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"Activision can easily release early Sept or push back their usual Nov launch for early Dec"

lol, you're saying it like AV's CoD is actually threaten by MS's Halo! if any of the two would have to change/alter their release date, it's MS, not AV! Halo is huge, no question about it, but compared to CoD? c'mon we know who's bigger!

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I would say they are among the best in its class! personally I have a 51" Samsung Plasma 3D myself but I got it because at the same price, I can only get Sony's 3D 40" LED!

the thing is, Sony indeed makes quality products but the sad thing is, quality come 2nd after price! many customers are happy with a slightly lower quality product for less which is not a Sony's practice! if you want to know who's really overcharging for their TVs, it's Samsung! S...

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Looks promising.

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To be fair, they did offer a free copy of Metro 2033 with the pre-order of Homefront on Steam.

Homefront is definitely overrated but due to that, it sold more than Crysis 2 lol.

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Mirror's Edge turns Assassins?

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Apple = overprice and release a slight upgrade of their products every year! how can anyone really believe that they will come out with a console that should stay the same for several years on the market is beyond me!

Valve = familiar with fan service, using old engine for their games for years both are not compatible to Apple's practices IMO!

no matter how you see it, this is a mismatch that will never happen!

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that's just how unbelievable I think this news is lol!

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it feels almost like when on some random day suddenly EA says they will ditch Online Pass!

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isn't this common sense already? and saying that it's Ninty's most powerful console really isn't saying enough considering how weak the Wii is this gen!

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more like SMB 400 lol!

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for those haven't gotten the console version, this definitely deserve a purchase! on consoles, some may feel it doesn't deserve the $60 pricetag being a side-scroller as it is, but on Vita, it truly shines! I've finished all the levels already and 2 more trophies to Platinum! boy what a ride with Rayman! the levels are very well designed and with some nifty touch-enable feature as well as NEAR, it feels right at home on Vita! for those who seek for fun (and sometimes frustrating) ...

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Is Micheal Bay taking over??

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That yo have to pay extra for about a quarter of the game through DLC!

or maybe they just don't want to amnounce it just yet!

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U can buy 3 PS3s for that price and a couple of games too!

And people should be worried about this. Why? Because it's very likely that they will include all the extra content into this version and god knows how much they will trim down the normal version of the game to make way for DLC!

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Peter's seppuku lol

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best comment in here by far! Lol can't stop laughing XD

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Then, hell yeah he will need it

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aren't all games supposed to be "time wasters"?

edit: lots of guys beat me to it already

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I'd say by be on the shelf already!! it's already freaking 7 years!

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