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Quite frankly i wouldnt be caught giving them a chance when their cooler product were known to damage past consoles , without actual concrete intel on the matter . It still relies on the console's power supply after all and probably strains it , at an unknown yet level .

"Better" isnt nearly enough when the purpose is precisely to prolonge a console's lifetime , and you helped shortened it before .

Worst of all , without even some rumor ab... #1.2.2
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Nope that's BS considering how many ps3 their useless cooler killed in the past .

It might not be the same product , but maybe such the site could consider mentioning past issues with the brand and that kind of accessories , before gleely and obliviouly advertising such crap ? #1.2
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it seems pretty clear why . Which popular games in japan got released on ps4 thus ? Only stuff that's available on ps3 and vita , and with no big enhancement and incentive yet . The future looks brighter , even if a lot of japanese games will still be cross gen ... there are title you wouldnt want to miss by ditching a ps3 for a ps4 ... and getting those on ps4 would help #3.2
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Well to be fair you can't expect the same sound from a surround with actual multiple sources of audio , vs fake surround , even for the most expensive of those headsets .

But i get it a bit , the sound obviously isnt perfect , but it doesnt get any better within gaming sets at such prices #1.1.1
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When you know the guy from the forums and community sites , yes you can expect that much being done on his own .

i'm not sure Konami gave him the ok to treat freaked out pc fans like trash , among many things #8.1.2
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There lies the difference between us ... you take it as his own depiction . I dont .

Especially when most times it is clearly established those characters are impostors

I suppose that when you watch a movie , you dont believe the depicted character to be an accurate or similar version of even someone that exists or existed . It's a fiction , however close or not it tries to be

" You're supporting a game that is pushing others awa... #4.2.2
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" when they're making a statement by saying that that "proven fake messiah from a game" is the real-world God"

Ridiculous imo . Even in such case , when it is in fact the god creator , that assessment only work when admitting that somehow a virtual world from the game is the same as ours .

And in the example i gave anyway , it's made clear Ajora is an impostor . And in stuff like Xenogears , Deus is a powerful interplanetary invasi... #4.2
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No i'm not lying to myself, unless i'm stupid enough to think that the real Satan would be good like in the game .

They both might bear the same name , but wouldnt be the same think either way .

i'm quite at peace with it , and god would be too i think . It's the humans that project silly insecurities on stuff like that #10.2
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I never said ROku got XMBC , it got other solutoons that people like or not . I dont like it , nor the Amazon Fire TV and a few others , but it's still more popular .

As for the gaming part ... let's not oversell the thing please . Reicast is far from being done being worked upon . I'd agree that so far it woks fine up till the n64 , wich isnt bad at all .

" something that beats the ouya at 100 or less in media capabilities and old... #6.1.2
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There is no such thing as a game i shouldnt play .

I'm chistian and i'm comfortable playing every game . I could as easily play a game were Satan is the hero ... it's a work of fiction , and i dont idolize" it , as gaming's detractors love to say .

There are always been niche of zealous and religious people of all horizons , constantly accusing any form of entertainement , from book to music , to movies to games , from being idolatry and... #10
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Most those arent on the wrong side imo . If anything , most of those games are about rebelling against some omnipotent alien force that pretend to be gods and usurp their authority .

Hell i've seen people get riled up over Final Fantasy Tactics , and the way they made an analogy to Jesus and its apostles , with St Ajora , the revered fictional saint of the Ivalice universe . Of course it turns out Ajora was just a crazed warrior , spy , evil schemer and a deceiver creatin... #4.1.2
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sports games snobs smh #1.2.2
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Again it's not the devs that trash talk , it's that douche PR spokeman . He's becoming an eyesoore for even the PEScommunity's nerve #8.1
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Plenty knows about XBMC , and those still wouldnt get the Ouya , when it works everywhere . Besides there are devices like the Roku .

Anyway that the main interest of a supposed console like the ouya would be usage as a mere media box , when there are cheaper and better ones out there , is not good at all #6.1
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I dont call myself a comic reader , movie viewer , or whatever , i just enjoy my hobbies , so i dont care for for any particular label . At best i'll be called an otaku or geek , when my interest converge at the center of what people consider to be otakus or geek ... but i dont care for those tags either , and dont wear them proudly , nor do i vehemently react against their use .

If anything there isnt a word or label that describe everything i enjoy anyway , but i'll... #5
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Yeah the media seems only positive when it's about defending decisions and attitudes that are bad for gamers #8.1
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I dont feel it's better , when the only audio difference is bass impact , a gimmick that drown the sound with bass anyway , and hardly worked well with all modes and all games .

I do however miss the selection of multiple modes , instead of the 1-2 select switch on the Gold . #1.1.3
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Actually he kinda did explode like that , word to mouth is quick on the net , and when sites began mentioning him , it snowballed . let's not forget he was also covering hugely popular steam and indie horror stuff . And while i'll agree that he could have interacted with his fans more .... i still dont think there is any way he could quell , police or control such a flock . Much like it's impossible to mod a twitch's chat

You dont see any moderation on any... #5.2.2
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I dont believe he'd have been able to monitor and quell trolls with such an amount of followers anyway . It has just grown too much . Still who cares he should let them run rampants , and avert his eyes from comments if he minds #5.1
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I dont have to care much , i just dont watch him beyond the initial curiosity of "WTF he was" a year ago .

Sure he'll pop up as a surprise in a few videos , to my dissmay .. but remains fairly avoidable . More so than his annoying mainstream music counterparts , wich you wont avoid in car radios blasts or in shops and malls . #4
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