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meh its easy to say "why not release more games or bigger games" when almost no one do , instead of a crowed period ....

Expect most people are hemorrhaging money after the holidays expenses on top of regular ones . And in some places people are preparing further ones for Carnival holidays or even valentine .

Most attempt in January fail or are lukewarm , except for niches that won't do better any other month anyway , truly big names and a selec...

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What about you ? Just try to understand my point . DLC are there and not going away on bigger games , so certainly not this one

On one hand you have paid dlc no matter what , and no alternative to get those extra characters . As it has been for the last 7 years for street fighter and other fighting games .

On the other hand the SFV way . Still paid dlc , but at least a way to earn those for free .

I dunno how the hell from that you guys wanna...

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There wont be new versions per se , but there would still logically be bundle re-releases for every 1-2 years of added content imo . especially when there are season passes

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I'm not challenging that . But let's not pretend we don't know that short of the F2P alternative system , we would end up paying so much .

We already are with close to ALL fighting game released the previous gen and this one . Almost all of them had the capcom dlc pack , MK's season pass or the even more outrageous 5-7 or even 9 dollars per character cost

Short of going back to the unloc and codes era , which wont happen anytime soon , i say ...

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If a so called casual can't muster the will and energy to unlocking them , over paying money ... chances are he wont care about missing out those 6 characters .... he's already barely using the available cast

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Except Laura and Mika dont play the same way , and even less Birdie and Zangief ... and i don't just mean input by that

I agree that the reason advanced is flimsy and worse than "we didnt feel like adding him right now" , but you are exagerating

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How are you punished ? You know well that in the current climate of games , 60 would buy you the initial roster as complete , while the rest would be sold instead a 15-25 pack or 5 dollars each characters .

The proposed way , you can either pay or xp for them to be unlocked , something still reachable for deemed casual , pending on their motivation

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They arent the same ear in headphones . And even then , with a 600£ mobile , it would make some sense to include them

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While i don't like and want those , i don't think you guys realise it's a specific product for a specific crowd that want that kind of in ear plug .

It's not as if they don't know that people can get insteads their own Pulse gold wireless or even elite for that kind of prices or cheaper .

So far it's around the price range of some high end ear piece from other brands like Bose ... so the worth depends on the quality

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That's like writing an rticle named "why do people spoil themselves and unto others the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones" .

For some of those people , the answer is just that they wanna feel relevant and privy to some elite knowledge before everyone else

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At least via social network like facebook , we get to chose our avatar . Which i care more about that getting ones added .

Just give in and let us pick our avatar in all modes

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LOS1 is actually pretty good , but not as a Castlevania , but some 1/10 related long lost cousin that decided to be an hack and slash and God of War clone .

Also i'd swap lament with Curse of Darkness . It has the few good qualities of Lament , minus the repetitiveness and poor realisation , plus some neat gameplay ideas and actually a proper map and world design worthy of the franchise

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Of course he wrote an article for some younger readers , but Castlevania never had mainstream appeal except with Super Castlevania 4 and SOTN . It's a serie we love , but it has only been at best a sleeper hit or cult serie .So i don't seen how it should necessary be a lie

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Sega did kill it . WHile the ps2 was selling out as a dvd player and already promised the biggest titles ... the dreamcast was selling very well and would outpace the gamecube .

It's Sega that mismanaged it , and didnt capitalize really well on the best launch line up ever seen . Also let's not forget how they were failling already as an entity because of the collapse of arcade

Plus EA boycotted the console wich caused lots of damage

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The console came out almost 6 minthlater in europe and even further in EU , and didnt launch with a lot worth playing .

it basically launched with crap like Evergrace , fantavision , Orphen etc . Sure it had Tekken tag at the us/eu launches and midnight club and timesplitters and ZOE , but it was definitively starving till MGS2 over a year later wich didnt open some flood of titles either yet .

It wasnt a very good first year , but most of us didnt care as w...

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At this point , and considering their handling of shining force since the ps2 ... i'd settle for them to not do anything with Shining Force for a few years , over the Tony Taka crap .

Nothing against taka , he's actually an illustrator and chara designer i actually like a lot , but all the game his art he's involved with are awful and synonymous with the downfall of the serie

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I doubt a majority 10 years old play this , or sales would grow instead of dwindling every new game . A big chunck is actually most likely old fans stuck with nostalgia and hopes it will get better . Which they are losing bit by bit every new mediocre game

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That they or the article only mostly acknowledge the issues with recent titles is quite revealing .

And we've heard that every year after Sonic Adventure 2 . So basically for 15 years . During that time the only ones that didnt blow , but still wasnt great enough was Sonic rush on ds ... and two spiritual follow ups on wii by the same studio .

Show me one that is great , good even again , and then i'll trust you .

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It sold more on ps3 and would just be losing the xbox sales as an exclusive title .

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yeah but it's a remaster , they didnt have anything solid in the new department between revelations 2 ... and well the upcoming SFV and Monster Hunter . So a drop was to be expected .
Aside of course from Dragon Dogma's online in japan , wich is a mmo and f2p , so won't be choosing results yet and anything but losses for the year

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