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I think he played Mercenaries 2 too much
and he assumed that the gaming world is making fun of Venezuelan considering how stupid Venezuelan AI are in that game! #1.8
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I think what he meant was his current games which REQUIRE Windows won't work anymore if he just suddenly switch to Linux! #10.3
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M$ has the power over internet now?
since when does M$ owns the internet that will allow them to tax users?? I really don't get it! is this really possible? #1.19
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does it blink a yellow before the blinking red? if so, then you got yourself the YLoD - which is easily fixable! if your warranty expired, then, it's even better because you can fix it yourself but need to open the PS3 for reflowing the solders under the CELL and RSX. just look for the youtube video ThatArtGuy suggested. wish you luck #1.16
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I can't think of anything THAT great about trophies (achievements as well)
but for those who are collecting them, it's kinda fun to do! before trophies, I seldom play my games more than once except for great games like Uncharted DF, MGS4, R&C ToD and old games like KH which I played more than 2 times each but for trophies, I've played almost all of my games more times to get the trophies and possibly Platinum although I focus more on offline trophies because I'm not THAT good online! so, the thing is, it's fun even if not for all, it's still fun! #2.2
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irreplaceable LOL!
I can't even think of 1 battery that is irreplaceable! but batteries has a lifetime and making it irreplaceable is kinda stupid IMO! #9.3
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the title put gaming journalism (as they say they are) to shame!
with a monster of a PC, Crysis series will look like no other game will ever be for years to come, NOW! why even bother making such a statement when this is already known? Stupid? or just hungry for hits? I think it's both!

and for those who are saying Core i7 is more powerful than the CELL BE, you gotta be kidding! no other CPU does GPU task better than the CELL BE! the awesome graphic on PC are always resulted by good GFX card, not the CPU! if you don't trust me, try running an... #1.48
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what is wrong with losing to Nintendo? Sony is putting a pretty good fight to the ever dominating Wii but there's no sane people in this world is thinking that the PS3 will surpass the Wii - not in the current state and except if the Wii stop selling completely today but that will still take up years for Sony to reach that 50mil+ mark with the PS3! plus, Wii is like $100 more expensive than the PS3 even in Japan! so, selling like 50k less consoles a month compared to the competitor that is $... #1.8
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seems like only the Japanese buy the PSP
maybe because they got a lot of games over there gamers on the west don't! and the PS3 is really battling out with the Wii! #1.2
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I've seen this game at the store yesterday
but due to being broke now, I'm saving for GoW3! I'll buy BC2 later on and mind you, I like BC for the campaign! not much of a MP fan here! #1.18
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that's kinda like
95% of today's games! but I still don't understand 1 thing here. no XBL means you can't play online at all? or you can log into other country's XBL to play online?

I live in Malaysia and I have always logged into AUS PSN for I bought my PS3 there but PS3 games are region free except for DLCs but online gaming is not a problem at all. so, how's XBL in Poland and other places with no XBL? #6.1
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optical only supports 5.1 max
but for some people, like me, that's the most I can get at the moment and playing games with 37" HDTV and 5.1 surround system is still kinda awesome for an average gamer, again, like me! plus, not that many games support lossless 7.1 output so I think, 5.1 is still the best bang for bucks for gaming IMO! I don't dig too much into BD movies but I think most of them still only support 5.1, right? #4.5
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now I got my words upside down! that's how awesome the vid is!! I stopped watching halfway through because my eyes are starting to tear and luckily I don't understand Germans so, still kinda clueless but one thing for sure, the word "EPIC" is not enough to describe GoW3! #1.14
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it's hard to decide to support who but I think I'm not going to support any of them!
both parties were responsible for releasing MW2! short, uninspired, glitchy, more expensive then other games in some places, no dedicated servers even on PC, no mods and the list goes on! so...may both parties collapse for all I care and I think gaming will be better without them! #1.16
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I'm not a fan of any of Activision's games
the last 1 I bought was CoD4 and it was due to hype and I've never touched the game since I finished the SP once and maybe some split screen local MP. haha...maybe I'm the only one here with CoD4 but didn't even touch the online! I know, what a waste! MW2? tried it, and think it's CRAP! so, no buy for me!

back on topic, I hope Activision will burn hard after this fiasco and sack kotick for him being a disgrace to the gaming world - and stop releasing CoD after CoD and GH after GH... #1.14
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I don't know what you're talking about but, WHAT?? behind? who? Insomniac?

dude, they were not experienced in FPS genre when they released R:FoM but they just suddenly pushed the envelope for online MP on consoles with 40-player MP! - you usually don't do that the 1st time around trying and with a launch title but guess what, they DID! and R:FoM turned out to be a very good game although they went kinda generic with R2 but they still managed to up the ante with 60-player MP &... #5.5
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I agree with Wells
but I already own 1 - the launch 60GB, YLoD 2 times, fixed it myself and still kickin' and gamin'!! although I will buy another 1, the slim if only there is anything like GoW3 Special Edition PS3 like they did with FFXIII! I'm so disappointed Sony is not making it happens! :( #1.15
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why the hell do they really care that much to implement it anyway? why even put it there in the 1st place and make it hard for the legits? these guys are working in multi-million/billion companies, so shouldn't they be somewhat smarter than this? PC is an 'open' platform unlike consoles and do they really think they can stop piracy on a platform where everybody, yeah...EVERYBODY can write any program on?? like seriously??

the truth is, DRM SUCKS and never will be able stop piracy... #2.8
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what the hell??
1 more reason not to use IE! #1.1
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CoD7: Milking Warfare!!
get the exclusive milk gun when pre-order at Gamestop near you!! #1.14
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