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No it won't but the switch Will be successful. The Wii became such a success because it was aimed directly for kids. 2017 all wiis are dusty A/F

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if i lived in the states i probably would have bought everything. i paid $550 for my42" LED tv about two years ago and im sure the exact tv cost half that in the USA. my ps4 i bought about three months after launch paid $700 electronics are super expensive here in bahamas

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I'll have to watch this later. I'll be tuned in to the Nba finals

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If you have no current gen console. I'd say take that 500 add 100 and get a switch along with a ps4 slim. I'm sure you Will have a great next few years of gaming

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I hope this is the last Time we get these mid gen upgrades. This is bull! I'm sticking with my stock ps4 till next gen but I'll secretly be hating the people who can afford to throw out extra cash no worries.

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To this day I never play any or the far cry games. Primal got my attention but still didn't pick up. This also looks interesting

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I'm getting one.

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I use to throw stuff when I get mad but it started getting expensive replacing controllers Tv remotes etc. soo now o just turn it off and go smoke.

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This makes me happy and I really thing Sony deserves it. They have been giving us great hardware and great games for as long as they been around. LONG. LIVE. PLAY.

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Love it. I would rock this. Still think the original ps1 start up is better. Just something about that sound. And yes I gat it on my pa4

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Gears. Halo. And forza. I just borrow my brothers xbox one.

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I honestly thought i was one of few with this problem. I have 3 disk and maybe 15 downloads including some great ps+ games i haven't finished. Some i never even started.

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This is the ultimate deal. I want one.

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Damn. That's a deal. Already have Nathan drake collection. I need the next two games.

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I got the ps plus edition and bought the full package deal. I love this game. It's loaded with content.

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most of you guys complain like a bunch of itches. good games either u buy it cuz you want it or dont buy it. go buy a pc or ps3 or whatever and play them cheaper if you could.

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I'm buying it IDGAF what you guys say

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I have a ps4 but I want this one. Keep the God of war I have the other two tittles switch console and sell my white destiny ps4.

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Games on phones are mostly horrible, I have games on my phone just in case I'm stuck somewhere and I still don't use them. IMO iPhones are a lot smoother than Samsung phones , I never had a flagship Sony or htc soo I couldn't say for those companies.

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Played the beta loved it. I will be buying this one my first call of duty game since black ops 1.

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