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Sure , wich is why , i feel it could work decently if aping the model for movies ...

However , and still , it has to provide then some sort of actual benefits . Movies dont come with dlc attached , and their dvd/bluray dont cost nearly as much as a game #16.1
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with some many bowing down and gifts made to big companies and rich folks , i wouldnt be so certain of that .

The EU automobile sector alone is half funded by taxes , with constants threats from companies to pull their support , and move their usines to asia .

Many governement only suddenly rediscovered populist values because of the crisis and the public uproars . But once it quiets down , it usually passes . #15.2
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meh B&W was even more vapid hype than fable . Fable was still at least a good action rpg , without the luster of empty promises .

B&W was a mixed bag , a lesser strategy and gestion game than populous and most rts of the era ... and the creature was pretty much a gimmick of the tamagotchi/creatures kind , who became very annoyed once the novelty wore off . anyway the sum of all the smaller parts didnt even amount to anything grandiose , besides the graphics .
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but how long till they want to decide their contents ? hardly the best idea imo . Especially with always at least one moron , in each governement or assembly of most countries , hellbent on killing violence and sex in videogames .

Like everything it need to be cautiously checked and considered , and with appropriate safeguards for videogames , a bit like with cinema .

Also it becomes a complete scam once we realize it wont lessen retail and digital prices of games .... #5.2
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do not want lol ! #12
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Lol funny how i remember people telling us , around the time of the VGA , to wait for the bafta for a more serious list of title .

And yet ... aside from the lack of obnoxious celebrities on stage , and a few "indie" nominations that are usually deserved ... it's pretty much the same popularity contest .

How can the most bugged game of 2009-2010 so far , and the least inspired sequel , aka MW2 can be nominated , especially in fields like artistic achievemen... #6
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??? why wouldnt it ? there has been various other capcom fighting games on psp , like sf alpha .

And the psp had successful port of games like soul calibur and tekken 6 , with better graphics ... so of course sf4 would run fine .

Hell one of the first thing capcom said about sf4 was how their engine was pretty scalable to fit their needs ...
the arcade booth was a straighforward low end pc anyway .

Wich is why to this day , many of us dont underst... #8.1
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sadly out of those 63 games , 45 are probably derivative crap like this street fighter will be .

I dont see how this could be anything else but pretty looking shovelware . (ps and that's coming for an iphone owner) .

i'm sure it will sell , but it will still be crap . #1.2
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how would they even know ? they dont have access to data from most trackers , can't check irc or newsgroups properly . So they would hardly know how many pc isos are out there for the game , let alone how many even bother to play it online .

The game doesnt feature dedicated servers , while numerous people found workarounds , so it's not even as if it necessarily runs on steam and iwnet .

Microsoft also didnt really cut down that much the piracy community as well ,... #32.1
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Funny thing is , i've always done this every console generation (except for the time i didnt get the first xbox), and now it's more useful than ever . Including the wii #22.2
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sigh there is a major difference some of you painfully try to forget here .

Alan Wake was a PC game , shown as such , advertised often with the pc version , and was even a marketing tool . And this little show ran since 05-06 .

fable and gears not coming on pc anymore ? no harm ,no foul done here . Another game announced 6 months ago scratch its pc version ? Still no harm , at least not much .
360 keeping their exclusive games for a few years before letting the... #10.6
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i was getting it for 360 as well , regardless of pc version or not ..

However dont kid yourself , piracy is rampant on consoles too . It would be a tough debate to decides if it's worse on pc than consoles . Actually only thing that could make the console world less pirated would be the lack of ps3 piracy .

Microsoft's carnage around mw2's release was only a spring cleaning , wich still missed most pirates , and only disabled online for them .
DS piracy is as... #19.1
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Piracy is as much an issue on console , and in this case the 360 , than on pc .. so i doubt it's the reason .
They just most likely feel the need to get away from the usual "it's not exclusives , since it's on pc" argument , wich obviously sway away people not convinced by the 360 and owning a pc . #1.4
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quite unlikely now . If you guys havent noticed yet ... MS stop that practice quite a while ago to save their exclusive line .

Fable 2 and gears of war 2 are still not coming , along with a few others . The only pc/360 exclusives right now are 3rd party games #1.1
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Hum seriously now this is ridiculous ... i absolutely agree that MS is behaving like an a**hole with Alan Wake .... after so many years of using the pc version as promotional too , both for the game (and its 360 version) but even directx , they pull the plug to strengthen their 360 exclusive line .

However a petition ? Call me a cynic , but if many people sign it , microsoft will just assume those people , desparate and serious enough about the game , will , even if unwillingly ,... #3
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sure but dont misunderstand , i hardly equate quality with sales (lol mw2 ...) .

The point made was that nintendo fans didnt care about the game or liked it . For it to be a best selling launch title + even after a good seller , kinda proves otherwise .

He knows it but as usual went on to attack something else , and still look silly in the aftermath . #16.7
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ah trolling , the weapon of weaklings without actual arguments!

Anyway 3 million sales beg to differ . But keep only playing the "winnar" consoles! #16.5
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Uh ? i dont remember much complaint about Luigi's mansion . Asides from the usual horror crowd who wanted something more chilly and mature looking .

It was the fifth best selling gamecube game , at least for a while , and most complains where about it being too short .

Scratch that! it was even the best selling gamecube launch title ever ! #16.3
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Seriously it tells me more about lack of knowledge about mario/luigi games , and deep hatred of anything mario/or with "kiddie" design .

But i guess tits and blood are more hardcore and mature supposedly , even when you mostly use qte in HD action games (yes guys that's where the problem is , abuse of qte in action stuff , not in gabriel knight/pc adventures kind of games like heavy rain) and when most current fps are dumbed down to the extreme . #3.3
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I dont even get how and why you're pissed ... unless of course you've got a low opinion of Luigi's mansion .

I see the comparison as flattering , when Luigi was a pretty great game and pretty creative .

And well yes natsu you can comapred the cover system from UC2 to gears of war . i doubt it would enrage any sane person here (even if like said above , you might remember killswitch or even Re4) .

The only stupid comparison i often see for UC2 would be w... #2.16
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