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Dont hold your breath , Brave Soldiers was already mediocre using even the same ps2 backgrounds from Sanctuary and other assets from Sanctuary battle on ps3 , masked by some heavy and glittery cellshading . And this one looks like reusing the same assets from Brave Soldiers .

At least it should be more fluid on next gen and pc ... but even forgetting about the graphics , the gameplay was just so average , and even more unbalanced than by anime games standards ... #3.2
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Wait so going silent , will magically make the medias friendly and not spinning crap around ? How naive ...

Even if GG or other past or future movements were to ultimately accomplish nothing ... they got the merits of at least making it known and a bit public , that people arent following blindly and meekly imposed trends and forced views , if not lies #2
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To each their own , i only played select jrpgs and a other titles on handhelds because those titles were only available there .

I was never in love with the concept of handheld gaming , and most likely never will be .

Seems to me that if if busy and moving around , it's harder to focus on gaming . then you always got batteries issues with longer games ..

And finally i dont live in a place where it'd be quite safe to pull out such de... #16.2
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Which makes no sense imo . Sure pc are definitively stronger and usually got more raw power each generations . But consoles games are usually optimized for their limited hardware .
I'm not saying pc gaming isnt optimized , but we do know that in most case , the approach wouldnt be the same than on consoles in that regard .

The approach you propose shatter that , and there wont be enough leeway on the "sliders" to make it worth it .

If a... #2.4
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The way i see it people bought the new 3ds the same way they buy any redesign of nintendo handheld .

I dont see most developers splitting their base on this , and deciding to developping many new 3ds only games . THe jump isnt even good enough , and they'd still lose tons of potential customers .

As long as the issue of splitting the fanbase exists in the console market , it's not going to take off #2.2
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That's a load of BS . There is nothing more creative about selling a bunch of outfits at 2-4 dollars each ... Nor a meager 2-3 map packs at 6 to 9 dollars .

The creative part is making up a bunch of costs to justify dlc for contents that's already produced , or would usually be free #2.2.3
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If it was f2p , it wouldnt feature already content as long as the original game over the months since it's release , before the expansion even arrives .

And you should realize that when you purchase it , you get a free month to basically play a campaign as long as any solo final fantasy ... and then if not hooked enough , drop it #1.4
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You dont get the meaning that i expected a better or more challenging boss instead ? Really ? #4.2
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Er ok , but he's quite easy ... comparatively Tower Knight as an early boss in Demon's Souls was way more challenging , and had at least strategies and stuff to discover with .

Not just roll dodge hit , molotov+oil .

Honestly it's not about "i'm better than him" bragging , i struggled on easy stuff too because i was clumsy or stubborn (the werewolves alone on the path just before , annihilated me ) , but i'd expect something el... #4
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DOA and Onechanbara "being fine because looking more mature" ???

Really with character like Mari Rose ? And precisely with characters like Marie Rose and the unlocked outfits , considering the more realistic design in DOA5 , it would be more disturbing for some . Same goes for Onechanbara .

Senran Kagura doesnt feature "sexual activities" like those games , and is cartoony as hell in design .. i dont see how it could be worse than the spec... #17.1
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Didnt get that Rom was such a bother till hitting a few forums as well . He felt like the hardest part was tempering yourself and either killing each spider or being ready to dodge them all .

Even his attack was pretty straightforward ... you can literally roll to the left then right and dash away to avoid the most dangerous chunks of ice .

I had more troubles with Shadow of Yarnham wich i encountered probably way too early , and a few Nasty surprises with Eb... #16.1.3
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Seems that way , yet it shouldnt really be . It's not that hard and they are seldom a few boss and regular foes encounters that are truly tough however much you level and prepare for it . And by that i still even mean without glitching bosses (coz they are quite a few Ai quirks to truly abuse)

Then again many people barely went deep in titles like Devil May Cry 1-4 , Bayonetta 1-2 ... when they even play it .

And there is are reasons why the normal di... #31
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That's not really an issue considering for how long Demon souls was still selling after dropping out of tops . #1.1.3
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Yeah artorias remains very impressive . #3.1
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I didnt say it was about advertising ... but if you're complaining about gains , when you complicitely profits from free advertising , there it is .

notice how Nintendo isnt just outright stopping all of those videos altogether , but is instead scrambling for ownership and money over a digital phenomenon they dont understand or refuse to understand #1.2.4
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That's a one side part of the argument . I dont like most youtubers actually ... but nnetheless , they provide in spade a advertising venue that would cost publishers so much if they wanted to match it with real ad companies and tv channels .

It's a bit too easy to pretend that no addition value and content is added , and that all that matter is the gameplay segment , and demand compensation for providing some show and cntent that isnt part of the game .
<... #10.1
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Except companies with popular franchises dont stay put without actually spending on marketing and keeping the hype and popularity alive in people's mind .... so nah i disagree ... a venue wich provide them more advertising than those expensive marketing firms , is probably music to their ears . #4.1
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Let's ask you in the same vein , who wins money on those videos without any voiceover and content ? People pick and follow various youtubers for a reason . And the content they add on top of displaying the game is part of it . For nintendo to claim that they would own the videos because it feature segment of the games , among other issues is wrong . #3.1.3
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Still let's best honest here . When those companies hire advertising firms , it cost them a lot .

Youtubbers were a win win situation for them , one wich provided tons of free advertising and hype , at no cost for the game companies .

What changed is that they see so much revenu there that they want a share of the pie .

Which could be fair , but then pony up the cost of video advertising and producing content too . They didnt ask for it... #1.2.2
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Because D5 looked like it was released at a bad time and struggled . Nice to see it perform well in the end #6.2
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