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There are a few reasons why MGS 4 is special for me. It was the first metal gear I ever played (don't judge me). I payed $110 for the cd (I'm from Bahamas ). And I loved this game from the graphics to the missions it was really masterful.

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this game was better than the original DMC games. faster and better camera angle. people are mad because the guy looks different and stuff which is plain idiotic to me.

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mgs 4 i remember paying $110 for that game. loved it and i still think some nest graphics ever, it was beyond its time.

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stuff happens. this can be fixed, what if you house is hit by a tornado and all of your belongings are destroyed???

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i guess we wont be getting a new gta till next generation. gta 5 soo good ran for two generations hmmmm guess ill go back to actually finish this game

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I f$&ks with it !!

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Futuristic shooters suck!!!!

That is all.

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i cnt wait. i had soooo much fun with this game on ps3.

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this is good to see old classics getting some love but come on microsoft you guys have no games what are you doing?? sea of theives.

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i never really liked any of konami games. metal gear is the only one i could ever remember that i enjoyed and now even that game idk what to think about it.

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i really really enjoyed rayman origins and legends, never knew the games was soo much fun until i had ps vita with nothingbut that to play. loved it soo much bought legends on ps4 me and the wife play it alot.

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haha. bro this is why games pass is soo great almost all the games on your list are on games pass. im playing the original fable now.

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i think its a bit early for digital only, i have games pass on my xbox one and i love it soo im open to digital.

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i havnt had a ps3 for like 4 years. i want to get myself a nice running one maybe even new if could get a deal. the ps3 has soo many good games to play and lots of ps2 remakes that i missed out on.

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well i have game pass soo i will try no matter what :)

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i dont think the port matter as much. nintendo always offer a unique different way to play soo most stuff should be built from the ground up.

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this looks like crap though and why would they use that logo? i call fake

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i thinki removing the jump button will bring a new level of diffriculty, lets be real no human god of beast csn compete with the likes of kratos the games were getting easy to play.

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i need them to continue making all of these classic consoles. i want them

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