the flash, you would also have to handle and program each one, an operation taking longer than burning discs . It would not be cost effective again... #2.1
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Sure it's viable , but for fun's sake , a mp standalone entity could use further mechanics and addition , without going as crazy as Magic .

I'd love to play that , as long as it doesnt follow the moba "paywalls" current trend . Nor Wizard of the coast and its selling virtual and physical cards business #3.1.2
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We've seen before studios negotiate big deals (with the devil basically) that still retain them ownership of their ips .

He's popular and skilled enough to achieve that #4.1.1
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Maybe but those are again ports ... ports from games that some would even argue still works better on their original pc platform .

Where are the defining games of mobile , it's pillar that can stand against consoles or pc gaming ... If stuff like Infinity Blade are it ... it's no wonder it wont be taking seriously .

Just imagine a second if console like the DS and vita only mostly had ports and lesser clones to flaunt , instead of their most popular o... #1.3.2
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"Games like Republique, Infinity Blade, Real Racing 3, The Walking Dead (port), XCOM (port) have shown that."

No offense but you arent going to convince anyone against mobile gaming , with titles like that that still pale in quality compared to many home consoles and handheld games . Or that are just barely able to mimick , clone or port some of those . And those people arent going to judge them "in retrospect of them being mobile game" ... they wont go &q... #1.3
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I dont really think so . If anything they often added band related dlc packs , with songs that would mostly only appeal to fans of said band , and arent always materials from popular singles .

They mix stuff up quite a bit each game . There will laways just be complaints because not everyone like each subgenre of rock or metal , and everyone's favorite is bound to be disliked by someone else anyway . #2.1.2
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Kinda yeah . People get into MGS as much for its universe , presentation , characters and story than its gameplay and its challenges .

It's indeed hardly the first time you can bypass the game's content with action instead of perfect stealth , for those that solely care about advancing in the story . Even in MGS3 , the game i consider to be the most stealth and survival heavy of the bunch .

Some are just acting as if it's new , as BS arguments wh... #6.3.1
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I'm not yet 100% entusiast about the announced titles thus far , but with my dlc backlog from rb 1-3 ... as long as it doesnt take too long to make compatible for RB4 ... i'm ok .

I'd still love getting more Halestorm , Shinedown or some Five Fingers Death Punch , among other bands #2.1
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Yup for SFV they are using UE4 due to it's flexibility .UE lets' developers focus less development time on rendering tech (which most engines look very similar nowadays anyway) and instead focus on the core aspects of their games such as gameplay and artwork

Pantha Rei is maybe more suitable for other stuff like open world game ... MT framework showed its limitations very early on ps3/360 ... and while building a custom engine for SFIV pioneered a proper 2.5d look and ca... #1.3.3
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