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If only it was a vastly different game with that level of graphics . A real shame #19
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But seems to me that's not so easy a mistake , most of those things were easy to planify for , except delays of Watchdogs and Driveclub . I know i'm being harsh , but i wouldnt bother with it if i wasnt interested by the multiplatform titles , and had to rely on f2p stuff to pass time .

I literally yelled at friends getting those consoles , while selling their ps3 or 360, knowing the early library wouldnt be stuff they are into . And here they are complaining , no sur... #1.2.2
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To each their own , and pity the fools that just get swallowed by hype . i enjoyed the heck of my time with FF14 , even fifa , only bothered with AC4 and a few multi titles on ps4 ... Forza , a bit of Titan Fall , Infamous .

My plate was full and my stomach satisfied , exactly as i planned , with only a bit dissapointing missteps like Watchdogs (was decent but not as fun as i hoped) .

being immersed in FF14 and a few fighting games on ps3 , i dont even hav... #23.1
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i feel it's ridiculous , there have been plenty games on both .
The so called draught only exist if people solely expect exclusives retail games , or arbitrarily decid , wich is their right , that they are not interested by the proposed exclusives or 3rd party titles .

Wich is not the same thing at all , as claiming "there is nothing to play" .

And again it begs the question ... WTF are people doing already with a console proposing nothi... #21.1
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Honestly you dont have any less stuff on ps4 . A better wording would be that you prefer the xb1 upcoming library , wich would be a fine argument #2.1.3
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Indeed , I can sympathise with someone that you bought the console without anything to play in mind .

If you are into Fifa , madden , NBA 2k , battlefield , FF14 , cod , killzone , titan Fall etc etc .... you were supposed to play it for months , not throw away games and purchase new ones every month .

And even with such a ludicrous outlook there was stuff to play #1.1.4
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The main difference here for me , is that with EA , bare stuff like Dragon age and ME ... it involves a bunch of yearly releases franchises with most (well maybe not most but quite a few) people moving on to the next episode and sequel .

Why would you care about getting Fifa 14 for free right now from a paid service , with 15 on the horizon ? Those games rely heavily on being up to date with sports events and transferts . Or with their fps on hype and the activity the mp sid... #15.1.2
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Farcry1 was an absolute classic and a cornerstone of the fps genre . Crysis 1 wasnt as much but still a pretty good game .

It's afterward , with Crysis 2 , that they got hype for no real reason beyond graphics and with lackluster games #1.2.7
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I know it's a leak and not yet presented properly , but wow it's the first time i've been completely underwhelmed by an AC reveal .

Regardless , i wasnt planning on getting any AC game anymore on ps3/360 . It was great back then , but i wont compromise and go back "down" on this franchise .

And i will no fund either any probable and upcoming "hd remaster" for ps4/xb1 of this title .
You know it will happens after they e... #5
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Except it aint at all the Tales of game i'd wish for . Still i'm always supporting western releases of the serie #8
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i can't play every 2d fighting games under the sun , i have to focus on essential titles , and those are the essentials for me #1.1.5
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Yup between this , blazblue chronophantasma , and P4 arena Ultimax , i wont need more fighting games in fall 2014-2015 #1.1
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yeah there is no such thing as a good fanboy #5.1
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I'm in Guadeloupe , in the Carribean . #8.2
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Well geographically , i'm right next to the us , while being attached to Eu territories so ... i'm screwed , as usual with those services .

I'll still try , it wont have any interest for me to have access to the eu version with the potential lag and access restrictions #8
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So in a land where goods are manufactured on the cheap , probably including china (i dont know) or taiwan , you're charging 600$ ? That's not insulting at all #4
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Not that i disagree with the sentiment expressed , what's with the "PSnow's current prices" argument ? There is no "current ps now" , it's in beta and testing stage , and in a flux . For all we know the final version will be far better , or worse #28
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It can just mean that the people against them and voting for the title , are vastly outnumbered by the people that need their games #8.1
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"Is Aiden Pearce the worst protagonist in video game history? Probably not"

To me he easily is , at least one of the worsts . Guy makes you regret the "colourful" Desmond of all things #7
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I'm also weary of how arbitrary it will be . I wouldnt believe it past them to suddenly say "remember that 10% deal ? Well sadly it doesnt apply to Titan Fall 2" #10.2
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