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I'd rather actually have that , than some disjointed sequel numbering , when , AC4 isnt even exactly the sequel to Desmond adventures .

Or uberlong subtitles . We are now at the phase for things like AC X : XXXX XXXXX , wich is silly , instead of just adding the concerned time stamp or name of the era/country .

And who knows , maybe the precise 1886 is a pivotal thing and date in the plot of the game ... in the real UK it was a time of political crisis an... #15.1.3
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I'm pretty sure the 1886 part is necessary . Isnt it supposed to later explore other years and era for the Order , if successful ? #15.1
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Still a victorian based shooter , or steampunk inspired anything is already a big risk enough . It's something rarely explored , precisely because it doesnt have the usually huge appeal of the usual futuristic or heroic fantasy settings .

Sure there a few success there and there , but Bioshock aside , it's hardly the easiest type of setting to sell for a brand new ip #2.2
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Most likely . Still i'd flaunt something else instead like Star Citizen.. The game is generic , the animations are horrible , and the artstyle is an acquired taste . I find it bland looking and armors got this painted on look, except for helmet, shoulder pads and some belt wear .

It's more technically advanced with its use of depth of field , ambient occlusion , lightning , pretty much every Skyrim didnt get on dx9 without mods , but looks miles uglier , art direct... #10.2.1
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Not necessarily , it's mostly that ESO hasnt made many around here want it to be sub based unlike a few title . At least for a few people who find it subpar and generic and not worthy of the popular ip it shamelessly uses .

You dont see such strong reaction for say FFXIV RR , with console players lamenting its subs but also plenty cool or happy with it #8.1
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The wolverine game was only better because it wasnt a tie in originally , but a game already in development they modified to fit the story and aesthetic . #3.1.3
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To each their own i guess . I just dont see how people can easily complain about V's characters and story , when looking back at those from 3 up to IV . Those were flat , except maybe in 4 , the game that tried to do a more cinematic experience too , but at the expense of the fun and gameplay experience .

I only saw story driven open world games like AC , Yakuza and a few others perform better in that department ... with trade offs

If there is a big issu... #1.1.5
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It clearly depends , when it's a game , like a few recent more fleshed out ones , that just use shiny and pretty stuff or early access to some stuff , as a way for you to pay microtransactions , it's ok .

Basically when the game tells you " want the last skin to make your friend jealous ? Well either you're a super grinder , or you'll use poppa's credit card " . DO you think "cheapskates" like myself will care if it's only for trend... #3.2.4
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Well it's no secret the Dreamcast actually had a pretty good launch and initial start . Even if the ps2 was selling as much then better it with no worthwhile games within it's first japanese launch year , Sega failed to build upon its success , and EA helped sabotage it further .

The dreamcast could and should have been in the same position sales wise than MS later on , had Sega handled it better #16
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Yeah you didnt need to click all the time in even D2 . And you used shortcuts anyway for skills if you wanted efficiency , in pvp and mp .

D3 took that to the next level with further simplified and automatized #9.2
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This , we dont even know if actual gameplay routines and stuff like cooldowns timing and skill frame animations are actual the exact same .

While a pc player might not notice instantly going to the ps3 or ps4 version , and vice versa , if things are so different at core , even a tiny bit , it will be a problem to handle online with all platforms involved #5.1.2
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Diablo 1-2 were simple to play but harder to master as per the usual Blizzard design philosophy .... it didnt automate almost everything like D3 does .

And D3 removed almost all build and stats costumizations and trade them for something truly easier and streamlined , still good and interesting but with less depth .

D3 is still very good , and i've made my piece with the changes for another era , and possibly new public , but it's far more streamline... #1.1.4
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What ? Lol of course it's their fault , it's their hardware design , and they were way behind in software anyway . I may not have liked plenty of MS's decisions in the gaming world (basically their classic MS moments) , but it did provide a much needed kick in the groin and wake up call

Things change anyway with both companies always evolving . I dunno why everyone keeps expecting a repeat of either the ps3 or 360 in those department . #1.2.4
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Doesnt feel that sad imo . At least expected flops or semi flops , games with mixed receptions , like Knack did quite well sales wise . #1.2.1
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Sounds more like Sony saved themselves money on something good and selling well indeed , but not necessarily giving back more than their own exclusive .

Besides isnt it supposed to be a multi later on ? It's GTA4's dlc all over again , in spirit . Not worth to them investing so much on a franchise that will sell as much on their platform soon enough .

Both MS and Sony seems winning in the process imo , unless MS do manage to keep it exclusive again w... #1.1.9
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well things arent usually as bad , wich is why i found it odd . Especially for one game that was already free in either the us or eu ps+ or both #3.2
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WHy is Beyond 2 souls at 59 like a new release ? And how the hell can darksiders 2 cost 39 , even if reduced from 49 ? And why is almost no one complaining about that ? #3
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By that same logic why would we care about lesser threats from the past , especially one we know the outcomes ? See it goes both way . Of course you can top a big threat , it's up to the writers' skills and imagination #5.2
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I most of all love the "meh whatever" part , about fix and features actually impacting gaming , for the sake of something we can all already do on tv , media center , pc , tablets nd mobile phones .

Sure i want media capabilities , the sooner , the better , but it more important than friendlists , better captures and other IU upgrades ? No , of course those should be prioritized over such optional stuff #1.9.1
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OH i love it dont worry , i just still prefer FFVI and FF tactics (its one of Matsuno's biggest masterpiece afterall) over it . Other than than i place it above the rest . #1.1.2
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