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We've already seen that some actually do , in increasing numbers for the major franchises . We know that some of the genres we favor lately , like FPS werent always , if ever something they gravitate toward .

And it's not as if more than a fringe and niche purchase some of their most japanese centric games . Their worldwide best sellers are pretty universal on a cultural and content level ...
Buying a Mario is definitively not the same market as purchasing a ...

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That's incredibly silly . Kinda why i pointed out earlier that the negative troll japanese reactions only concerns some people , even if it does exist .

Let's put it this way , let's imagine the japanese press lurking around on n4g , twitter or even 4chan , and quote knee jerk reactions from westerners , and then using it in sensationalist articles like "western gamers find japanese game characters ugly" .

It's pretty easy , especial...

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Not really , Karin was one of the most in demand characters even in the SF4 days

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Keyword is "some"

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Taken King doesnt exactly scream "new players" , it's actually content (regardless of how it was brought forth) for regular players , and a package so newcomers wouldnt miss everything .

Most people knew from the beginning that the game would advance via dlcs expansions and everyone was fine with it , except for the part were those dlcs were mediocre and rumored to be cut content .

It' like complaining about not enough being done for the ori...

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It was the same when they made the PS exclusive strikes , and werent using them in rotations , just because it wasnt on Xbox , and they didnt bother making separate playlists . Very aggravating indeed

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They don't , people can do whatever they want .

But when you know the hybrid mmo nature of the game and how it was planned to go , i personally don't see much point in sticking with the game if you're not going to follow the next content and get Taken King .

I don't plan to , and thus left months ago ...

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Given their (lack) ethics , doesnt mean licensing them to other studios would do us any good

Even if at least the previous Contra game , Hard Corps from Arcsys studios for Konami , was pretty solid

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Those games wouldnt make a dent to persona in japan , and it's unlikely a western fan would skip it for COD and the rest ...
And it's not as if we even know it won't go against another big game from 2016 . Happened often in the past when some game would flee the fall games , only to get destroyed by the likes of Bioshock march/april

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How the hell you even came this path is amazing , considering western developers delays their games as much ...

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before there isnt any beside the HD gloss . They've been shamelessly even recycling ps2 saint seiya games assets . At least for the previous one on ps3 .

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Hey i'm not defending the game at it's current stage , it's just still added content from june . I should know , some friends wouldnt shut up about it

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It's not really the lack of new content . They consistently added content via patches , like any regular mmos , aside from their expansions .

There is a just a fatigue , and a shift of clients withput necessarily a new influx , partly for the other reasons you mentioned

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Doesn't seem quite useless , obviously

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It's not even that repetitive if when tired you just do the main missions instead .

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The horse seems quite useless to cover long distance get S rank at leasts . And remain silent compared to a jeep .

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Yeah pretty much , Konami will have to make it truly hard for me to not just skip their future games past Phantom Pain . And i mostly see them making it incredibly easy lately

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And a crap dlc costume pack changes this how exactly ?

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Nope not gonna purchase this . I don't even use most of the ground zeroes costums yet , and even if i didnt ... not going to pay any dlc and bonus for MGSV

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So Lili's moves focus essentially focus on using legs and feet , long range and reach and wall fighting .... and are often airborne for both specials and combos ... and pretty much uses a made up ballerina fighting style ...

Yet , somehow ... Capcom cloned here with a an essentially grounded and hard hitting fist user with counters , by using a look that existed over 10 years before Lili appeared , and a pretty universal fighting stance ... yeah right i totally see it

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