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that the cutscene for this is as long as the whole campaign for MW2! #1.9
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guys guys guys
what happen to the mindset as a gamer inside all of you? always a fanboy wars in whatever article possible! now both PS3 and 360 owners will be able to play the game but somehow we're fighting like this game is a confirmed sh1t and both parties don't even want to keep it? feel sorry for Tecmo.

I was never a fan of gears but the early vids of quantum kinda made me interested. here's hoping that it will at least have a good story and I might consider picking it up later on when it'... #1.13
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if you really take it that way
see no further than 360 gamers! they pay to play online when it's free everywhere else! I'm not bashing anything here but nickle and diming is the roots of today's gaming market! why the hell do you think that there's DLC here and there? M$ is charging for online and even Sony and Ninty with their free online, still find a way to bucket in some easy cash with online content! shall I say, business is business! rip-off or not, nobody is pointing guns, forcing you to pay for any of them!
... #4.2
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duhh...Sony has the highest number of 1st party studios under the belts than M$ and Ninty combined! what do you expect they are doing all this time? making popcorns? of course they make games! Sony bought them so they will make games exclusively for Sony not for nothing!


those are so 2007 & 2008 plus all those are 3rd party games! 2010 is upon us and you're still stuck in the past! how sad! #1.19
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not going to read the article but rather just share my own experience
I haven't started using the tuned Z yet but had drove rounds and rounds with the normal Z and is currently best at around 1:55 something and last time I saw was on the 5 hundred something in the ranking!

the control is something that really needs getting used to as I was never a serious GT player. on the graphic department, the environment is plain and lifeless but the cars look great although I acknowledge that this is for demonstrating the physics and the graphics could be much... #1.20
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the game was released like yesterday
the article is saying that selling 'just' 1.1M copy on day 1 is the reason for releasing on 360? are you fvcking kidding me? being a multiplat was confirmed last year and how's today's sale figure could have possibly drive the decision made by SE more than a year ago?? that's it, this article is too stupid! why the hell did people approved this? WHAT A WASTE OF BANDWIDTH! #2.16
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would like some new co-op maps
played the hell out of the current maps and would love to have new ones! #1.1
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Nice! I 2nd that! :) #3.2
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you do know that Jaffe just made the 1st GoW, right? and then he left Sony for his own company. Cory Barlog was the lead for GoW2 and that bettered everything the 1st one did and regarded as among the best PS2 game of all time! and that guy also left Sony after that for the reason I don't remember (too lazy to look for it)! GoW CoO also had someone else as the project leader! GoW series has never had the same lead dev since the 1st one on PS2.

the graphic is mediocre? really now... #4.5
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just joking
I've played DI's demo and I think it's quite good. although I'll be honest here that there's still a lot to be desired in graphical department but it plays smooth 60fps and I'm a fan of a good story! as long as the game has good story (looks promising), I'm in! but looking at my budget for next year, I'll definitely buy GoW3 and finish that 1 first before getting DI. not saying that GoW3 will definitely be better than DI, it's just that I mainly buy exclusives early on and multiplats later on... #3.8
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bayonetta's control? you mean like this one? #3.7
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the game looks intense
looking forward for the game. I'm not too much of an online player but I do go online for some MP sometimes! I'm more a campaign fan and here's for hoping that BC2's campaign is not short as hell as MW2! 5H? WTF? #1.4
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I'm still on the fence about getting this game
looks interesting but I've never played the like of indigo prophecy for me to even understand the genre. although I've defied my gaming preference this gen with FPS which I hated with passion before I play them on PS3 and now I'm loving them and with MGS4 which was my 1st MGS game and how I've finished that 3 times! maybe I'll do it again with heavy rain but to be honest, there's already too many games to buy next year, I feel like my wallet can't keep up! DAMN! #3.8
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already got the collection
but I still wanna get my hands to the pandora box. I guess I'm importing the US ultimate edition #1.8
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and most people even put it as a contender for GoTY LOL! MW2 won best shooter 2009 from some places over KZ2! I think most of them live in the world where KZ2 doesn't exist! now it's in top 5 graphic? bad joke there people, bad joke!

the only award MW2 can win this year is the sales record award - nothing else! #9.1
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so...just got back from the future there ha? #8.4
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no KZ2 for anything graphic related = EPIC FAIL!
MW2? the 600p game which looks not too distantly better than CoD4? that one? Batman AA? come on, I know it's one of the best game this year but graphically top 5?

KZ2 graphics is regarded as among the best that have been seen on console and still is, yet it's not there on top 5? yeah, that makes sense! /s

if you just wanna play safe and make it 'looks' fair, better off not make any list at all! #1.14
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every week? more like every day! IW SUCKS hard and if there's still anybody trying to defend them after all these, as a consumer and a gamer, you SUCK at the epic level! please let me kick your balls so I can bring you back to reality! #19.3
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I can't belive Jack is on there
for saying that there might be shortages?? come on, how's that being a douche? like seriously? I'm pretty sure most people would agree if Dan is there instead of Jack and he's 10x more deserving to be there than Jack! definitive this (720p), definitive that (damage), no other comes close, years ahead of competition, the best racing game this generation, largest number of cars 400 (will need HDD, GT will have 1000), more than 100 tracks (24 tracks, more than 100 variations, need HDD) etc. how'... #1.34
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Trophy unlocked:
Charted - GoTY! *ching* #17.1
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