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I dont even understand wich basis you use to claim that . The animation is obviously different . The moveset for Bison and others too .And we dont have the full details on thewhole gameplay yet

Graphically its not the same either . #1.2
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Yes only ... i've played like 6-7 hrs since yesterday . One minor glitch in that kind of open game is nothing . #7.2
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Yeah they would go for bad combos of "grounded , gritty and realistical" costumes that dont look good , except in a few tv shows . Leather and armors for everyone everywhere :s #9.4.2
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Variations would fit if they wanted it to . So far they just kept that for Alpha 3 , wich is different in approach and philosophy anyway . but who knows ?

Seems like they are vying for pushing the unique aspect of known fighting styles for the known character instead .

And well , without variations , SF hardly even had a need to compel people to stick around online and play . #2.3
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Come on , even the animations and the character moves arent eally close to SF4 ...

And you comparing artwork and graphical leaps wich arent the same thing at all .The leap is there , it just doesnt feature some pseudo realistic artstyle , wich very few wants to see for Street Fighter . #9.4
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Only had a treasure quest bugged (got the items but it's still active) and one crash overnight thus far #7
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The game is getting 16 free dlc of stuff everyone else would sell or include solely in a pass . Even at 2 dollars each dlc per our current market , it's 32 dollars worth of content .

People complain all the time about dlc pratices and season passes , it's time they practice what they preach #5.3
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Duh it's one of the first and only season passes worth purchasing ever released so far , in term of contents . #6
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Because people i know often get their pre-ordered games before some of those stores . And obviously preorder bonuses as incentives do work , even if we dislike most of them #4.1.5
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Problem is the metadata for both the retail disc and the digital version might not be the same . It's pretty much why if you purchase a digital copy of a game on ps4 , for a game you already had on a disc . You'll only be able to use the same saves , and be asked to uninstall the disc , and download the game #4.1.3
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Yeah . People tends also to forget that while development was better controlled , there wasnt always some golden era with bug free games and only cute and fun glitches after the 16bits era . Not unless you mostly played nintendo games . There were still tons of saves ruining bugs at specifics points of quite a few games , among other things . Left alone unless a new version and re-released happened

And that for some major japanese releases , like Star Ocean 3 ... we were luc... #12.1
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Ask games like true Crimes on ps2 , or any sports game serie . See , publishers abuse that system , but the alternative wouldnt be any good or better in any way or shape #8.1
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But it is a small patch , things have changed and the size of games too . You can count on one hand the 2014-2015 retail games with a patch around such a "small" size #2.2
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What's the point of the rant , when it's about adapting novels ? Sure the rest of the world wouldnt know about it without the games , but the Witcher didnt wait the games to be a bestseller .

There was even a movie , albeit mediocre before the first game #1.1.4
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I feel for you guys , and understand SOME of the anger . But you know that at some point the studio will release an enhanced version free of charges , probably with everything missing and more to make up for it , while consoles versions will only get more content and maybe some combat changes .

And unlike Watchdogs , you're still left with a gorgeous game that is actually amazing to look at AND play #23
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AC blackflag got no place being there . Either you have friends helping discoveries and then it's very easy , or you can reload till you get it . if you are truly unlucky it's time consuming , but in no way an hard task and trophy #4
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Except people have been waiting for over a year already and during that time they released the wired and cheaper silver instead . Those that want better should invest in something else instead . #8.1
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yeah the pivots area are definitively bad . You can take good care of the headset , and still ends up being unlucky #1.2.3
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Like i've said multiple times ... boycotting the last Koima MGS game only enforces the notion for those fools that they could sell and milk it more without him .

The game will sell well regardless of boycotters , but if they succeed , we are heading toward some crappy scenario were "MGS6" could outsell MG5 and making them feel right and justified in their scum ways #1.1.7
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I wish that in such cases , they could just decide to break the digital seal and let people who preordered play already .

The game isnt multiplayer after all so there are no leaderboards and rankings to protect #5
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