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They do , right now there are plenty articles about forza , driveclub , Shadow of Mordor , Dragon Age3 , at a mere glance , you just chose instead to waste time on a destiny thread . #2.1.3
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My most awaited xb1 game . Can't wait #6
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There is no general consensus there to back your "opinion" . It's sheer sensationalism and you know it .

So unless two or even three "dissapointing releases" (games that are still massively defended by fans , and sold a lot ) make up the fabric of the whole gaming year , it's BS again #10.1.2
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"seems to be one of the worst years for video games in recent memory".

What a load of BS . Only if you read articles , blog posts and reviews instead of actually playing games .

Many genre and niches have been very rich especially this year , and will keep getting richer till the fall . #10
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And since the ps4 games released so far are selling well , he literally got no point either . People bought it for the current stuff but also future titles , just like the XB1 . #23.1.2
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True but there is limit to that logic when the ps4 version outsells the ps3 with a much bigger fanbase . The major difference is the ps3 version with its base will eventually outsells it #1.2.4
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Dont buy that crap , period . In the unlikely hood that it actually does the job without screwing up your console , you still dont need it #3
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Well i guess i'm lucky , i leveled up the normal way so far and with the vanguard and factions ranks . i discovered the infamous cave , via a patrol with a friends , we stood there shooting stuff for 15-20 mins and decided it was boring and more efficient for us to just go do strikes or other patrols . I've hit a snag at 27 , but it's more about my schedule than most things else . #26.1.2
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So you're tired of the repetitive nature of the missions and strikes , but you'd rather go at it fixating a hole in a cave for 1-2 hrs for loots ?

You're just trading further boredom for the sake of expediency #26.1
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Not gonna happen , Platinum got paid regardless . And it's a game funded by Nintendo , not just some publishing deal #9.1
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Once per year should be enough and a permaban for the account , if its changeing for something offensive . And it definitively should be something that cost money ... people tends to think harder about joke names when it costs something . #9.2
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what's there to be glad about in this instance ? The feature is still developed and there in the Crew , while gaining nothing for dropping it on XB1 .

I dont care for those gimmicks too , but there is no upside there #7.1
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at least you can somehow change it , or how it appears by tying it to a social network . That is until you get sent a "real id" request and accept it #4.1
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I cant feel sorry for picking up bad handles , being young is a poor excuse . For many it was a matter of not thinking it through when it's an ID with stuff attached to it , as if it was some forum handle , like our N4g's .

Still it doesnt hurt me and affect anyone negatively , if they allow the changes ... so yeah why not #5
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I'm not worried about about sexual orientation for the romances , i'm more worried about their overall quality . In the past two other games , the dialogue of those was appalling and very mediocre .

It's not an aspect i care that much about , mind you , but if it's going to be included , i'd wish it's at least better than stuff you could see in Dating sim rpgs and visual novels from the 90s .

Let's hope it's a huge leap forwar... #3
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My take on this anyway is that Nintendo funded the game knowing fully well there was a big risk for it not to be hugely successful ... but with the goal to expand there portfolio .

A bit like Sony funded Heavy Rain only expecting around 200k sold .

Bayo 2 might surprise at the "box office" , and even if it doesnt , i think it will reach its intended goal , diversify further the library #6
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Each got their experience , since it's random . I've had 6 legendary items dropped , twice the same heavy machinegun even , without having to purchase stuff .

i'm sure it sucks if you get nothing , but there is a middle ground somewhere . Maybe the loot need to be patched , but when you go at the tower and inspect players , it simply isnt true that it's impossible as often claimed around here .

Hell , that exotic gauntlet with the fire effect... #2.2
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there is no cheating involved and nothing dishonest about it . Of course some people will seek a way to gain more , without breaking rules or glitching , and of course the devs will patch it if they dont want it #17.2
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wich multiplayer ? Dont you realize the game is only online ? #18.1
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except they are not wasting money , they are literally porting the pc version +dlc , that's easy for them . Between that and triad wars it's obvious they are squeezing and milking further cash , from a game they once said didnt make enough money #1.2.2
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