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Was obvious imo . There a huge backlash when Namco decided to get rid of a few popular old characters for a new generation in Soul Calibur V , NTR knows it #3
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Ironically you are one of "them" , however cool you're trying to sound on n4g of all things . #13.2
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Her flying under the rader is hardly an issue . She should have remained anonymous and out of any spotlight , with people feuding with her in the deep deep dark .

It being public is only bringing up all kind of idioctic white knights and people confusing her crap with promoting a feminist or misguided egalitarian agenda , picking up the wrong "icon" to defend #1.2.1
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oops wrong reply #1.1.1
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At least i could understand he had once a very popular indie game , but "what's her name" ? Till the controversities and abuse of articles about those two , most people didnt even know her .. and yet they are now daily news .

I miss articles on the Kim kardashian game and flappybird #18.1
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Except he's the one mentioning Fez 2 , making demands , and coming back when very few even thought about him .

it's obvious he use drama to stay relevant , and got issues of his own , and you wanna rant about gamers entitlement ? #41.1
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Sad thing he isnt going away . Has been like what a year now of him going away , and still talking ? people just need to stop mentioning Phil , that Zoe person more known for the drama than her mediocre games , and others involved , in articles #47.1
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I sure aint going to side with either Phil "I'm never coming back , but yet and i can't leave the spotlight" Fish nor "We are scums but the good kind" 4chan . #48
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Congratulation for jumping the guns , on account 4chan being the cesspool that it indeed is .

So far we are shown 2 sides that are dubious , i see no point in siding with either , when they are both so wrong , full of drama , lies , and deserve each others #3.5
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it's quite small actually . Just go check the size of the original 2nd Son game #1.2
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well that handful is definitively there ... it just doesnt fit your taste . Wich is something you might have thought about , beforehand

With most title released thus far announced for a while , the only unexpected changes were the delay of Driveclub and Watchdogs ... with WD still released months ago .

So each of us could tell , if the first year was going to be interesting or not , according to our own specific tastes .

... #57.1.2
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Not necessarily , in front of such a game , envy does set in . Especially once you understand that none of those game are heavy direct sequel of each others like say Gears of War 1-3 or Uncharted 1-3 or Mass effect 1-3 . Each just covering various stage of Gerralt's life and important tidbits being told or shown in each game for the people that missed it .

it just is cooler to have experienced all of it , like the PC did #1.2
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It selling games and a lot so far ... so at some point "just hype" doesnt work as an excuse .

Solely relying on hype , at some point sales decreases .

You have a perfect example of that in Japan , where without essential games , the PS4 went down in sales #41
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Everyone would agree with that load of drivel . If not for the simple fact that around 30 millions of games were sold on ps4 . I dont care if it's indie , retail , digital , ports , multi or whatever ...

Point is the console didnt just sell then remained there as a paper weight , it shifted tons of games so far #25.5
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Is this april yet ? #15
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I mostly feel it looks like a not so interesting Darksiders with the bulky characters designs .

Either way the article is as bad as the people it describes . There were a few fanboys complaining , but not nearly enough of a outcry and lynchmob to justify an article about it .

And i feel it's trying to be a lame preemptive setup to provide the why the game wont (well might not) sell ... given how little hype and interest surrounds it #9
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the expansion is literally a new diablo game in term of contents , so you dunno what you are saying . The ps4 and xb1 customers its customers most likely dont have the original diablo 3 on ps3/360 ... wich was a nice port , but still gimped in comparison.

The only thing that held me back are the servers being obviously separate from pc . And my friends fans of the game are on pc , so no dice , ill just get the pc expansion someday #2.1.2
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But while not the most newbie friendly , SF's job isnt to be the most impermeable fighting game actually . There are plenty other niche title for that (or spin offs) , that delves into "anal retentive" execution and combo complexity for all tastes .

So i dont see how focus (or Ultra for that matter) made it not feel like SF . Hell at some point , when introduced ; people accused Super moves to be a clutch too , so that misplaced feeling , imo , is nothing ne... #3.1.3
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Yes you have to be online to use it . Wich we know is at least a choice . You're right we are past that . I just feel people were latching at whatever positive crap to justify a forced DRM wich is what people were vehemently against , not the feature itself .

Other than that , of course it burying any console is a joke #8.3.3
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An hour ? You're optimistic on the state of most people's net #11.1.1
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