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OMG he even made the word "stupid" stupid! what a terrible human being!

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but all the best for Monday :-)

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the total sales for both version is just over 200k. hardly a bad taste but Ni No Kuni at 67k is somewhat surprising!

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games this gen are basically too easy? no recent games except for meat boy and DK.

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that's like saying Activision will get rid of CoD

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in UC3, "Crushing" can be unlocked by playing on "Normal". and if you have played and collected all the treasures in your 1st plathrough, there's no need to do it again in Crushing.

although, there's no doubt that this account is being used by multiple users or it won't be possible! I don't know if you can log in to PSN using the same account at the same time on multiple PS3s but it's easy enough to have the same accounts playing differ...

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but had the word "FAIL" written all over it!

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The other 9 mil not getting into it. Maybe there's still hope afterall...or maybe NOT

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I don't think anybody cares about this, not even Ubisoft, let alone Microsoft lol

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Lol that's hillarious! So full of WIN XD

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I am not getting both anyway.

1. CoD - need explanation for this!

2. Skyrim - I know I will not have enough time for it, which will make me regret buying it!

FYI, I haven't played a single RPG this gen aside from Borderlands, which I got for dirt cheap on PSN but I'm not done with it yet although I like it a lot. got a job and a little kid, I feel like it's too "wasteful" to dedicate the little time I have for R...

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Like every single game in existance? How shocking/s

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now you're just pouring oil all over the fireplace!

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but I pressed agree for;

"Also, I wanna punch Reggie in his smug, stupid face!"


although personally it's kinda hard for me to choose between his face or Kotick's but I'm cool with punching them both! :-)

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it's gamespot. Gamestop would give a 10 for any game so people will buy it from them!

this is a complain over a 7.5/10? and people were bashing Sony fanboys for crying over 4/10 for Uncharted 3!

p/s: Cliff B not satisfied with a 8/10 is on a whole new level though!

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we're definitely on a pattern here! people are trying hard to prevent UC3 from snatching another GoTY! 1st, glitches and now loading time?

about the glitches...what game doesn't? FYI Bathesda released a bug ridden and glitch fest game every year including Skyrim. so, why UC3 got the special mention? bias much?

I also encountered this long load time once and I know it didn't make sense. what I do was I quit game and restart, problem solved!...not w...

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that's definitely Dhalsim lol! busted!

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urgh...wanna make me pull my hair!

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