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hey wouldnt bother me if it was optional . It was really annoying with character like Gouken and partially why they changed the inputs for some of his move .

But i can live with it #2.1
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Uh who peed in your coffee ? No one is even claiming it's going to overthrow GTA , but it's still a massive release , even if you don't like jrpgs .

Your reaction is as silly as people that were once going like "Halo ? who cares about that , i dont like fps anyway ! Why do you guys act as if it's going to overtake GTA or something"

Or more recently people acting suddenly like SFV and tomb Raider dont matter because it's exclusiv... #1.11.2
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One could argue the same if he's not into Gears and Halo . Both had very great e3 . Difference is Sony had select titles that were wetdreams and "myths" that remained in countless wishlists and rumor mills for year .

That's what would make the consensus of them "winning" . #1.1.7
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They have more than enough games at falls , they just dont have the kind of stuff that would flatter egos and help bragging .

They do have some exclusives , but with that kind of mindset some people will just dismiss then as not important enough #4.2.3
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It's one thing to say you're not interested by the "rest" , wich is fine . It's another to say that it was just dlc and indies lol #2.4
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I'm of the mindset that not all game are for everyone and should attract everyone .

I wonder why some people go into games clearly designed to be played with friends , while having no one wanting to play the game with them or owning it .

That being said , jumping in is their choice , and the devs could at least accomodate them with standard features that dont harm other players #4.1.3
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Looking at some posts , how the hell do you guys know that it's a standard dlc ? It might be all lies , but it's actually promising to be a better campaign than the first one on top of the changes and additions ....

I'm all for being cautious and waiting to see if it's at least true , or even skipping it if dissapointed by the original release , but you guys are taking it to a weird level #8
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agreed but it should be their own decision quite honestly #4.1.1
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Not sure if addressed to me or the previous poster ... either way i'll just say this . dont feel like i'm settling down or compromising .

I do remember the older battlefront games , they were a great product then .

However i do feel some stuff are improved in the Dice game , in its delivery of a good star wars feel and experie... #2.4.5
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They didnt get it last year . It was just recently publicly announced , and even then it was in 2013 . #5.1
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Most of those games are still being done or were still being done , by the same teams or studios .

I get what you mean , i complain about what was done with DmC after all (even if there were legitimate reasons to) ... but that's why it's a complete reboot and new serie rather than numbered ... like the new Tomb raider

Here i'm not attached to Battlefront .. i'm a star wars fan foremost and primarily over that .

I care here abo... #2.4.3
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I'm not going to temper my joy because it's not like the previous Battlefront games , that some people mentioning around on n4g actually havent played .

It looks good and fun , and free from the schackles of pseudo realism from the usual Battlefield . Plus i get to play in third person , and it actually looks playable and good that way .

I'm just cautious about servers . #22
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not everything will transfert , as we've seen with the ps3 games anyway , but yeah they'll make it compatible #1.1.2
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Day one . Then again i was sold since RB2 and just waiting for a date . #1
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It was really good , great even . it wasnt epic because we didnt have megaton new surprising games , and a lot of expected stuff .

But hololens was a really convincing demo for upcoming tech , and the presented gameplay sequence were really good .

And well play with the backward compatibility . It's a pity it wasnt there at launch , it would have made a world of difference when people where wondering about next gen consoles #1.1.8
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You do realize that everyone pursue the Remaster policy regardless of backward compatibility ?

The good news that people dont feel like their hand is being forced #6.2
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It always was announced as exclusive for 2015 ... which basically meant for the holidays period #14.4
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I disagree , it looks good , the proper amount of quality graphics , but nothing that screams "omg it's impossible" .

Did people really forget Rage ? The game had tons of issues , but graphics , not really #11
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Except you make it sounds as if they got much choices .

What do you want them do to about rising 2 ? it's not their license .

They just released bayonetta 2 and are on Scalebounds . and most likely readying other projects and sequels .

They had mostly bombs after bombs after flops , despite amazing games , with Bayo and Rising as their biggest sellers with lukewarm numbers .

Of course they'll do now stuff like Korra... #4.1.2
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What are you even talking about ? Platinum can actually do multiple game and did just release Bayonetta 2 . While awesome , Vanquish is too big of a bomb to keep publishing stuff like that without going under or the help from some big publisher .

Why do you think they are now at their second license adaptation ? They sure could use the money , and we dont have to follow those games

Rising 2 not happening is probably Konami's choice , especially considerin... #4.1
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