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"Honestly I'm tired of reading that it's a GoW clone. It's a fucking action game, it belongs to the same genre as GoW so of course it will share a lot of similarities" - but if you specifically included the chain weapon in the game, it's pretty clear that it's more a clone than a 'similar' game to GoW! this also goes to Dante's Inferno but Bayonetta is kinda different!

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Pachter is DUMB as ass!

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I'm buying this no matter what! great value!

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Bungie beware!

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make sure you bring loads of cash! you'll definitely could bring him back home and get lucky! YUCK!!

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bullet "in the head" would! - there, fixed!

edit: ah...the guy down there beaten me to it but yeah...give me a BAZOOKA!

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"This guy is hating on everybody so much that one day he might just turn on himself for the shits and giggles" - how do you know he's doing just THAT already? playing with himself much I suppose! :)

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"ME2 is a 25+ hour masterpiece that has tons of replay value. GOW3 is an 8 hour hack and slash that looks quite decent but you'll never play it ever again once you've finished with it."

that's where you're wrong! everything you just said was your opinion! stop trying to state it like it's a fact!

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pfft...note Kotick; WHY THE HELL DO YOU EVEN CARES? it's not like you're making any game for it! I dare M$ come out after this telling this douchebag to stop being himself!

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but he would really loves to hang you with subscriptions though - using plastic peripherals!

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he's just being Kotick and last time I check from my Gaming Dictionary, Kotick = Douchebag! so, nothing is wrong with him apparently!

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is a WIN!

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they already spend resources on resmatering these games into HD and plus trophies and then +3D! and you get 3 games for $40! most games nowadays are not even 720p and short as hell or just with MP intact like CoDs and Halos and they cost $60! for those who played these games, this may be buff but for those who haven't (like me) this is GAMING HEAVEN! this also goes to GoW Collection (have it, platinumed it, LOVE it) and Sly! (which will be a 1st day buy!)

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you know they will come in multiple disc! but who knows? these are 3rd party games, they might be ported to 360 too!

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but PoP is a definite buy! OMG with Sly and PoP in the holiday, I think I'm taking days off just to play all my games! looks like Sony is at it again! the market for classic games remastered in HD definitely has a market and who wouldn't want to tap into this market? these old games aren't gonna sell anymore in their current state but with HD+trophies and now +3D, these old games are given new life and although won't sell millions, a couple thousands more will surely brings in...

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and things can even be real sooner than that. but how many will take advantage of it? looking at current trends, I have the probable answer for that question: NOT MANY!

currently, the most powerful PCs are leap and bounds above the consoles in terms of power and performance but games taking advantage of that raw power are few and far between and most publishers are happy with less and gives pc gamers the upgraded resolution of consoles version and call it a day! I can't s...

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add features? like playing backup games? damn Sony for not allowing THAT! /s

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the reboot will definitely sells less!


don't give Capcom any idea! maybe they will pull the Assassin's Creed and put MP! who knows

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he's just a little kid and now he's canned! :(

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then u suck! the in terms of story, Narotu and Bleach are seriously shallow compared to One Piece!

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