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trophies? achievement?
nah...not so much of a big of a deal! but they're fun to collect and makes me wanna keep playing! I only keep playing good games though! craps are craps, with or without trophies!! #1.14
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I'm not going to make a bold claim but...
white plastic?? come on now, really?

you do know why Kratos' skin is white in the 1st place, right? #14.3
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why do you even care?? your aren't going to buy it anyway! #3.8
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HOLY SH!T I love ND!
now I need to get my game back from my friend! and should find PSN cards on ebay! I hope someone have it for cheap! #1.14
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*faint* #1.31
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don't have to be so selfish
there are people out there want to play with the superior version using their controllers! why can't it just support both like the 1st? it's not like it ruins anything for anybody who chose to play with m+k, right? #6.2
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m+k is the best, most accurate imput method for PC, YES
but I think I'm not alone preferring controller over m+k! so, Xpadder or logitech game profiler for me always. but the thing about xpadder is, they've stopped releasing new versions all together and some games like Gears, I've never managed to make it right for that game! but it works for most games, eventhough a little bit clunky, it's still a great option #3.4
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MGS4 please!!
I've finished it 3 times already but haven't touch it for a while now that I have a lot of other games to finish! but currently I'm broke, waiting for GoW3 without buying any games, so, MGS4 trophy hunting? HELL YEAH!! Kojima san, PLEASE!! #1.22
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I play most multiplats on my PC
I can save some compared to buying them on PS3. so, yes I prefer gamepad even for PC games. oh well, it's not like xpadder or logitech game profiler won't work, right? so, I'm still ok with this! ;) #1.3
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Heavy Rain FTW!! #14
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bring it on!! I totally love inFAMOUS and the sequel is on my must buy list already! #1.12
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I'm a muslim and I played GoW
I just regarded it as a story about powerful beings in myths (like any other games!) - nothing more! sure, the phrase "god" is used extensively in the game but I personally take the word "god" =/= Allah! Allah is the word on itself to represent the Almighty and should never be used for anything else! although the part


where Kratos overcame death and escaped from the underworld in both games got me feeling uneasy for obvious reaso... #4.4
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"The author is trying to bring a point and he should be heard and you can decide if you like it or not. Same with the game. It's truly frightening when you can't express yourself without being threatened with violence."

entertainment is 1 thing but the author of the book clearly saying that the prophet Muhammad is in fact suffering in hell which is clearly a huge offense to the whole Muslim world! what point is there he was to bring? voicing support to any form of insul... #14.3
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I enjoyed the demo way more than I expected
aside from the gorgeous graphic, the game itself is engagingly deep! nudity is there or not, I think the game itself is going to be AWESOME!! #2.6
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that's totally a PS2 game!
what the hell does they thinking? #2.14
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"For those who came just for the topless pic, click here." - priceless! (^0^) #1.5
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"I see that a lot of people are still trying to convince everyone that MAG isn't mediocre."

and who the hell do you think you are trying to convince people that MAG is mediocre?? you clearly 1 of those who has never played the game so, FVCK OFF!! #1.22
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oh, I don't think he plays games! he just plays their scores! downplaying a game he/she have never played = classic troll! #13.3
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I don't really care if it look better on 360
because I only have a PS3 and this game is looking way better than the 1st based on the demo. but I might play this on my pc. I think my HD4850 still got some extra juice to push this game to 1080p. or is it? #1.23
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"Many PS3 owners are incredibly insecure and feel the need to attack any game that threatens one of their exclusives."

you really think that's necessary? it goes both ways you know! if you don't trust me, just go into any Quantum Theory article and look all the 360 fanboys downplaying that game while NONE played it yet just because it's a Gears clone or so you guys said it!

360 fanboys really like to talk big about multiplats as they are exclusive! just lik... #1.14
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