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Just a precision , rebalances arent always something you pay for .

Plenty of those for most franchise have just been free patches .

The sequels and repackage in those cases added far more than just rebalances . it also added more stories (actually very important and followed in stuff like Persona and Blazblue , new modes and lots of characters , be they new and/or from previous dlc options .

And for a while now the capcom repackage have alway... #8.1.2
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Well like i said i'm ok with a model like DOA , when its essentially a demo for the full game .

Instead of drip feeding content as if it was a moba/league of legends . #9.1.2
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Plenty commented already their thoughts on the matter , and probably dont feel like explaining it , each time . I see it as counter productive to the community .

For starters the last thing i want to meet online , is an endless sea of the same two free characters online . Of course there are popular picks or picks based on balance with every game , and of course the free characters rotates eventually but this take it to a notch i dont stomach .

Also i feel... #1.1.6
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Some japanese import specialists tend to overcharge imo , and in some countries n especially EU it's a roulette with taxes . In this era best to find a way to use a japanese psn card . #2.1
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There is nothing odd about a fighting game being more popular on a home console . The vita is great for it , but if given a choice , most people will play on the ps3 or ps4 , especially if you account accessories and arcade sticks #1.1
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The quote from the article yes , but the rumors didnt start with him .

if anything he kept denying the plan , be it vaguely or quite straightforwardly #3.1.4
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wasnt from Ono . He is asked about it because of some unfortunate comments from someone else at Capcom not even involved with the franchise #3.1.2
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Except not everyone actually agreed that it was a good thing and example in the case of KI .

Anyway , straight into the topic , nothing wrong per se with it . But that's not what the SF fanbase clearly want , nor what's intended anyway ...

We are just dealing again with the same BS mined from some old misquote/translation from an exec #1.1.2
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People dont like when nintendo exclusives games are dismissed because they dont fit someone's taste ... but i see people above doing a bit the same with the others platforms ... and pretending they'd get everything by having solely a PC+WII U .

Well no they wont . Only if you dismiss actual exclusive you dont fancy . Just like PS4 and PC only or XB1 and pc only owners will miss out on stuff , should they skip the WII U .

Too much of the same rethoric... #11.1.2
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Personally , i do know why every Nintendo consoles after the Snes was a secondary or tertiary device , among my other gaming hardware .

The Snes was the dominant platform , and didnt just mostly feature nintendo games , or else i'd have been more invested in the Megadrive/genesis . it had almost all the 3rd parties exclusives or multiplatform games , on top of Nintendo's offering .

I've never been a huge fan of pure platformers , as blasphemeous... #16
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With my peculiar tastes , it can't be enough and remain a side dish . It will only rise to proeminence at my home again once i get bayonetta 2 , and then way later with Xenoblade , Fire emblem X Megaten #3
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It sounds like Let it die , from the Foo Fighters ... but if so the lyrics were more like "Why'd you have to go and let it die" #5.1
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Except he has missed everything else i said and not just loot . After 10 hours you dont know squat about what your class can do , nor in no way did experience everything within the game . That's like pretending you saw all of any rpg because ultimately all you do is fight from start to finish

Besides you guys need to points people up to fps where you dont do the same thing over , over , over and over .

Bungie messed up a lot , i agree .. but let's no... #7.2.2
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I dont entirely agree . For starters the prospect of co-op and how it works (when it does) is one of the thing that attracted many of us back to the franchise .

Uplay is the major issue ... that thing as been around almost as long as Origin/the EA networks and a bane for all their solo games too .

ANd yet it's as bad as the very first steps of Origin (while i'm not saying that origin is even any good right now , with all the fifa and nfs connections... #2.1
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I echo your feeling . I truly enjoyed my time there with friends , and made a few new ones in the process . So no regret .

But once i stopped to focus on stuff like Dragon Age , AC unity and Guilty gear , i dont feel i'll ever get the time nor will to go back .

Unless some bigger changes happens with the second dlc #4.2.2
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I dont mind such narrow minded opinions , except when it comes from people that do perform the same daily grind chores and mp sessions with virtually no changes in other fps like CoD till patches and dlcs , likewise .

It boils down to weither that type of game is for someone .

And what do they think and get from the fun of co-op .

All mp and co-op fps are repetitive and a grindfest outside of their campaigns (or even within) , at some point #4.3.1
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Not really . You clearly see some mechanics and repetitive nature of the missions , but you havent scratched the surface of your skills , weapons , armor , or no way experienced all type of co op missions or the raid under 10 hours #7.2
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Uh ? before patch Thorn was worthless , upgraded fully or not . #5.3
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Well like i said , and as you saw , albeit in glimpse , it's there , but basically unused . Very dissapointing indeed #19.1.2
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Game changer ? How ? It's the very same formula , albeit great since the beginning of the ES series . Or least became a force to reckon truly with Morrowind on consoles , not skyrim .

Skyrim is just another logical step to it since its mainstream success .

And no most AAA games didnt necessarily got influenced by it . Many were actually wrongfully compared to it . #14.2.2
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