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The article is wrong in my opinion .

It wasnt hard not to sleep with Shani , and the answers to trigger it are actually pretty obvious . Much more so than the main game ones , where seemingly harmless steps ans quests early in the game could help trigger to trigger it .

If your Geralt didnt behave as usual and as you wanted , it's on you , not the game's oversight .

Like going to brothels despite being in relationships , it's ag...

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The loadings , the exploration , and also the freedom , it doesnt really get more open than a Bethesda title . That said i'd take a "fake" one like Witcher 3 easily over the open sandbox of fallout or ES . Nothing against it , i prefer my sandboxes to be filled in content and story in a way that the nature of games like Skyrim and Fallout can't easily provide .

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What would help is if they didnt start series or seasons without having at least 2 episodes done

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"However, they gave them slightly less than 24 hours before the article would be posted on the Escapist website. Such a time window is incredibly insufficient for the vast array of charges made."

I can't quite agree with this part ... it's some sort of courtesy , but it's not as if you need 24 hours to know if you're guilty or not of such memorable actions , or your spouse specifically .

Can't really comment on anything else , es...

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Don't bother , i think i remember the author from years ago arguing that Zelda should feature skills and leveling systems similar to Fallout 3 . Or seeing hil into silly argument over some Zelda in space idea . It was a waste of a debate and time then , this part will be now

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You expect familiar stuff within sequels .. ok normal . But not for some things to actually get worse or to not really improve for multiple games now . ((and i don't even mean the graphics by that)

Among many other things i don't feel like mentioning , what's the point of modern sequences now ? For all the sometimes deserved flak the desmond sequences had , it was at least tying games together , giving it a cohesiveness . Since then , we've had a bunch of nob...

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Yes but it makes them look even more idiotic . They purchased them and merged them with Sierra and Blizzard (originally Vivendi's properties before going after activision) , but 5 years later , after many woes and mismanagement , Activision Blizzard basically bought out Vivendi and freed themselves .

And guess what Vivendi used the money from selling their remaining Activision-Blizzard shares for ? Purchasing EMI Music of all things after massive exodus of their biggest s...

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well some of us arent worried about some titles and studios , even with surprises obviously , and plan purchases and expenses around schedules and quite honestly the impulse to play a select game . If there are decent pre orders bonus , why not then ? (that being said i despise the idea of store specific bonuses)

It is more important to me at least than my wallet and saving it . Or a way to divide the expenses accordingly over time .

I reserve waiting a disco...

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Sure but the author is trying to make it a thing that hasnt happened yet ... despite having deluxe choices like indeed bethesda games , but most of all Assassin creed

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Or it's just two quite unrelated games ?

Last of us "doesnt fix" the hand to hand fights or stealth in Uncharted ... an the author is setting himself up for dissapointments if he thinks that the so called fixed elements are necessarily going to be in Uncharted , because in his mind so much better .

Last of us needed such changes because it is a stealth/survivor game in its hybrid ways and much much less a shooting experience . And the more visc...

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Of course i will let it haunt me . Even if the experience is mostly positive , Bethesda has an history of issues with all of its Elder Scrolls and Fallout titles ...

Of course there are valid reasons for that , sometimes and based on the open nature of those games , i'd be more forgiving ...

Except i'm only mildly , lightly even , a ES and Fallout fan , while higher priority titles for me are releasing between now and december and i do have a backlog...

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Ah Vivendi .... the geniuses that sold out what makes now the better half of Activision ... only to force they way back via Ubisoft now ...

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Except they use models and such tactics for everything . Hell they just told us she was in burger ads .

So yeah i do think that one of the issues , are some gamers caring too much about their image and perceived stereotypes .

You could have an intelligent Neil DeGrasse Tyson ad for CoD , those that think its players are "fat virgin nerds" will still think the same thing .

Besides who are we kidding ? It's COD , it's dumb as ...

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Let's be candid here .... No one that played Rock Band in the past is likely to only have the 60-63 songs from the RB4 release .

If you're a long term fan you have potentially and effectively triple that via past songs and dlc alone already available , or activated again at some point .

And you're not at the mercy of some pseudo tv's current playlist , unless you invest into currencies .

Both systems obviously got their own ad...

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Even after trying it , the GHL experience just isnt for me .

The FMV feel isnt immersive for something like me i end up with "less" , in the sense that i can't even truly see and experience my group like u sed to in both titles , and feel like going through heavily rehearsed , fake and unsatifactory motions and live events .

Crowd reactions and sing alongs arent new to either franchise . The difference is that it wasnt done with a live audience ...

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"The crowd reactions are a bit binary–they love you or they hate you–and the fact that you never stick with one band (or have an identity) means that you never really feel much immersion in the story."

And this is the part that is such a bit nitpick and issue for someone like me . Nevermind the new control scheme , which is a good thing to try revolutionizing ...

But if i'm losing actual band customisation , can't properly look at them , and...

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Ultimately it doesnt even matter anyway what Square wishes for the role , and for once it's a blessing .

The moment the rights are signed and a producer and director comes in , they'll disregard such input and choose whoever they want

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That's like wanting porn star level acting for the role , minus the advantage of any porn scenes

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That wasnt smart , you could have waited a bit , there is already an hotfix , and matches happen more regularly now .

And let's not forget the fact that they'll be adding 2 more characters over the next days of beta ..

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"With the most interesting heroes"

You must be kidding me ? Half of the duo is a witless boar , lacking the charm and spirit of any of the few interesting past assassins

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