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Expecting anytime soon "Modern crapware 2 Game of the year edition" .. with the two map packs #5
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you gotta admit that it's a bit gratuitous , when you've already said so before .

By doing that , you'rr a bit fishing for the negative comments you just go #5.3
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The worst part of the balance is how it discouraged entirely pvp from the start , asides from the uber classes , and group vs 1 ganking with rift portals .

What's the point , when half of the classes are only worth playing in pvp once you're level max and geared up ?

So on my server it was always the same ol guys battling it out , while the rest is busy grinding for xp and items . Then come along the grind for AP and abyssal items , and then people no... #3
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i feel exactly the same as you , as a fellow GW player .

I had hope , especially when even in looks , Aion seemed to borrow a lots of idea from its GW western cousin .

Yet it's the same disguised wow crap mixed with the same old lineage crap . #1.1
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It's an opinion and hardly a fact .
Some current pes players didnt even touch the ps2 versions , so wouldnt know about some nostalgic factor , and yet prefer pes .

Both have different gameplay for a reason , the rest is preference .

I wish i could actually ditch pes for good ... but unfortunately fifa's gameplay doesnt grab me , and it keeps improving in areas that felt secondary to me .

I feel more in control of my characte... #8.1
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fifa is better presented and animated etc etc , but the gameplay remains inferior to me , even to the worst pes ...

PES is far from dead . 2010 saw the return of a better looking game . Problem is it was still ps2 pes at core with its subpar animation .

Bottom line is in less than two versions (2010 and 2010) PES seems dangerously close to overcome the only actual advantage of a fifa game (graphics and animation) , besides licences from the get go . #1.3
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nvm #5.2
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what last one ? it's a new franchise .

The xeno part is mostly in name , as a marketing decision .

Mind you i'm eagarly awaiting that game too #2.2
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what a fool , your 360 pad usually only lag 6 ms less than move , just like the dualshock pad .

Hell it's even used on pc and most of all in fighting games , probably the least lenient games , input and display lag-wise .

Try spinning that one into a sony thing . #29.2
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key word is comparison . On its own (and without an extremely intensive action) scenes , it is most of the time fine #15.1
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Not it probably wont . At best some discerning eyes noticed a blur on lcd monitors .

PLus while not quantified , there is an advantage between aiming directly and precisely with a move/wiimote/mouse system , and wandering around with the stick to aim , that could overcome and compensate such lag #8.2
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i doubt tierkreis was a filler . If it was a "snack while waiting" , we's have news already from suikoden 6 .

I think it was a genuine attempt , like sega's pathetic new shining force games , to reboot the serie on a popular machine .

IF tierkreis was ever really successful , it would have been the kiss of death , after a struggling suikoden V (thanks to the god awful Suikoden 4's reputation) #7.3
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it does work . Most people didnt even try the second castlevania game : Curse of Darkness , wich was pretty good and still at core a castlevania . It complete game world with a complete castle map as in Symphony of the Night .

Hell bare a few ds 2d titles , it was the closest thing to a Symphony of the night 2

It was done by a koji Igarashi without much support and funding from Konami (they even had to reuse engines and textures , from the first ps2 crappy g... #6.2
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awesome games ?

wich ? Jericho ? (Lolz)
Producing a track and field game in the past ?

There is a gimmick i do see ... david cox as usual running his mouth to create noise and hype around his game , instead of reassuring Castlevania fans that it wont be a god of war clone .

Again , the game looks good , and might even be great , but all i hear and see from this guy are comments about concurrent games , graphics kings , and now moves... #2.4
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i fear they instead decide to go for a cheap ds or psp title ....

Tierkreis was crap , and i too can't wait for a proper suikoden 6 #7.1
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With 5 titles so far and as many spin offs , i dont see what's suikoden doing there . Same , in a much smaller scale with grandia

It didnt perform any worse than most jrpgs in the west , and did ok in japan #5
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seriously it felt like a cheap cocktail of ninja gaiden + okami , with the lack of actual challenge or difficulty , and as a major extra , an ending you gotta buy . #9.2
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Of course there is such a thing as too many in more hardcore 3d and 2d fighters ...

But i doubt anime fighting games , westrling/mma stuff , got to worry as much about balances , and complete uniqueness of characters .

They whole gimmick is precisely set around letting you play your anime/ufc/raw/smackdown/wwe heroes , so the more the merrier #1.3
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pretty much every year this gen ... at least for sure on psp and ds .

Anyway as much as i like bioware stuff , they get free passes that almost none ever gets , for some recycling and flaws that many other firms (in this instance SE) in both the east and west , would get torn to shreds for . #17.1
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That's one of the recurring issues with bioware games ... their "no name" npc look the same , be it for humans , aliens or elves .

So i'm not surprised they didnt have enough ressources and time available to show more variety among alien species . like with kotor , they after gotta design a pretty dense universe , so shortcuts are needed , for now #10.3
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