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that's a bit arrogant, don't you think?

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the later have matured enough to make it mainstream while the former is still in infancy! props to Nintendo for jumping in with 3DS though!

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entering the console market with what low spec but overprice iconsole or something?

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but personally this doesn't affect me as I always buy my games new. but sucks to those depending on the used market although my advice for you guys is just wait a bit and you"ll eventually be able to buy your games at a lesser price.

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is that supposed to be a compliment?

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that means you haven't try it enough! once you've got use to it, which doesn't take long, you'll understand! :-)

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very cool!

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this is what happen when you're so blindly one sided!

there are a lot of announcement regarding MOVE during E3! go look it up! but don't expect the slew of on-rail games like those for Kinect though!

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SOCOM feels a bit weird though because it's TPS I think but I still use it. can't wait for Resistance 3 too!

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you know..."MOVE is DOOMED" article day!

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but BF fanboys are truly scary on here! I'm the former though...

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the SP trophies alone are insanely hard. those lvl 7 and 8 AIs are brutal as hell!

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but these trophies are just time consuming, not hard!

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M$ will make sure it will never happen! EVER! you can quote me on this if you like

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I only played team deathmatch though and still at level 7 but I think I had enough with the 2 maps available. I would love to play some co-op but never got into any game yet. maybe I didn't wait long enough but I have other games to play too, like Infamous 2 for instance. I'll definitely hop in again before the beta ends and hopefully can get into co-op games!

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That is why they pirate! They don't live a luxurious life maybe?

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You're gonna kill him with your grammar gun! Lets just enjoy the humor XD

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C'mon dude, enough with the immaturity. No matter on what console it happens, it is bad

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2 months early? Never heard of any other 360 game did that!

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I am not bothered to check though

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