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I dont feel the same. For starters it definitively depends on the product . The built of their headphones , be it gaming or for audiophiles has vastly improved .

Their consoles get studier too each gen . The phones are finally worth owning again with the Z series . They also released a rather good line of tablets , compared to the lazy and complacent Samsung .

And i remember telling people i know , along a few others online , a few years , that their hdtvs... #9.3
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Still something has to be done quickly rather than later . There have been too many issues popping up all at once over the network , so yeah do it on whatever day as long as it actually fix things .

PS : the announcement is for EU ... wich for the most part doesnt have any "columbus day" anyway #1.2
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In a nutshell , some have been complaining about imbalances , instead of questionning their skills as well . Even if there are indeed issues in pvp .

Then when they finally get their exotics gears and weapons , they imagined they'd get to slaughter some lambs the same way they were slaughtered (still not questions their playstyle and skills) .

Now at their horror and shock , they still can get killed by the "plebs" . Of course something is wrong... #3
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Except , you dont even need to do exotic bounties to get exotic weapons .

It's just an easy way out and a sure way to get one . You decide to get it that way , of course they are going to make you work for it , since you remove the random part of the equation .

You can even purchase them once a week , if you got absolutely no luck and can't get them to drop #4.3
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And yet here we are complaining while you pretend everyone act as if everything is fine #5.1.2
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I had that very issue yesterday . Was pain to launch party chats #4
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Concerning ? that's good news when added to the rest . Last thing i wanted was a ridiculously easy game involving mashing counters and attacks for fighting , and too lenient and automatic climbing and grabs .

I also welcome the addition of an actual stealth button . I longed for something more along the line of at least AC1 for challenge , with the awesome vibe and quality of AC2 ... and so far it's sounding close #2.2
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what kind of banks doesnt red flag those expenses if irregular and dont call the owner of the credit card too ? #5.1
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At this point it shouldnt have been "talks" . There is no excuse for releasing the console with even less japanese games than the 360 . It was alread an issue that killed the interest for a 360 console that had to work hard to convince the locals . #5
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Rare has been awful after the GC days . Still it doesnt mean they can't get back on top , starting by hiring better and more talented people .

WHen you look at companies like Blizzard , bare a few artists , the original teams behind warcraft , starcraft and diablo 1-2 have been gone for a long time . And blizzard is still there standing at the top , with talented people .

It could definitively happen again for Rare #1.2
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I've done like 30 matches so far , and i must say i havent seen the losing team leave once . Ranks poins already discourage that , and there is still massive luck for loot , except you'd need to stick for the reward screen .

So yeah i'm definitively taking what you're saying with a big grain of salt #3.2
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You know what's funny ? It's not even that unbalanced despite letting loose the stats for the gear and weapons . Lower levels have been killing higher and better equipped ones right and left in the Iron Banner #5
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even then it involves randomly falling onto mediocre players . With the sessions i had yesterday , no way you'd pull that off #1.1.3
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For starters , QTE are a big issue imo . Bare a few instances , i'm tired of doing the biggest moves , most spectacular choping and action in short cinematic bursts , instead of it being part of the gameplay .

Too often now , bosses are a long sequence in wich you endure till you can start a qte sequence #3
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Even then going from complaining about it to Nintendo or even publicly , to flat out refusing to cover the games , is way exagerated and dramatic .

if they are the successful and following gaming journalism sites and network , instead of some obscure ranty blog , they can definitively allocate funds to purchase the missing games #18.2
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Still I do remember a previously immensely hyped Nomura project that ended very mediocre : The Bouncer . #1.1.2
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One sided ? you are making money off writing about products you dont even help create .

So they "pester" you for coverage while refusing to provide you goodies . Seems pretty clear you aint worth for them going the extra miles .

Meanwhile you're refusal to cover those games will cost you some public , most likely . You're cutting off a third of the console landscape afer all there . So good luck

Well it's your prerogat... #9.2
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Xbox fans flip flop as much . Once upon a time everything beneath Halo or Gears in sales was crap in the eyes of the most obnoxious ones . Now it's somewhat subdued and nuanced .

And the same goes for Nintendo fanboys . Among other things , once upon a time graphics were important , and then came along the wii and lots of jibberish about caring about gameplay foremost and instead ... as if those element were ever mutually exclusives .

Bottom line is , Fa... #9.3
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I'm actually very much in favor to suppressing free copies of games for gaming sites . It doesnt even matter if it delays their reviews ... most day one or pre release reviews are skewed with the intent of being "First" .

And many people eager to get a game right on release day , usually have made up their mind alreaday about the product #10
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It's kinda DF's job to nitpick about graphic details #2.3
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