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F*ck off . Release a good and working game , before having any demands #1
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There was no real tech leap per se . It was the IW engine created from modified id Tech 3 Engine in COD2 than in MW1 . IW obviously upgraded it , and brought out the best of it for MW1 .

So in a sense , yeah that new engine would be the biggest leap since COD2 .

Problem is , it's not that very impressive imo , just ok . And will be milked dry and outdated quickly #4.2
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I sure can blame then and the "press" , when they randomly compare it all the time to other titles like GTA . Sure Ubisoft messed up with the original target rendering and the final graphics ... but most if not all of the promising gameplay and gaming content is indeed there in the game .

Personally if i found an area of the game very lacking , it was the story and how bland and uninteresting the hero actually is . Wich they can , and probably will fix , in the unav... #1.1.3
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Nope not even close with title like Xenogears , Chrono Trigger , Chrono Cross , some of the "Tales of" , FF tactics , FF6 etc . it was and still is great , but isnt even the best amidst its own serie , let alone the whole genre .

The one massive advantage it got over some of the old titles , was the CGI and 3d realisation ... when most of those were either 2d or had a way smaller budget #9
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Dont care . What i do care about is if he's gonna be as aggressive , obnoxious and rude as Anders from DA2 .

The guy was trying to get in your pants anytime you made any friendly gesture , as he took them as openings .And he'd get mad and lower his approval stat when rebuked , even gently .

It was digraceful that to remain on good terms with the guy and lose no stats , you actually had to initiate flirting , then end it . Basically behave like a weir... #14
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Just chiming in , PS all Stars was very mediocre and wasnt a success anyway ... not sure there should be a sequel unless drastically different and improved . #1.3.2
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Even if it's pretty great and can be competitive , i put it in the "casual/party fighter" category #1.1.2
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Half your list aint even out yet . And dedicated servers are nothing new or exclusive to either side . Stop pushing BS like it's 2007 . #3.4
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Sorry , nope i dont get it , beyond Ubi promoting its stuff . If you used a device , a pad i could get it , maybe. But a kinect dance based title is essentially , just regular dancing within a game right ? There are already dancing competitions . #4
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Isnt that what basically happened , no one wanting it when it was available ? You guys are weird , the same literally happened with Darksiders , when THQ was up for grabs . People always expect Sony or MS to swoop in and save ailing publishers and ips , when it rarely happens for already struggling titles

3rd party Publishers dont risk it , with no prospect , in their minds , from those niche games in a niche genre , where mostly dmc (not even anymore , but for other reasons... #9.4.2
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So not releasing a sequel would please you the so called fans ? #9.4
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I doubt MS or Sony will care . But it is a win for Nintendo as they prove further the diversity of their ecosystem , beyond "mario and zelda stuff" #15.1
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You just dont think . Nintendo needs it regardless of how it sells , to show a more diverse portfolio . Just like Sony was expecting initially Heavy Rain to be a small success for the sake of showing a diverse portfolio of games . And it could very well be a surprise and sell better #5.5
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Oh yeah , how dare they get a sequel that no one wanted to publish over at Nintendo ! We'd just have kickstarted the whole thing !! /s #9.2
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I dont think Kamiya would beg for scraps from Sony either way , Sony have to show they want it . They dont have the best relationship (Sony's fault mostly) , even if obviously he wont just block multi platform releases . #4.2
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Seriously , if it's alive and good , there is not much to complain about . Except wish thatrelease a graphic powerhouses with its future console , if you care about that side . #1.1.2
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No what ? No Nintendo no Bayonetta , regardless of how much it will sell on WiiU . People need to get over it , or should have supported the first game better (especially the 360 version wich actually ran fine) #1.2
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Before blaming it on relations with MS about Ryse , people need to remember how odd it has been to see Crytek purchase so many ips and studios , when they had two true major successes under their belt : Farcry 1 and Crysis 1 .

Crysis 2 sold considerably less , and wasnt what i'd call a success given the expectations and being on 3 platforms .

And i'd say Crysis 3 is a flop .

How could they grow and expand that fast and with not much u... #42
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what are you even talking about ? I've always prefered PES . But in 2013 they ruined the game by messing with content that was already there , and their slow and innefficient patching .

2014 ? They got worse at patching and released a buggy game with even less content .

Fifa is what it is , still flawed , but it's mostly improving instead of devolving .

And regardless , they were , and are hemorrhaging fans with their missteps , lie... #1.1.3
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Should have happened to the horrible WarZ instead #4
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