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Wii does not even worth $250
I think even at $200 on Day 0, Ninty will still make buck loads of profits off it! obviously less than what they're earning right now but you got the point! #2.4
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I don't know why but it's F-U-N-N-Y and I'm still laughing!

+bubbles for making my day #3.9
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the main problem to tackle piracy on PC is all the games are installed into your HDD
this will allow crack files to be copied directly to the directory of your games thus allowing for pirated games! CD or DVD for PC games are only for storing the installation data and will be required to be in the disc tray for validation when you're playing. data are not streamed from the disc at all once you already installed the games and at least for SP campaign, you'll have no problem running with the crack! this is not the case for PS3 games where most games are streamed from the discs.... #16.1
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Insomniac will stay, alright
because the fans want them to stay! I will always support them no matter what just because they are AWESOME! Ted Price is the MAN! #2.9
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"...Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing Halo Reach at E3 2009"
did anybody really surprised by the announcement of another Halo? trust me, Reach won't be the last! #1.9
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it's AUD699, alright
that was the price for 40GB model and then upgraded to 80GB. initially, PS3 cost AUD999 and that was a hard time for PS3 and for those who wanted 1 like me! I bought my PS3 just before the introduction of the 40GB for AUD978 with an extra sixaxis and 2 games! beside my house and my car, that was the single most expensive thing I've ever bought! #3.24
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at the moment, there's no hope for slimmed down 360
even with the current design which has the external power brick, the damn thing still overheats and the DVD drive sounds like a jet engine! (I know it's a little overstatement) but you know what I'm up to here! in order to come up with a slimmed down version, M$ will have to overcome the design issues with their current models which they still have not even after a couple of versions! but honestly I don't think the slim version is needed because people seem happy with current 360s and it stil... #5.1
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unfortunately not!
maybe 1st tie commenting about activision blizzard but they have said good things about other companies before! they said that PS HOME is powerful for just recently!

sadly that kodick from activision said something like "we are in better position compared to others" also just recently just to show how arrogant and big headed they have become! poor blizzard, now in relationship with the biggest DOUCHEBAG in the industry!

btw, no LAN party in SC2 is a huge HU... #3.1
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no comments??
from anybody?? I would have thought pandamobile comments on this! nobody cares about PC gaming anymore or what? or...maybe PC only thread is not interesting unless if there's any mention of console? #1
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how many times should we hear about this "pushing the Wii" thing?
for god sake just stop it already! I know it's cool to be able to push anything to the limit like getting as many fps in games by overclocking CPU and GPU on PCs but this is nothing to be proud of! in the end, nobody cares! this is not like What GoW2 on PS2 'partially' did with the looks that matched earlier 360 games because 360 and PS3 are well established already and I doubt anybody will be impressed by the looks of any Wii games anymore - might as well never EVER again at least as long as... #1.3
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pftt...pretty pointless article!
I mean, it's Halo, for god sake! why should there be any other reason? (Halo wars doesn't count!) #1.1
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but later down the road, activision will release something similar and they might call it umm...maybe "Jockey Hero"! come on Koty guy, I know you like this, right? #1.1
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agreed too!
FFXIII is the most relevant consideration for this case! it was announced over 4 years ago and still not yet sees the light of day! I don't even want to think about vsXIII or even a slight hope for KH3! I think, at this rate, SE might just announce KH3 for the Wii for easier and cheaper development and easy cash-in back too! #9.2
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the original xbox was an impressive piece of hardware last gen noticeably with the built-in HDD and more raw power than any other consoles last gen. but you're wrong in one way by saying that HDD is standard for current gen consoles because only the PS3 is equipped with built-in 'mandatory' HDD while 360 and Wii are not! so...1/3 is not something that can be considered as standard.

back on topic, I'm not saying either M$ or sony will release their next console 1st but this gen of... #4.4
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come on dude!
Drake's fortune's story is full of WIN! I don't remember how many times I said OMG when I played it for the 1st time! even though the navaro part is kinda cliche but the story turned twist to the likes of a Hollywood movie - casual but great! not just the story, the animation, actings and voice overs make the experience even more lively! - among the best in the industry IMO! it easily puts the latest Indie movie to shame IMO! I can't wait for the 2nd and hope it at least has a story that matc... #4.2
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he talked....and talk....and keep talking...
and then finally revealed the vitality sensor! it was like WTF?? if you wanna get healthy, I guess you can play wii fit but if you think you're sick or wanna have your health check, just go straight to the hospital! you don't go turn your wii on and then check for your pulse or anything! it's just another gimmick! I think activision learned from nintendo to released new peripheral every now and then!

btw, their keynote SUCKed hard! even though not as hard as 2008 but still sucked... #1.3
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for those who still are backing AV on this matter
F YOU! most of us in here want to boycott and want this to spread even to the casuals! you want to defend AV and swallow the price hike through your ignorant a$$es, go on but not everybody is willing handing their a$$es for AV to rape like you do! 5000+ is relatively a small number but big steps starts with small ones! #43
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VGA better than HDMI??
what the...are you serious?? HDMI, specifically HDMI 1.3(PS3 has this) is the best medium for HD or by any mean anything out there in the market and you're saying VGA is better? although 360 uses 1.2 standard, it will still kicks VGA out of the water as well as component cables! #8.5
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did everybody forgets that Jack Tretton said FFXIV online is for 210 as well? so...I don't think FFvsXIII will come out next year, unfortunately! #1.7
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we still don't know about that though! I don't play many games with trophies but eventhough playing uncharted on Hard will surely gives you the easy and normal trophy when you finished (3 trophies at once) but it was not the case with BF BC. I play on hard but only hard trophies were unlocked, while the normals are not! so...we don't know yet about this game #1.4
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