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because I love trophies. before, I just finish most of my games once and many times didn't even bothered going for the sub missions and stuff because I just want to finish the games. now, not anymore and I feel like I got my money worth it with every single purchase.

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"the psp go is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things."

Go! was more relevant than you know! Go! was the 1st reason why there are so many PSP titles available on PSN and looking at things now, less and less people are still realizing the fact that PSP games downloaded via PSN is NOT significantly cheaper than new UMDs (many times you can get UMD games for way cheaper especially used) and can't be traded for other games or cash like UMD!

what m...

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that's like what? 1/10 of Kinect's?

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so...I'm actually doing porn? lol

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I got to get this! I heard so many good things about it and this collection becomes irresistible! TM can wait till I Platinum all Jak!

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it's cheaper afterall!

but I'm not the one to decide which is better because 3D is about personal perspective and I may not see like what you see and vice versa. personally I think active is the best at the moment. passive 3D is kinda underwhelm still

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there are some areas in the game which are too dark making them too hard to pay in 3D!

I think Insomniac hasn't really grab the essence of true 3D game design yet. even R&C All4One has bad 3D! both are still great games though but 3D-wise, very disappointing!

UC3 has the best 3D on console IMO followed by KZ3! if only they would release a 3D patch for GoW3...OMG that would be godly! (excuse the pun)

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the best thing is, you can actually reconfigure them to work with the right analog stick! FPS and TPS on PSP use the triangle, circle, square and X and those can be changed into the right analog on the Vita on the go. totally awesome feature!

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"fast-paced"? C'mon, that's BS! Characters move too slowly like they are skipping which is annoying! Coop is a mess because of the fix camera unlike LEGO games where 2 players can roam freely and independantly in 1 area. Plus, why even bother allow players to compete with each other just for the game to slap you with a bronze? The game is shallow at best and looks like a cheap rip-off of LBP and LEGO.

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Indeed he the inside!

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Speak for yourself! Going for less games is clearlly a wrong direction to go to. I love Sony for the amount of exclusives they pump out every year.Multiplats are better on pc by miles, so there is no point really to own a console lacking in exclusives!

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EDGE has been spewing BS fr quite some time now. Where were you?

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You can quote me on that

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GA is a great game but I could already seen their trolling 7 from miles away just so they can stir hits to their site. Pathetic!

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does the Note or any other smartphones in that matter allow or give me the ability to play console quality games like the Vita does?

the answer is a big fat NO so fvck off stupid non-gaming related reviews!

plus, this stupid reviewer is pretty uninformed on lots of stuff too! how the fvck does this even got through?

3 hours of gaming on Vita? BS! I have one so this is totally not true!

Vita doesn't have HDMI out! and no, ...

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you should know better :-)

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on how Laws work sometimes! you can be sued over your own name if they feel like it! afterall, it's a money game!

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all I hear are hate for SOCOM 4 over here! not really sure if they are true old days SOCOM fans or just plain haters!

I love SOCOM 4 too and just missing the Elite trophy for Platinum! my only complain for S4 is the enemies are too cheap on Elite!


forgot my other complain being the later buyers get the incentives of free DLC over people who've bought it earlier! seriously, WTF?!

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don't listen to the haters! if you like TPS, SOCOM 4 is actually a pretty good game!

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