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Yup for SFV they are using UE4 due to it's flexibility .UE lets' developers focus less development time on rendering tech (which most engines look very similar nowadays anyway) and instead focus on the core aspects of their games such as gameplay and artwork

Pantha Rei is maybe more suitable for other stuff like open world game ... MT framework showed its limitations very early on ps3/360 ... and while building a custom engine for SFIV pioneered a proper 2.5d look and ca... #1.3.3
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I prefer in house engines too , but UE4 hardly deliver the same "generic results" that you claim . This is no longer the early days of UE3 usage on consoles with indeed devs not used to it , or being lazy .

With UE4 you can even get stuff like Guilty Gear Xrd , Street Fighter V , Tekken 7 , Kingdom Hearts on top of the "usual" western titles . #1.3
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I'm not worried about that aspect and storage that much , that much , i'm worried by the fact that Nintendo has been straighforwardly region locking everything for a while now straight down to the hardware... and that i can't even rely , thus far , on the way they handle accounts and IDs , to at least commit to foreign version of the consoles and digital "imports" .

If i can't have that on a digital console , then i'm just skipping their cons... #33
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Even if you drop connections you can resume the download . We're way past those stone age of being blocked at an ingame downloading menu while hoping it doesnt die with the ps4 and xb1 .

There is no fix for caps , however i agree . But the issue still poses itself even in a lesser fashion with patches . My guess is it wont matter much to the cap if its a 40gb full game or a 7gb patch for even the disc version of that . Sadly those folks are still getting screwed #11.1.2
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When did i say other shouldnt want it ? I just mentioned my personal experience .

As for the HDD it's not as if you're supposed to change it many times , you're still basically backing up the 500 initial gb of data . And going over 2tb is a bit overboard right now imo . a 2TB drive is close to over 30 installed games of 50gb each , which most people are unlikely to have and need for quite a while .

If someone still do , then that person should c... #6.1.2
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Not that i disagree , but most release are made available to download before the official retail release ... and possibly even earlier than those for titles with the digital preorder #12.1
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If it's such a bother then get a bigger HDD . It's the same problem be it with discs or digital versions , as they install everything . Hell it was already that way on ps3/360.

Personally i dont feel the need to install and access all of them at once ... and i rarely desinstall stuff i might touch again in the near future #6.1
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er no , there is only one hard drive bay . With an external drive ? You can back up but you cannot install executable game files , and have it running simultaneously that way (except of course as a some usb storage with media files) #3.1
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It's star wars , i wanna see my character in glorious 3rd person , even if there were great fps (the Jedi Knight saga) #10
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Not really , if there is one thing they actually succeeded with in FFXIII2 and Lightning , it's actually getting a good and interesting villain with Caius ... instead of the Sephiroth lite rut they had going on for a while #18.1
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I'm not sure i follow what you mean , even if not libelled "family sharing" , game sharing has been around on PS and MS consoles for two generations now ...

in essence , and even with restrictions all console makers but Nintendo adopt this . I've got a rather big digital collection precisely because i share it and split costs with a few trusted folks #2.2
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For starters most studios dont even release themselves remasters of their titles ... in most case it's passed on to a port studio .

You're wrong anyway , publishers have already lined up remasters a few months before or after a new major game .

It just rarely happens , because remasters can be there to fill a gap and keep people waiting #1.6.3
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Dunno Kuja was better , and yet worse , if it makes any sense at all . it started well , he had charisma , style , enough bad deeds , was some decent blend of Sephiroth's style and Kefka's style and ego ,.His motives and origin seems even well fleshed out ....

And then comes the Darkness transformation part ... which blew it imo #11.1
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Like i was saying in my edit , Sephiroth predate most of those characters , so how can he be generic ?
Folken and Allen are pretty much the only ones out before in late 96 ... but FF7 was already in development and shown around the same time . And of course their grandfather Griffith was way before .

And i'm not denying they all look cool , hell any of those are cooler imo ... and some got a more interesting personality
<... #4.1.6
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Problem is , even by your example , Shin Natsume was hardly generic in design or personality . Ans his inspiration was most likely Griffith from Berserk . Say that he looks anime , fine , but generic when so few characters looked even close at the time of his conception ? Come on ...

Because of the silver/gray hair ? Yes it's a common trait in bad guys , because white and silver are colors that generaly represent goodness or purity in those series , especially when com... #4.1.5
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That may be true for some stuff , but doesnt explain at all some oversight for stuff that previous gen can in fact handle .

I feel the truth is simpler and was already exposed at release .

At a crucial stage of development , changes happened , steeming from disagreements within the dev team and executives as reported with rumors , and things were rushed to step away from the mmo angle .

And they also cut back on content for the purpose of re... #5.2.3
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I'd gladly watch that movie , while still not touching madden . Hell make a game about this ... #8
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It's not about licenses , it's about PES shooting itself in the foot the whole ps3/360 gen . #3.3
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getting japanese content ? Even demo that would happen elsewhere or only later ? #3.1
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Except that quite honestly the price of said dlc was worse .

Not only was it for the most part till Taken King , cut content . But it was pretty much delivering the equivalent of those cod and battlefield map packs , in content and length at a higher price points . It's fairly obvious with at least The Dark Below .

They are turning the ship around , and didnt lose their player base anyway , so it's nice . But it was definitively a rip off in that are... #5.4.4
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