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I'm all for keeping a secondary series with piracy , or a whole new dedicated serie/franchise ... but i dont want the main AC title to be about that .

Unity was a right step , with a need for actual stealth , challenging fights , except the game was uber rushed , and the time period isnt necessarily thrilling #2.3
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Arent they owned by Warner Bros ? Wich owns DC , aka Marvel rivals ? I'd say that it's unlikely then for Punisher and anyone at Marvel .

Personally i'd let them do their own game free from licenses for a change #6.1
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Nope that's just stupid ... no one is going to shorten 1 into O . It has less chance to stick than "sinceriously" to be added to dictionnaries #8
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That's a good thing , Skyrim's freedom , coupled with too much oversimplifications , means ultimately doing nothing that matter and being left to roam on your own device .

It's cool for those thta like that , but not for eveyrone's tastes #11
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Actually i'm pretty average with the likes of Guile ... not my cup of tea . But i'm friends with a few rather good Guile players , so i used see that kind of play .

And i've got a tendency to research and learn tons of stuff and sometime useless trivia from fighting games i like .

As for World Championships ... AH !!I merely did well at a few local tournaments on my tiny carribean island #11.1.4
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IN SFIV Guile is definitively able to . He can turtle and defend the heck out of the game . And in most games the sonic boom has even better recovery than the hadoken , even if slower . You can engage in a max screen zoning fireball war, or sit a mid range focusing on anti air , come closer thanks to the recovery and backfist fireballs .

And let's not forget that there are buffering technique for the charge inputs #11.1.2
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Guile and Sagat usually win the fireball wars actually #11.1
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That's not what was said and mere conjecture . They were asked about the lack of guile in SFIII , and why they didnt add Charlie alongside Guile in SF4 .

That's when they said they couldnt justify both being there in reference to Street Fighter IV .

When it comes to SFV , we only know that the roster will be smaller in an attempt to mimics fighting games like Arcsys's where characters are unique .

But it doesnt mean aything offic... #8.2
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Yeah but it's not as if you change games every five minutes (i hope) and you could still change whenever you plan on switching games . it takes like 45 seconds to launch the app and upload a setting ...

I'll admit that i was a bit dissapointed from loosing the 5 modes switching from the Elite to the gold ... but it's fine #1.1.4
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Besides it's not worth it ... "lack of exclusives" bait articles after one just got released ? and on the eve of another one with Bloodborne ? Yeah right .. #10.2
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The EX characters arent owned by Capcom , so i doubt it #14.1
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I love the part about the camera , when it tries being creative and spinning the lack of things to do with it , asides of course features you expect from a camera .... #9
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I dunno how the Order will ultimately fare , but Driveclub is populated and doing well .

There hasnt been a lack of such meaningful games truly ... some people just play the usual game , not necessarily out of fanboyism however , of simply ignoring the existence of titles , exclusives or not , they dont care about . #1.1.2
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I never expected any footage featuring both FF music and Rocco Siffredi ... #3
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then why do you insist on twisting such a fact to make looks like a sony game ?

Of course no one is going to believe you aint a troll , especially if it's to mix it with some weird rant about ps4 games expectations #6.1.2
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It's not that odd , it's not as if cash grab ports are usually expected to sell millions or even 1 millions and cost much .

And people forget that among the 80 or so titles , each title and version was likely available on at least 5 different platforms over time .

Even these days there has been like what ? Already 2 mobile phones versions of SF4 .

And each generation beyond the snes had street fighter compilations released .
... #10.1
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How ? Not everyone ever wanted a real learning tool . RB is just a fun rythme game with a great rock library , and obviously plenty want it back or to use their investment further on new consoles #3.1
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Legacy support is a given . I dont think RB4 would survive without having it , and even newcomers wouldnt mind getting a few used intruments , over the new instruments they'd most likely release .

And there is no point either to Rock Band without the entire catalogue of songs compatible #1
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Still , sticking on the subject of the XB1 ... it would totally looks like they keep flip flopping and can't commit to anything after everything they changed and gave up from their initial plans .

Finally like many said before , good luck getting some of the japanese publishers or studios support , if they can't even choose to provide their japanese titles on XB1 at home .

You guys really think they'd even bother , hypothetically , developping s... #5.2.2
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uh they released Marvel Vs Capcom 2 ... Capcom VS SNK 2 , Street EX 3 , SF3 , Fighting Jam , Street Fighter 3 on ps2 ... #1.1.2
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