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LOL @ bubbles, that is funny! +bubbles
back to the topic, the PS3 launches at $600 and becoming the 3rd fastest selling console of all time but that was because of the hype and later on it was hit hard by its own pricing and slowing down in sales! after a $100 price cut in 2007 and the release of the stripped down 40GB, the sales went up again for a while but not for long and it still got beaten hard by the Wii and 360 during Christmas. it gained momentum earlier in 2008 until half way before the 360 price cut which off-set the ad... #1.17
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the demo is CRAP! how can you take this preview seriously with this phrase:
"I can safely say that I have had more fun in this DEMO than I have ever had with any Gran Turismo game, or any other racing game for that matter.." ???

WTF is this dude talking about? if he is having so much fun with this demo over any racing game, he actually has never played any racing game his entire life!

I will not talk about any other racing game here but personally, I... #10
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This game is a JOKE
played the demo and I think their new direction for the game is CRAP! it's just GRID offroad! now it has the rewind feature as well! nicely done Codemaster! you've ruin a great franchise name! it looks more like Sega Rally than a true rally game! #1
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I was never intrigued by Core i7
it's not that it's not powerful when we know it really is more powerful compared to C2D/C2Q but in games, I don't think they will perform that much better! afterall, I use my pc for surfing, watching movies and gaming! most game devs put a lot of loads on GPU rather than CPU for their games. even Crysis is not utilizing the quad core CPU to use more than 2 cores but was making the best GPUs cried to run it on high when it was released! and those PCs or laptops with integrated gfx can't come e... #1.1
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LOL @ "this gen IS over. With directx 11 being the forefront of the new nex-gen"
hahaha...I still can't stop laughing at that! so, M$ launching Win7 with DX11 is the beginning of new generation already? yeah, keep thinking like that! even with DX10, there is not so many games on PC that kick console games out of the water just yet and you are saying we are going to start a new gen with DX11? with what game? DIRT2? that game is a joke! and I don't think this gen is going to end sooner with many devs are happy catering multiplats to the limited 7GB of space on 360! games ar... #1.14
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my wife kinda addicted to farmville too
so does a lot of her friends! I don't understand what is so great about it because I don't even use my facebook that much! but come on...future of gaming? #1.6
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for those guys that has so may trophies
you guys must have a lot of free times then ha? I can't even find a decent gaming time during weekdays except a little bit before I go to sleep and have only so much time for so many games every weekends! I am in the middle of so many games such as Merc2, inFAMOUS, KZ2, BF BC, Motorstorm PR, Heavenly Sword (No trophies but totally worth it!) and I hate it that I don't have more time to play them all especially for online games!

by the way, this is all I got:

because we know NA is Halo and CoD territory and Uncharted 2 is too small of a franchise to take over these juggernauts but it's still funny! +bubbles! #30.2
a release date! rejoice to the fans! but it's shame really, with SE releasing their 1st true game on the PS3 after almost 3 years the PS3 is on the market! more of a shame for them that the Sony guys came out ahead with the PS3 Slim before SE even announce FFXIII's release date. designing a powerful and reliable HW is easier than to produce a decent game SW? I don't understand it anymore... #1.17
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who the hell is thinking M$ is going to dominate Japan?
I doubt even those at M$ is thinking about it! even with the JRPGs, they just want a piece of the market pie in Japan! Dominating? NO WAY! Nintendo and Sony are too big a player in Japan M$ can't touch! selling just 1+ million after almost 4 years is a good sign of DOOM in Japan! M$ sold more 360 last Christmas than they sold this ENTIRE generation in Japan! #1.13
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what is so great about Valve anyway?
they made HL and CS which is very popular but nowadays, there are tons of games that I can think about that are way better than those 2 games already but yet Valve stays with their outdated source engine even for their latest upcoming L4D2! so...what is so great again about a dev team which is too lazy to come out with a new engine after so long and continue to milk their outdated engine for decent games such as L4D? it's already 2009 for god sake! wake up and stop living in the past, valve! #1.6
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vgchartz? pfft...
who's taking that site seriously anyway? you really believe you can track sold products to the very single units? even respected sources like NPD, Chart Track and Media create are rounding their numbers to the hundreds and that is with proper tracking! don't even try to trust vgchartz! #6.3
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what is wrong with you? is it wrong for any gamer from any console to enjoy their games and you have to find a way to spoil the fun? there is nothing wrong with PS3 gamers praising/hyping Uncharted2 as well as the 360 gamers praising/hyping Halo or whatsoever! for me, Uncharted2 deserves every single praise it gets not because it's just another game from a big franchise but look at what ND has been doing with it! the game looks insane and highly improved over the 1st while the 1st is still re... #1.18
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this article is only about ToV?? I thought it is about porting from 360 to PS3 in general which is a common practice since the beginning of this gen! porting form 360 to PS3 is not always an easy task considering both system is not identically built where on the 360, more devs are focusing to put loads/calculation on the GPU while the PS3 having a more powerful CPU, cannot perform GPU-intensive calculation like the 360! although focusing the calculations on the SPUs to support the RSX can pro... #3.4
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it's hard to take you seriously with username like THAT! #5.3
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that serves for a good laugh even only for an hour or so before a fix popped out or maybe forever for those pirates who don't know! nice attempt but piracy on PC is going as long as there is PC gaming! there will be no way to stop it! for me, it's better for them to spend their resources to actually make their games GOOD and worth every penny instead of focusing on next gen DRM or whatever it is to fight piracy so more people will buy it! (as well as pirating it, unfortunately!) afterall, DRM... #1.8
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why is everybody over exaggerate over the Agent?
I don't really understand! Just because it's developed by R* North, doesn't mean it's awesome ALREADY, right? we've seen practically nothing from this game but yet people are already hyping it to the sky! When Jack Tretton announced the game during E3, I was like, "Ok, so there will be a new game coming for R*" but nothing like "OMFGBBQ, Agent will be awesome!" kinda feeling! GTAIV has taught a useful lesson. I won't be hyped by Agent not at least after I see some footage. #1.7
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what quality control are you talking about? in term of quality, not even a handful of games come close to what he has done with MGS4! it's quality at its finest! I agree that the MGS universe is somewhat very complicated but who really does that for a video game?? that's why I respect him and love what he has done with MGS! MGS4 is still among the top picks for the best game this gen IMO! #1.5
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haha...that's kinda cool!
*imagining Kratos drifting in a cart* #20.1
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more like "criticaldouchebag" to me! put away the wand? The Wii sold 50+ millions for the Wiimote and nunchuck alone and when Sony came with something better, you tell them to put it away? I'm not a fan of motion control either but double standards such as this really disgust me! #1.21
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