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seems like Crapcom has lost its touch on the horror genre and they admittedly saying that they won't embrace it more due to the small market!

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a story in fighting game is equivalent to those in racing games! they don't really have the weight because the game genre itself makes people don't really pay attention. for fighting and racing games, if the control is good, the game is good, end of story!

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but they might sell perks! $10 for using perks 100 times for example

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I think they just want to avoid the shitstorm or shall I say (law)suitstorm from AV later over the name. if the game turned out to be good, you know AV will not just stay quite! just like how they are trying to sue Valve over the use of DOTA name. a bit different cases but orange, apple doesn't really matter in this day and age when anything is possible in court!

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DS Extraction is a great example of HD Wii ports and it plays great on PS3. so, I expect EM2 will do just fine.

afterall, upscaling is easier and cheaper than downscaling graphic

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it's an online store

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so true! digital on-screen controller SUCKS!

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been waiting for it since the PSP time!

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she really thinks that she is THAT important and her opinion means shit to any gamer out there! she's on IGN for all the reasons but a gamer, she is not!

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wait until they announce that you have to pay extra to unlock the true ending for the game!

thanks to yours sincerely, CRAPCOM!

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but I hardly think this as a duplicate because the idea of me submitting this is to share this "great thoughts" from Techradar on the power of 720 (or whatever they will call it!)

c'mon, admit it, a tech-specialized site calling the 720 is equivalent to 2 PCs tacked together? that's HILLARIOUS! didn't they get the notice that GTX680 just whipped the HD7970 ass?

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At the moment, AC3 is at the top of the hype game!

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"Perhaps in the future if we're lucky, someone will invent a cable that will connect from a PC to a television so we can transmit video and finally sit on a couch while we game."

dude, I've been playing my pc games on my big ass TV via HDMI for couple of years now! what are you talking about?

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"there was no innovations left for the franchise"

there's no limiting innovation but the dev themselves! if CoD is not innovative, it's because the dev including Bowling himself is not innovative!

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that's arrogance!

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and I still fell for it due to myself holding back because of Gold! I guess that's April Fool for all of us!

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I can imagine that Medieval MOVE can only get better with the ability to move (pun not intended) freely instead of moving on rails!

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will require them to acquire license from Marvel. superman is DC's

nevermind...this is a mod, so yeah...bring them all IN!

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I think the better question would be:

Is another Pokemon a good idea?

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I dropped by to just say this.

Visuals alone will not magically change gaming! If that's truly the case, gaming would've changed long ago on the PC know, the place where graphics are heads and shoulders better than what consoles can do!

But "change"? What is this change actually?

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