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Er when did i express that it's hard to understand ? I'm not actually complaining about him and his success .

I'm just saying that he got a fanbase doing something , of course his fans will expect him to keep at it . Without that aspect , what else is there for his show truly ? It's the angle of his show that's all .Unless he manage to reinvent it , of course #7.2
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It's fine and dandy to defending him for "growing up" and not faking it . But since his schtick and job is basically to react , while people are being weird by demanding he pretends to be scared ... what does he have to offer really ?

His viewers arent looking for an in depth analysis , nor real reviews and preview . He basically overreact and emote for games he's publicizing . #7
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except the Xtrem series and main DOA dont compliment themselves in sales in the west .

The spin off is a fringe quirky affair often surrounded with crap and controversity . And this time around they were angling at making DOA looks like a legimitate fighter , wich they succeeded at .. despite souring the whole thing with their abuse of dlcs #7.1
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I'll even add that right now Fifa is settling in a lull and lack of creativity that is very much similar to what happened with pes at the ps3/360 gen #1.1.5
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The way people are currently overreacting , it's lame but possibly better than way . I dont like the Xtreme spinoff franchise , but it doesnt deserve the way it will obviously be used by pseudo feminist and SJW extreme folks .

Hell it already happened with DOA5 ...

With it only releasing in Asia , those people will have to settle with those "wtf japan is so weird" articles and feeds , full of hypocrisies #3
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I dunno seems weirder to me that a pro would bother searching through piles of crap and some "damning" picture in a profile to "burn" .

I definitevely would think the dev looks more ridiculous and desperate here , if the kid didnt cave in and closed shop .

Even without the pro aspect ... when we are in an internet feud , do we usually just dig for stuff like that ? #1.1.3
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Except he went it with an insult first hand . Other than that i agree that they have a tradition of being online trolls , even to more polite people .

But yeah , their customers deserve them at this point #8.1
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i very much doubt it got anything to do with that .

They had this whole cross media affair and invested to much into having also a boom anime show , goodies and series of books . No way they'd leave it midway while they can hope to sucker people again into the next game .

They could actually cancel it otherwise

It's even a speciality of them , having people believe each time that each new sonic game will be good enough again . #4.3.2
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Well problem is when even that isnt selling that much anymore lol #3.2
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I dont think Parasite Eve is popular enough to warrant the kind of remakes RE and FF are getting and can afford . Sure it's a great classic and i want it , but i dont believe it much .

I think it'd done yet another reboot/separate entry , but done right , not like 3rd Birthday . And something based on the original book , not some crap spin off #11.2
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It really depends on how much assets from the Gamecube games they own from RE1 , RE4 and zero that are useable to recreate RE2 and 3 .

It's also contigent to the uncompressed and unfiltered quality of the re2 assets . If they got enough in HD quality that only need subtle touches and to be reworked for the RE4 engine , it will be work , but not that costly .

Capcom had years to ponder on that and probably decided which way to go , if there is any #2.2
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The reverse is even more true .. so yes they are a big fan of RE2 , but what would make they think you'd get away with handling any part of a big franchise that is constantly rereleased or remade ?

If they manage to release it before the plug is pulled good for them , but it's the kind of thing that is bound to get nipped in the bud eventually .

Ideally this kind of situation would force a deal between the developpers and the publishers . But we know... #1.1
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At least Bloodborne kept an easy out for people truly having troubles . Pretty much all boss encounters are easy if you powerlevel above them , wich the game allows easily , even if its tedious , at least through three various phases of the game , with 3 major grind/farming spots on top of the rest .

The same wasnt exactly true for all bosses and encounter in the previous souls game .

They also had options that most wont be aware of without faqs , like summon... #7.2
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But the issue is that plenty recent games have been designed to be so easy , that harder setting are closer to the normal ones you'd find in older games . And likewise some people enjoyed and enjoy their challenge . It's why by default i never play normal difficulty anymore on a first playthrough , i just go to the harder modes , even if some rare times you get bad surprises doing that

And there is the issue of hard mode just beefing up stats and adding ennemies spawn... #1.1.1
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They only mentioned 3 , and plans will obviously have to change anyway #1.1.2
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Also that's a bit like expecting someone to do a James Cameron movie with the same budget than James Cameron gets . it might seems like a bad example as James Cameron do get enormous budgets , but most times , what he does would cost much more with a less talented director and sfx savvy producer .

Cd Red gets to do its stuff on lower wages , and with more skills than most studios , it's a rare example and anomality #1.1.2
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Some of us did . I played about an hour or two , but certainly not in a long uninterrupted sessions #6.1
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It's not even a matter of getting everything at once , or things bit by bit .

You get very little , literally nothing , except the pleasure of doing the same things over and over with friends . Which is still fun , but will erode at various speed for each individual . Took me till the release of the first expansion . Some friends still play

You can even pace yourself , it's still content you figure out eventually , in a month (for the original game)... #14.1.2
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nvm wrong reply #6.1.2
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Oh surprise yet again the same troll with the same arguments in every SFV related topics #2.2.6
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