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mmm the only license and not creator owned movie i'd see James Cameron accept to do would be Gumn/Battle angel or Parasyte . And even back then he kinda fullfilled part of that fantasy with his Dark angel serie ... even if quite different from it . #4.2
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i wholeheartly agree .
Just a detail , Persona is turn based .

@The Round Peg

Might be the other way around that you are so against a genre you said yourself you dont play , that you refuse to see how it actually has always evolved .

Just not into yet something you'd enjoy . #38.2
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dont bother he's basically a digital stalker .

he disliked sf4 apparently , but can't stop himself from posting anytime it comes up instead of moving on . #4.4
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Grandia 3 was quite dissapointing after a rather excellent grandia 2 . It had a good gameplay but the rest ugh ...
It was contrary to what's claimed in the article , quite cliché . to the point that you know the hero would always crash his plane , and when ..

Criticizing religion isnt the most original thing in jrpgs , but Grandia 2 did it fairly well and with characters far more interesting imo .

But hey if you enjoyed G3 , more power to you . i just did... #4
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Then you'd be obviously wrong .

I could easily quote you names of jrpg without a shred of nudity and sex innuendo ..

Could you ever point me to a bioware romance dialogue that doesnt smell like porn cheese ?

"Hey tis so coooold in my tent!!"

choice 1 : hey babe maybe i should warm you up then!!"
2 : wtf do you want be to do ?

choice 3 , only a waste of time bringing you back to either 1 or 2 :... #20.3
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again pure BS , you guys always generalise once you see a flaw . And in such case when you guys generalize jrpg , you always or often see only Final Fantasy or throw vague-ish "facts".

Sadly even with one franchise counted as a valid discussion subject , you are insanely out of luck ...

Why ? Because each ff is not only different each time , but over the years it's gameplay has known several important mutations .

hell even if you wanted to be... #13.1
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neither has bioware's or bethesda's stuff really . Newer graphical engines are that , new graphics , not some gameplay innovation .

i'll concede their stuff is awesomely well done and polished , but innovative ? Not since they had the ideas with baldur and kotor , from bioware's end .

honestly we would be discussing the stagnation of WRPG here instead if most major jrpg were released with truly next gen graphics . #7.2
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I smell PR BS and selfgratification here . Still i know my opinion wont be a popular one .

In the end Bioware still go back remaking its classics with revamped graphics with it's current non mmos games . Dragon age is by all mean baldur's gate HD (but then again baldur is amazing , thus DA is great) .

And wrpgs , even bioware's stuff arent without flaws and stagnation either .

Without even knowing it , he’s reproducing steps and dating mechanics already... #5.2
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not bothering answering your arguments , wich i find silly and self contradictory over the length of this conversation , just pointing this ...

Since you're each post answering to someone else in the thread ... next time use the reply button ...

It's not ads placement here , and it hardly help make you points clearer #18.2
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Might want to rephrase that ...

They are good at acting as the software mob . They abused laws and illegal means to push their software down retailers and PC manufacturers , wich in turn forced them down upon dev studios and your average user .

Think i'm bsing and exagerating ? then what about those Acer or whatever laptops with vista pre-installed and tied to the hardware , so it wouldnt boot if you install another os or format your drive ? With the only option then... #4.3
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If it's a custom firmware thing , even then the best are the 2000 first gens . the ones before the motherboard causing issues .

Basically all the advantages of 1000 and 2000 and homebrew combined #1.11
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Only if it's bleach heat the soul , the game on psp finally coming on home consoles . #20.1
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no way , we ps3 owners shouldnt care anyway . the ps3 was the lead machine and should remain so .

We knew the engine would be mmilked and only a bit improved rather than entirely revamped . And it was unlikely that Ninja storm was only possible on ps3 .

Hell it didnt use the space , given the lack of characters and special moves or online . #12.1
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Nope , that game easily makes me ditch Gow 3 to a later date .
hell everyone who wished for a US/eu port back then should ditch one among any of the ps3 big franchise they were planned to get .

The flagship titles wont suffer from it , and you can always buy it next month .
While future yakuza western releases are tied to that game's success .

make it the demon's souls of 2010 ... or even better . #3.3
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Yeah , and meanwhile we are basically forced to connect ourselves and then launch an online co-op ... wih the potential and usual hazards of internet connection :p .

Hey now i can see why some starcraft fans will be pissed at SC2 lol . #1.9
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It's also because it's was a prettier Narutimate Hero but with less content , while the ps2 and psp series were still going strongly and up to date with the anime .

As for your second point , hum i dont know , i dont like the idea .
Naruto UNJ was already a little chaotic , hell the whole serie lost a bit of it's complexity (yeah i know it was the deepest fighting game but still) the moment it added support and strikers .

Between the obvio... #1.6
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it also had a bunch of silly quest that made those games looks like a Mario Party . And when i'm saying that i'm insulting Mario party .. at least it was it's purpose to be a succession of mini games and it does it well .

"Ubi's Narootoo" have the galls to call itself a rpg even .
I know that ultimate ninja storm's , and past ps2 narutimate heroes's campaign mode arent awesome ... but they did their job as an EXTRA to a FIGHTING game .

I see no excus... #10.3
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Hell i'll even say i'm happy if it's multi , i wouldnt wish anyone to only have access to Ubi soft's mediocre naruto games . #10
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I dont mind split screen co-op but something annoys me with that trend .

They completely forget , in most cases , about people wanting to play locally , but on two different consoles and screens .

I've always hated split screens with the exception of mario kart , so if you can propose split+online co-op , alwys add lan play too . #1.4
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yeah i know wich is partially why it's a stupid excuse . #22.3
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