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looks too similar to the one in R&C but it's not like it's trademarked, right? but is the game is really going that fast, what's the point of the environment then? huhu...maybe it's just me but I'm starting to feel a little dizzy!

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can both of you just please look at the cons stated over there! those are very very LAME reasons to drag down the score of this game! MGS is a stealh game and this time around, Kojima even gave the players the option to go less stealhy and more shooting, select sides in the war and even skip, pause the cut scenes depends on how you want to play it! what else do you want?

"core gameplay feels as old as snake" - ok, what if suddenly bungie made Halo4 and Epic made GeoW3...

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I've expected this. I knew that they will do it! for them, ME,NG2>>MGS4 and that's just BS!! and @Mwaan, have you played MGS4? sure you haven't because if you do, you will know where the hate are from! MGS4>>NG2 and there's no denying it!

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the made people pay to play online and it works! that's a hell of innovation!

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"...i mean if this is your genre, what are you going to do, play the same couple of games every day?" - that's what we call lasting appeal and durability, my friend. a lot of people and I really mean A LOT and I think including you, play some games repeatedly for a long time. you even included FFVII in you comment. can you tell us how many times have you finished it?

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are sometimes funny. they were once a great dev with great reputation, then they made Crysis - a decent game almost no one on the planet can run at the higest setting and then they stop giving updates for crysis when the game is still very infant. then they claimed that crysis is the most pirated games ever when all other games except maybe the PS3's are too, then they said that they're dropping PC exclusivity yet they announced another PC exclusive as their 'last' one to do so. now, they are...

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with about what...10 titles and the 360 is the king already? wow... this is so "shane kim"-ish kind of talk and when I look at the source, it's no other than neocrisis. - this site is a joke! why is this news again??

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and no matter how they are trying to spin off the title, I think many are still going to skip this installment of CoD. at least I know I will. so do a lot of my friends! the only thing I want to see is how activision is going to brag about this comes it's release and how they will say it's better than CoD4. we know how how it turned out during CoD3 and it was inferior to CoD2. it's the same scenario all over again - Treyatch vs Infinity Ward!

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dude, you're seriously brainwashed big time by M$ aren't you? I'll not go as far as to compare the features because I know XBL has more. considering XBL is in it's 6th or 7th year(I don't remember) vs PSN in it's 2nd year, obviously XBL has the advantage! It's the 360 has more games argument all over again when 360 obviously had a year headstart!

but what's your definition of better actually? M$ force you to pay $50 a year for Gold membership so you can play online and got the...

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really need to start to learn how to read carefully! he said worst GREAT game ever made!

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when a lot of more other credible and popular sites gave MGS4 a 10 and even touted it as THE BEST GAME EVER MADE plus no complaints or what so ever from gamers who bought it whom were all satisfied and praising the game, they gave it an 8.5?? the funny thing was the gave it 8 for sound and 7 for value and that's just ridiculous!! it's like a deaf - ungrateful - retarded kid giving the score! MGS4 simply is THE BEST hands down in any category! graphic and sound are among the best up to date an...

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whatever NZGamer! you should just say that you're 360 gamer! go to hell!!

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it's now officially a narrowband connection :P

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that's what I hope for because I love it so much and planning to buy my third! the new colors are simply irresistable!

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funny looking and sounds funnier everytime he starts talking! me too I taught that somebody else is going to take his place with PR when he was promoted and yet he's still the one spreading all the bull****!! can he or anybody in M$ be HONEST for just one F*****g time? eventhough 2007 was not the year of 360, it was a HUGE one for them and yet they were outsold by both PS3 and not to mention Wii even when they had exclusives like bioshock, Gears, Halo3, and Mass Effect and others like Madden,...

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it's true that Wii is selling very well all around the globe but in terms of truly next gen game, Wii is never the option and both Sony and MS knew this. so, for Sony and MS, as far as they outsold each other, that's winning for them regardless of how well the Wii is selling compared to them! you can see the trend from charts where only Nintendo's own games are selling on Wii and 3rd parties devs and publishers continue making more money on either PS or 360! just look at EA's earnings last ye...

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that's the single coolest install screen I've ever seen!!

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maybe they've already milked enough from mario, zelda and metroid, and they now have enough cash to throw for new characters! who knows it'll be a hit! the only games selling for Wii are from them anyway and they sure are working hard to fill the gap between each iteration of marios with other things or people will see their weakness in that department! once this new games out(if it ever released), they'll start again with the next marios - whatever it is! tennis, brawl, galaxy2(maybe), kart,...

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it will not! people are trying to find ways to pirate the games and once it becomes mainstream, it will have the same fate as NGage gaming. good luck Apple

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you'll get your fair share of good JRPGs later on! so far, 360 only has Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. most of JRPG devs are not as big as SE, thus at the moment, most of them still not diving in developing for next-gen console especially the PS3 but I don't think any of them are developing for 360 either! the only one we knew is SE which is now developing for both! so, once the dev cost went down, you'll see bucket loads of them coming. it's a waiting game actually. it's not like there's noth...

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