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Shows how much BS is going around in the "press" , considering reports of actually an upgrade in graphics #3
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nvm #8
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If only we had even 10 more journalists at other sites , like that one from RPS and the interview , the gaming press would be worth reading and following #7
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Depends who's purchasing the ip , and what they intend to do with it . If it's mediocre sequels , might as well let it rest decades or even die #4.1
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But the director of the game quitted , again ... so dont hold your breath .

And latest news pointed out to 3d games in the future . Hopefully , and at best something 2.d like Guilty Gear ... but i'm not optimistic #1.2.1
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You truly believe that in this day and age , fighting games characters that are dlc , arent just planified cut content ?

Well i dont , and usually there are tons of proofs leading to confirmation that on disks #3.1.3
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Bayo has no real strength as a brand , even if some of us love it ... so no it's not entirely that .

Sega just expected a repeat of the sonic commercial success on the wii ... on a console that's not even close in sales and popularity .

And with as a mighty cherry on top , a worthless and expensive broken Sonic game #2.1.3
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In a just world , Atlus would be the one purchasing Sega .

More seriously , that what happens when on top of quality issues , you decide to keep to Japan the few games people are actually praising and do want .

The fans arent even asking some grand dub project with Troy baker or whatever for most of those . But an actual release and a proper planning and marketing .

But by all mean , do release someday Yakuza 8 or 9 on the same date than GTA... #10
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Except , it's not dwindling thus far . People just believe it would given the amount of content , and how traditional game fares with gamer's usual attention span , and of course given the massive amount of negative critics ...

But the game is very much alive , and got a big bump from the expansion even .

Ironically , more recent and more praised other games , struggle far more retained an online player pool than destiny #8.1
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Last i checked yeah , Destiny retains a much bigger base than expected .

It has never been described , at least not yet , as running out of steam and hemorrageing people . We just expected that given the massive lack of new content #2.2
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Wow didnt wait as many months to add free content once everywhile , or even patches .

Even if oviously it's sub based thus better funded , and even if obviously people are still kinda forced to follow each new expansion or risk facing obsolescence ...

Destiny is a game i had a blast with , and i'll come back every now and then with friends to have some coop fun .

However we wont be there doing the same stuff daily . I have other genre... #1.1.3
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Why do you sounds like i'm being positive about her ? I'm not , i'm just saying she became famous and a figurehead for the opposite camp . I do think she's a con artist using a valid cause and a simple but horribly twisted truth , with Bmade up arguments , lies , and everything skewed out of any context for her agenda... but people saw her constantly and defended her the moment threats entered the picture .

Meanwhile GG was accused all the time of being a have... #6.2
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GG was doomed from the moment they appeared to have no clear direction , or leaders , with more than half the time being spent of saying the movement had nothing to do with volatile and extreme people claiming they were part of it .

Meanwhile , the ones they opposed , and every ill conceived speeches about gaming , had clear spokepersons and champions , like Sarkeesian . #6
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The problem here is that DmC was never , despite the claims , an attempt to evolve or elevate the franchise into something truly new

The only new aspect they flaunted was supposed to be a better story , plot and presentation of it , Ninja Theory style . Even the fans of the game gotta admit however that it pale in comparison to every previous storytelling endeavour from Ninja Theory

So we are left instead with two things :

- A new artistic d... #16.1
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However you sugarcoat it , you're just being "mad" that a game you clearly love is getting criticized . And you know very , however tired you are of those same arguments over a long period ... that enough people actually have reasons to dislike it . Some that capcom itself is acknowledging , without saying that much , by fixing the few things can be fixed within that game

Well likewise people that love the original franchise arent going to stand for DmC . It... #1.1.6
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I'm not a big fan of kickstarters , but this is different . Here we got people buying into the hype of someone that :

1. Could fund stuff on his own or get the backing of most big publishers . A growing trend i dislike on kickstarters , with of course a set of loyal fans giving bunch of excuses for even launching one .

2. Is sadly known these days for not delivering the awaited product and/or not in time.

The backers this time can at leas... #2.2
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Regardless , i'm no businessman , nor is the author or most around here ... so it baffles me how a fan could wish for them to become a Nintendo acquisition (or MS , or Sony , before the mandatory bs starts)

Bloggers just love to throw the towel too easily , and make article about how X publisher should get purchased too often before getting true reasons to even consider it

EDIT : well it didnt even take long #4.4
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No thank you . Not with the Yakuza games still alive , or Atlus recently purchased . #4
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i maybe used the wrong word , but there isnt really a positive spin on bad , even if awful is a step higher . I'd still question the good sense of someone giving 9 to a game with a game with either bad , mediocre , dissapointing , ho hum , meh , subpar controls . Even in genre deemed less in needs of tight controls , like visual novels/adventure games . It should be ground to lower a grade , as it's one of the core elements to judge a game , unlike feature some "barely ok music... #10.1.2
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I'd discard immediately the opinion of a reviewer giving 9/10 to a game with awful controls personally ...

I get what you mean , as it's a mere example , but it kinda illustrate my issue with the current scoring system , when grades and the article dont match up .

Also the scoring system and the whole subsystem of short hightlighting a list of pros and cons within a review doesnt work well imo , if at all .

It create a lazy tendencies... #10.1
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