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Reach is graphically better than KZ2??
what have you guys been watching? did I watched something else or what?? from that footage alone, and people are saying it's already looking better than KZ2? it's not even looking better than Gears for god sake! I've read a lot of comments since yesterday and I've gone through comments as ridiculous as this

"far surpassed anything I've seen done on consoles"

like seriously?? I understand the high hope of fanboys for this to surpass KZ2 graphically but for... #1.23
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this pachter guy is full of himself!
this will be the last time I click anything with the mention of Pachter in it!

lackluster compared to what? GTA? Halo3? CoD? Gears? Mario? tell me what other games do numbers like those 5? after proven (and admittedly) being wrong for so many times now, pachter is trying to be 'right' by once again pulling the captain obvious but over a million sold is not lackluster, you fool! #1.28
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that's IW for ya!
no beta FTW!! /s #1.7
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problem with the price?
try telling that to Activision!



... #1.6
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VGA award is a joke!
and although Uncharted 2 won GoTY, WTF was going on with some of the awards? AC2 was not even a contender for best game of any platform, yet it won best action game! - against the GoTY itself?? and how the hell Rock Steady won studio of the year with ND have the most contentions?? best original score is ODST? what is this 'original score' thing? 83? and best shooter is MW2? 'best shooter' should be changed to 'most popular shooter' next time to avoid confusion!! #8.4
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it's GoTY all right
but how the hell did AC2 won best action game when it's not even the best game on any console and it was against the GoTY itself?? #4.1
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sold 700k in NA?
that, minus 175k in october, will give 525k in november!! from november NPD;

well...busted again there VGChartz? oh yeah, not needed here because your other name is VGFakeChartz! #2.1
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this is the video from months before, right?
I swear I've watched this. and after reading other's comments, yeah, this is old! #1.16
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no sh1t sherlock! #1.2
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there's no PS2 classic being sold on PSN, only PS1.

after the latest NPD, PS3 bashing season started again it seems ha? why aren't we having articles about 360 not natively backward compatible? I have the launch PS3 with BC but honestly never once use the feature. why you ask? I have a PS2 for god sake! that's why I have those PS2 games to begin with! and why the hell would I buy a PS3 if in the end, the biggest gripe will be the BC to play last gen games?? nitpicking much? #1.36
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as far as NA numbers plus the Japan numbers go, PS3 outsold 360 in November!

and didn't this pachter guy being rubbing false and stupid predictions all over our face one after another at least once a month but just NOW somehow he's admitting that he's wrong?

OMG, pachter is wrong again! this is news! - NOT! #2.9
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I think most people in N4G
think "oh, another one? who cares?" when reading this. but this shows just how 'fragile' the codings in MW2! does IW care? I don't think so! although the did patch the javelin glitch, I don't think they will fix the trophy glitches. they got their money with all the purchases and there's no need for server maintenance no more! there's already another CoD for next year for god sake! why even bother with this one this year? it's just like CoD4 all over again! 2 years later, people are... #1.1
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"It should have been included in the game..... "
said someone who probably has never played the game! I guess ODST and L4D2 are indeed too short and now you're trying to drag another game into that dreaded category, aren't you? go away to the open zone, TROLL! FYI, Uncharted 2 campaign is longer than ODST and L4D2 combined and recently we got a free DLC of a map from the 1st game! it's awesome but oh yeah, you probably won't understand because you pay $60 for expansions!! #4.11
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one word!
BOOBS! #1.22
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it's already 2009
and people are still complaining about BC? what the hell? if you wanna play PS2 games THAT much, PS2s are now $99 or less! why buy a PS3 in the 1st place if you wanna play PS2 games?? #1.12
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I knew something like this would happen

MW2 is HUGE! and Pachter is LAME! #2.4
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I think Narutone66 got it right
but LOL @ solded! #14.3
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no Forza...
pfft...forget it, too late! there'll always the mention of forza here. #3.10
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please please please
for the love of god, don't bring Forza in this article! #2.8
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teh real question is...
is there really any of the companies that involve in this business not planning on winning? like seriously? #1.22
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