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not judging based on 1 review
but if 3/10 is the 1st review out, the certain thing about it is it's pretty much mediocre or just simply BAD! they just came out with Sonic Unleashed which was not that bad and then they came out with this?? come on, SEGA is on the roll with highly rated games lately with VC, Madworld, Yakuza 3 and then that RTS...why the hell does these guys behind the Sonic team want to ruin that? Poor Sonic! his own devs are beating him to death! #1.2
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funny stuff! I LOL at that too. dude...VGChartz is crap! #14.9
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there is no comparison or what so ever
The Show shreds 2k9 every single bit! they should of just make comparison of 2k9 between PS3 and 360 instead! that will somewhat do some justice for 2k9! comparing it with The Show is like stabbing it right through the heart if it's a living thing! #2.1
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I'm not hating GTAIV just so that I look cool but it certainly didn't deserved to be rated as highly as it is! there you go, there is where the OVER-RATED things came out! 30 hours or so...yeah thanks to the sandbox element, the game feels long but that doesn't warrant the game to be great! all GTAs before IV were long but although being not technically as advanced and detailed like IV former GTAs were actually FUN to play. this is nothing to do with IV being a multiplat but as a fan of GTA s... #3.4
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'hardcore'-ly DUMB! everyone with half a brain knows that 5/10 for KZ2 is a joke! I didn't expect to see any site dumber than EDGE! #11.1
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nothing beats GTAIV as the most overrated game of 2008! L4D? not even close! I am still bitter I actually asked for GTAIV for my birthday present! #3.2
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This is beyond DUMB!!
not even news and I don't even know why I'm commenting! It's like KZ2 awesomeness really have brought a new wave of stupidity in the gaming world when people are trying really hard to downplay it, they look stupider than ever! #1.11
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Retribution is not developed by Insomniac. #1.22
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Insomniac is the BEST!!
I love them and their games! bring on R&C F2!! #2
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i terms of horror...
Siren runs rounds over RE5! that game is scary as hell!! #14.4
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zombies with gun? last time I checked, you don't have to be a zombie in order for you to have a gun and shoot somebody! the only element of the true RE left in RE5 is the fact that the villagers are infected with a virus and the control! other than that, RE5 is definitely NOT a horror game anymore! that is just lame, capcom!! #2.2
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that is actually very good! if anybody is trying to ignore this is kinda obviously blind! #2.13
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FIRE is more important over there as there's nothing to EXPLORE! #3.4
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so...June it is...
I can't wait! What I really hope is for it to have a very good story! #1.10
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FYI, RE5 is more an action shooter than a horror game! the game is designed closer to Gears than the traditional REs! so...if they've decided to go the action route, why don't they change the controller to a more modern scheme as well? if you wanna talk horror, Dead Space is leap and bound creepier than RE5 for that matter! #4.3
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people say what they want to say
even if it makes them look STUPID! brownish/greyish level design and you have people with guns shooting others and have multiplayer...then it's similar to Gears? What kind of stupid logic is that? #1.9
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only top 5?
taht'll be a pretty tough chopice for me to make! I only buy exclusives and I have most of them and I can't choose my top 5 properly! make it top 10! then my list will be:

1. MGS4
2. Uncharted
3. LBP
4. R&C F:ToD
5. R:FoM

ARGH....scrap the list...I LOVE THEM ALL!! #1.12
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if the game doesn't utillise the use of Keyboard + mouse! #2
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the PS2 is an amzing console with amazing games! I sold mine to a friend in 2006 and now I'm missing it so much already! the PS2 slim is so cheap right now and there are tons of games I really want to play on it! I think I might just buy another one some time this year. I don't think I'm strong enough to resist! I have my PS3 but due to tight work schedule, I haven't been gaming for 2 weeks now! that is another reason stoping me from buying another PS2! I don't even have enough time to spend... #1.1
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all I can say is...
SEGA is on FIRE!! #1.2
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