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Despite the hilarious snaffu , why not , if they comes to ps4/pc . But it better be as an actual competitor , not to let freely madcatz charge 200 dollars and more for reskins of a 2 years old revision of their TE sticks .

Hori is already fighting back with cheaper stick of the same quality if not sometimes better than Madcatz , but those are difficult to acquire without imports #2
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If what i heard about getting a second season pass of costumes happens , it's really not cool #2
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you mean the one who had volley ball and Gon cameos in T3 ? Goofy and stupid stuff like that have always been there in some capacity , and its easy to ignore .

And I doubt the license Idolmaster stuff will make to to the western versions of T7 #1.1
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Except the momentum went back to momochi for the final match . Bee was mentally drained and crumbling a bit in the last set and it showed . it was match point for momochi , and could have gone either way , but Momo had the upper hand at that point there .

As for the stick breaking , remember that gamerbee paused a bit , had they just went at it , momochi's stick would have died on him on the third round and Gamerbee would have been given the win most likely and naturally . I... #2.1.2
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Both players were , could have gone either way , but Momochi was definitively in his momentum and in the lead in the final round , when the stick broke #2.1
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He is more reminiscent imo of Kars , a Jojo Bizarre Adventure character ... a franchise they openly had quite a few inspiration from since the beginning of street fighter .

He also got an Asura and Evil Ryu vibe anyway , and at least one or two of their animation sequences or poses #2.2
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yeah things are better , and obviously some people always had and still have no issues with them , but they got a bad rep on drivers for a few good reasons #2.1.2
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You're just promoting smash , an excellent game , but out of fanboyism then . Should have guessed that and stopped there .

Having Ryu as one character with its trademark moves means its the same kind of game and gameplay ? Ok yeah , let's be done on the subject ... FYI i'm not even downplaying Smash here ... just saying it's a different style of game .

"I wont be bothering with this game when it comes out"

Somehow... #11.2.5
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You mean like almost every fighters this gen that werent Tekken or crossovers ? #1.2
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It's still not even the same kind of fighting game while their are so many rivals available . It's the point of smash bros to feature a big roster of fan favorite nintendo characters

And it's still a moot example and point anyway . almost all the popular franchises decided to reduce their roster , get rid of dupes .

It's cheaper and economic for companies , easier and less confusing for beginner willing to start those games , better for chara... #11.2.3
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Sure but f2p fighting games dont usually get released with an essentially complete set with 16 base characters .

So far it's doing what it said it would , a more limited roster with more unique characters made further unique with their own mechanics .

You make it sound as if they are hiding that its a f2p system , when they've been very open about it and actually used f2p description and terminology on their presentation panel . The rest is people r... #10.1.2
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No one ever believed there wouldnt be dlcs , it's a widespread practice that sadly isnt going away .

Here you're being essentially told "look there are the usual dlcs , but you can unlock them freely via xp grinding" .

But if you'd rather have the current system were dlc are still just being paid stuff with no alternative besides waiting 1.5 years for a cheaper repack of a game , and keep dreaming about 100% free stuff like in the old d... #10.1
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Hope you'll enjoy it at least , but getting a game to "prove people" wrong is iffy . #12.1
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It kinda goes both ways when it comes to extremes . Sure your game should stand up to scrutiny on its own , but sometimes yeah "journalists" go out of their way to not do their job properly .

I have in mind , among other things , a peculiar video preview of Soul calibur V , where the guys of gamespot not only sucked at fighting games , seemed to know little about them , but seemed very biased and submitting the game to crap and scrutiny many other favorite fightin... #1.2
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Those are great but as usual reskin of the last 5-10 TE2 sticks . I'll be the party popper and just advise to get a cheaper Hori stick instead (depends on the region and availability).

Bought a Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Silent Hayabusa for PS4 & PS3 . The silent version goes at 150 dollars . It's obviously as good as the high end madcatz stick , , makes less noise than a classic stick , and with buttons that are actually promoted as more solid and less prone to wea... #6
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Except it doesnt have really a justification . Before release and from day one they could have fixed whatever issue they fill the game got with pvp . They lazily decided to simply use the same stats and perks for weapon in PVP than for PVE ... and has been caught since fighting an uphill battle where they keep nerfing or boosting a gun because of its pvp potential (or raid potential) .

It's something mmo designers have understood eons ago , and especially games like Guild... #9.3
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The way i see it , it's basically keeping the dlc character form , wich is established anyway and not going away , except it gives you a free via grinding alternative at least .

So i'm not sure it change things for the worst here , we're gaining an alternative to simply paying for a dlc character or boycotting it #3.1.2
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yeah obviously they can and will re-release packages with all the released free content from a set period , but it will be something mostly useless for someone that owns the original disk . Unless of course you want everything added since on disc , for reinstall purposes #8.2.3
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as if there was even any harm in "drinking the koolaid" here . If they lied can't we just refuse to buy an additional disk version , or dlc characters and expansions , and drop the game for something else ?

Until then we'll just enjoy our game , while some will wait and see , being all wise and mighty #8.3.4
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So ? The first blazblue had 12 very unique and different characters ...

They insisted they were going that way ever since they announced SFV , showed they are committing to it with the new gameplay and revamped characters , and said they'll keep adding stuff and characters anyway .

I'll take that over having eight different shoto characters ( and that's discounting non shoto characters that still essentially work the same way) , divided into 3 mai... #11.1
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