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3 hours is more than enough to play on the go, if you want to play for 8 hours you may as well play it at home.

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so he is judging a game as "poorly designed" when he never even tried to finish it.

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neutral, read the article

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oh Tibia, how long has it been? that game is/was the first MMO that I ever played, I like that there was not lvl cap.

that game was HARD, every dead hurt like hell, you lose equipment and lvl, I can not belive someone got to 999.

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I really hope they remaster CTR, I expendws a lot of time play that, I beat every ghost race on every track. (I think I still have my memory card, dunno if it works)

I think is my most played PS1 .

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Wiston, Mei, Symmetra, Torbjorn's turrent.

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every game is repetitive if you play more than enough of it.

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they didn't even try change the HUD, that is beyond sad.

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the origins edition

Solider 76

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I like to think that the previus owner filled it with porn right before selling it, just for laughs.

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I hate to be that "guy" but disguising as a NPC is nothing new at all in DS:

Dark Souls 1:

Dark Souls 2:

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"He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious"

try retreating, you know, using your head rather than your gun? that is how old FPS were, not about blating your way out but fighting knowing you are a mortal and not wolverine.

that is how real gun fights work.

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was not that the point of that scene?

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at this point I am let to believe that capcom is centipede, how can a company who shoots itself on the foot soo many times still walk.

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that was the first site I joined.... I spent most of my time there when I first learned to use internet....

Angry Video Game Nerd, Screw Attack, Pop fiction.... man.

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first party game, not happening.

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I would love a new Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks.

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it's called parody for a reason.

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that title alone makes me hate my life, so I gonna stop here and don't read any further to prevent disaster.

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and my day before going back to the U

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