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the game is good , and might have caught my interest had it been released last year . But now with Battlefield bad company 2 on the horizon , and doing everything MAg does better (except the awesome faction system , and the 2556 players) , it's one exclusive i wont buy . #6
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that's the thing it wont be better ...
It's already out in Eu since oct/now on pc and it blows , except for fans of the serie i guess .

It could be good actually , despite the obvious mediocre graphics , what definitively kills it are the bugs and technical issues without any apparence of the dev team actively patching the game . #3.1
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well you don't seem bored by your repetitive and boring comments , so why not ? #4.3
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The idea of an ethic committee on games is ludicrous at best . Anyway congratulations to all the involved parties , you've turned a mediocre games appealing to a handful of pervs , into a society phenomenon .

Banned ? More like smaller online store selling it far more , and illegal downloads going through the roof .

All that while , in a quite classy and hypocrite way , USA , eu and asia is enjoying , and legally , fantasy rape porn movies , with real live actress t... #1
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exactly what my posting history says , i dislike the idea of dlc in most cases .

And again , to each their rose or gloom colored glasses , but when a publisher easily admits way before a game's completion and release that there will be dlcs , it's safe to assume they had some plan .

And i never said it's worse , like i keep repeating ubi just kept the already established gimmick going on ...

See your arguments about enhancing a game's experience through... #23.5
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Dear lord , in game house looks creepy ...
HL/HL2 Gordon freeman "nailed it" better in his days lol ...

mmm looking at the other screens , everyone looks creepy , and somewhat younger ..

But of course , could be far worse , and at least you recognize it . #5
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how did i miss them again ? I mentioned one fake game , not as if i wrote the entire console line up as such .

Stop the blind fanboyism and defense mechanism guys #17.2
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i dont need the sales pitch ... i already got the game and it's great as is .

Anyway why not actually assume the worst ? Again along with some other devs they've announced plans for dlc a long time ago ... sounds hardly like it was some time crisis .

Besides like i said earlier , if it's content removed for a good reason , it's already done or almost done ... where is the extra cost involded here , why not for free like some great dlc from criterion software ?Why so... #23.3
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the worst ?
It's awful but at least it's actually a game , or serie of games ... unlike stuff like wii fit . #17
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Killzone 2 is one of the reasons i wouldnt bother with MW2 . I dont care if the shorter campaign is better ... kz2's one was still very good , and for better plots i have rpgs .

Kz2 easily outdo most games in technology , gameplay , and multiplayer . I doubt anything would come close in quality , till battlefield bad company 2 get released . #13
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and that's exactly what they'd have said even if they indeed have the time .

seriously dont you find it odd to always have that excuse thrown around ? And if i rmeember correctly dlcs for the game have been announced way before the release , so i'm not buying it (the idea that is , not the game or dlc) #23.1
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yup and i wont let capcom killing my schedule by delaying it . If true i'll import the game in february #7.2
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i for one know that despite loving the demo , LP2 would have been one of my casualty with must have like ff , yakuza etc ...

It's a smart move to delay it and make it a sure success then , instead of some great game being robbed . #12.1
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you mean just like everyone not releasing final fantasy , gta , call of duty , halo or god of war ? well yes #6.1
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My issue is , when a japanese dev wants to appeal to the west , as a main focus , they do the worst kind of cliché possible , and turn their rpg some dumb action game .

Kinda like when MArvel comics wants to do a manga serie , it's some crap with the most generic anime style possible and done by wannabes .

So yeah my fear would be some awful thing like Silver ... basically a lame western ff7 and other jrpgs copie fo the time .. reproducing even it's flaws , inst... #10
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meh i love the game too , but i wouldnt call this being honest ...
Feels like "hey guyz i'm going into your house tonight to rob some stuff" kind of honesty ...

But yeah i guess at least he didnt BS about space issue and what not ... #17.1
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that's actually very smart , we are just the dumb junkies falling for it ... #16.1
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No strange journey is not smt 4 ... it's just yet another great spin off . #1.8
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why ? people who actually played the game and arent mindless drones know full well its everybit as playable as it's counterpart , the game retains it's goodness on ps3 .

Since when does an inferior version means it's unplayable ?
Fallout was a far worse port , yet easily playable , and most of all you didnt heard a peep from most people complaining about bayonetta . #35.1
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dont blame dvd-9 , space or not they'll always cut content as well from blu ray games , them running out of space is just a convenient excuse.

After all if at the end you realise it wont fit on the disc , why sell it and not give it for free ? You , as a dev , claim it's a space thing , the game is already paid for , just give it free .

Of course , they have some so called extra cost so they could give you something they are already done with , and you paid full alr... #1.9
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