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the AI is kinda dumb! and I don't think a single rocket can open a hole THAT huge either! nitpickings, I know but...why not? this is about to shoot for the best fps ever, right?

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there's no special reason really. they are just waiting for E3 and announce the time exclusive DLC for 360. rinse and repeat every year!

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but it's only 256MB and mainly paired to cope up with the CELL! the RSX however also only has 256MB DDR3! I think I understand why they said they want more RAM but I think what's more important is the graphic chip itself! the PS3 can have 4GB of RAM but it will still not be able to deliver much better graphic than what it is capable today because the GPU is OLD! it's like having 8GB of RAM in a PC but with only HD4850! - sure the RAM is more than enough but can it max Crysis? NEVE...

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is this 1 of those late April Fool thing?

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lol dude, you need help! :-p

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what the...? that doesn't even make sense but due to that, I LOL!

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I'm surprised MOVE sold that much already! no wonder I still at 0.96 K/D in KZ3! I think many are using MOVE for it and damn, that thing is a beast!

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isn't Mileena damn ugly under that mask? something like this?

those snake women in GoW are way prettier than Mileena

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AVATAR was only great in terms of its 3D but the story overall is nothing special IMO!

so...seeing as I'll be getting my 1st 3DTV in a month or 2 from now, I hope Uncharted 3 will surpass AVATAR in terms of 3D and story and of course something that AVATAR doesn't have, gameplay!

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library of games have little to do with current sales! PSP was dominating Japan long before 3DS was announced! latest games which people wanted is the key to have great sales!

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if not, PS2, Wii and DS with great library of games will dominate! week-over-weeks sales is defined by current games and 3DS clearly is lacking behind the PSP and Wii lacking behind the PS3 in terms of games!

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"how is the psp selling against the dsi/lite?"

what do you mean by THAT? have you seen the chart for Japan lately? even 360 sold more than DS lite and both DSi combined still several thousands below the PS3!

PSP has been the best selling platform in Japan for several months in a row now and only beaten for the month when 3DS were released and now back again on top!

in Japan, it's almost always not about the price, it's about...

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even earlier PS3 games are being torrented way before Jailbreak was discovered! so...I hope mods just keep this kind of story off N4G please! no promoting for piracy here!

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"Probably not much, as Nintendo's focus is more on gameplay, rather than graphics and physics etc."

lol more like they are taking the CHEAPEST path with the biggest profit margin from the get go! tbh, I can't see it changing anytime soon.

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The Show is THE game for it at the moment!

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Hardcore and CoD is the same sentence! oh...what the world has became!

there are hardcore CoD players out there, I know but CoD is a casual shooter! get your fact straight!

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can't we just appreciate a good game? the reviews are averaging from 7-8 which is GOOD! I personally can't wait for it!

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and All4One seems like it tries to deliver something new never before seen in R&C games. I hope the new game mechanic and co-op will be well executed unlike the boring Marvel Super Hero Squad!

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not really something that I'm dying to see.

I am always wondering...this game is like Norman Jaden starring in Mafia II? minus the ARI. looks like it to me but still need for more info to be convinced by this game.

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I think HD games production cost should have been down significantly compared to 2006. the successor for the Wii will definitely be a HD console but will it be more powerful than PS3/360 is still within the doubt. knowing that Nintendo's way of doing business now is profiting from the get go basing on Wii and DS, I think we will never again get to see Nintendo shooting for the top spot in terms of power! I would like them to prove me wrong though.

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