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It's not so far away from DAI imo . Wich already had , at times , truly wondrous set pieces because of their usage of lights and lightning . And that was a game still held back by the ps3/360 versions #1.2.1
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Even if he decided to release exclusives , it's important that he retains his independance and ownership of all if not most of his new ips . #9.3
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One things bugs me here .... why are people assuming that it would even be a good plan ?

Even if all japanese metal gear fans moved to the xbox one ... dont you guys notice that Metal Gear , while a big worldwide franchise , and cult one ... is hardly the biggest best seller in Japan ?

Werent titles like MGS2 at 900k back then a few months after releases ? And PeaceWalker at 750k ? It's big but not Monster Hunter , Mario or DQ big , it's not even al... #1.1.12
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I'd rather have news about a successor to Last Story ... should it ever happen on any home console #2
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Illusion of choice ? I havent played a single remaster yet on ps4 or XB1 since their releases .

I must be a weirdo for manageing to get games i like on a regular basis , without relying upon remasters , or for sticking in a multiplayer game longer than its release month .....

Those articles may have the nicest rethoric they want , but it's still ultimately about whining over people getting games they actually want , because they can't fathom wanting... #3
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Even then , and i say that as a pro Manny , it was his job to pierce through those "hugs" . He didnt falter , and the victory is mediocre , but he still didnt win #1.2.2
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getting onnly The Witcher 3 and Ultra Street Fighter 4 in may . #6
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Going out of your way to erase any signature on even boxes from Kojima seems closer to hatred than just a business spat and common greed mixed with being practical .

Same goes with essentially terminating a studio you basically let grow for the double purpose of assisting Kojima , and most of all taking over his MGS franchise when he's gone . #19.1
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Actually covering the feud , would probably finally make Neptunia's plot interesting #12.2
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besides IF you ties the ps4 to a social network , it can just use your pic from said netwirk . Meaning you can have any avatar you want that way for free .

If you dont want to deal with facebook and others , just make some dummie account to associate with just for the picture #2.2.2
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Except that while people keep only seeing EA , guys like WB keep doing the same or worse with their Batman or Mortal Kombat titles ...

Some goes for activision and a few others #1.2.1
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Except del Toro is that busy , he's been known to cancel many projects , including his own game , and got a lot on his plate . I'm not saying he wouldnt make time for it , but the motivation is gone for again a busy man . I seriously doubt he'd care to be involved with Kojima out of the picture . They probably tried to pitch him some way , and it didnt take .

And Konami's statement was vague on purpose . As they still have no detailed official comment on the K... #8.2
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Doesnt make sense actually .

Seems rather straightforward to me :

- Del Toro , an already way too busy director , joins a Silent Hill project because of Kojima . ANd with Reedus involved

- Kojima is allegedly but mostly certainly fired

- Konami issues statement about still doing the game , alluding even without Kojima

Del Toro doesnt care without Kojima , and is already busy and late on tons of stuff , so mo... #8
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Either way it's dead . It was dead as Lords of Shadows (a first great hack and slash , but not a real and good Castlevania game) , and dead for 2d or even other 3d attempt with Koji Igarashi gone from Konami #12.1.2
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Except Hard Corps Uprising was a Contra game developed by Arc System Works in 2011 for PSN and XBL .

It's actually a great game , one of the few last good ones from Konami besides MGS #6.2
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the problem is that such kind of stupid companies would rather die than let go of IPs they no longer uses . This is a company that actually purchased Hudson properties without even actually using them in games .

They managed to even miss the fighting game craze and revival , despite owning the Bloody Roar IP , and despite having access to the creators of the games , the independant studios known as Eighting Co .

Said Eighting Co that is actually the labor for... #5.1.2
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Major props for reacting and listening #18
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I'd like that , except i'd rather have the Solid Snake part be smaller and a way to bridge the gap with a remake of mgs1 ... rather than it being the main part #1.1
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They simply dont seem to care about gaming other than in mobile and mmo forms #1.3
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Except their gambling and slots net revenues were already close to equaling gaming net revenues in 2011 ...
The Slots division saw the biggest losses lately .
It's Konami's social games (aka mobile crap) that truly saw a growth and sustainability #4.2
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