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watchs as they add neon gold weapons and gingerbread man uniform used in actual WW2, you know for historical accuracy.

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every online trophy is is a waste of time, more especific multiplayer trophies in games that their main focus should be the campaing but for some reason they added a multiplayer mode that no one plays.

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I am kinda disappoint there is not Nier father costume

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the more items there is the lower the chance to get a expecific item even if all the items have the same probality:

1/10 = 10%
1/100 = 1%
1/1000 = 0.1%
1/10000= 0.01%

and the game add far more sprays and voice lines than skins so....

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the fact that I was one of the few the bought the first nier and like it makes me feel like a hipster, "I like it before it was cool" that kind.

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I like but I wish, I don't have to waste my best weapons when killing weak enemies, I would be perfect if it has a repair system or at least, a unbreakable weak weapon, if I want to properly save my best equipment for stronger enemies.

specialy early game when I can only carry a smalll amount of weapons.

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this nothing more than a click bait video with no relevance what so ever to the game.

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I love niar, I was one of the few people who was waiting for that game to come out back then, and I love it not for the gameplay (because it just average, good enough to be enjoyable) but it's world and story which is food for though, specially while playing new game plus and hearing the voices of the things you kill and knowing the true of the world puts everything in perspetive of what is right and wrong.

and the choise you have to make at the end of the new game it&#...

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all that excitement about HD rumble is quite a surprise, it makes me curios more than ever about something that seems so small

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did you just came here to bash on the switch?
because if you did, sorry but I don't care about what you have to say about it. I don't see why MY opinion on the switch have anything to do with YOUR dislike on the switch and reason to trash talk about it.

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funny how every single person expresion their onw personal opinion and reasons about why they are not botherer by the switch is getting down vote because they are not bashing the nintendo.

I know that by posting this some idiot will come here and downvote me because I am no trash talking about nintendo.

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play on the go + indie games, go hand to hand for me, if nintendo can get as many indie games as any other console that would mean a lot for me.

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3 hours is more than enough to play on the go, if you want to play for 8 hours you may as well play it at home.

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so he is judging a game as "poorly designed" when he never even tried to finish it.

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neutral, read the article

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oh Tibia, how long has it been? that game is/was the first MMO that I ever played, I like that there was not lvl cap.

that game was HARD, every dead hurt like hell, you lose equipment and lvl, I can not belive someone got to 999.

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I really hope they remaster CTR, I expendws a lot of time play that, I beat every ghost race on every track. (I think I still have my memory card, dunno if it works)

I think is my most played PS1 .

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Wiston, Mei, Symmetra, Torbjorn's turrent.

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every game is repetitive if you play more than enough of it.

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they didn't even try change the HUD, that is beyond sad.

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