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I see that i dont have to regret ditching the mp a long time ago . It never provided what i wanted from it , namely the heist coop experience #5
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Well a blank page would be better to be fair #5.1
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Why do people care so much about how gamers are represented still baffles me .

I dont like his stuff , but if anything he shows that anyone regular can be a gamer , albeit a mediocre one . And he does advertise some games the mainstream folks wouldnt hear or care about , in the process . So there is at least that #2.1.4
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Well to be fair that shit have been going on since Bayonetta 1 . People lacking taste is nothing new here #11.2.1
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Well good for you . It's still obviously happening and a franchise #1.2.2
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it's much worse than that , everything from his acquaintances , and personal life , is a boring chore to deal with .

He made me miss Desmond !!

I say keep just the cap and bandana design with another more interesting hero .

And take a freaking clue plot wise from great series like Person of Interest #2.1
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I doubt those people are saying they want it immediately or next year . But we do know it's a commercial success and a sequel is obvious .

Anyway going back to the topic , i do have some wishes , i wasnt dissapointed by the graphics or something like that , like some people .

Part of the story was bland . Especially when it comes to the hero . There are parts of his life that are wasting his potential imo .

Given his occupation and the ha... #1.2
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I just see the past differently . It's not the first time i look back at old magazines from USA , UK and France , and shake my head in dissmay .

Of course i'm biased . The most shoddy works often involved import games and genres i love , that werent the most popular , with reviews that could bother getting game facts straight . Often a few jrpgs and quirky titles , way before FF7 had its break out mainstream success .

In conclusion anyway , sure they... #3.1.4
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Except i'm from that era you speak off , and i feel you and others are blinded by nostalgia .But i'll be probably remain in a minority

Things did get worse , just like it did for journalism in many fields , as a whole . However newsfeed had plenty decade to display professionalism , while i feel videogame journalist barely even had time and a chance to exist . The internet and sensationalism took it by the storm to soon for it to be well organized .

I... #3.1.2
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it wont be interesting . Even the most positive preview from the game's own blog , allude to something more in tunes with "Pes 2014 HD remaster" #6.2
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Morons is what they are . Konamiois trailing behind , and got to win back everyone , and here they are proposing exactly the same kind of edited garbage you could see from a franchise not in danger , instead of a real match footage #1.1
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Easy places , like Gamespot , IGN , gamespy , , , Joystiq , 1up (once upon a time) , Gametrailers , PCgamers , Edge ...and sigh , Kotaku and Polygon , to name the big ones

Of course it vastly varies on who's employed and when ... but you'll notice that almost none of the big names will look positive from my outlook and experience .

Too many punctual cases reeking of amateurism , when not corruption , involving those . Mind you , I dont... #6.1.2
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" how video game critics are any lower than film critics or music critics."

Because while it will always be flawed and subjective opinions in various degrees , there are actual professional that stick to their set of standards and ethics .

You dont see that a lot in gaming press . It's apparent already in the degree of intel searching and fact checkings about the games they reviews

To review a film, you'd think one needs to... #6.1
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Hardly , there are professionals in the movie industry , even if we dont have to agree with them . There have been very few , in the video game journalism and reviewing world , for bloggers to truly ruins .

I actually happened to know a former writer , then editor , for a proeminent EU based game magazine from the 90s ... And his credentials and CV werent exactly journalist , even obituaries , material . He needed the cash , played a few games , he knew someone from the dire... #3.1
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You do realize any pro could apply for early access ? And that it's a basic requisite in their line of work to update their knowledge base and have basic skills on even direct x ? You wont stay at ND or any place important , just studying OpenGL because you currently works for Sony

Besides , they are only the poster boys for pro/anti Dx12 only in the deluded minds of fanboys of either side .

They just gave their honest opinions about it , and it fall in l... #22.2
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With the rate at wich Origin still disconnects people in constantly autologging games like NFS and Fifa , it still got tons of issues . But there are other things worth hating #1.1.2
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I agree on the idea and principle , but let's be honest there ....

Up till the very moment people did learn the ps4 was slighty stronger , and up till the moment a few games were proven to run lower in resolutions .... the notorious fanboys and trolls were still playing the "resolution game" . And suddenly there is a big 360 and the same guys dont care anymore , "it's all about enjoying games and the gameplay"
... #1.2.7
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for the bosses at least , the point is precisely to learn how to counter them , their pattern , what are they weak against .

With some of the current mentality , stuff like Megaman and Metroid would suffer a lot . As some people would consider trials and errors or observing a foe , as "grinding through deaths " #2.3
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It's not a phenomena , it's the opposite "dumbing down everything" that is an alarming trend #4
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Except for employees , as a company itself and based on the value and quality of the games so far , post Farcry 1 ... i can't be sad at all #13
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