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handles franchise like Nintendo?
like put Mario in every game they release? put no emphasis on stories? one day he's a plumber, another day a kart racer, a brawler, now an astronaut? no thanks! playing Mario after Mario without the sense of story telling and attachment to the previous games, is the reason I'm not a fan! praise Mario all you guys like but I hate him! #1.5
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GoW vs Mario
one with heavily story driven game and another one is a freak which came out in all types of games with no sense of story or what so ever! yeah...that make sense! /s #1.1.5
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only the Phillipines?
make that most of South-east Asia except maybe just Singapore! games, except for the PS3, are too cheap here! (you know why) #1.3
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the 2011 one? there's nothing new about that #5.3.2
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looks better than R&C on PS3?
bwahahaha...there's a thin line between totally blind and a fanboy! maybe that's why fanboys are always blind! Mario might plays better but looks better? come on, 480p vs pixar quality 720p 60fps nuff said! #1.1.6
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with a stupid perception like that,
no wonder their reputation is slipping fast! all they need to be is what they were and everything will be good! trying to appeal more to the westerners thing is tarnishing their image! - not only by Japanese, but also the westerners that used to love them! Yoichi Wada is stupid! nuff said! #1.6
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he hopes?
why does he even care?? so that he can make more obvious predictions? this guy plays nothing but numbers! if he leaves the gaming scene alone, it'll be like christmas! #2.7
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yah, I'm busted! happy now? I was planning on getting the game since the 1st time I saw the footages and with all the hype and everything I really really want the game! - and I knew from the get go that it's a multiplat!

I said "seems like it's GTAIV all over again" because in terms of reviews and reception, you can't deny that it's kinda similar! perfect reviews all over the place but the game itself is not reflecting the 10s it's getting! w... #1.10.2
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Crysis on single DVD? did you just forgot that you need to INSTALL the game to your HDD before you can play it? no games on PCs is streamed directly from a DVD like those on consoles you know! I can also separate Crysis into several CDs if I want! #7.1.4
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seems like it's GTAIV all over again
or maybe not exactly the same but kinda! I saw the game already up on shelve today but I didn't buy it although I would really love to. the reason was, I thought back about GTAIV and how hyped I was for the game just to be disappointed later on!

it's true, that there's a lot to do in a sandbox game like this but if the main missions are the repetitive "go there, kill him" kinda things, then that's just BORING! #1.9
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Gabe is stupid!
comparing a mac (computer) to the PS3.....maybe all the cholesterol is climbing to his brain by now! that is the only explanation for this dumb statement! stop eating those burgers and start working out a bit you dumbass! #1.1.20
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@5. so, for you it matters?
so, the PS3 version SUCKS because it's sub-HD? ok, I'll live with that but using the same logic; Halo3, MW, MW2, SC:C, AW, Star Ocean, FFXIII etc. all SUCK! those are all sub-HD games as well! don't start calling names if people think like that because you're doing the same thing! #5.4
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wow, what a bunch of BS you're spreading there
mandatory install? I only blame them devs for their shoddy works of optimizing their games for PS3! I know that it's the extra cost they're thinking but their shoddy effort gave the bad impressions towards the PS3! as far as I remember, PS3's best games don't have installs at all! so stop with the mandatory install BS!

the PS3 was expensive at launch but the 360 was not cheap either! now that the PS3 is at $299, the 360 at the same price doesn't look cheap... #2.1.1
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"Bravias are not cheap" - if you even been to Australia, so do other TVs and pretty much everything else over there! ever wonder why consoles don't do numbers like in NA and JPN in Australia? PS3 debuted @ RRP AUD999! go figure...

bundling a PS3 with a Bravia purchase is a brilliant idea IMO! don't you ever think how many had gone buying those Bravias just for this sweet deal? If I'm still there I think I'll take the deal! consider it as giveaway as... #8.1.5
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PS2 is the King...
...that won't die! - just yet! #1.4
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let the truth be told!

p/s: OMG you got bubble raped bad! here, have one! #6.4
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I think you may the 1 of those who thinks that iPod, iPhone, iPad and Macs are COOL and the best gadgets EVER! #4.3
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biggest disgrace?
bigger than Kotick? I don't think so! 1 thing for sure about Wada is, he's DUMB! at least kotick is smart and knows where to throw his money but if it's not for FF and DQ, Wada would've been long gone! yes, he's THAT dumb! #1.2.3
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typical of Ubisoft these days! they better off just trademark it on their name and it will still make sense! #1.4
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by "bypass" u meant "surpass", right? #1.1
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