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It's actually nice to be able to play with friends regularly outside of weekly or monthly gathering . If anything it's a social feature keeping the game alive

And they made a big point of creating a Rockband Network with past titles

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No one is being too harsh about this .

It's a written piece , not a case of opening your mouth without thinking ..And they have editorial checks supposed to spot errors like that on submitted pieces .

To be a videogame reviewer or reporter and not recognize one of the most seen and known segment of such a popular title is baffling ...The most logical conclusion is the person previewing has never played Uncharted 2 entirely before , and thus has no point ...

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I don't have to . I already got a wii U , it's just nice that i won't have to deal with crap like region locking at some point .

i'm ok with waiting years meanwhile , and got all the games i want from the platform thus far , minus the unreleased FE X megaten

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Good , the minute it can run Xenoblade and Megaten X Fire emblem , i guess i'm done with the console and solely purchasing titles i want without dealing with crap like region locking

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Except that in the beta setting , most times some doofus will rush the token , and do nothing worthwhile with it , at best crash into some victim or an AT ST .

And since it's randomly available , it might be missing right when needed for the right player .

Sure i'm not saying it's a reason to make Walker and the empire weak or something , and lose the advantage on that map ... but some tweaks would be fine

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The power ups are there , the issue in the beta is that idiots rush towards the token and higs them , even to realize they don't want the vessels ... when they shoudl remain in the air or let it around for the time to strike

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Doesn mean you can't still tweak it to make it more satisfying for those not looking for an S&M challenge .

The empire could still be huge favorite on the map , but it wouldnt hurt to have more options or effects than keeping active relay stations so bombardiers make the Walkers vulnerable , and then being shot down while focusing fire on walkers .

There is a better balance somewhere to find , and ways as a mostly casual fun game , to make it more pal...

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I'm guessing the first one will be the Telltales Marvel project ... Which i look forward tooo , but yeah i feel you ..

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Kinda highlight further that many "journalists" were just taking potshots at some of the gamergate , or games that are "too sexy" , for headlines and hits .... when they rely heavily some rather unprofessional and irrespectful people .

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While i hate that new gaming habit , I question more parents that manage to let their kids fiddle on phones with enabled credit cards or paypal accounts . That's irresponsible in itself ...

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When you see it happens on even titles like MGSV it's no use getting worked up over it .

Beta was fun , and did its job for me , bringing a nice and fun star wars experience .

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It's a lot of fun i'm convinced so far .

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actually i did play it . And it was in no way or shape worth what we would usually call a campaign in other games .

Hell when dice released stuff of that level within Battlefield 3 or 4 , people ragged on them deservingly so .

I'd be all for a proper story mode , would be aces , they choose not to , and the game is still playable offline in a fashion . Now it's up to people to decides if it's worth it or not .

Anyway , it's ...

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Ah !! The good ol' fashioned and expected whining . Love what i've seen from the beta thus far . It was fun and exciting .

And people can coop and play offline in the same non-existing campaign they never really had , except it's called what it truly was , finally now , a bunch of missions with bots and a tutorial for multiplayer .

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Actually people are paying them quite enough to offset such costs ...

At some point there gotta be a limit to nickel and dimming on the back of your customers .

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" You would use flight the same way you would use a horse or vehicle racing from one point to the other. Or quick checks in games that automatically take you to an area on the Map"

Not really . Horse and vehicule gotta swift through obstacles , manmade or natural when you actually play them and dont just teleport . Especially when you usually intend , in pretty much all open world ventures , to be sometimes hidden and approach stealthy enough . It's a basic part...

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But those villains are mostly bosses material . It wouldnt be easy to just fill a game with those superman killers .

And their henchman would just be cannon fodder you can't truly fear , unless the game create a truly artificial way to make you vulnerable to them , thus not truly playing superman .

Let's be honest here , Superman doesnt fear apokolips soldiers even in swarms , only head honchos like Darkseid and its closest lieutenants . Do people rea...

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How can you overrate a game creator that create and piooner a genre and manage to stay relevant since ? Like it or now , for the gaming industry , he's up there with those artists .

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70-80% of what you listed doesnt have a recent sequels or a good enough one besides the obvious regular titles .

Nor arent planned yet for sequels .

And come on it's obvious you are scrapping the barrel with titles like No More Heroes . It's not even their ip , they had one distribution deal once for the international version on ps3 ...

And why do you even feel the need to list the obvious like MGS ?

I'll tell you...

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"Taken King for $40 is a STEAL."

It's not a steal , it comes with the extra charge of the two previous dlc for those that already got it when they could have sold TK alone or charge for it alone for such clients .

The standard bundle is only advantageous for those that starts the game now .

The rest just gotta decide if they continue or skip it .

"It has more content then vanilla destiny."

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