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The game wasnt even really started , all but conceptualized according to the involved parties ... let alone 80% #1.1.4
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Need for Speed already forced the issue in a sneaky ways for multiple games now . Ever ince they added autolog , most interesting features of the game were tied to it . Even if at least the offline option was there ... it's like playing Fifa without autolog and access to stats etc #20
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"This game is brand new, fact homie. "

You're just spinning after getting caught spreading crap .

The crux of the matter is that you wanted to defend sony like a fanboy , and most dont cares here about your console war agenda , but discuss the case at hand .

Afterward i even notice you came to complain on another subject about it being the 3rd time the Street news was posted to "bash Sony" . And i'm guessing it di... #7.2.5
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No they wouldnt , and obviously didnt . Gaming outlets barely downvote based on such issues or play games enough to notice it .

And there is no use pretending issues arent there . Even when it works "fine" , it has moves that dont works as intended , and input lag . Two things that do affect pros and semi pros players . I can play it leisurely , without the game breaking as well , but the game is supposed to be used for an official capcom tournament , so theses iss... #7.1
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Yeah , what's next it's Obama's fault ? #1.4.2
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So in doubt blame the customer ? In any case i witnessed his struggle and how he was actual very patient . Most would curse and be aggressive if told they would get in touch with you in 24hrs and let weeks pass . I omitted the part when after that time lapsed , he is asked again infos he already gave twice ...

The issue isnt even getting a negative answer (well it is , but it's another matter) , but how they can jerk you around to waste and gain time . And how arbitrary i... #1.2.2
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"Everyone" does this , isnt an answer , especially when some giants like mentioned here Amazon , handle things better . And it would be fine to go after each of the incriminated parties one by one . #1.1.6
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People need to forget sides , it's true that Sony's policy on the matter is suffocating .

I remember at the fall , during the lizard squad or whatever biggest and crippling attacks , the cousin tried to purchase Dragon Age Inquisition for ps4 . At the moment the attack started , he was just on the store and couldnt notice something was amiss . He went on to validate his purchase , but then something glitchy or whatever happened . Still oblivious , and noticing that i... #1.2
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From that onset that people already created their characters , aside from a few obivous racists trolls ... you're looking for an issue that isnt there .

If your point is that more diversity is needed for protagonists , and that there should be more black or other ethnicity heroes , beyond games where you can create your character , fine , you'd be right even . But it got nothing to do with the case here . #2.1.3
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Depends , game was out in december 2014 ... the sequel/expansion wont probably be out in arcade till Fall ... then a console version will take at least 4-6 months in Japan , since they'd add to the story mode and extras . Add 3-4 extra months for US , because of localisation and well to probably time it at a sensible period .

You're essentially locking yourself into an infinite loop of waiting ... wich wont make sense if you care about the game . And when it has dropp... #4.1
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Nope i shouldnt read further and wont , i dont go further with what i usually perceive as clickbait titles and opening arguments . There you go , win your argument .I'll just regret calling someone an idiot there

"Isn't this all I'm saying? "

I very much doubt we are going in the same direction . You're probably , judging by the headpiece , saying that easy mode made your issues go away and the combat better .

And i... #13.2
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It's obviously a new version of the game , probably following the pattern of Blazblue . #3.1
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No one is agreeing with you because you are using sophistry .

People blamed both MS and 343 . 343 is THEIR studios , and Halo their ip .

Namco Bandai only facilitate the Witcher game spreading as a publisher . No one even believes they are part of the development process in any way .

Here it is a port of an existing game commandited by Sony , wich choose a mediocre studios , funded them , added exclusively to their network , allowed to pass t... #19.1
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" the combat in The Witcher 3 is just... unsatisfying. And there is no reason why a smart gamer like yourself should force yourself through bad combat systems just to experience all the other great things The Witcher 3 has to offer."

And i stopped there . I dont often call an author of an article a complete idiot , but there you go .

But i'm not surprised , with a few other longtime witcher fans we called it , we "knew" that some peopl... #13
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What ? it's a port outsourced by Sony to another studios . Of course Sony is to blame , they could have picked better port specialists , and actually glanced at how it was going .

They also failed with the certification process #2.1.3
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My "apathy" actually comes from their imo mediocre mp system compared to their previous games .

And again i expect a fix for your situation so i feel for you ... but i guess you'd rather be fixated on my usage of "fancing dueling"

but in the mean time co-op was a little too dead and a more pressing matter than pvp for a majority . #5.1.2
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Well that exactly what she did when she mentioned Heavy Rain . Of course like most cautious writers , she initially praises it , then proceed with that argument .

And even enter some irrelevant tangent about how quickly those games (and other solo and/or short gaming experiences ) come back used and loses value at retail .

Personally i dont care , if it's true ... but if that's the sort of things people focus upon , under the ridiculous veil of "... #5.2.2
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Well to be fair , amidst the trolls , Heavy Rain was still a massive success .

WD and telltales stuff get away with it , because it's apparently cheap with its episodic system (wich in fact ends up costing a bit with seasons and all) and because it feature many more choices than HR , and a plotline defined by your choices lasting multiple episodes , seasons even .

So yes it's doing the same thing , but at a bigger scope . Even if double standards abou... #4.2
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Yeah it's a malicious article . For starters no if you play HR only once or even twice , unless you use savestates according to faqs and guide , you wont see and experience everything .

And the people looking forward to those sort of adventure games , DO look forward to that , experiencing the choices , and not just for multiple endings and trophies #5.2
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It is not a quantic dream game , even if it seems to follow its formula . And Heavy Rain as a gameplay besides button presses . The choices are part of its gameplay , just like it is for stuff like Walking Dead and GoT .

You dont have to like it , but let's not pretend it's as linear an experience as the mentioned The Order 1886 , at least . #3.1.3
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