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"It's taken a long time for the gaming industry to get any respect from the mainstream press, and things like this hurt that perception and only give those looking for a reason to look down upon gaming a valid reason to do so. "

Ok , no just no . First things , first , it's a trully appalling and shocking move from Hauppage's end .

But next , what the hell does it have to do with giving the gaming community more respect in the public an... #6
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because it's probably cheaper ? #1.2.2
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Sony wasnt going to go bankrupt to acquire exclusivity on games from a popular genre , but still on a decline sales wise . Or that can just sell just the same as a multiplatform title . They didnt for GTA IV , that should say everything

and while it sucks , Dragon quest was always about getting released on the most widespread consoles of the japanese market . Sony never had dibs on that , as it was foremost a popular franchise on Nes and SNes too .

The exclus... #7.1
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let's not even start onsome people paying more each month than a sub , on dlc of lesser scales , like mediocre map packs , and bite sized 2-3 hrs content , than any FF14 content patch (or heck even if i can't stand the game , ESO) #4.1.2
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Lol the game was never at 60 , and is currently found even cheaper than 24 bucks ... and offered you a whole month . If you dont care about subs it's more than enough to finish the storyline and move on .

Meanwhile you get a month of a FF title for 24 bucks ... at worst . The monthly fee can also be cheaper if you choose to make only one character

And it's a title actually requested by a few xbox owners . Just like FFXI was , till they caved .
... #4.2
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Sure , but those delayed releases or late port usually never sell as well , on consoles , as they originally would . I can mostly think of titles such as Star ocean or Tales of , doing better when re-released , with the fanbase being mostly on ps consoles

later sequels might , but delayed stuff for timed release ? Havent seen that yet happening a lot . It's not even always about fanboys boycotting and punishing a game . Mostly that for some titles , the hype fades away wi... #3.1.1
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You dont even know yet if it's good for business (or bad)... only time will tell .

I dont understand those bullsh*t defense articles , instead of looking out for every gamer , they come up with "why it's ok that Sony/mS/Nintendo/EA/ubisoft/Ac tivision/Square/Etc f*ck us over , it's all good , stop feeling entitled" stuff .

Truly they should be the last one always on the publisher's side , and yet here they always are , championning... #12
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PS4 version can't come soon enough #4
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Then be skeptical away :p . On top of the other releases , I've mostly played the following game alone or in solo on a regular and almost daily basis : FFXIV , Dynasty Warriors , Fifa , Resogun , Dead Nation . All fairly intensive on a pad imo , short of having yet a fighting game worth owning on ps4 .

The original pad from launch was wearing off after only a week on AC4 and Fifa . Despite me not being a brute and taking good care of it

And i'm sure... #1.2.3
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Then do an actual article about it ? Otherwise just instagram this for your own friends ? #22.1.2
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Just please play the demo , you'll see that maybe you're getting the wrong impression from the "jump scare" feedback . It is not "doom 3" style horror show . I think , it's pretty much doing what you ask , in a minimalist fashion expected from just a concept teaser #11.1
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Suit yourself , but Reedus already had two known cult characters at least under his belt ... so nope doesnt really register as a "marked" actor that would get pigeonholed in a single role or type of character .

And as said multiple times , its very thin to believe it would be action orientated after the teaser .

But of course , i can't argue further with your feelings #5.4.1
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Well Dead Nation was at least free on PS+ #1.1.3
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It is getting painfully obvious people dont know their console gaming history . Hypothetically ould microsoft have bothered buying right to FF7-10 and GTA 3 when it couldnt only run on their console while others were using small storage like cartridge , smaller dvds or 1 gb cds ? Of course not ... most of those games would come freely on your console , especially with a big audience .

Wich is what happened in a nutshell on psx and ps2 #10.2
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Even if P.T isnt the Silent Hill game per se , after seeing it or even a video walkthrough , i dont understand that perception .

It 100% shows they are going with an horror mood over action #9.1
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Yeah it's truly sad when all some knows from him is Walking Dead ..

Come on where the hell are the Boondock Saints fans :p ? #6.1
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Mines are perfect ever since i exchanged my original one . My launch pad pad teared right away , despite "my soft touch" .. it was from a defective batch wich sony exchanged right away .

And since then i've purchased two other pads , a red and blue one . All three in great condition , despite being frequently and daily used #12
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I'm solely wondering (well not really ) why multiple articles about the same subject , from the same site ? You've already made the same points over and over #26
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Sure but havent you seen how little amount of demos are out for next gen consoles ? Both library are dry when it comes to demos . I think the last one i've seen were for UFC or Lego Batman .

It's hardly as glamorous as some fans make it to be . But i'll easily take a friend sharing 60 mins of a game i'm unsure about , over nothing #2.3
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It can't piss off more than watching marines lay waste to tons of Aliens . Even in Aliens by Cameron , wich established the whole marines platoon killing them in chains , there was a sense of danger and urgency missing in most other games #3
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