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don't for get now that Eidos under Square Enix
you guys know how SE really like to milk things! give me any other game that has the running number larger than FF and DQ! if it's not sport games, they are hardly any isn't it?

but like I said before and I'll always say this, there are rooms for even the crappiest games in current market. that just means that there'll be more games for everyone. a turd in one person's eyes could be a gem in the others'. heck this is Tomb Raider we're talking about! there's no way it will get any... #2.20
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wow, just wow! defending a console with proven high failure rates to THAT extent...what are you? M$ PR team?

"...and wow do you believe any crap that youtube shows?....i can have an old xbox 360 with RROD and simple change the case."

for what? to be cool? RRoD is a new cool trend now?

I'm a PS fan (fanboy? maybe...) myself but will never ever defend Sony for any misconduct if any! I've got YLoD once with my launch 60GB and I was upset! although... #1.29
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"They get flak for going back into the past and showing us the true face of history..."
that one over there made me chuckle a bit. zombies are 'real' huh?

just kidding but Treyatch is not THAT bad. they are decent! #1.6
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IW studio of the year??
pfft...there is still no words on the javelin glitch, save file hacks for cheap and easy trophies, update 1.05 didn't fix the glitch, tactical nuke exploit, XP, what's next on the menu IW? hello? are you guys even listening? stop counting that money and get your asses back here to fix these! #1.7
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why put nukes in the 1st place?
this is bound to happen just the matter of when. seems like it's time! this is again, not requiring any cheat codes thus not cheating. just tactical although SAD! #19
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shouldn't the question be
"how well can consoles run Crysis?" #1.8
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evrfighter is a dedicated PS hater and love to brag about his/her hates towards anything PS related! when you accuse him(her? sounds like a lady in period!) of being a 360 fanboy, he'll dodge with "I'm a PC fanboy" comment! I think, this will be my last time reading his stupid rants, I'll put him under ignore from now on!

on topic:

inFAMOUS is a great game! platinumed it and recommended it to some of my friends and they also love it! the stunt trophy is a b... #1.35
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in 1995,
my mom bought me a Sega MegaDrive II. that was my 1st gaming system and I really loved it. I 1st played the Playstation in 1997 at my cousin's but to be honest, I hated it! hahaha...just can't get the grip with the controller I guess and I stayed away from it. I mostly gamed on PC with red alert 2 and then Starcraft, FIFA 98 LAN party was also a blast until I went for my degree in Japan in 2002 and there I was craving for the most talked about console, the PS2! thanks to that PS2, now I have... #1.10
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and he's very good too to say the least! damn, it's going to be hard beating him online! :P #1.12
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IGN is biased?
really? more like IGN is STUPID to me! #9.3
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IGN has been 'HHG'-fied! that's what happen! #2.15
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I know, right? this article is pointless or may I say stupid at best! #1.8
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according to pachter LOL!
article's credibility = 0! what is so great about this guy which is always wrong in what he does best? kinda sad actually when even official magazine like the OPM UK is quoting him in many of their articles like the word of gaming-jesus or something! this guy is a FUD! #2.20
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just to make it clear,
this is the competition for popularity, right? in terms of quality, the competition is by far NOT CoD! #1.3
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maybe what he was trying to say is something like "This is what I live for" a gamer. well, I'm also just being positive. I'm in a good mood today! happy gaming to everybody! ;) #8.2
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"I still haven't made it all the way through the first Uncharted, even though I am through the first chapter of Uncharted 2."

and you're thinking of playing (and eventually) completing FFXIII? dude, think again! and the 1st chapter of Uncharted 2 is like 10 minutes long (and that's also feel too long for that chapter!) #14.1
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10 years??
that's one hell of a game! /s #13.1
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I have to disagree
there's no cheat codes or hack needed for this! the thing is simply a 'feature' in the game! #22.1
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M$ is so thinking about gamers and have their gamers at heart but the glitch is clearly IW and Activision's fault, and their 1st step is to suspend these gamers? why not demand a quick fix from IW so their gamers can play a fair game without any unfair glitch? ah yes...the deal with a single gamer is 50 bucks per year but a deal with AV worth millions! #4.12
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it's somewhat questionable
that Activi$ion and IW have no words regrading this and yet M$ is now suspending the glitchers?

I'm not defending the glitchers but they are not modding consoles, not hacking the save files and not using any cheat codes but just playing the game as it is - with the glitch! I don't think that there's any mention of glitch in user agreement and suspending them for 'using' the 'game feature' (it's included in the game albeit being a glitch!), is kinda against the agreement IMO!
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