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Except it doesnt have really a justification . Before release and from day one they could have fixed whatever issue they fill the game got with pvp . They lazily decided to simply use the same stats and perks for weapon in PVP than for PVE ... and has been caught since fighting an uphill battle where they keep nerfing or boosting a gun because of its pvp potential (or raid potential) .

It's something mmo designers have understood eons ago , and especially games like Guild... #9.3
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The way i see it , it's basically keeping the dlc character form , wich is established anyway and not going away , except it gives you a free via grinding alternative at least .

So i'm not sure it change things for the worst here , we're gaining an alternative to simply paying for a dlc character or boycotting it #3.1.2
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yeah obviously they can and will re-release packages with all the released free content from a set period , but it will be something mostly useless for someone that owns the original disk . Unless of course you want everything added since on disc , for reinstall purposes #8.2.3
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as if there was even any harm in "drinking the koolaid" here . If they lied can't we just refuse to buy an additional disk version , or dlc characters and expansions , and drop the game for something else ?

Until then we'll just enjoy our game , while some will wait and see , being all wise and mighty #8.3.4
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So ? The first blazblue had 12 very unique and different characters ...

They insisted they were going that way ever since they announced SFV , showed they are committing to it with the new gameplay and revamped characters , and said they'll keep adding stuff and characters anyway .

I'll take that over having eight different shoto characters ( and that's discounting non shoto characters that still essentially work the same way) , divided into 3 mai... #11.1
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Yeah it's like they somehow refuse to make the pokemon games everyone actually dreams of .

Look at Pokken fighter , it's actually pretty good and decent , but it's another missed opportunity .

it could have been a cool arena fighter for casuals (or not) but using staple from pokemon like building up your beast , adding skills , collecting them etc ... so many ideas and possibilities .

Instead with Namco they just basically made a... #3.1.3
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That would be a bad idea . The problem isn't that there wasnt a boring never ending xp bar to fill and grind . Looking over at CoD , pilling up prestiges runs changes nothing except for a few that need the carrot and dont realize they rinse and repeat the same thing without gaining anything particular . The issue was the scarce content .

If the content promised and kept for both dlcs and Fallen King had been with the original game , or delivery with regularity , many wo... #1.1
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It's both i'd say . They are obviously masquerading some shameful crash crabs as more than it is . Some with incredibly bad taste and poor timing like the red bull dlc

But they are also genuinely trying to fix some stuff . Problem is , they are often going the wrong way about it and very stubborn #3
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Yeah i had massive fun but had to drop the game around the first so called "expansion" .

I could still eventually go back someday . The good thing with mmos , and even pretend ones , is that a few years in changes a lot of stuff . And i know a bunch of truly dedicated friends still there . They dont get tired and dont care that the game isnt evolving fast enough , they seldom enjoy grouping together in a tight co-op centric fps .And for a long haul i was like them t... #3.2.2
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I agree with you for the most part ... i'm just baffled at the reasons for nerfing Ghorn , instead of addressing its issues , if there are any valid .

People just want it in raid because it helps them access the most lazy and accessible strats , instead of thinking for themselves .

But it still hilarious that Bungie wanna fix that , but can't commit on actually adding matchmaking . I'd never bother with Destiny without dedicated friends playing pe... #7.2
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"Or Magic: The Gathering"

Why not just call it that instead ? #2
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Yeah the price will make it or break it . And it's a part where Sony can be pretty weak . I think the only times this past decade that Sony could find the sweet spot and right launch price was the PS4 , and the Pulse headsets .

The vita could have been it , but then it had to try selling you expensive cards , and the useless 3G version

PS Now rates has been expensive in its beta stages , ands its subscription offering still isnt attractive to many . #2
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Really ? For some they mostly messed around with base damage , wich isnt the issue , but their unique and sometimes overpowered perks .

The most overpowered among them , are still going to be . And new exotics probably wont be as good as those old overpowered exotics . Besides crapping on shotgun (until they again buff it like crazy afterward ) , i'm not seeing much being figured out .

They just basically nerf the flavor of the moment and mildly buff the... #1.1
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I have to pounder at the logic used here . look at the Gjallahorn ... basically they made a weapon with features so good that it's a pre-requisite now in the "matchmaking groups" , and that now they have to nerf it , and the wrong way .

Basically they are trying to regulate an alternative matchmaking system existing because they refuse to officially add it ... and by messing around with the weapon's damage , instead of actually dealing with it's essentia... #7
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And i'm not saying it's an hardware issue ... it's a matter of online strategy , publishing decisions , and lack of will frankly

Does it even matter at this point for a consumer ? Would this matter if the console had a built in party chat system to begin with , like two older console before it did ?

Wasnt the game announced as published by Nintendo up till recent rumors ?

It's still another game that doesnt get voice chat , b... #2.3.3
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"Devil’s Third does not have voice chat. The bandwidth that would have been used for this feature was instead used for 16 player multiplayer."

Oh come on now !!!

*Runs away before someone tries to pass that as a positive thing , and non issue , as usual* #2
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This is kinda hilarious , you put out there a rpg that shouldnt even exist like the Gjallahorn , wonders why so many mediocre random raid groups make it a pre-requisite , and all you do about it is nerf damage a bit , hoping people will behave and not force it as a condition upon raid newbies ?

Even knowing that it's not essentially the damage (while great) that made it such a hot commodity , but its perks and features ?

Good luck with that . #5
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For now it's not faster paced , it's the same as IV . Maybe some get that vibe because it seems more offense focused , and we've got no defensive character shown thus far . #3.1
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Well didnt they announce other important groups at the same time ? And in my book there isnt such a thing as "too much Foo Fighters" in a guitar and band game #1.1
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My feeling exactly , it was a stellar pirate game and a welcome diversion from the mediocrity of AC3 (even the dlc were more interesting and delivering some of the promised goods) .. but it wasnt a particularly good parkour game , nor stealth game , and not a proper AC . #2.3
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