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Come on there are news , and there is beating a dead horse .

We all know the xbox is a flop is Japan , and that GTA while popular , isnt the same phenomenon in japan .

Of course a less popular game wasnt going to succeed on the least popular console #19
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You're asking to "believe" in something tangeible and already there . That's how ridiculous you sound .

They botched the release yeah , but have been massively patching the game and adding content , and they keep at it , end of story #1.4.5
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One of my issues with DmC , aside from a design i dont like .... is that regardless we had a game still inferior in gameplay .

One of implied and hyped by NT fans "trade offs" for the change of direction ... was supposed to be Ninja Theory doing away with the purposely campy and average story , to deliver some masterpiece on the level with their usual games and brand of storytelling .

it certainly did not happen . Storywise , it was nowhere close... #1.3.2
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except it's no energy that would create a game . Bare a few cases like the FFX and kingdom hearts remixes , it's mostly cheap work , mostly outsourced at no cost #12.1
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No thanks . I'd rather have DMC5 or another prequel with Sparda , or the franchise remaining dormant if nothing worthwhile is possible #11
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I think it doesnt really matter . Both would get released for "free cash" anyway .

Capcom would probably only swayed , if suddenly the DmC and suprisingly it became a hit as a remaster .

Other than that they probably are outlying plans already for the future of the franchise #6.1
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But it was less versatile last gen with UE3 . And it allowed complacency with a generic look for the less hardworking devs . In good hands each game was wildly different from another .

That was the issue , not the use of common middleware . So far even for mediocre titles or launch stuff , you usually have to be told its running on UE4 , it doesnt have one immediately disctinctive look and feel , so its a good start #2.2
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Of course you do . You just may not like everything they add . It's not as if you get a list of upcoming stuff for a whole year , and can decide that you dont want most of it , and unsubscribe anyway .

And as of now it's sadly a pre-requisite for most retail multiplayer games onps4 , so you get it anyway , if you're into that . Or you spend your time creating dupe foreign account every 14 days for the trial #6
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You mean with mostly reused assets and cheap outsourcing ? I mean if i wanted a ff7 remake , i wouldnt wish that . #30.1
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Maybe you just need to let go of gaming . It's ok to outgrow an hobby instead of blaming it #1.3
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Actually the second sold pretty much half of XIII. Kinda like X-2 sold half the total of X .

And Lightning returns is above the million .

Even then i'm not sure about the point made there . SE got cheaper sequels still selling , or course they are going to abuse it and milk it till the last drop . Aside from changes ... XIII-2 was literally a mix of reused assets tweaked , and tons of outsourcing to studios like Tri-Ace

No amount of &quo... #12.2
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Because it's easy to port the enhanced pc version for people moving on to ps4 and xb1 .

Quite frankly i doubt anyone was going to jump back to the ps3/360 for this #14.1
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Hum , no we always had those port every new generation of consoles . What needs to be annihilated , is the trend of selling them at the price of a new retail game #6
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people that actually enjoy the games ? People can bury the heads in the sand all they want , each game still sold quite a bit , even with diminished returns and some fatigue .

Personally i wont get this . XIII-2 had actually nice changes , but i dont like the turn the story took especially with badly used time travel , nor being left with a diminished party of two (especially when i dont like Sera) + whatever monter i tame .

Lightning Returns ? the last stra... #12
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No thanks , DOA is all better without him now .

Ninja gaiden can be salvaged ... hell the re-release fixed most of NG3 and made it as it should have been from the start .

So long as they dont forget , ng4 could still be great .

Either way it's not even a possibility , Itagaki pretty much cursed them when he "left" #2.2
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My bad then if i got the intent wrong #1.1.1
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" To put in perspective Rockstar has released what? 4-6 DLC’s? Really unheard of support/content for any one gaming title — for free mind you! And gamers still have the “That’s cool but… “,”We still waiting” attitude lmbooo."

Except the Heist was the one different aspect plenty wanted from the mp and that they were clearly marketed.... not necessarily an otherwise good but regular shooting experience .

And Rockstar did get much leeway , because... #1
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It's my priority indeed , but some series made it an enjoyable option or afterthought .

First stuff like Soul Calibur , and now essentially Arcsys games with literally built in visual novel type storylines and sagas .

And recently NetherRealms broke the mold with a more cinematic approach to fighting game storytelling with MK9 and Injustice . Even if sadly not being a fan of those beyo,nd the story modes , i skipped it till free on psn #3.1
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Plenty never won it . But they still participate and get caught into it for x reasons .

It's not even complicated , some people just get confused over the concept of what's canon or not ... since traditionally there were stories in each fighting game where the selected character would win ...

Only to find out the next game , that story and canon wise , someone else was picked as the defaut winner #1.1.2
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I dont disagree with you on the game ... i'm just saying you approach got some merits and value , the author's ? Nah

It's obvious to most gamers the game isnt as awful as he claims . The way he writes it you'd believe he's reviewing superman 64 . #4.1.4
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