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for what? so they can make up with each other? are they both gay? because that'll be a breaking news!!

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the story is comparable to LoTR and SW

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what I was thinking about. when I read about this $22 million, it somewhat felt underwhelmed! no wonder because I've heard other games which cost more than that! but for a game as stunning(graphically PC-tearing!) as Crysis, $22 million seems small! I was thinking around $40-$50 millions

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give a pair of sunglass of yours to him also! so his eyes won't give him away as easily, like you!

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the last one in the trilogy will be titled "Three Humans"

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I think it will still sell decently. 360 gamers do buy games especially this kind of over-hyped exclusives. so I don't think SK should be worried though and plus M$ has stated their dedication in still bringing the franchise to be a trilogy.

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totally not impressed! and when I watched it, feel like I've seen it somewhere before! there was absolutely no CoD4 effect at all! I really think that Treyarch is not as good as IW at this!

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and when it first announced, I could never seen myself to even think about it! but now, I want it so bad, I want it now!!

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in 2005, BD and HD DVD was still new and not as viable as they are now. I was in Japan during that time but I've only heard about BD because there were some players being sold but no HD DVD!(1st heard it in 2006) M$ decided to release 360 early and including HD DVD drive inside was never an option! the original xbox was crushed by the PS2 and M$ needed something to overcome it! that's why, in order to make the 360 viable to mostly everybody, they just included DVD drive and the architechture ...

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spin time! but M$, I don't really care how do you want to humilliate yourself but please, please, please....don't you ever insult epic classics that was LoTR and SW by putting it together with the flopped too human!! you're not making the situation any better and $hit won't turn into gold with those comment!!

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that's not too much for a next-gen game, right? no?

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what? and any other games look like PS1 graphics now? seriously?

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if only I can turn back time to exactly a year earlier, you'll understand what exactly I'm talking about! we've heard a lot of those higly anticipated exclusives for both consoles in 2008 talk from fans of both sides last year and you know...PS3 fans listed a lot of them(as always!) and unfortunately Haze and FFXIII were included which is a shame because Haze flopped and FFXIII went multi. but in 360 fans defence, they listed Gears2, NG2, TOO HUMAN, Fable 2, SC conviction, Halo Wars, ALAN WAK...

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really? just because it has online mode or something?

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that's why fanboys or simply a single console fans are word-fighting over it! and we'll talk about other games in their own respective space! in here, just have fun with the sparks generated by this review and all this word-fighting! don't know about you, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it! it's a tense day at work and this gives some kind of refreshment from me getting bored!

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I don't think that they are stupid enough to leave out the story and explanation elements from the game but I was thinking that they are planning to do the Kojima-like style with his MGS series! they are planning for a trilogy, right?

this review shows that the story is completely lacking and lame, yet gameplayer said the story is better than diablo! I've never played diablo but was the story that bad??

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Too Human is not as bad as the previews -> still bad, but not that bad! btw, there goes one of THE MOST ANTICIPATED 360 EXCLUSIVE IN 2008! rest in peace

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because you can never enjoy them on the 360!! go away to the open zone, TROLL!!

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does that got to do with this?? 360 even came out earlier than Wii!

back to the topic, XP is still among the best OS for consumers out there. compared to Vista, XP is much more stable and user friendly! with Vista, if you're truly a casual user of a PC, you'll get screwed!! and if you're a PC-knowledgeable person, Vista will still screw you up with all it's short coming bar the graphic!! it's expensive, slow in performance yet a resources(memory) hungry OS at that!

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haha...we are going to see about that! how will they ever work on any trilogy with Too Human name now that it flopped?! Silicon Knights said that they are going to work on another game after this and I bet Too Human will quickly be forgotten in the dust!

2008: PWNED!! IT FLOPPED!, moving on to next project.

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