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over the course of 4 games over a decade with a way to keep them ? oh yeah .

Not to mention the amounts of time they added free content , and the way they made it work it to actually buy albums and catalogues over individual songs ? Yes #1.1.2
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No way SO4 is the weak part of the bunch .

SO3 got plots points and twists that might irk people eventually , but it doesnt invalidate the whole game , and the fun we probably had before that turning point . Everything else from the settings , characters , music were better . And no one complained about its gameplay .

So4 failed at everything but the combats mechanics and somewhat pretty graphics .

There is a reason they do state that they... #1.4.1
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Is the author high or something ? It was basically a pointless ad for Destiny ..

". Look, my hairdresser instigated a Destiny convo last week, out of the blue. That’s incredible. No other game has hit that level of linguistic status quo in such a short space of time."

uh and wtf ? It has happened with tons of cult consoles and pc mp centric games (like Diablo ?? WoW ?) . Hell it's more likely to have happened with Bungie's own Halo than Dest... #7
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It will probably happens eventually ... albeit its maybe contingent to how well SO5 get received .

We already had SO1 and 2 remade once already , a port of SO4 ...

I wouldnt be surprised classic or remastered versions of SO 1-3 appears eventually #1.3
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If you've got issues download firmwares , you probably can't patch games or download them ...

is it annoying when in a hurry and not expecting it ? Yeah ... but it's no longer the ps3 days , where it could block you for possibly an hour or even hours , despite the small size , because of the way bandwidth priorities were allocated #17
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Dont forget the Chikage and its second mode too #1.1
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I dont think it got much to do with that . It's about wishing a nice star wars solo adventure with that kind of gameplay and technology ...

Personally i can live without it , but it would have been nice #1.2
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Yes it was the moment the sequel was officially announced ... There were official statements on many sites and Harmonix's own site .

To be clear , i'm talking about the official announcement of the game . Not the time we've pretty much known unofficially that the game was coming #7.2.1
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Team Rock Band 4 all the ways . While not looking for absolute realism , i can't dig nor feel , oddly enough , that pre-recorded live concert system .

It makes you loose almost all customisations of your band and its components .

The only way i could dig it , would be if the band was known groups , wich obviously got better things to do than record all potential variables and variants of what happens in a concert or a tour .

And there is... #9
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Of course but then again it was an issue between each previous RB games ... #7.1.2
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Thing is i've been dismayed by the way the last GH games added notes for the sake of challenges , and stuff like making you play keyboards with the guitar , in songs that clearly dont feature much guitar .

I also was never fan of the use of cover songs in GH in some cases , while RB consistently aimed to get catalogues and most of all new remasters of songs . it was a whole new experience

Other than that , yeah GH is more difficult on harder difficult i... #2.2
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It was officially confirmed the moment RB4 was announced . it will however take some times to make it all available on the next gen consoles 4 #7.1
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Even before WKC that there was Rogue Galaxy on ps2 still .

And it was awesome , hence why i disagree #2.2.5
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and people said the same thng about the existing DTS and DTS-HD tech ... #3.2
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Atlus ... while i like them and they were indeed a driving force of the niche market , especially for jrpgs , in the west ... at a time everyone but NISA gave up ... and at a Time working Designs was dying , and Xseed didnt even exist ...

They are far from beyond reproach . They did have shady stuff like the complete butchering of Persona 1 (which they thankfully remade properly many years later on psp) .. and skipping one of the Persona 2 ps1 titles , back in the days .
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I like it , it's at least aesthetically better than the awful SSJ3 with raditz hair and the no eybrows thing . #2.1
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People , and by that i mean not just "journalists" , tried it at the event . If it didnt look remotely similar there'd have been an uproar already .

The real questions left are how much of it is battlefield and when do the gameplay trailers hit #9.1
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Companies like NISA since the ps2 , and the success of a few games they themselves were hesitant about proves that actually the public was there .

Namco was just too timid about it , or was doing it the wrong way , like their past stance against dual audio #2
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The important tidbit was that people are experiencing the gameplay already at anaheim #5
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Yes but not in a Star Wars setting :p #1.2.3
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