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you're 60 hours in. good job going through all that!

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and I think they are trying to give hints on upcoming games as well! I can see FIFA, Uncharted, Fight Night? and a war game? look like the old style CoD or MoH but non of those 2 are certain of coming yet!

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is going to be one of the toughest Platinum around

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it can be inserted both ways but only work with the PS symbol up! I know this because I have a Vita.

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it's always easier for an expansion pack to get it almost right on day-1 compared to a whole new game!

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like what Sony has done with their collections, yeah I have no problem forking out money for them.

but if it's like what Ubisoft is doing with their PoP and SC collection, I wouldn't call it cash cow but instead cash grab! these collections look mostly untouched in every way possible and shows how lazy the team behind it!

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it was a good run for their 1st attempt imo. Played it for a while before I moved on to other games! Konami ID is a pain in the a** though!

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more like a prequel for the whole series! and no, it's not the Uncharted 4 just like how Resistance Retribution wasn't the Resistance 3! just spin-off!

by the way, i just Platinumed Golden Abyss yesterday! such a great game!

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"IMO 3D on consoles is a gimmick,..."

and on PC it doesn't? 3D is a gimmick everywhere, not just on consoles, dude! there is not a single game out there requires 3D or else it's unplayable! get your fact straight!

"Next up games running in 3D on console usually require alot of compromise in resolution and graphics on a decent PC none of those compromises need to be made."

get out of here! 3D is about perspective an...

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inFAMOUS 2 has unexpectedly great way of driving a story! the Good ending is 1 thing and the infamous path hurt so much! it was so emotional and any longer, I'll cry!

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this is the review written with a hatred in mind before playing the game! it's like they were playing the game to find things they can complaint and not trying to enjoy it at a slightest! FAIL!'s Kotaku, FAIL is their middle name!

"brings nothing new of substance to the table." - THAT alone already making the review 0 in value! charcoal rubbing, sixaxis aiming, taking pictures, boat rowing, touch platforming(optional), lots of puzzles = nothing new t...

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you don't have any idea of how trophies work do you?

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looks a lot like Sev from Killzone

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because I love trophies. before, I just finish most of my games once and many times didn't even bothered going for the sub missions and stuff because I just want to finish the games. now, not anymore and I feel like I got my money worth it with every single purchase.

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"the psp go is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things."

Go! was more relevant than you know! Go! was the 1st reason why there are so many PSP titles available on PSN and looking at things now, less and less people are still realizing the fact that PSP games downloaded via PSN is NOT significantly cheaper than new UMDs (many times you can get UMD games for way cheaper especially used) and can't be traded for other games or cash like UMD!

what m...

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that's like what? 1/10 of Kinect's?

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so...I'm actually doing porn? lol

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I got to get this! I heard so many good things about it and this collection becomes irresistible! TM can wait till I Platinum all Jak!

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it's cheaper afterall!

but I'm not the one to decide which is better because 3D is about personal perspective and I may not see like what you see and vice versa. personally I think active is the best at the moment. passive 3D is kinda underwhelm still

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there are some areas in the game which are too dark making them too hard to pay in 3D!

I think Insomniac hasn't really grab the essence of true 3D game design yet. even R&C All4One has bad 3D! both are still great games though but 3D-wise, very disappointing!

UC3 has the best 3D on console IMO followed by KZ3! if only they would release a 3D patch for GoW3...OMG that would be godly! (excuse the pun)

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