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damn but the bahamas is almost as bad. ps4 slim is $650 in stores here, not sure of pro price. good thing miami is close and we can either visit or buy online and ship.

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it is both, its for families and its nice the price wont matter much and after a price cut sales should be even better.

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Believe it or not people this will still be a hot seller. It's aimed for kids not you old geeks and smokers. I will be buying one for me and my son to play with and I'm sure a lot more people will feel the same way.

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kinect for motion gaming is horrible, voice controls and multitasking it was wonderful. they kept removing features until they just gave up completely.

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if they charged $60 i was still buying this. i played this game for hours on my ps3 lovvvvved it

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the funniest thing is that the ps move which everyone dogged from release actually outlast kinect 1.0 and 2.0

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i know i want one

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i need a xbox one. i love the media features of the machine and this makes it better

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I am buying this.

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Ohhhhhh mannnn the only fighting game I will play is back :)

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My o.g Xbox one takes up so much space on my stand I keep my ps4 vertical, but ever since I had the rubber foot eject issue with my ps4 I never payed it flat anymore.

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I think they gave up too quick. Kinect is not that good foe gaming but its still nice technology if used properly. I actually don't know why I am even defending them I have a Kinect 2.0 rite now that dont work at all. Smft.

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No it won't but the switch Will be successful. The Wii became such a success because it was aimed directly for kids. 2017 all wiis are dusty A/F

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if i lived in the states i probably would have bought everything. i paid $550 for my42" LED tv about two years ago and im sure the exact tv cost half that in the USA. my ps4 i bought about three months after launch paid $700 electronics are super expensive here in bahamas

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I'll have to watch this later. I'll be tuned in to the Nba finals

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If you have no current gen console. I'd say take that 500 add 100 and get a switch along with a ps4 slim. I'm sure you Will have a great next few years of gaming

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I hope this is the last Time we get these mid gen upgrades. This is bull! I'm sticking with my stock ps4 till next gen but I'll secretly be hating the people who can afford to throw out extra cash no worries.

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To this day I never play any or the far cry games. Primal got my attention but still didn't pick up. This also looks interesting

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I'm getting one.

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I use to throw stuff when I get mad but it started getting expensive replacing controllers Tv remotes etc. soo now o just turn it off and go smoke.

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