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dumbest comment of the day?

"SONY released a new machine & omitted backwards compatibility." - and cut the price from $499/$599 previously to $399! they throw out PS2 chips and cut the price by $100, less than a year after launch. what else do you want?

"Now, that you cant play PS2 games on your PS3, SONY charges you for Gow 1 & 2/ Sly series/soon ICO & Shadow." - "charge"?? Sony forces you to buy these HD versions? o...

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we can't say the same about ME2. why? I don't know, maybe because the sale of ME2 on 360 was less than spectacular, meaning that many haven't even touched the game yet! FFXIII on the other hand, has already sold more than a million copies on PS3 in Japan alone thus releasing it on 360 in Japan is pointless from day 1! wht the hell was Wada thinking? I hope he's happy now!

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but BFBC2 is the best shooter this year for me. I think it gets less attention because it was released earlier this year and the hype went down! I heard the Vietnam expansion is good too. maybe I should pick it up as well!

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"i agree with gamespot, need for speed was the best racing game this year IMO. GT5 has too many problems and let-downs to be the best game, and its also far from accessible to the average video game player. NFS can be picked up and played by anyone."

- says someone who hates the PS3 with passion and hasn't even played GT5! = TROLL!

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maybe because of the "congradution" thing? what does that even mean?

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dude, why so serious? it's just a 1 man review and most of the time Yatzee is mostly doing this for fun! everybody knows he hates everything maybe except Portal! but why are you taking him so seriously when he doesn't seem to take himself that seriously either? and yeah...we know you hate the PS3 with passion but that's totally uncalled for in this section!

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if that's any indication, SC Collection is not looking too hot in my book already!

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on the reason why you hate it. if you hate it because the gameplay is not your cup of tea or the story is crap to you, then I think it's appropriate because different people have different taste but if you hate it without even playing it, then you're just a TROLL!

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*look at disagrees*

I didn't know HD DVD fanboys are still around! and still bitter!

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people pays M$ $60 a year for XBL but there's no free games you can play online for the whole subscription time! albeit capped at lvl8, still a free game! not everybody is a hardcore MAG player, but if you have PS+, now you can jump in anytime and just have fun! - with a game you've never bought in the 1st place!

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now MH Portable is already reaching FF and DQ status in Japan! how ironic is this when it's their fastest selling game but on a device which is touted to be dead by many and only in 1 country? I doubt the game will ever make it 1 mil everywhere else worldwide but fact is, Mh is now like a staple franchise for the PSP and I think they will continue this tradition for PSP2!

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that would be a great idea. I just hope they don't make it MOVE exclusive. that will be like preparing the tombstone for the already nailed coffin! the only way they can gain success with this game on PS3 is by having both DS3 and MOVE control support. and by that, I mean I really wanna see the game seeing light of the day on the PS3.

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Bluray FTW!

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WTH? How the hell did he do that?? that was plain AWESOME!

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you got this many disagrees just by mentioning blu ray! maybe they were disagreeing as you mentioned "Blu ray" not "Bluray"? that's me being optimistic and stuff...but seriously, why?

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this is not Sony though but fingers cross for that! I'll also be waiting! I don't know what's holding ND from outsourcing the codes though.

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all those games were already in HD at least on the 360. so, this will be more like a port collection than a HD collection, right? I'm interested but how much will it cost? also 40 quid? if yes, then count me in!

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NOOO! (screams my wallet!)

2043d ago 6 agree0 disagreeView comment's just mean! LOL!

edit: or if you meant a dual console owner, yeah...even worst situation! + Gear3 to the table!

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looks like I'm not going to buy PoP Collection now. I was worried a bit about it though but now that you've mentioned it, yeah, Ubisoft SUCKS! I'll put my money somewhere else! ICO Collection is a good place! don't blame me for loving all these classics, I've never played GoW 1&2, Sly 2&3 and PoP 2&3 (not going to happen now though) and ICO & SoTC due to when they were released I was just a student with not enough money to spend on gaming! now that I'm ...

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