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a woman cosplaying as any game character (male of female) always showing cleavage when no needed,and then people wine about "sexist" or "sexualisation". #17
sorry but the first one is a joke, almost everone picked Charmander and the first 2 gyms were rock and water, bulbasaur type is better for the first 3 gyms. #4
"Batman: Gotham Knight"'s six shorts came to my mind #3
as far as I am concerned, Ryu Hayabusa is the only male. #1.1.2
why is this among the "Hottest" news? #6
anything that hurts the overall game experience counts as negative point.

by the way, that "A negative for small characters due to the 3DS's small screen" is also part of the game. do you think that the black outline in 3DS version is just for fun? no, it's there to help the player to see the characters in such small screen.

do not think that does not make part of the game, and this comes from someone who has been playing Smash Bros since 64. #1.2
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with all this "fish ai" I wonder when we'll get a got fishing game. #6
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I don't like it. all batman's villains have a distinguished feature, but this guy looks just like your average "high-tech soldier", better give him a simbol or something. #15
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in my eye nintendo is still the king of platform game,it would be a really good idea if they do it. #7
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and Roll is back, and I love it!! #2
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well, if we look at CoD's zombie mode's popularity, I say do it!! I would love to see dinosaurs running around in those extra large maps.

well, actually I just wanna take down a t-rex with a tank, or pterosaurs witha jet/chopper, anyway my point is there is lot of thing they can do, a hunting match, survival (squad or solo), but that the end that is just what I want. #1.3.1
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blah blah blah blah!!
blah blah blah blah!!
what about if you just shut up already.
KH is not a game that need a hightech PC. even if it was PS4 exclusive what you can improve??

the AI: yeah because KH it's all about it's AI, NO.
the physics: there are none in KH.
graphic: KH can aim to be photo realistic and you know. #3.6
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I wonder how many actually even watched the interview, they never confirmed old snake at all. #27
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what do you mean with "transgendered"? #21.1
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those "never before seen" leak are old as ****, like 4 years old #5
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neither is big daddy #12.1
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yes, Nier was no develod by square-enix but the ip is own by square-enix from the very beginning (yes even before cavia closed).

is complicated, but is the true. #19.3
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that is the worest list I have evere read:

1) Exdeath is NOT afraid of his own mortality (xande and kuja are)
2) Xande did not accept the gift of mortality that is why he is afraid of it, because of that he choose to wake up cloud of darkness and end everything.
3) Emperor Mateus: We reach him, he gains power, we end him. Game over. (yeah pretty much what we do with every single FF villain...) #10
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"I personally wouldn’t want to release one really fast — like next year — because I think you can oversaturate [the market]"

did you heard capcom?? #6
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I only have one thing to say:

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