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WHAT? what software? it's just released and what were you expecting? The Wii released with just Wii Play and Wii Sports and those are truly gesture base games without the need of precision which they just announced 2 years later as Wii Motion+! MOVE games especially Sports Champion trumps on all over Wii games by the sheer precision of the thing. you're truly 'playing' the games on screen, not just making gesture! my personal favorite is Table Tennis and with depth and spin in...

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why should they? Japanese will buy GT5 in a buck loads no matter what! GT5 Prologue was in the top 10 seller for quite some times over there and then GT5 Prologue Spec III did the same! and this is the one people are calling as a payed DEMO mind you. GT5 will be a huge seller over there pretty much guaranteed and it's nice to see Sony approaching the marketing for GT5 from a different angle.

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that part made me LOL hard!!

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totally worth it dude! the game is brilliant!

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Ninty just got OWNED! best comment ever! +bubbles for making me laughing to tears! :D

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my point exactly? who the hell bashed M$ for being hardcore?? no one but if by hardcore you (bravo) mean shooters, yeah maybe some people bashed them for that! last time I check, 360 is called the FPS console, not hardcore console and it's for a reason!

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it's not that I will pay for it but it's just that I can't wait for Activision to go down under (not Australia) in their rotten coffin when they finally decided to implement this idea and gamers don't pay! I still have faith in humanity and believe gamers will stay away from this crap! shooting down AV and CoD at the same time? 2 birds with 1 bullet I tell ya and what makes it sweeter is, AV is the 1 providing the bullet! Kotick, I'm waiting!

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even in Sports Champion, all games are playable with only 1 and if you have 2, it can only gets better! my advice is buy 1 1st and try it for yourself with all the games and if you like it, then you can think about spending for another 1. smart purchase 101! but 2 MOVE is the best if you wanna play with somebody. and, table tennis is insane!

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yeah you go do that! if that makes you happy.

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the ICO team I think is focusing more on TLG and they can always outsource the codes for ICO and SoTC to 3rd party dev like what we've seen with GoW. nothing will change in terms of story and everything, just going through HD upgrade and trophies as well. but I think they'll have a close monitoring on the progress.

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november can't come soon enough!

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how can he even thinks that FPS are not popular on PC anymore when it's THE platform best suited for FPS! it's like saying, Halo Wars is a good RTS and is doing well on the console, and now hardly anyone plays RTS on PC anymore. duh?? WTF is this guy smoking? I think he's 'Kinect'ly drunk LOL!

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but Sports Champion is really more than that! it really shows the accuracy of the controls and really, this is not a gesture base game! I'm enjoying table tennis a lot and damn that game is challenging at the high difficulty! I'm on the last opponent but getting my ass kicked 3 times already! I'll be back for more after this! just you wait! and for those in doubt, this is THE real deal!

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"STARCRAT 2 DESTROYS every other game made in the last 10 years..." - most retarded and ignorant comment of the day! this is true and only true for those who only plays SC for all these 12 years and now moved to SC2! you're Korean?

mods and online MP don't count when it comes to value. mods are done by gamers and online MP are same game assets being used over and over again! if that's the case, all pc games with mods are bigger than SC2! and games like L...

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and I think who ever defend it is dumb! this is the decision to maximize profits and that is all about it! how can a gamer given 1/3 of a game and pay full price for it can ever justify it? for me I can't and that's why I will never put my money for the game ever! there's never too much for game contents, just look at GT5 and the amount of content and effort being put in the game - 1 one, INSANE! but Blizzard went the GREED route with Kotick as the pilot!

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Japan is never a "small" market by any means. US, EU, JPN are the 3 biggest market in the industry and how can you put any of them it as "small"? of course relatively it's smaller than US but that relates directly to the population with the US having 308m to Japan's 127m. so, selling just several thousand less per week is in no way small! the only thing that is small in Japan is the 360's market and PSP Go! as well!

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this is the PS3 we're talking about and it has nothing to do with the PS2. sure the PS2's install base is huge but that doesn't warrant all those PS2 owners will buy a PS3. it's just like saying I have an iPhone and I'll definitely buy iPhone3GS and then iPhone4 and then also the next one and so on. it doesn't work like that! there's no guarantee in it at all.

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I think this is the mindset of most 360 gamers out there and have been getting worst every year! they have to pay for Gold thus games with no MP simply go way down their priority or completely being overlooked. I bet this is one of the reason some games even the one that they hyped to the sky like Alan Wake didn't sell so well because many gold subscribers don't think that these games are making their $50 a year worth it! the downfall of this mindset is publishers will start releasing...

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M$ is catching up? you do realized that 360 came out a year and a half earlier than the PS3 in Europe, right? that's catching up?

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