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Except he has missed everything else i said and not just loot . After 10 hours you dont know squat about what your class can do , nor in no way did experience everything within the game . That's like pretending you saw all of any rpg because ultimately all you do is fight from start to finish

Besides you guys need to points people up to fps where you dont do the same thing over , over , over and over .

Bungie messed up a lot , i agree .. but let's no... #7.2.2
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I dont entirely agree . For starters the prospect of co-op and how it works (when it does) is one of the thing that attracted many of us back to the franchise .

Uplay is the major issue ... that thing as been around almost as long as Origin/the EA networks and a bane for all their solo games too .

ANd yet it's as bad as the very first steps of Origin (while i'm not saying that origin is even any good right now , with all the fifa and nfs connections... #2.1
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I echo your feeling . I truly enjoyed my time there with friends , and made a few new ones in the process . So no regret .

But once i stopped to focus on stuff like Dragon Age , AC unity and Guilty gear , i dont feel i'll ever get the time nor will to go back .

Unless some bigger changes happens with the second dlc #4.2.2
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I dont mind such narrow minded opinions , except when it comes from people that do perform the same daily grind chores and mp sessions with virtually no changes in other fps like CoD till patches and dlcs , likewise .

It boils down to weither that type of game is for someone .

And what do they think and get from the fun of co-op .

All mp and co-op fps are repetitive and a grindfest outside of their campaigns (or even within) , at some point #4.3.1
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Not really . You clearly see some mechanics and repetitive nature of the missions , but you havent scratched the surface of your skills , weapons , armor , or no way experienced all type of co op missions or the raid under 10 hours #7.2
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Uh ? before patch Thorn was worthless , upgraded fully or not . #5.3
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Well like i said , and as you saw , albeit in glimpse , it's there , but basically unused . Very dissapointing indeed #19.1.2
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Game changer ? How ? It's the very same formula , albeit great since the beginning of the ES series . Or least became a force to reckon truly with Morrowind on consoles , not skyrim .

Skyrim is just another logical step to it since its mainstream success .

And no most AAA games didnt necessarily got influenced by it . Many were actually wrongfully compared to it . #14.2.2
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I dont hate it , but in the end it wasnt anything major for most people and didnt deliver its full potential . For a game that presented itself as something with the potential of truly interacting with the city and smart citizens , among other things ... we ended up with a mediocre cliché story , a bland hero , but most of all bizarre gameplay limitations in a sandbox , mediocre Ai , not even a true police presence to keep you in line .... and hardly enough hacking possibilities
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The Lore is actually pretty good and bursting with some potential . But someone deserves to be slapped for at least three development cycles for putting most of it on cards , and for making said cards not even accessible in-game #19.1
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Really ? even most people dissapointed with Destiny praise the tight gameplay and bits of it .

Watchdog is either called likewise a dissapointment , or nothing particular for gaming #20.1.1
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Game is pretty good and fun but hardly perfect . And while ressources , weapons , bugs and a few things were definitively fixed ... the biggest sources of complaints , like the lack of a proper story and campaign for a game that DO want to involve you with it and the universe hasnt really be addressed .

And there was no way it would with just the one dlc already partially worked upon #2.2
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Granted i vastly disagree with Neckbeard's opinion of the game .... but seeing the incredibly mediocre "then do better yourself" rebuttal is irksome .

It's an entertainement product , and as such you'll have an opinion on it and judge it .

Unless you're a saint , you've without a doubt passed judgement on anything from entertainement , be it music , art , books , games , sports , without being able to do any of it professionally... #2.3.2
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except it doesnt look like the psp game anymore it uses the models from the cgi scenes even , and if people were willing to fork the same amount for games that were actually released in most countries , less than two years ago ... and some with less enhancements than type 0 ... the pricing isnt surprising #4.1.2
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And dont forget how they are stating that it's included in the collector .... what a great scare tactic .

Either way , i want the game more than i want the demo , so i'm not going to "work hard " for said demo #17
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Not gonna happen . Remember "our" reaction each time someone try that ?

People yelled in advance in this internet age , when Namco announced they'd mostly feature a new generation of Soul Calibur replacing many from the old cast .

And while SF3 was ignored partially because of its deemed complex gameplay ... it mostly boiled down to the mainstream public not happy with the new cast and the icons being replaced .

You could also h... #2.5
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I doubt they'd bother making a game exclusive that's already basically "theirs" in Japan , and vastly outselling the xbox version elsewhere . #1.1.1
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I dont think it needs to be another studios .Cyberconnect 2 did have a better naruto serie (realisation aside obviously) on ps2 , with less slow dripping of content and more moves .

And the Ultimate serie does have ton of potential some yet unfulfilled , and is perfect on a tech level .

They just need to do more and not just add characters or balance past mistakes . And they might should they feel some sort of franchise fatigue #1.4.1
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Or because farcry 3 didnt have to compete against a ps4 version #1.2
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Does it even truly matter ? I wouldnt mind if more players get the chance on xb1 later on .

I dont think people already invested in SF5 by then , are going to switch platform for the re-release , unless there was a big snaffu and tech/online issue .

I'd think being a SF fan easily trumps console wars in those cases . And most people just go for convenience , hype and habits

And there is still the matter of cross play with PC . MS might... #2.4.4
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