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From experience it actually looks stunning with upscale . I havent seem games looking worse from the upscale ... the issue is latency depending on the tv #3.1.2
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Given the concept of the game , appealing or not , with censorship it's rather pointless .
i'm sure die hard fans of the game will just import it #2
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From that position , then you also know already that , while yes it is indeed impossible to catalogue every bugs ... sometimes the bigger load of the job is done , from your end , and the reports partially ignored by some execs for the "greater good" of a release #12.2.2
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And same goes for Yoshida , Hirai and anyone at the top of any big company . Unless you just dumped cash and bought it , the top guy will always be someone that was part of the previous regimes .

Doesnt mean they didnt condone some nefarious views and ideas ... but doesnt mean the necessarily did either , and didnt fall in line with head honchos . #17.4
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Sorry but i just find the old argument "do better yourself then" to be utterly ridiculous , whatever medium is concerned or the way it is expressed .

"perhaps you should go into the development business yourselves if you are such experts" is not really sounding better than "If you dont like Justin Bieber do better !!" .

Those are consumers driven products obviously from an entertainement industry . People ought to have opinions a... #12.2
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I've mostly stuck those past year with Panasonic Plasmas . At least the models that proved good with input lag , and provided a quality , especially with colors , that i didnt find in many lcd or led models .

But i must admit that Samsung is very alluring right now with models like this one .

And with any input lag issues from years ago mostly dealt with #1.3
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I'm waiting on patches to go further in the game actually . But truth be told issues at work and Dragon Age are the ones that mostly pushed it back to my backlog .

I still feel , hard to stomach and forgive tech issues aside , that there within that game the best AC experience after Brotherhood .

AC4 was a pretty fun game , but hardly an experience that felt like an assassin creed game. More like a quite and welcome respite from mediocrity with a good sp... #13.1
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I dont believe that at all . Not so close to release and with the publisher involved .

The good old days where betas were actually vastly different from the retail and not hidden demos are long gone . They've been in many cases close to retail , for anything not mmorpg based from the last decade . And i mean actual mmos , not every genre dumped as a persistent world for more bucks #8.2
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He's no messiah , but like said before , the tone changed . And he did cut some of the BS floating around , that was hurting the console's rep , instead of helping it .

And again , that's mostly what you can ask from an exec in his position . Some clear posture on gaming , features , and marketing . Not so much a con man promising everything intangeible "from the clouds" #17.2
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Dumping a whole pointless focus on tv and shows , when there was a dire need to rebrand toward gaming ?

Most likely fast tracking games ? As opposed as resting upon the laurels of Gears or Halo ?

Stealing home exclusivity like Tomb Raider , even if it's a controversial and dirty move ?

A sudden change in PR , where instead of pretending you can follow the PS4 and match it each game for the resolutions and "raw power" , you avoi... #1.2.2
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Well they can't even really hide being some blacklash for Unity . People tried and saw the beta , and there is the open beta . The game just isnt really good #1.1.1
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Lol utterly false . White knight chronicles actually had a decent start and fumbled with the sequel .

We already know what Demon's Souls kickstarted for all platforms

Ni no Kuni sold quite well .

All of the ps3 released or re-released Tales of games are best sellers .

Star Ocean 4 , was mediocre , but still performed better on ps3 as soon as it was released

Most things and series from Gust and nippon i... #8.2
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The two best were actually on Wii imo . Xenoblade and Last Story #3.4
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Meh , next gen dev gallore (quite frankly they'd have had issues on ps3 as an exclusive too anyway) kinda ruined star ocean 4 .

And having it 360 exclusive killed , sales wise , a franchise than was only behind FF , DQ , or the Tales of series , back in the days of SO2 and 3 . #1.1.8
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Yeah i dont see it doing as well without Spencer . I'm not going to call him jesus or anything . But at the very least the perception that he'd be behind all changes or all things positive helped a lot .

And he was so far actually behind many of those changes , or in a position to push them further #1.1.3
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having jrpgs sometimes between 6 months and a year , after japanese release isnt going to do much for the XB1 in that market .

It was already one of the reasons the 360 bombed there ... lack of any real japanese presence at launch , across all genres that work there .

At least the 360 had a niche crowd for shmups and a few visual novels . So far it hasnt manifested yet with the xb1 . #1.1.6
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Actually it is , some forget plenty could play the beta and try it . Gameplay is better , and the crew's realisation isnt such a step above from what we could see thus far . #2.1.1
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Nah it's a poorly made NFS , with the autolog system turned into a persistant online system ... while bringing no advantages for such a thing , compared to well , any nfs of late .

Oh yeah but it got a big map and xp grinding -_- #2
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After the flop of Lost Planet 3 , that's likely to change .

And he did produce the first Lost planet , so there is still a chance for that #1.2.1
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About time Sega suffer financially from those crappy or average Sonic releases #6
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