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The thing is, I'm still pissed off that people are already discussing about the free stuff while I'm here still can't even get onto PSN. Still is down in Malaysia although already updated to 3.61!! When the hell will I ever be able to go online, Sony?

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I still can't login in Malaysia :'(

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it's YOU!!

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1st the PS2, now PSP? I'm buying it regardless as I haven't play them yet but I would off like them to stay PSP exclusives!

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Of the PSN that is! Downlading right now and can't wait to get back online!

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Who plays CoD for the story anyway?

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Polished to hell like CoD? And you think CoD worth $60 but Brink isn't? lol, somebody is blind!

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If your intention is solely profit, innovation is not the way to go in this day and age. It's all about marketing and who ever spend more, will get more! There's a reason for EA to allocate $100mil for marketing BF3, CoD costs a couple times more expensive to market than to make, $500mil for marketing Kinect and so on! Still don't get it?

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Sounds "interesting"? I'd say "dumb"! Never ever gonna happen! I bet my PS3 and all of my games over it!

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The SCUMS are at it again! Get a life already and if you're gonna say that THIS is your life, then get a life where you are not a public menace!

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I'm a little irritated! but what am I gonna do about it? bitching surely isn't any help! good god Motorstorm 3 is fun as hell!

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emm...a person in a coma has pulse too you know. and usually nobody knows when the coma will end! :-(

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obvious troll is obvious! came and went with a wimper? MOVE is here to stay! Sony reported 8 mil units sold and many games using it are coming! you wish that it fails but looks like you're failing even more with that comment!

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I think he already implanted diamonds in his skull with his CoD money!!

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what in the world could blend a crowbar?

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although I still feel Pacific Rift is the more brutal one but this is something else! things keep happening in front of you and the chaotic racing theme is definitely the highlight of this game and I'm loving it!

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one word, "LOL"!!

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to where? it's just 3 weeks for god sake but already talking about jumping ship? good god not everybody is as short sighted as this!

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"A bad game is a bad game" - your claim is based on what? IGN review? I bet you haven't play the game at all yet believe the negative reviews!

I'm not saying it's good or bad as I haven't play it either but seems like it's getting mix reviews which means the game is either a hit or a miss with the gaming crowd. so...concluding it as a BAD game is just plain wrong!

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definitely sync trophies! I got shit loads of them while offline these whole time!

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