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They simply dont seem to care about gaming other than in mobile and mmo forms #1.3
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Except their gambling and slots net revenues were already close to equaling gaming net revenues in 2011 ...
The Slots division saw the biggest losses lately .
It's Konami's social games (aka mobile crap) that truly saw a growth and sustainability #4.2
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And Konami is doing fine financial too with their diverse activities . That's not what i'm talking about .

You're proposing that SEGA of all the company mistreating their own ips , buy them , wich is something i find incongruous and dont agree with .

And actually no , they are switching models for gaming , at least in the west , it's straight from their own mouth . "The restructuration and staff reductions are part of a major pivot away f... #18.1.2
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The way Sega is switching its model to mobile gaming , and the way they treat all of their non modern ips ... it wouldnt a blessing at all .

And literally another Konami incident in waiting . #18.1
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Not that many people are currently into simulations . Gran Turismo got staying power because it's also obviously a flagship title , and one of those franchise even people not playing it , loves to brag about when it comes to hyping a platform .

Even arcade racer like Driveclub would be overlooked quite a bit , with (besides the launch/ps+ issues) the game being quite harder and demanding than the usually expected arcade titles .

Project Cars also was del... #3.1.2
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Will probably soon happens . Maybe it's better that way , since they'll have less trouble convincing pc fans and giving them undivided attentions .

And then porting it anyway to consoles #4.1
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So basically he's blaming mobiles' hardware and coding evolutions , when he can't keep up with it to release 16bits looking games .

Of course apple doesnt care , you came to their ecosystem , and till it works financially they wont cater to you . They were never about revolutionizing gaming or making it better . If anything they made it regress

At least he acknowledges the same issues , only magnified , should he decide to go over the android world #5
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I know , wich is why the above reaction is hilarious . Either way we'll obviously follow the project under another name , should it be revived #6.3.2
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there is such a thing as at least trying to be .

And the old "everyone copies" schtick is abused . Every games does to various extend , but usually try to have their own creative feel , input , aesthetics , and ultimately soul on the game .

Here it feels each year like a mashup of popular stuff designed by marketing groups rather than game studios .

Even the trailer is an uninspired mash ... come on "Paint it black" really... #3.1.1
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Actually they have their current revenues from Fitness and slots machines and other ventures .

It's clear now that they dont even care about appeareances anymore and are basically shutting down most consoles games initiative , besides the obviously lucrative ones that they'll milk #3.1.3
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Who cares about silent hill continuing in this sorry state ? Not evne Konami did , as the franchise only resurfaced because of Kojima being tied to it .

People cared again precisely because great talent and people with a vision gathered around to make a good , great even Silent Hill game , something we havent seen after SH4 .

But by all mean keep supporting a dead corpse because of its glorious name . #6.3
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Everyone copies yes , but still ...

My take is , that there is a difference between games borrowing or outright stealing ideas and mechanics from games , while still having some charm and a "soul" of their own .... and generic commercial stuff . It's easy to guess where i'd put the yearly COD games .

That said , complaining about it wont change anything #1.1.1
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The logistic involved still means that it would ultimately . Hell it has for most other major mmos .

Still while i dont care to get anything but the japanese voices and subtitles , i can understand the demand . There are no reasons other countries should suffer dubious english dubs when it's not even their language , and when their money is worth the same (if not more with increased costs usually) #5.2
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There is a difference between an author/creator saying that he'd like to do more of other things , and fearing he has poured everything he can into a singular franchise , AND saying that he is forced to come back to MGS .

So far we've yet to see evidence that Kojima hasnt come each time willingly with renewed ambitions .

And i believe it would show in the game and result in at least one souless or mediocre title with his input in the franchise . It ne... #1.7.4
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Uh ? You didnt understand my message .

I'm saying that i wont boycott Kojima's last MGS masterpiece . The minute it got released and i purchased it , Konami and I part ways , most likely . They aint interested in selling me games either way and apparently .

I'm against boycotting MGS5 , and saying that doing so , IF the game fail because of it , will not be doing the favor people believe , nor will it send the message... #1.3.17
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Common sense dictates , that if it was just the decision of one man , and if he was getting tired ...Konami wouldnt be removing every allusion of him on and inside games ... and would actually try to promote the change as a new legacy .

Pretty much like Nintendo did by putting forward Aonuma as the face of Zelda after Miyamoto #23.1.2
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On top of that , Kojima and the team that would most likely still follow him could pull a Xenosaga (or mighty 9 for the youngest) , and keep working at franchises he wants , including MGS , by changeing name and lore content just a minimum for it to be legal ...

Hell i know he thought he was pretty much finishing with MGS , but that kind of shitty move from Konami could lit his fire and motivate him further #18.2
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Yeah but it's still not from any of the publishers that is a source of discontent #3.2.3
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Well Kojima got a rumor of being fired or leaving Konami ... now a special project that only happened because involving Kojima and Del toro is cancelled ? Do the math .

What i hope is somehow a big fat f*ck you , with them still making the same game only not tied to anything Silent Hill , at another publisher


Like many of us said , buying MGS5 , since it's from him and in likelihood his last MGS game , IS supporting Kojima .
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That era never really existed . The very first dlcs were about conning people with reskins , maps and stuff there usually were freebies . And quickly enough people discovered content being locked on discs , then simply cut mid development once people were onto publishers .

True expansions and dlcs have always existed , and somehow always will , but were and still are a rare thing #3.3
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