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Yeah it always was a casual co-op based experience . And even it's hardest encounters always had strategies and cheap solutions to make it as a team .

Beyond obvious and glaring flaws , some of tedious elements started because they focused on the wrong thing to fix and care about ...

Like caring at all about the wishes of people obsessed with pvp competition (with carrots and sticks) , in a game that should propose it and follow standards , but should ne... #1.1.2
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Really ? That's ... generous ... i guess it's a bit about cultural differences in business across various countries , but i've never seen local stores accept without receipts .

I've even seen instance where it's a known customer they'd remember , but just to follow policies and look like good and obedient employée they'd refuse and call their supervisor to deal with this instead #5.2.3
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Except they most likely dont see it as a tiny mistake . You don't sign multiple pages of NDA's and policies in case of "tiny mistakes" . The NDA is drilled into your head , constantly ... not just signed as a prerequisite for hiring that you soon forget . Also It was a podcast probably done at behest of Nintendo. Not a personal face book rant.

First of all, he pushed Nintendo's problem of not investing in localisations on to the customer. He basically sa... #4.1.6
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If only Konami was a US based company :p . Thankfully Time Warner was there finally last time #6.1
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It's not that i have a high opinion of current Nintendo .... but seems to me , as calleous as i sound , that the proper punishment from breaking those rules that were part of his job , were precisely termination of said job contract . There is a reason companies like this got PR departments .

Don't kid yourself , if it wasnt , he'd be suing them already . Hell he still might attempt to . But sounds like he recognizes his own mistake here .

Someon... #4.1.4
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Remember that guy from Microsoft fired after the backlash from his tweets about the original plans for the Xbox One and it's perpetual online state ?

He was a jerk , but still pretty much was telling the truth about his company's intent , and was fired for even less than the Nintengo guy here .

I don't remember anyone disagreeing that he didnt deserve it #4.1.2
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Football was chronologically first associated with Rugby and its derivatives , so it's not a line of argument worth following . Still it doesnt change the fact that Soccer will never take in other countries , especially when the word is inexistant in most foreign languages , and that the majority will just call it Football , Futball etc , and add a prefixe to any other kind of football #1.1.5
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Good for you then i guess , PES is still notoriously bad for most when it comes to online features and netcode compared to its competition .

And it working well in japan with near perfect infrastructures , or well elsewhere for a select few people , doesnt cut it today .

Licensing has been a problem hampering their sales , but most fans got around that easily with mods , especially when the game features that way leagues and teams that are ignored in Fifa or... #7.1.2
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Uh ? I agree that online stability ruined Fifa , and i do prefer PES's gameplay actually .. but i believe that you're kidding yourself if you expect a better online with PES .

They never made a valid effort to shake off the lag in their awful netcodes , thus far . ANd even with PES 16 they barely communicated on that aspect to reassure us .

They are just going like "see we got ultimate team too" , which i couldnt care less about in a buggy... #7.1
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Not really , Deus EX is a late 2016 release , and is actually shaping up to be quite different , at least different enough from its previous game .

Why do you guys expect the same hype so early than with two of the most awaited titles and franchise like Fallout and MGS ?

And Deus EX Human Revolution didnt have much hype surrounding it . It was a good return for an old franchise that was loved , it's first title , but was never the one making the biggest... #1.2
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" Miyamoto is basically the only guy at Nintendo that can make a game better than cliffy b"

Except you'd still be wrong about that , even circa gamecube.

Aonuma has been pretty much in charge of Zelda for a while now .

Sakurai is Smash bros ... Retro games= Metroid Prime , past Metroid werent even from Miyamoto .

Koizumi was the lead director for Mario Sunshine and Galaxy .

He obviously doesnt... #5.2.6
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You do realize that it goes further than that ? Like spying social networks , like most do indeed , but with the intended result to re-assign and demote people that dare even like pages that are in their "blacklist" (like say still liking a kojima page as an example) . Among other consequences .

And that said re-assigning can go as far as white collar employées turned janitor ?

Of course it's worse than usual , even if other companies pull... #5.1
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People will forget eventually about Gears of War eventually like many franchises from any platform , if left unattended and without sequels some day .

Nintendo may screw up quite a bit in my book , but they've got definitive classics , in spades and fro all eras of console gaming , that will always be hall of fame titles #5.2.3
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While i dont agree with Nintendo here (shockers i know) , it's their right to deal with internal stuff as they see fit .

And it's easy for "CLiffy Bleezy Boy" to fire shots as usual and outright claim he'd never work for a company that never publicly approached him .

It lacks utter class and restrain , as per usual with the character . And again it's easy to burn bridges you never had .

How about you show real cojon... #14
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Can't say that i agree much with the audio comment ... last thing i'd want within the game for the dogfights , is a power up system like he preconises .

The purer in respect to the star wars lore in this instance the better , the rest should be adding good mission objectives and mp challenges #2
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Well guess what ? You still can play offline the battle with bots in the new game . It's just not pretending to be a solo campaign this time #64.1
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Except you guys are underestimating the fact that MP for the sake of MP is still fun and worth it for tons of people .

Artificial xping and perk system only hold you captive for so long .

Look at Destiny , we got people constantly questionning how so many are still playing it , or expecting the expansions , when it's so "repetitive" and flawed .

Well in a nutshell despite those flaws , plenty people just find the core value of r... #3.2.3
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Not that i really disagree with your stance , but honestly a sp only guys got not much business with any Battlefront game anyway .

I'm sure a few people still enjoyed those , and EA should have made the effort to include it officially anyway ... but Battlefront never had the kind of campaign some people are lamenting here .

Tidbits of plots here and there , for missions that felt essentially like a tutorial for the mp or the mp w... #1.1.18
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There are less people with a good gaming pc that usually assumed here .

Besides with WIn10 involved doesnt it just go beyond PC , and the ability to stream to tablets too ?

And like said above , anytime there is such streaming capability it opens the option of playing remotely from a separate location . #1.1.5
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At this stage , while we know nothing about what unfolded with Kojima , as he seems classy enough to stay silent , for now ... the rest goes beyond simple rumor , but reports from serious , reputable sources that dont even care about video games gossips , and simple facts about the way they've treated their former and current employee , and the way they've been leaving in droves in ta rather short span .

And let's be candid , there could never be a valid enough re... #2.1.5
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