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Your comparison with other games doesnt work imo . Rushing through you'd do everything in even Wow circa release and launch too , in that one month . And it's worse in GW1 and 2 . Most games dont even feature as much content as WoW (or ff11 or 14 for that matter) at launch .

It's the nature of the game , there is no way to keep up with people that go over content that quickly , besides tedious grinding in pvp or pve . I too am looking for reasons to stick around... #4.2.3
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You can actually level way faster a second class imo , since you're not "wasting" time with most quest and storylines and purely leveling in fates , levequests or dungeons .

Besides nothing prevents you from starting completely over on a new second char , instead of leveing up full on a second class .

Even keeping a single char , you could have done quests from other starting areas if you didnt hunt them all down .

And yeah i d... #4.1
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I stand corrected then . Even then i can see why . They got burned on quite a few of the titles i mentioned the original platforms ( well the RE wii versions worked well at least) or got low sales , saves the Monster Hunter series .

I know each gen is different , but those consecutive failures can have an impact or a scaredy publisher #2.1.2
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Capcom brought them stuff like Viewtiful joe , Resident evil 4 , the RE remakes , RE zero , revelations , Tatsunoko vs Capcom , Zack and Wiki , and didnt drop their Monster hunter support .

I think you're just letting your disdain for capcom coloring this . #2.1
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No it's not 100% on them ... they've been negligent on that side since the n64 , and the pattern grew each successive generations .

Of course they are very successful on mostly their own .

But i can see where Ubisoft , as greedy as they are , comes from . They've always been supportive of Nintendo consoles for a long time , and while they did some big mistakes on Wii U , they've been burned on the Wii too with a few risky Ips , like Red Steel #1.2.1
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Sure dems arent any less anti gaming ... especially when it suits them for opinion polls .

However Fox news is still an outlet leaning massively onto the Rep side . And the actually bad part in this , is how aggressively they treat gaming in their news (even if they are not alone in that) #1.1.4
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Given how much BS videogaming often goes through , via their partisan media outlets like Fox ... i wouldnt give it any chance #4
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Destiny sometime after launch . Ar no surge , Persona Arena Ultimax and Shadow of Mordor .

Then Driveclub , Creed Unity , Dragon age Inquisition .

And maybe , MAYBE , either fifa or pes (or neither) , depending on which is convincing #6
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It's a shovelware fanservice game . It's a tad curious to expect it to evolve and further its mechanics and overall qualities .

Just like almost no one expect it from the western game shovelware titles #7.2.2
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Nah was just a stranger in a hurry that i saw at the game store . Just to show that some people do make those poor choices #7.1.2
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I saw someone just buy what was available , namely a kinectless version , because he needed an xb1 asap to play madden ... while he was still interested . #7.1
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Well they had to make the kinect xb1 bundle more attractive than getting both separately . #9
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It goes beyond that appalling affair , Kotaku have been useless to gaming in general for a long time . They were never an unbiased or reliable source of infos , they'd always follow the lead on the "trendy to bash" hype train , when not flat out starting it .

And pretend their reviews is less full of crap than the others , because they dont feature a score #1.1.2
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You'd have to fire everyone and make a whole new site for that #1.1
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After than awful 3d game , i'm not holding my breath , till they show something worth playing .

Just like i'm not thrilled at all by the prospect of Maximum Impact's return , unless solely in name , with a 2.5d game on arcsys stuff level , and at least as good as Kof XIII #6
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Even less excuses for MS having less , given their ressources and funds then , following your (BS) logic . #8.2
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I'm not a fan of many indies , because quite a bit get free passes on the account of being done by small .. when it doesnt ultimately matter to me as a consumer . A great game is a great game , regardless of its status .

Still it's great news , and gems are easily worth digging through trashes imo . It's not as if you need hours to figure out you dislike an indie game or not #7.1
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Apparently it only matters if it's a known game , even midly . Only then can they pretend to better the human race ... this game is too low profile for BS white knights and warriors #3.2
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that got nothing to with "japanese gaming going downhill" ... FFS crap like onechambara were even on ps2 ... #7.3
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well it will most likely be a console release a year or so afterward #1.2
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