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@cez of idiot
there are lines that need to be crossed before you qualify yourself as an idiot and congrats, you just crossed them all in that 1 comment!

"It's free because it has to be...plain and simple..." - playing online on XBL is not free although I think it should as it's free doing so elsewhere!

"Pretty soon Sony is gonna have to give the PS3 away for free just to be relevant..." - SEGA crashed out of the console market with the DC! did they ever give an... #1.33
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I'm ok people telling me that I'm not very good at games but not from people that plays on EASY like you!


no, he's not right at all! cyclops are weak to that move but other big creature aren't! the simplest example is the stone guys with stone hammers! try doing that and they'll kick your ass hard! thanks for the intention though, but I got it with Hades! now I just got my cestus! :) #7.8
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a broken DLC for a broken game
hohoho...why am I not surprised? is this another 'beta' exclusive to 360 gamers? I feel sorry for those who paid for this and it's not working! but honest question: how many times shall activision screw you in the ass before you ever learn that they are CRAP?? #2.12
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if you want some hint for Hades,
*Apollo is your friend* #10.1
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square, square, triangle. that's it? even on the easiest mode you can't get through just with that! I'm on Titan (2nd playthrough) and I've been dying a lot especially at boss battle! Hades made me almost break my controller apart! #7.3
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"There's nothing like Alan Wake on PS3 as of yet"

there's always Alone in the Dark! from what I've seen of AW, it's hard to distinguish it from the image of Alone in the Dark! #1.31
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to be fair, the slogan "it only does EVERYTHING" was introduced during the launch of Slim and the Slim doesn't have "otherOS" option to begin with! so...I don't think Other OS is included in "EVERYTHING"! plus, no other console gives you the option to install otherOS! so your point is? #1.19
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Good Spiderman game?
with Bobby Kotick in charge, I might as well just say "FORGET IT"! #1.10
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THIS again? I also think that it's coming but not on day and date the same with the 360 will surely hit the game HARD sales-wise if it ever come to the PS3 later and this is proven with many time exclusive titles before this! might as well not come to the PS3 at all! Ubi should know better #1.20
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the whole countdown thing is only to remind people that they are now 15?? that's SUPER LAME! I'm not expecting ME to be on PS3 or anything like that but at least an announcement of a new game! ...and auction is not a sign of appreciation especially when you are a game dev! at least give some free DLC or something, than THAT's how you appreciate your fans!

p/s: HolyOrangeCows beat me to it! #1.13
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Gears is an Epic Games franchise. would expect them to use their own engine for that! it's also part of promoting the engine to the masses. news flash...Gears 3 will also use UE! just the matter of UE3 or 4 but still UE! #1.9
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the company name made me laugh! really fit them for now that they've downgraded themselves from doing HD games to iPhone games! oh well, all the best to them! #1
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slow news day? #4
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for fvck sake
Korea is like next door to Japan and they've somehow managed to launch in other places way further than Korea like a year ago! WTH? that's a slap in the face for Korean Wii gamers IMO! #2.1
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sorry if you really have it installed day 1! I got carried away because I was thinking "Sony/PS3 bashing" is like your 2nd job LOL!

but I've heard people calling Linux as the poor man's PC! (not trying to offense those using them but solely due the nature of it being free and all...), Linux on PS3 is like the poor man's linux LOL! it was a cool option for the PS3 over any other console in history but with all the limitations like no access to RSX, small memory, lack of... #1.26
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the stealth ability was indeed there in DF
it's just that there's just not more than 5 places you can use it effectively before the enemy spot you! unlike in U2, the enemy's awareness in DF is just high! but not so high like in Crysis where goons can spot you from a mile away while you're cloaked! but this is so cool of ND! walking the walk with fans! I would really love to be there! #1.1
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peeps is partially right
there was 20GB models but that's only for Japan and NA only if I'm not mistaken. most PAL regions like EU (not quite sure) and AUS (confirmed) didn't have access to the 20GB since launch and in AUS, the launch price was AUD999 for 60 GB! the PAL versions of older PS3s also have BC but not fully. the BC was emulated because the lack of either the GS or EE chip but it's there! the 1st model without the BC was the 40GB which later became the 80GB but the 80GBs which came with MGS4 bundle have em... #5.6
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wow XGR is the 'new' HOME
it's getting so much hate since launch! I'm not an xbox gamer and I use HOME every once in a while to meet friends and chat. but from the look of it, XGR is going to have a tough times ahead! let's hope M$ gets the notes and turns it down a bit on pricing so people can warm up to the idea! nickel & dimming from the get go is a NO NO! #1.13
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oh please...
for those who said that "they are about to install linux", "are about to use that feature" and so on...the old models had been in the market since 2006 and JUST NOW you wanna use that feature? yeah right! you guys just wanna have something to moan about! especially you GEC!

I'm not saying that this is a good move from Sony as I'm also against taking out features! but this is the only 1 feature I've never used on my PS3! it's a nice option but for an average Jo... #1.9
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