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Love it. I would rock this. Still think the original ps1 start up is better. Just something about that sound. And yes I gat it on my pa4

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Gears. Halo. And forza. I just borrow my brothers xbox one.

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I honestly thought i was one of few with this problem. I have 3 disk and maybe 15 downloads including some great ps+ games i haven't finished. Some i never even started.

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This is the ultimate deal. I want one.

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Damn. That's a deal. Already have Nathan drake collection. I need the next two games.

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I got the ps plus edition and bought the full package deal. I love this game. It's loaded with content.

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most of you guys complain like a bunch of itches. good games either u buy it cuz you want it or dont buy it. go buy a pc or ps3 or whatever and play them cheaper if you could.

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I'm buying it IDGAF what you guys say

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I have a ps4 but I want this one. Keep the God of war I have the other two tittles switch console and sell my white destiny ps4.

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Games on phones are mostly horrible, I have games on my phone just in case I'm stuck somewhere and I still don't use them. IMO iPhones are a lot smoother than Samsung phones , I never had a flagship Sony or htc soo I couldn't say for those companies.

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Played the beta loved it. I will be buying this one my first call of duty game since black ops 1.

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Black ops 3 seem like a really fun game IMO.i enjoyed the beta and I haven't touched a call of duty game since black ops 1.

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Nba live has always been crap. Nothing has changed.

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Without these charts it's easy to see that this generation people jumped in quicker. Either people who waited 7 years for new hardware or people who were just blown away by the new systems. But I love my ps4 and getting a Xbox one for Christmas, this will be a good generation

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I love it. Who else wants a ps4 with the rotating colored play station logo ??

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I had a serious problem with it at first but after getting use I'm hitting corners like a pro. The A.I. Is pretty bad ass though not easy to beat them at all.

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I'm jealous. I got the PS PLUS version and loved the game soo I payed $24 I think and bought it and another $4 to get a few events. This here is a good deal.

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I love it on the ps4. 😜

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I can't wait. 😊😊😊 28522;

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I haven't played any of the COD games from BO1 but I really enjoyed the BO3 beta. It felt right to me and I think I will buy it but that damn campaign they need some work, wish I could have bought just the multiplayer.

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