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yes often journalists and some people make it sounds as if games with long cutscenes had no gameplay .

I dont think i've ever encountered such title besides a long time ago mega cd stuff or dragon's lair .

Hell xenosaga had a rather harsh fighting system compared to many

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I can only picture something like a bushido blade like experience on move being cool .

Making it about duelling and reading the opponent .... over knowing how to perform moves and linking them (even if you do read the opponent a lot )

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Yay . I wasnt interested by videogames because of plotless arcade stuff like pacman and space invaders . I actually only cared when they started doing more .

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right now i'm only interested in mmos that try the two following :

- breaking from the boring mold of predictable 1 to 6 keyboard buttons with the situational crap on the rest on the bar , and an awful emphasis on grinding in both pve and pvp ...

- providing an actual plot and storyline . Make you feel like you matter and aint just a nobody with no impact . You dont have to be king of the world , but at least when some major catastrophe and quest infold ,...

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you live in a dream world monopoly

For starters i dont even see where you got the idea that adult are less loudmouthed and insulting

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Balanced and polished multiplayer wich actually require skills ? Campaign that isnt yawn inducing with stupid non-stop cheesy and easy action ?
Refurbished solo maps as multi dlc against a map editor ?
All around solid modes vs one highlight :a zombie mode than cant even compare to left 4 dead or even wolfenstein ?

Halo reach wins easily that versus

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waste of lions , just let him starve to death , it's quite painful

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Seriously , hank is every bit as stupid as those kids ...

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" And then some moron thinking he is so tough because he was a soldier , procedes to track down some little twerp's address , go there , and ends up shot in the face , by said kid's father or brother "....

A fox news legend in the making

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i dont get how can anyone complain about the length when it's a cheap PSN/XBLA game , then procede to buy crap like Kane and Lynch 2 ....

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sigh .... you still can't get it ? it was about some random intrusion of a song from some hip celebrity , that had very little to do with the game .
It didnt fit the game period .

Something equivalent would be removing the edith piaf song from Inception , and adding some pop japanese song instead in the hope to perform better in asian markets . And you gotta admit that's just ridiculous

No one ever had issue with englis...

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I'm expecting far less bug , and i doubt it will happens and change so ... no dice see you at the 4th game

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most of all , every pokemon is always a polished game

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it's even worse , again i've seen cases where store purposely break release date , so they could game used copies even faster .

In some of those case , tey managed to get dozens of used copy for solo games , right for official release date .

What do you think ahppened then ? Most people bought the used copies , eating any chances of better sales for already low pofriled titles .

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What's even the basis for such a statement ?
It's every bit as likely than the customer might just buy the sequel used , again .

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why ? It's quite dynamic an doesnt make you an octopus with dozen of button press .

You were limited to eight skills all the time on the bar , so sounds very feasible on a pad . And there is still voice chat , that's pretty much how most guild played the game .

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1- the article isnt even right , go check abriael's one

2- most current mmo got a fatigue system as well , and plenty people dont even bother stopping playing because of the decreased XP . What matter is how much is said decrease .

HGell it was irrelevant in WoW , even without resting the character .

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meh tera online seems like a lineage 2.5 like aion , so no thanks . It got some nice reflex and concentration requirement during the fight , and use collision a bit more ... but it doesnt seems any less grind based than say AIon so far .

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but it still doesnt make it pvp centric ... hell what mmo doesnt do RvR 24/24 nowadays ?

GW1 was far more pvp oriented . The solo and coop campaign were very nice , but hardly the centerpiece with everything unlockable for pvp characters .

GW2 seems to be more like a 50/50 experience , and the devs insisted on the fact that for once , storylines will be very fleshed out (like kotor) .

Hell at the character's creation you go through a back...

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