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Good for you . I don't like what i've seen of the game , like i've said multiple times . It just aint for me , and i've already in too deep with the rival franchise .

But it's definitively needed to lit the fire under Harmonix and keep them straight

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I see , not good for you obviously .

I'm ok thus far , i've had to literally track down tracks in the deep hell of manual searching into the PS store , but i'm ok ...

I'm only missing a few songs they no longer have licenses for , and the RB 1-3 original songs and bonus pack , not yet added and supported .

I do want them to patch in some things , asap , like online play ... but i havent experienced yet gamebreaking features or...

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Just out of curiosity what troubled you in rb4 ? Mind you i'm a bit miffed with some still missing feature and content , and a few things to fix ... but remain positive thus far

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Lol this is the first AC game literally no one is even hyped about .. not even in a negative way .

It might actually end up being a juggernaut in sales , but right now there isnt as much noise than there used to be around the title

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Well it's an Arcsys game anyway and not taking any ressource from atlus itself from creating other games or expanding other things the same way .

Those bored with the P4 timeline can just ignore it , and are already getting P5 and more megaten stuff already

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Not really . Avoid listening to people and make up your own mind at some point . There is a rather complete story told there and a proper ending . Obviously , it's not the ending or story some people here expected , and indeed more was in the work and removed , but the plot of MGSV is self sufficient despite the cut .

It's not at all as if you were left at some major cliffhanger . It's just extra stuff we all wish to see at some point

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Care to back up those claims about Kiefer's salary ? Sure he most likely cost more than a regular game actor ... but back when 24 was the biggest serie (meaning more than five years ago) , he was getting 500k per episode , with obviously more line each episode than the whole game .

And the guy was making 125k per eps for the 24: Live Another Day revival .

I seriously doubt he'd even touch that or even half for the whole work done on mgs5 ... let alone ...

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And how exactly do a few malcontent posting here and there makes you right ?

So you'd rather not have a still excellent MGSV ? Ok cool .

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To be fair and exact the models and animations from the cutscenes arent the same than the ones from the fights . But they share the same aesthetics . Which is why Johnny , dizzy ect were far from be complete for any kind of playable form despite their presence in the story mode

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This is retarded for locations considered in between and arbitrarily dispatched in europe or USA or other zones depending on the game .

Plus what of people on the move , or wich wanna play with friends living overseas ?

Just request filters .

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"we arent talking about games that are outright garbage, we are talking about games with shady business practices."

And i was covered both . The console didnt magically avoid games with dubious dlc or online drm practices or buggy titles because of some protection from Nintendo or better policies . it was just abandonned as a viable platform .

And as it stands , the console lost more goods coming its way , that it dodged iffy practices and bullets

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The bigger the odds of everyone publishing on your platform , the bigger the amount of stellar games .

That's exactly how it went most times a single console or a pair dominated the market .

It's easy to avoid crap titles and practices , you rely on obvious cues of quality and value , and most of all your own taste .

The whole "it's better if they ignore my console , less crap on it" is a copeout (often followed by with ...

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IGN (and others) are basically close to just using some office template where they just switch names of the tales games (and a few jrpg) and heroes names ...

Have been since forever

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While having "power" is important to marketing purposes , the issue was more about not having enough to keep up , and specifically choosing an outlandish path where no one would follow you ... in an era more focused than even on multiplatform development .

I doubt the NX will be fighting the future next gen instead and so ahead both X1/PS4 that it could stand in a class of its own , and future proof enough , rather than just receiving roughly the same level of graph...

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Considering their means , and how quickly they and their fans boasted about them sitting on years of cash even in the hypothetical event of multiple consoles flops ... it's a mediocre excuse .

They could have expanded better , and exploited less intensively some franchises , but decided not to .

Anyway my earlier point is that they were already pioneer in giving access to their ip to other studios . They did almost each generation . And they shouldnt be...

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The end of the article doesnt even make much sense to me .

"Nintendo loosens their stranglehold on their own IP to allow developers to do interesting and unique things with Nintendo licenses"

For starters Nintendo is already the first , when not often the only one out of the big three that allowed other external studios to use their existing ips . They did so with capcom , square , tecmo , since at least the snes (Super Mario RPG anyone ?) .

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Thing is , if there was a point , IE a forced reason within the game we'd all be up in arms and legitimately angry .

It's one thing extra to do , or not do ... and they'll probably add various incentives over time

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Yeah they were clear that it wouldnt be day one or all a once. Even if it could have been handled better

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I was quite fun and interesting . Sure there are among other things complaints about the content and lightness of it in previews , but a lot of it is voiced without accounting for the context of the beta and preview build .

I'm guessing that sure , some of the people complaining will still not find the final game got enough of it ... but for the rest it's obvious that there is much more that the few modes displayed in the beta .

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and still new gameplay features . isnt that the whole point ?

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