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Kojima shouldnt be wasting him time on remakes when there is a demand for new projects , new mgs , and more Zone of the Enders .

The tech is there , it's up to other available teams to do those , if they can afford to #9.1
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Apparently , all of those games are irrelevant now , because they are not some shiny new announced things /s #11.1
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Well i'm not . I've seen a bit of the arcade version . As every fighting game franchise coming back , some stuff have been simplified , but it's a kickass GG #1.1
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Who knows , they could pull a Valve and decide to acquire and publish the game afterward #1.1.1
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So now every action rpg is going to be a Dark Souls/Demon's Souls ?

To think that back when the first videos appears of Demon's Souls , only a few of us were psyched and hopeful . Many people being too busy calling it a poor japanese skyrim ...

Now every thing is being called a clone of Dark souls and/or Skyrim ... we never learn #1
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Not everyone is dumb you know . Even with the disavantages , some people find a reason . Like as mentioned above the ability to share a game , hence the cost .

There are games the bro and i never intend to resell anyway . So we splitted the cost instead of ending up with expensive discs we wont resell , or not worth reselling .

Of course there should be more incentive in the initial cost for digital stuff . I wont disagree on that #33.1
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Games can be long if they want as long as it's filled properly and not always artificially extended .

And i feel most current retail games tend to handle that well . It's usually a mixture of 10-20 hours for non completionist and those mostly willing to experience the story of a game . The extras are extras , people can't just complain about those taking too long , or gotta revise their priorities . I think that 15-20 hours long (for a rushed run) open world game... #18.2
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"He points out how players' calls for longer games clash with data suggesting "70 or 80 percent of people never finish the game.""

Come on , is he in politics and running for office ? It would be logical to assume , that the 20% are the most vocal about wanting longer games .

And even among those that dont finish their games , it's obvious that some want their money's worth , and be given the choice of actually having more cont... #20
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Wich they didnt have issue with , at the time . If anything , be it the intent or not , it seems to give an excuse to games like Bulletstorm not selling .

Well unappealing , in the public eye , games , dont sell , whatever the set price #15.1.1
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. "You have to live with the fact that some players will complain no matter what, but I think that when your game is tight, and the story you want to tell is told exactly the way you want, I think the effect is way more powerful than anyone complaining that they didn't get 100 hours of entertainment for their €20."

So basically 20 is the sweet spot for overcharging with short and forgettable games , instead of stepping up and doing better . #18
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"when there are literally hundreds of high quality games out there for a much smaller price"

Also highly debatable . I hate generalisations like this . There are , not hundred , let alone a dozen of 10-20 dollars games worth true titles . Some indie and small titles are , most arent .

And i dont wanna hear anything from a dev that released something mostly debated , when remembered , as either mediocre , or just ok , at 60$ #15
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I'm all for hating and blaming EA when deserved , but Mythic died because of itself . They took a popular franchise , and released an unpolished turd , despite being giving huge funding and lots of times .

And unlike botched launchs , like Age of Conan , FF14 Vanilla and a few others , they didnt exactly turn things around and improved the game fast and well enough #1.2
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Warhammer was a bad project . Plenty of good ideas , mostly lifted from DAOC , but truly mediocre .

It's actually one of those rare times were EA let them go crazy and with multiple and huge delays . That game managed to look barely above WoW on Medium settings , while requiring 2x more powerful machines .. that's how badly optimized it was ... among many issues

Mythic was just badly managed #2.1.3
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Re was always action and horror , despite the "survival" moniker . Re4-6 just went almost completely action .

And the whole "casual" thing is overdone . RE1-3 were never that hard for people just following the story , and very mainstream titles more so than full horror survival stuff . RE5-6 are just very bad action games with a wrong focus

Anyway i strike for a bit better than RE1-3 with current graphics . It will do for now , and of c... #2.1.2
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Could be . What bothers me a bit , from only what i've seen with the game so far , is the assumption that you can either go the old RE 1-3 and silent hill way , basically , or go retarded like Resident evil 5-6 .

When it strikes me you can strives to do action horror well , while still using modern tropes and mechanics , as long as you got a good focus . Instead of a full on retreat with better graphics . Again only judging from i what , saw , wich isnt much . So much of... #2
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They driver support vastly improved , but it still remains inferior and with a spotty record . I dont like Nvidia much , but i gotta admit that this aspect , among a few others , pushes me toward a few nvidia cards sometimes #1.3
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Because they do want to sell the game ? What's the point when everyone interested by fighting game is elsewhere .

It's not as if anyone even supported Tekken tag 2 or Injustice on it . Granted Injustice blew it with its dlc and patches on wii U . But Tekken tag 2 did everything right , added exclusive content and features , and was there around launch ...and ... nothing ... no love at all .

They'd be better off even releasing fighting games on 3ds... #14.1
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LOL someone expected Infamous to outsell anything popular in Japan ? Get real #16
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Whywould you hope it's not a ps4 version when some clearly want it ? FFS #1.2
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I play FF14 wich fill months of gaming easily . Now there is the release of watchdogs , and even without those , there are enough mp stuff for those that play mp ... or solo titles for other folks . #1.4.2
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