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funny stuff! that tickles a bit at this time very early in the office! VGChartz...LOL! #2.4
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I'm not going as far as to pray for their bankruptcy but I have the feeling that they will continue their rip-off DLC policy with all their future games! luckily I'm not too much into capcom's games! the last one I remember playing was DMC4 on PC and it was not even that great! #10.1
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I used to connect my PS3 to SDTV
it's not all that bad and MGS4 still looks awesome! then I bought myself a 37" Sony HDTV nearly a year after I bought my PS3. even though it's not the top of the line model, I have to admit that things are different! HDTV with HDMI connection is awesome! I even hook my PC also via HDMI to my tv and it's awesome as well but I think I need a newer graphic card because my 8600GT is not powerful enough! I'm going to buy a 1080p acer monitor sometime next month and for those who still stickin... #2.4
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that maybe true in the PS2 era but this gen, most gamers expect MP is included in every single game! it's a BIG lie if capcom doesn't know that! so, I'm saying that you're being naive on this one! #3.1
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they forgot something
it also contains a multiplayer versus mode which only can be unlocked with a code bought separately! #1
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I haven't watch it yet because connection at my office sucks! but if it's really "sate"sfying...emmm. ..yummy! #5.2
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game prices is already at $60 a pop and they are planning on DLC that should've been on the disc! if a DLC is released 2-3 month after the game was released and contains extra maps for MP or something like expansion pack, it's a fan service which is actually good because that shows the dev is still supporting the game just like what Criterion is doing with BO: Paradise! what capcom is doing with SFIV and RE5 is no fan service but a fan disservice!! it's like stabbing the gamers at the back! i... #1.5
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we still need to see more proof of that
they have a juggernaut to face this year which is KZ2 - The best looking game on any console so far! maybe people will disagree with me and will say, "beautiful game doesn't warrant game play" or "gameplay > graphic" or anything equivalent but face it, this gen is if not all, about graphic!! MW2 is destined to be compared graphically to KZ2 which is seems hard to compete if they are going to use the same engine! and then people will say MW2 gameplay is better and so on!... #1.5
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sell out or not...
you should have noticed that there is something wrong with your company if you are one of the major dev and publisher and you still don't have a single title on one particular console even after 2 years! in SE case, they are actually neglecting the PS3 even in JAPAN! WADA is STUPID! #1.15
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is this for real??
Tecmo doing another PS3 exclusive? if this is true, WTH happen between Tecmo and M$? did I missed something?

p/s: it would be funny if cookiegaki is here to comment on his 'former employer'! (^_^) #1.3
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have you ever seen people carrying their PS3 around?
this feature will only work when the PSP is connected to the PS3 via USB! Remote play is not supported! #3.1
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dude...WTF are u talking about?

"overhype making ppl scare and to lost interest on it."

are u serious? hype sales games, period! what the hell did you think made Halo3 so successful saleswise? it was the HYPE! what made GTAIV so successful review-wise/saleswise? again, HYPE! what happen when there was no hype for a great game like Valkyria Cronicles? not-so-great sales! what made Too Human demo downloaded over 1 mil? HYPE nonetheless! What made people s... #10.9
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The Wii is so amazing
that Ninty decided to up its price! nice move talking about rip-off! they are making money with every unit sold thanks to the last-gen hardware and now they really want to up the price? that's smart business and it's interesting to see how this will reflect to sales! #1.6
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for you, for me and maybe for many more, GTAIV graphic is nothing revolutionary...YES! but before it came out, various reviewers jumped their guns on saying the graphic is the best and stretching as far as it's the best game on a console EVER! when it was released, we knew that GTAIV is not exectly what is was said it is and many were dissapointed! it's not a bad game but certainly not the best! previous GTAs were better than IV! #28.4
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not judging based on 1 review
but if 3/10 is the 1st review out, the certain thing about it is it's pretty much mediocre or just simply BAD! they just came out with Sonic Unleashed which was not that bad and then they came out with this?? come on, SEGA is on the roll with highly rated games lately with VC, Madworld, Yakuza 3 and then that RTS...why the hell does these guys behind the Sonic team want to ruin that? Poor Sonic! his own devs are beating him to death! #1.2
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funny stuff! I LOL at that too. dude...VGChartz is crap! #14.9
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there is no comparison or what so ever
The Show shreds 2k9 every single bit! they should of just make comparison of 2k9 between PS3 and 360 instead! that will somewhat do some justice for 2k9! comparing it with The Show is like stabbing it right through the heart if it's a living thing! #2.1
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I'm not hating GTAIV just so that I look cool but it certainly didn't deserved to be rated as highly as it is! there you go, there is where the OVER-RATED things came out! 30 hours or so...yeah thanks to the sandbox element, the game feels long but that doesn't warrant the game to be great! all GTAs before IV were long but although being not technically as advanced and detailed like IV former GTAs were actually FUN to play. this is nothing to do with IV being a multiplat but as a fan of GTA s... #3.4
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'hardcore'-ly DUMB! everyone with half a brain knows that 5/10 for KZ2 is a joke! I didn't expect to see any site dumber than EDGE! #11.1
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nothing beats GTAIV as the most overrated game of 2008! L4D? not even close! I am still bitter I actually asked for GTAIV for my birthday present! #3.2
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