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Personally i'm saying that yes there are changes and will be changes . But it's silly to see some of the people around absolve him as if he had not even a little say and opinion in the matter before .

He'd definitively handle this differently , had he been in charge , maybe for better , maybe for worse . He is his own man , and it will show , but he was still part of the machine . Just like Hirai had a hand in the old ps3 politics
... #1.1.6
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You guys realise how much it would suck for those willing to just do the single player mode , as usual ? Not looking forward to crap like resident evil's forced AI coop .

Or how difficult it would be in cutscene to focus on 4 different heroes ? GTA V might have had 3 heroes meeting up and teaming up , but it usually did focus on one at a time

A good amount of assassination mission open for co-op with the rest of the story solo , seems alright #10
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The game had a completely separate multiplayer , nothing like that #5.2
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some moderation is needed ...

Indeed half of the title were stuff we already expected or requested ... but you could say that with half the exclusive of SOny or MS , every E3 too .

And while a new Zelda is nothing new , it's still an impressive title by all account thus far .

They aint fixing their issues at all , like no massive , real and serious third party support since the n64 and gc , but they are addressing at least the drought o... #11.3
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Well it's his job actually to speak total BS . If things were more positive , you'd hear more things , but when that "all" you can latch upon of course you'll spin the heck of it and be glib .

It doesnt work on us , but it probably does on someone . Hell i rolled my eyes at his vga presence , where he was like we are showing you "donkey kong and luigi , what more do you want ?" . But the common guy was maybe in awe

"Reggie... #3.1.3
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They are more than justifying the subscription with the content so far . I defy anyone to find a f2p matching the output thus far .
The best bet will be Guild Wars 2 , wich isnt even f2p and outpaced anyway #1.1.4
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Yeah but Nokia was actually worth a lot in ideas , savoir faire , network services and concepts . They had big issues , but wich could still be salvaged without the worst possible CEO

Zynga ? they were already dying out on their own #1.5
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There is no such thing as a cloud powered machine . There are cloud infrastructures on the server side . The whole idea of cloud is precisely to be usable on any capable machine for various purposes .

So MS want to use cloud computing to enhance their game ? Fine , they could do it on their phone too if it's their focus ... Hell i can't wait your spin when MS does annonce that soon or in the upcoming years . you'll be arguing that those phones are powered by cloud... #3.1.5
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It's your right rto type in a retarded fashion ... but it's also's people right to tell you it's retarded .

Oh and most wont bother reading your stuff anyway as said below , but keep having your capped monologues . #8.1.3
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Really ? that hard to believe ? A good chunk of the people currently accused of being Sony fanboys were originally Xbox or wii fans and skipped the ps3 for a while , if not even the whole generation ...

It's pretty easy to spot on here , gaf (aka sonygaf for the most butthurts) and other forums via their posts history #1.9
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Nah they share a common theme but it would like comparing Operation flashpoint and cod , two war based games , but obviously different ways of achieving it , goals and outlooks #9.1
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We've heard that each gen , so i wouldnt let it get to me #4.1.1
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lol Payday 2 hasnt even been released a year ago yet , and you want them to pump out the 3rd ? #1.2
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People love to say that , but while there are p2win based games , most of the popular and big ones in our circles arent .

There is a huge difference between that , and paying for early access to unique designs , characters and items that dont make you any stronger , just trendy and the source of jealousy of some folks . Wich i just ignore for stuff i dont care about , or might get anyway someday .

The reason i prefer sub based mmos is no longer that ... but s... #5.1
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Oh yeah it's a boring game because it lost a few people like every mmo of existence after a while . Ok then #5.2
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It had hype , but was in dev limbo for so long and the dev so silent , not to mention went from PC and 360 and ps3 to now Ps4 and pc .

At least it doesnt look outdated at all , so i'm looking forward to it . #1.1
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Nope it's actually useful in games like Final Fantasy 14 so ... #6.2
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Except sony did acknowledge a defective batch from the us launch wich they exchanged promptly .

Like i said , mine was exchanged very quickly , and other than that the us and eu pads i got have been fine . I mainly use the red and blue ones myself and left the standard black replacement for mp and parties . It is surviving just fine aggression like pizza and wings , chips ,Soft drinks and brutal and sweaty people #2.1.6
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I had one from a bad batch at launch , but it was replaced and since work just fine . So does the following other pads i got #2.1.3
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It's a mmo with subscriptions ... you truly believe that Square is against even get 20 000 XB1 players paying roughly 10-14$ per month ?

You do realize that FFXI , the predecessor was Square Enix's most profitable Final Fantasy ever , given its sub based nature and overall success ? Wich include even late comers like the xbox and 360 versions

You can insist on trying to pairing it with JRPG and its fanbase , it doesnt work that way . it's a mmo pe... #8.2.2
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