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They went out of there way multiple times to explain that this time around you wont be forced to MP for solo completion #2.2
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well you can't expect that in those pewpewdie videos ... there are story driven trailer and a few walkthrough , check them out #3.1
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I wouldnt say it flopped , but the interest definitively dwindled down when it launched so late in the west . And it very quickly went from sub based to f2p .... never a great sign when it happens so soon #14.1.2
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Getting the error right now with FF14 , but not that worried yet #12
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It's the not the devs , it's the PR staff that need a good kick in the nades . It was all radio silence all summer , lies about releasing trailers , then once good impressions on the game came around with Gamescom , guys like Adam Batthi got cocking again , started trash talking some fans , and now wont shut up about Fifa #1.1.3
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Bhatti has been a lousy PR since he joined for PES 14 . He almost killed the hype of pes 15 too , with his awful work and lack of proper communication #3.1
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Not surprised as again the console is released without appealing games for the mass local market . Sure people will say it was the same for the PS4 or WII U , but those still dont get that it's easier to release a console with nothing , if you already got a fanbase patiently awaiting your next games .

MS is the outsider , so they shouldnt be doing a launch similar to Sony or Nintendo . Some always mention nice early 360 titles like Lost odyssey , Lost planet , Blue Dragon... #17
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That's a load of BS , when amidst the niche of importers , most at least await a US english translated version , or EU if it's the first one available . When some arent such big fans , that they'd often purchase the game in Japanese , then the western release , as often seen with Tales fans

The localized version usually suffering is the EU one . And it often deserves to , not only because the game is more expensive , but also because you see ludicrous release time... #19.1
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And this opinion is based on what , the 5-6 people complaining in the mere 3 subject about the game in a whole year ?

PSO2 has undergone 21 content updates and has grown since in the past two years .
It feels like it's just too late at some point

Lack of hype and momentum do kill Mmos . DO you remember the frenzy surrounding Tera Online and Blade and Soul ?

And yet after so long to release the game , Tera released in the west with... #14.1
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Yes and no . if it was such a small amount , they wouldnt bother with region locking to try enforcing those overcharged EU prices (among other things) , to begin with .

And people lying or not , Region locking (and homebrews) has always been a huge excuse for the first attempt at cracking consoles or using mods for them .. or even emu #11.2
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Not surprised . i'll just keep reacting in consequence . As long as they keep at that game , i'll keep solely importing a few unmissable titles , and their consoles will keep being an afterthought for me and dead last in my priorities #12
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Dafuq ? #1.2
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Except they didnt have that library in the early early days and the launch was bad when you account local gaming tastes . It launched with stuff like Perfect Dark Zero, Ridge Racer 6, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Every Party, FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup , Kameo , Tetris and a bit delayed Dead or Alive 4 . Ninety-Nine Nights was delayed till april of the next year ...

All of those great titles you're praising only came way later and too late . Wich works for a cement... #1.1.2
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I strongly disagree on those kotaku reviews too . I always felt people pass them up as good , because they refuse to use a grading system . It's a nice sentiment , but the content of said review is as poor as the rest of the press , if not more ... making the lack of scoring a shallow gimmick .

And informative articles ? We are talking about a place that kept getting caught copying verbatim comments posts from Gaf destructoid orand 4chan as whole articles and opinion colu... #1.7.2
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Kotaku is a very mediocre site for various other reasons , not even just the recent scandal . But i still dont see why it would be their job and obligation to cover all indie initiatives .

Even among good news sites , not every site is about being an activist for the betterment of gaming as a whole . #1.4
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Screw people always seeking to "mature and evolve the medium" throught those pointless complaints . It's your puritanism and disdain that keep sending everyone back to the dark ages . #10
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Wut ? it was a mediocre game even with pcs being powerful enough at a good framerates and better graphics .

Sure mods added tons of missing things and fixed some stuff . But it didnt make up for the barebone nature of the game , with missing modes , some mode missing content they used to have , the awful and actually worse than previous years IA , especially for defenders , Goalkeepers and referees , despite nice touches like PES ID .

I'm very negative th... #1.3
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Nintendo makes plenty of decisions that are still bad 8-12 months later . Like all the others

Still i agree about Smash #1.1.1
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I'm not fan of turning it into something it's not , for the sake of the tourney crowd and marketing appeal , when it's already such a hit .

The game doesnt truly need that . You can take something as unrefined and unbalanced as say , a Naruto game , and the hardcore fans would still manage to make tourney and some sort of community .

There no reason a much more already deep and refined Smash bros couldnt survive "disappointing" them . <... #2.2
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Well they did from most reports #1.1
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