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The horse seems quite useless to cover long distance get S rank at leasts . And remain silent compared to a jeep . #11.2
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Yeah pretty much , Konami will have to make it truly hard for me to not just skip their future games past Phantom Pain . And i mostly see them making it incredibly easy lately #9.1
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And a crap dlc costume pack changes this how exactly ? #8.2
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Nope not gonna purchase this . I don't even use most of the ground zeroes costums yet , and even if i didnt ... not going to pay any dlc and bonus for MGSV #4
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So Lili's moves focus essentially focus on using legs and feet , long range and reach and wall fighting .... and are often airborne for both specials and combos ... and pretty much uses a made up ballerina fighting style ...

Yet , somehow ... Capcom cloned here with a an essentially grounded and hard hitting fist user with counters , by using a look that existed over 10 years before Lili appeared , and a pretty universal fighting stance ... yeah right i totally see it #4.3
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Or how about crossing that bridge when it's actually there ? Nothing indicaes that thus far , and if it happens they won't see a dime from my pocket for that kind of subcriptions . Just like we don't have to pay for COD and BF's stuff #2.1
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Can't really agree with your take here . For starters , worldwide , most people werent even aware of Jack Thompson , and the general public hardly followed that drama , it's us , readers and viewers , always avid for gaming news and story that were truly aware of his crusade .

When it comes to GTA , Thompson entered the picture in 2003 ... way after GTA III was already a juggernaut hit and basically the best selling title every year since its 2001 release , far from... #13.2.1
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You're mistaking it with Guitar Hero post Harmonix . They've always added enough to the formula to keep things fresh , while GH post their departure mostly reacted to whatever Harmonix added and followed suit .

Doesnt mean GHL won't be good ... i don't like at all their new concept so centered on live video and music videos , but i'm glad they are doing something entirely different , instead of delivering a Rock Band lite experience , while the only edge... #2.2
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Even if it's the BBC's right , why shouldnt Rockstar have issues with a BS movie they never wanted in the first place ?

It's fair game that they ridicule the movie for all innacurate it is , and being anyway a bad movie .

In a nutshell it's getting the expected reactions you see with dramatized biopics like the one on Aaliyah ... #5.1.3
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Of course they were going to go 3d , even Arcsys went 3d . The issue is going with such a bland and mediocre style as opposed to all the other companies #5.1
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There is nothing lovely about those screenshots #5
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Uh ? Not a complain i just dont understand your post . I don't see how it's a genre in wich they were lacking . Ever since the ps1 ... even when other consoles had better ports and versions like the Saturn and DC , they always had everything in the realm of fighting games , everything but obvious consoles exclusives back then like Killer Instinct and Virtua Fighter ... #1.2.1
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I'm not dissapointed it's not sprites , it was impossible to continue that way on an financial level . i'm more dismayed that they didnt even bother taking cues for all those fighters with a 2d artstyle and 3d models , especially like Guilty Gear Xrd .

I know that gameplay is supposed to be the primary thing , but the good kof also had tons of aesthetical flair , and this doesnt .

It really looks like one of those f2p chinese brawling games #4.2
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I'm about having fun , not pretending i'm playing so some innovative new concept . And my idea of fun with a rock music and instruments isnt staged live concerts reminiscent of the days of the Mega CD and fmv games , and even less just playing the game to music videos .

I'm not insulting GH , i'm sure some will actually manage to have fun with that concept , and then cheers to them . I just dont find it appealing .

"When you’re playing ot... #9
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Sure i get you , it was basically the same issues with flaws and goal keeping each year ever since PES come to ps3/360 ...

But goalkeeping and animations actually got better , and i'll check out at least how it fares with referee in the retail games in demos at store .

Besides the Fifa 16 demo got the exact same laxism with fouls from what i've seen .

If both remain crap in that aspect , but one still got a better overall AI with pla... #2.1.2
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That Pes is more agreeable to play isnt a surprise , rarely was , and it's even more obvious with the 2015 version ... what worries me as usual is the online .

Konami hasnt released a single one PES with good and stable online yet , and while the competition makes you deal with tedious and not always stable Origin autologging for all modes , when it does work it works fine . PES never got close to that , and obviously none of the reviews can address that part ...
... #4
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And there is still hope , just not for all 4 altogether . Zangief and Guile still got strong chances as part of the original world warriors and being quite different and unique usually ... and Urien is a strong possibility with the way the plot seems headed #8.1
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Most of those lists werent even accurate on their own . And unless Capcom screwed up their own wording , no way Alex and Urien makes the initial roster together .

Besides they just announced Mika as a grappler , i bet she'd take Alex spot in the limited (but varied) starting roster , and Urin seems more relevant to the plot , with Nash and the whole Illuminati thing , and SFIV... #2.2
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They already said that among the known and existing characters left to reveal , there is a classic character , and one that wasnt seen for a while .

It pretty much rules out Juri , or Viper .

Basically two spots for folks from the SF2 era are left and then one left from either the alpha series or SFIII series .

I wouldnt be surprised if Juri , viper and other SF4 sophomore comes back as dlc character later on .. #1.2
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Not exactly , there are definitive ways with most of those missions to get S while sneaking and not killing a soul .

We just can't expect to figure all of those in the first go while figuring out bases , path and patrols , without being extremly lucky , or outright cheating with walkthroughs and youtube .

It's stuff we usually should get right after a few tries , and when not distracted by the allure of fultoning elite soldiers , vehicules and second... #3.1
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