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"i purchased a turd , which instead of cancelling i still released at full price . But don't worry i didnt get the turd and the franchise to solely release crap !! Next game is gonna be great like Alien Colonial Marines , i pinky swear !! XOXO Honest Randy" #4
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Oh god please don't , if there is a trend not worth following , it's that #13
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Infinite was hardly underrated nor even badly received . It only fell short because of its gameplay , wich was actually good , but nothing as innovative , varied and different from other fps and the serie as a whole , than initially presented . #26.2
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Exactly it's a better survival game than a few current ones available on consoles , got a few interesting ida for stealth . And the multiplayer is actually interesting and different enough #11.2
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Is the gameplay actually matching the storytelling and presentation ? If you think it does , which a lot of people do , then no it's not overrated . #11
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Signing up doesnt mean you get in at the first phase . The only sure way was to pre order the game in the US or on PSN us store .

There will be other phases , one planned at fall finally including pc , and one can assume one more open and public before release #1.1
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"Is that said from your experience dealing with bulimics?"

Not that i even got to justify myself here , but actually yeah , i've known at least one person suffering from it . And it doesnt make me an expert either

In my humble opinion , reinventing cartoon images as reality is isnt necessarily helping those suffering from it , and is ripe for ridicule from those on the outside looking in , as you've seen here and elsewhere . It's not a w... #2.1.17
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I kinda understand your point and stance actually , i just disagree and don't see it that way . It can't be both way , you can't show one character and how it "should" be , and then proceed to say that it's not about them being "unnaturally" depicted in the first place . It can easily be interpreted that way by fragile people

There can be other kind of positive reinforcements than dealing with virtual charact... #2.1.15
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Again what bother's me is the tendency from some of those sites to depect picture as Helena's here as unnatural . Even if unwillingly , that's one of the messages they are sending here .

They could actually pick better exemple by far imo , to educate people about the disorder .

Their work is about making people accept themselves as they are (without excess of course) , , instead of making themselves ill to achieve irr... #2.1.9
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F*ck statistics and assumptions . Did you even read my post ? Anyway ... i'm actually a bit concerned by this on the reverse and less problematic spectrum .

I'm quite skinny and naturally , and i'm talking tall "scarecrow" , as some would love to joke . I could eat the most disgusting stuff like those pizza with hotdog crusts and still remain slim . Maybe even because of some health related deficiency .

Still the same way fat people can... #2.1.6
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But likewise , why stigmatise and call unnatural people who are actually like that ? A few of those associations and like minded people are prone to question the realism and truth behind those figures , or what they think they did do achieve those .

I mean look at that Helena remodel from the thumbnail . She is really that irrealistic ? They actually don't know people close to that , and gotta "photoshop her into reality" ? Really , her out of the whole DOA cas... #2.1.4
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I see what you mean , and i agree , but you do realize that some fighting game are actually easier on Keyboards ? Some games have some heavy usage of plinking and input buffer , making some executions easier , and definitively didnt expect keyboards to be used , where it's so much easier .

Some have a field day making 360 grab motions on kb . And it's actually one of the origins of stickless arcade stick (basically stick with direction buttons instead of the stick ro... #2.1.3
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Then let them makes excuses , people already always make those even on a single unified platform , such as lag . Likewise KB players wont have any , and just salty tears , when getting beaten by a few pad users , which happens and will happen unless it's a bonafide 100% good old pc fps . The truly skilled players always rise above

Again it's completely against pc mentality to restrict people the way you propose .

Things worked fine on even games as tw... #5.1.2
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Nope , making a peripheral mandatory for cross play on pc is counterproductive to pc gaming culture .

Likewise it would be silly for SFV to require a pad on pc , when some people play just fine on keyboards .

The average gamer is average whatever the controller used , it should be up to each individual and their skills , to deal with it's default or chosen controller on each platform , when crossplay is a factor .

Even with fps , when mo... #5.1
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Yeah way too earlier , and i think we'd need a great spiderman game first . Given how similar in concept Gwen is to Spider-man , it also might just be better to do another franchise like MS Marvel .

She's currently more popular , already got a serie that lasted long enough despite being novel , and soon promoted to be an Avengers

Also i can't picture such an obscure and relatively unsucessful at sales character such as Howard getting his game .
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I'm not so sure it's that actually . It's probably more a matter of licensing and who's available to do it .

Between disgruntled bioware that only swears by them with Baldur and Kotor 1-2 ... people that want a proper not rushed and unfinished version of the second game ... and Star Wars right in the middle of a big revival and push . Plus so much use of the revan lore in the Kotor mmo ..

I'm sure it could make some nice money #1.2
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Wow he's really milking the douchebag image .. you'd think he'd want people to forgot the game asap and focus on buying his bordelands and other stuff instead #3
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It looks interesting yeah . That being said like many , i'm not ready nor willing to give up executions heavy (or with a minimum of execution focus) games for the sake of accessibility .

BUt of course it's not asking to , it's just one more franchise and alternative making its way #2
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I'll keep playing Fifa as much as PES , because friends are split across both games , and if they dont improve Manager mode in PES .

It was lackluster and devoid of soul lately , when they previously were trying to add interview , paper clip , animations and some player personality .

Even "bland" manager only games didnt deliver a mode that dry #3.2
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"mistakes were key to the series newfound quality"

Careful with that title wording , might makes it feel as if past mistake were instrumental to the game's new found quality .

Which would be BS , and not what's being said here . They lost everything and had to come back with what people expects from them and even more . #2
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