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Both sides of the spectrum need to stop turning the Souls and Born games into some kind of urban legends . So yeah they're an acquired taste , a throwback to another era of gaming design and progression , they reward patience and memorizing traps and stuff ... but no it's not some elite rite of passage into manhood or the hardest games ever .

It's a pitfall , and already attract some people looking for the hardest stuff , mostly to be a bit dissapointed , despite... #1.4
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Sounds more like you're Ahab obsessed by some whale to chase . And we all knows how it ends #4.2
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It's ok to not enjoy it , it is not however really ok to follow hype blindly , buy the game despite all the signs , warnings and available footage , and then moan and complain afterwards . #6
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I've let capcom already know the best way possible ... by not purchasing the games i dont want . I dont care for nostalgia fueled retreat spin off resident evil games neither .

And like i've said "Not everyone" complained about that .

And if anything the whole "let's just go back" was a knee jerk reaction when faced with an disliked new direction . Not so much some gospel .

I can't fathom why some of you... #6.1.2
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You want to know why it's a bad article ?

It's simple ... it's a lot of gibberish highlighting how the press is making light of the fact that Bloodborne aint easy and accessible ... when pretty much all reviews allude to that , and insist on telling it's readership precisely that : it's hard and not as accessible as regular games .

So what's even the point of the article ? Especially If he feel he had to mention that it's "sti... #10.2
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You're looking for a silverlining where there is none imo.

"Come to think about it, I don’t think I personally know a single person outside the games industry/press that would enjoy this game — we’re falling down on our duty to make sure they know that."

He's just covering his hide by adding in the "ohhh but it's a good game and deserves it praises" , but only after laying it thick that people are t... #4.1.6
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Re5 had all of those issues , it was pretty much the beginning of it ...

Come on did we really need Tricell , Excella , Uroboros ? Jill "dying" and coming back as some crap mutant from the Re movies ?

And Wesker was indeed turned into something worse than Aizen from Bleach #2.1.3
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Capcom is done with that kind of crap , and well they should be . Nothing against western devs and studios , but there is no sence bringing their sensibilities and flair into a franchise they didnt create and conceptualize , at the high risk of making things worse . #8.1
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Not sure i understand . I dont think anyone requested and was clamoring for a resident evil 0 . Even if the game was ok-ish Capcom was definitively just milking the engine from their RE1 remaster and re4 .

As for the rest of complaints and requests of rebooting , not everyone just want a retreat back to re1-3 . Plenty of us just want a proper job and balance of action-horror blend . Instead of mediocre action games with an hard-one for Cod's number with an awful plot an... #6.1
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Well i wouldnt mind a reboot ... the story feels like ruined multiple episode ago , and the bestiary is quite ridiculous among other issues . We're one step away from fighting some hybrid caterpillar/racoon/iguana zombie , and monsters looking worse than the bestiary of Parasite Eve 2 ... #1.3
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Come on ... they added tons of features , content and fixes beyond the dlc . Even if some like replays should have always been there

The game isnt broken now . They however messed up with the + version (and the launch obviously) #1.1.1
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I was done in january ... love it but not satisfied by the content added so far , and well with constant output of games we care about since january , My friends and I moved on .

I have a feeling we'll ony be back for Destiny 2 , if the changes satisfy us #1.1.4
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For Starters it’s just shadows that are are a little higher quality in the 30fps mode . And it was mostly there for the benefits of the few that oddly wanted the original 30fps feel

Anyway , how is that a such a compromise when Last of Us when both the 60fps and 30 fps locked versions look way better than the original ?

You're grasping at straws , the locked mode was just another bonus #3.1.3
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DoA4 lacked any kind of real guaranteed damage, there was a back door to every single situation outside of juggles and throws.

The risk/reward factor was completely skewed, constantly taking high risks for very little reward. Everything is disadvantage on block making punishing with attacks very difficult, and the lack of frame advantage, two in one's, true combo's etc... made for a very very stale gameplay at high level.

Repeating myself ... i feel... #7.1.3
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You dont even know that DOA3 was xbox exclusive ...The DOA Ultimate compilation too too wich even outsold DOA4 .

And i did mention that part of DOA5's success was it being multi .

And aside from that , plenty old DOA fans werent happy with the changes of DOA4 ... so let's not pretend i bring it up out of the blue .

One of the common complains , albeit exagerated was that "All the advanced gameplay mechanics that were available i... #7.1.2
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Hum .... Prescription to save DoA? DoA has already been saved. He had the right formula with DoA2 and 3 weither we like it or not . He messed all of that up with DoA4 wich even saw it's community die of quickly , and still the maisntream FGC not taking the franchise more seriously . The game didnt even sell half as much as DOA3 .

I only agree that the dlc are an annoying trend , but it's still mostly cosmetic stuff . And that Last Round's bugs and launch mistakes... #7
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I love the gold set , but it's true that the plastic pins holdings the ears do break sometimes . #1.1.2
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Not really , even if i get what you allude too ... Dark Souls were still different from Demon souls a bit . Not lesser because multiplatform , just different .

And we can guess one of the reasons why. SCE Japan was still quite involved in the development and it showed then with Demon , and now again with Bloodborne .

Kinda like how Tri Ace definitively helped helped out on the game with aspects of game design, art and programming for FFXIII-2 . Or Cambridge s... #2.1.7
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Yeah it's unlikely for the next few years , when they even got rid of SOE their former mmo branch wich released pc titles #5.2
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Not a chance unless Sony which co developped the game decides to publish games on PC , some day #4.2
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