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Yeah punisher is a big rival and clash of ideals for Daredevil ... so i'm sure they are definitively at least considering it for future projects beyond the planned series #1.3.2
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I'd say that what "we'd need" the most is a villain group centric game . Something that would allow you as a kick ass villain amidst a group selection , to effectively fight the whole spectrum of either Marvel or DC heroes , and a few rival villains too .

For Marvel it could be stuff like Act of Vengeance , Secret Wars revisited , the Sinister Six ... or even a play on the ERecent Axis crossover event (where ultimately villains and heroes had their perosnal... #13
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Not really . For starters the game could feature what's still missing from Batman adaptations , a sense of actually doing detective work . Not to mention , the whole nature of Daredevil's gifts that could lead to interesting mechanics beyond a mere eagle eye vision , and well even courtroom featured phases #1.1.3
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Wouldnt people essentially want to fail to turn into the Hulk anyway ?

Other than that i feel that the Hulk actually already had a pretty great game with Ultimate Destruction . It was very much in advance for its time , and the blueprint for the infortunately mediocre Prototype games #11.1
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Can't say that i'd be thrilled at one by the Saint Row teams . Punisher deserves much more in the script and story area . Something along the lines of the arkham series in attention to details , presentation and plotting , even if not necessarily similar in game concept . #1.2
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I know Rocksmith a bit , and i still dont really agree . it just aint the same nor the same kind of fun .

Going back to my analogy , Gran turismo too got an arcade mode , it still isnt mario kart . #1.1.6
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Well you obviously shouldnt , it's not for you , it's for those that resisted the urge and waited a ps4 version . Even if unsurpringly some that i wont judge will be passionated enough to double dip so soon . #2.2
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When the press release pride itself upon artists like Skrillex , i'm not too worried #7.1
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It looks awful . I never expected to go back to live action stuff like mega cd games or Mad Dog McCree ...

And ironically their live "crowd" looks fake compared to ingame models reactions in past rb and gh games #2
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I dont like the new GH either , and will go Rock Band all the way instead .

And sorry to mike if i sound aggressive ... i'm just generally tired of those kind of elitists sounding remarks .

Most of us never played GH or RB to learn an instrument or discover landmark songs and artists ... it's just two series of fun arcade game and great in multiplayer , be it live or online .

i already know how to play a few instruments so i dont need... #1.1.3
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I'm not sure why people wanna bring Rocksmith in , whenever Rock Band or Guitar Hero are discussed .

Rocksmith does its intended job ,to be a realistic enough experience and tool ..

RB and GH are fun party games , even if some options in the latest version allow for some teaching and learning experience , and even if they feature challenges as well.

It just isnt the same . Most people can play a GH or RB set of songs with tons of people a... #1.1
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Rofl as if enjoying both the Order and Bloodborne for what they each are was an issue , a contradiction or impossible #3.2
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That's silly , i'm not fan of it for the precedent and pass , it will gives to other publishers , just like blindly accepting dlc and season passes did .

But fine , have it come to ps4 , so you guys would at least shut up about console wars , and discuss the service itself and the problems it might pose or not . #11.1.3
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I didnt see him say you shouldnt get it . just that it doesnt interest him #3.1.2
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Sure there are definitively a few good deal ... but you gotta admit that the bulk of your list is a bunch of sports games (and yearly battlefield stuff ) , that quickly get outdated , devaluated , and discounted anyway .

Like said above , regardless of the platform , i'm not paying a service to gain access to demos , betas , and a meager few days of early access ... not on top of a mandatory XBL , PSN , and a bunch of already extraneous and optional , but popular and har... #1.1.4
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Still it never got to a million that quickly . #1.1.2
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To be fair , the script might be horrible in the game , but the equally horrible dubs dont help .

it would still be mediocre and awkward with the original japanese voices , but those english voices adds another layer of sux in this instance #4.1.3
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I'll just take the victory of not being doomed to a slow mobile/handheld death . It will still look nice i bet #9.2
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6 days in , and you still dont get my point and wanna turn it around as bragging ? let's just agree to move on . #4.2.2
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Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines so need that or at least a spiritual sequel ...

The original game was sadly bugged so much , but dedicated fans did an awesome job patching most of it .

It was everybit the ultimate open and open world wrpg that some franchises tried to be , only much better , even theme and universe aside #5
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