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I never had a 360 before and here I was thinking that people over-exaggerate over the 360's noise! it's true? wow!

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I think it really IS your actual washing machine spinning in the laundry. there's no way a 360 can sound THAT bad!

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that's only for external HDD and pendrives for the PS3 to recognize via USB. the internal HDD is another story. it's using a propriety format.

edit: @Series_Ila

I don't think it has any problem with who own the NTFS or FAT32 format. IMO, the main reason for the internal HDD to be formatted the way it is is for piracy prevention. NTFS and FAT32 formatted drives are easily transferable from PC to PC thus making any content on it easily duplicated t...

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and for all who are interested in GoW Origins just like me:

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That tickel me elmo is SweetTooth in disguise

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the only good thing about Harry Potter is the books! I stopped going to the cinema watching the movies too. Goblet of Fire was seriously trimmed down and Order of Phoenix killed it for me! I don't want to start talking about the games because I can simply conclude them all in one word - HORRIBLE!

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in the beginning of the article;

"Square Enix Ltd. has announced an official and permanent price-cut for a number of Eidos titles on PlayStation Network."


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PSP Go! c'mon...lets not go there!

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not long from now, we might hear Patapon HD collections ala GoW origins! 3 games on 1 BD! not that I'm complaining though, instead, I'm hoping for it to happen as well! :-)

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certainly not like THIS!

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those of Katy Perry's in E.T. lol!

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I think it will come standard for all PS3 versions just like how all MoH PS3 comes with MoH Frontlines and Portal 2 PS3 comes with free PC version. no worries there I think

edit: and OMG, the map is HUGE!

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why did I watch that? now I'm too eagerly excited for the game! I just hope they stop teasing me like this! :-)

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I just picked it up on sale on PSN. not far in but love the art style definitely! great that it's getting a sequel!

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embracing the hackers, yeah?

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seriously, I feel like getting dumber every time I read your comment and I think this will be the last one!

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Infamous is a great franchise and looks like it's selling very well as to the point Sony acquired SP for it!

Infamous 2 leaves a great impact on me playing it to both end! the good side made me feel touched and the evil one make me hate myself that I have to get there for Platinum! I'm expecting that there will be infamous 3 although things are becoming very unpredictable now.

the only thing that I'm worried about is Sly 4 which is not developed b...

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That what I was thinking lol. I've heard many times that pc gaming or handheld are dying, but consoles? Can't see it happening anytime soon. What is this? Pc fanboys' wet dream?

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totally unexpected. UFG has done incredibly on MNR and I hope this will be shaping into a great game!

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I think the sale numbers killed the possibility already!

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