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There is a world of difference between stating truths like the game's potential to be better or about its issues ... , and call it crap and awful like the author . #4.1.1
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"Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360( not factoring ps3) was one of the best selling tales games since it's inception."

Not really . It basically debuted at 160k in japan and 30k in the West , and ended up in its prime around 600k worldwide . It basically did the same as Rebirth solely released in japan on ps2 ... and was outdone by every following Tales of

It clearly underperformed according to expectations , and as seen with the temporary shutdown... #1.2.3
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And i have a feeling even one week prior to release , or even at release there will still be plenty of day one editions ...

It just falls down to you to preorder at least now , or get the collection , if you want to be on the safe side #3.1.5
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As if any amount of promoting would do much for that brand of fighting game . it is awesome , but it's fated to only appeal to only a community within the already niche population of fighting game fans #7.2
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Sure but his point still stands , Valve can arbitrarily decides what gets there . And well they have before .

No one minded even when they remove the game from the fool that sent a death threat to Gabe Newell . As warranted #2.2.2
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It's not a democracy . While Valve has been lenient , they reserve themselves the right to publish it .

It is hardly the first time , even would it be usually for other reasons #2.3
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Yeah it doesnt need to go full on serious fighting game , like they did with Jojo bizarre adventure ... but the Narutimate Hero series on ps2 still had more depth and more moves , despite somewhat being a power stone clone at heart .

I long for that level of combo and move potential , not just being limited to spatial placement strategies and abusing characters flaws or glitches #2.2.1
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Depends on the pace at wich the jauge is filled with hits . It always felt odd that we get the old dbz jauge chargeing mechanics , when ultimately it isnt even a part of the narutoverse per se . At least chakra collection certainly doesnt feel like that dbz centric process .

But it's an integral part of the franchise now , and i wouldnt expect it to change at the 4th official Ultimate Ninja for sure .

However i keep hoping each game , for a more compreh... #2.1.1
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except some were sold out before people even knew about the rumor of some being discontinued .

It's just popular . I dunno why , probably because i got no soul lol , but they were always popular and sought after .

Some of the people i've seen collect those , dont even care about the NFC options with it ... they just want the toy #8.1
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Actually i've always wanted to experiment something new for the serie like open world or actual co-op .

Instead we had DMC3+ (or rather minus) with Devil May Cry 4 . Then DmC wich existence indeed irks me , because it brought nothing of value to the franchise , and makes everyone clamor for a return to form instead of maybe evolving for the better . It didnt really make use of NT's brand of storytelling , and was a weaker easier combat game .

I stil... #12.1.6
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But it's not really ... gotta thank DmC for making it look so good with it being worse and being so easy . So now sure plenty are backtracking and openly loving DMC4 .

But back in the day DMC4 was quite reviled and criticized by many hardcore fans , and well deservingly so #12.1.4
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Except sure people had a knee jerk reaction to first the look and design . Taht's what was actually first available . But plenty had later concerns over the gameplay because of the studio involved , its history , or what they heard in rumors or actual interviews .

And in the end the game didnt manage to allievate those . So nah it still wasnt "just the hair" .

i'll personally admit that DmC is a decent game , just not a good DMC imo . The... #26.1
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Except DMC4 was still dissapointing for such reasons to most .

What get praised by most fans , from the gameplay is the combat system , wich is essentially an upgrade from DMC3's combat . Not the level design or some of the story .

They'll still say that the bosses were at least better than in DmC (on top of the better fighting system) and i'll agree .

DmC biggest fights were lackluster and anticlimatic , especially Mundus and V... #12.1.2
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I dislike the idea of accepting anything for the sake of and purpose of a franchise living on . It has helped almost no franchise thus far , except maybe Tomb Raider as a reboot and Phantasy Star with the Online version . And those two while vastly different from the original franchises , actually hold up to high standards .

I'd rather spend 20 .. 30 years , an eternity without lesser sequels or reboot of a favorite franchise

So while i dunno if i'l... #3.1.4
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DMC4 was most likely still profitable , they just wanted it to be bigger .

Anyway this should be fun with "DMC4 HD" most likely outselling "DmC 60 fps edition" , and Capcom still not getting the message #1.2.3
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Still there are plenty capcom games people want , instead of a controversial failure trying to recoup further the losses :p .

Hell very few would complain about remaster of stuff like Dragons Dogma instead , or maybe even Devil May cry 1-4 as a compilation instead #2.2
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I'll definitively keep skipping it . For the principle of the thing , and because i dont find the game very enjoyable anyway #8
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Yeah like i said some people just dismiss that kind of game as too convoluted or complex , because they dont fancy it , or dont feel like properly following it .

The same way some people wich couldnt be bothered called stuff like Inception , The Matrix (well the first film) , Lost , Twin Peaks or Interstellar too hard to follow #5.1
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No offense but i have a feeling you'd dismiss it anyway as incoherent or not exhaustive enough to suit your whims and opinions .

And there is no such thing as properly recapping the whole of MG from start to finish ... you'd do it properly with each game and it's story , even if its a saga .

Some people follow it fine , the rest is a matter of being invested and following it with concentration . There are issues and plotholes each game , but w... #1.1.2
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A pity with the XB1 graphics , remove motion controls add full pad controls , and qte kept to a mininum for cool cinematic style purpose , and it would have been a better , more original and more immersive concept for Ryse than the game released #6
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