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oh dont worry my comment isnt on your account . like i said or rather meant , it's funny how they not only accuse it of being similar , and act as if it was a bad thing in the first place .

There are far worse stuff to copy out there . #10.3
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staring at a screen while screaming to the wife to shut up (after all your watching some baseball!) is indeed more social than gathering people over a game . yeah right #4.4
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I say dont settle and bleed them dry ... #4
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frankly ,even if true , shouldnt the world be happy there is another movie trying to be like dances with the wolves ?

It's the bayonnetta crap all over again too . You'd thing listening to that kind of argument that every year there is a dmc clone and a dances with the wolves clone somewhere . #10.1
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but who even care ? Quite frankly who watch a james cameron movie for its plot ?

It's often cheesy , cliché or nonsensical or all three . The man is reverred for his genius in directing and pushing the technological envelop ... and why shouldnt he be ? There arent many ,if any that do special effects centric movies as well as Cameron ... and when they do , or rather try gettign close , their stories arent any better and less contrived .

When i want more substan... #5.1
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The all cg and art part , is why i dont get the craze about the title personally .

I could see it if indeed beyond some cool concept (wich they always do till they fail) and concept art , or a cgi , there was even a hint of gameplay .

i'm an often and skeptical negative guy , so all i remember are the awful bugs and the awful state of AOC for many many months ... the numerous empty and broken promises about the content , the way they so badled handled things and how... #5.2
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guess what it's the internet ...
Look at comment of kotaku , vg274 or any other place and it's as bad if not worse .

Fan of comics ? Go to newsarama and tell me if you even fell they like any comics at all released those past 30 years ...

Fan of anime or manga ? Go to 2ch or 4chan and tell me if you wont loose your sanity ... they even created a stupid word so they could hate anime fans like themselves .

All in all n4g is a "decent" place... #34.1
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?? they are just a small publisher .

They dont make a game any worse or better that it is , only help translating it and put it on shelves .

It's most likely unplayable on the original jap discs too .

What we can blame them for is choosing lousy games , and not being strong enough to strong arms SNK into patching properly or QCing properly their mess #3.1
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It's hardly as bad as you make it sounds DigitalAnalog .

Used to be that the 3d benchmark game was quickly an engine provider for multiple games like the quake 1-3 engines , the source engine or those unreal engines and then you were screwd if you could not run those benchmark friendly games .

But crysis ? It's one game that's all . Despite their obvious intentions , the engine isnt really shared among devs , only some TC mods .

It's just ONE game you ca... #6.11
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the movie is , bare surprises going to be lame , but wow those poster and level of respects to the game details , give some hopes .. of maybe superior or equal to mortal kombat 1 . #4
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Well some extreme people love stating the obvious ...

As if they were scared others would ever forget PC constantly get hardware that will keep them ahead .

They insist on an argument that was never really that important to console gaming .

Basically it the same as some dude trashing a dvd/divx player while humping his superior pc . In some cases it's that tragic . #5.1
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affecting game journalism ?
Game journalism doesnt even exist yet , and might have been killed before it's birth .

There are a few bright spots in the industrie once everywhile , but journalism ? no no .

"You journalist" guys dont actually dont investigate a damn thing , you're spoon fed trailers and other content ...

You could post some news about gaming and games from all over the world , like japan , russia , china , or EU et usa eve... #28
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I'm glad people are getting tired of some gimmicks , at least from activision .

Stick to mostly main gh and rb franchises please #6
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It was indeed very cool . but shh havent you heard , jrpgs dont evolve and are declining! #7
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mm afro samurai indeed , well what can be said ?
People got some weird habit to simply assume anime games are crappy regardless of the actual quality of the job done .

i dont even know how it performed in japan , but my guess is , given the franchise was mostly popular in the west , it didnt make a big dent .

Wolfenstein however kinda deserved its fate and asked for it .
If you're going to do a standard fps , make it pretty . Every generic pc shooter of... #13
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Sounds like a more legit and interesting venture than dj hero at least .

No really interested but why not ? Rockers and pop lovers already got their fix all the time #6
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why ? because you probably didnt .

And if you did such time and hate it so much , kz2 is still not the problem , but some rather disturbing sado masochism , and self mutilating behavior . #29.2
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Got it wrong pal , apparently MW2 didnt , it's kz2 that won #28.2
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Meh the "reveal" sounds more like some meh attempt to look hip and trendy , in tunes with your citizen .

Why else would they make it such a meaningful thing #9
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Kz2 is one more reason (as if many were even needed) , i didnt care about MW2 .

Why should i ? it got a best sp story sure , but kz2's sp was good enough . The rest of kz2 from multiplayer to realisation is just plain better than anything available on both consoles .

The only game i see replacing my kz fix will probably be Battlefield BC 2 . #22
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