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I want it but at the same time I don't want it, it scares me, as soon as the add an anime charcter we will never heard the end of it, there are already too many insane character request as it is, and the futher they get from Nintendo the more insane it will become.

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I finished FFXV long ago and decided not to play untill all the updates are done before going back to do all I wanted to do.

at this point they will have to re-release a complete version.

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Where I live it was with 40% discount, and sadly my pockets are empy

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Soul Calbur had too many: Link, Dark vader, Joda Ezio
Mortal Kombat had Kratos
Killer instic had Halo's Arbiter and a battletoad
King of Fighter had Metal Slug's Fio

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well, he did directed Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

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funny because he directed Final Fantasy VII crisis core, you know one of the most beloved FFVII entries.
if anyting Nomura is the right person, look how FFversusXIII turned out, oh wait...
he screwed it up and and Tabata has to rush and fix whatever he could in 3 years, thanks to Nomura's 7 years failure.

face it as director Nomura should focus on KH instead.

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so this why (most) male character have no nipples in japan.
I always thought they just did bother to add them.

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We already have baby Mario, so why don't go further, we can have Old Mario and Punished Luigi.

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where I live it's fathers day so...

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with that logic every FPS it's a rip off of Wolfenstein 3D,

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Yoshi with bazooka is enough to catch my attention

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for a second there I thought "this does not look any better than the ps2 version" then I realised that I was watching it in 360p

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watchs as they add neon gold weapons and gingerbread man uniform used in actual WW2, you know for historical accuracy.

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every online trophy is is a waste of time, more especific multiplayer trophies in games that their main focus should be the campaing but for some reason they added a multiplayer mode that no one plays.

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I am kinda disappoint there is not Nier father costume

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the more items there is the lower the chance to get a expecific item even if all the items have the same probality:

1/10 = 10%
1/100 = 1%
1/1000 = 0.1%
1/10000= 0.01%

and the game add far more sprays and voice lines than skins so....

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the fact that I was one of the few the bought the first nier and like it makes me feel like a hipster, "I like it before it was cool" that kind.

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I like but I wish, I don't have to waste my best weapons when killing weak enemies, I would be perfect if it has a repair system or at least, a unbreakable weak weapon, if I want to properly save my best equipment for stronger enemies.

specialy early game when I can only carry a smalll amount of weapons.

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this nothing more than a click bait video with no relevance what so ever to the game.

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I love niar, I was one of the few people who was waiting for that game to come out back then, and I love it not for the gameplay (because it just average, good enough to be enjoyable) but it's world and story which is food for though, specially while playing new game plus and hearing the voices of the things you kill and knowing the true of the world puts everything in perspetive of what is right and wrong.

and the choise you have to make at the end of the new game it&#...

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