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I can't belive Jack is on there
for saying that there might be shortages?? come on, how's that being a douche? like seriously? I'm pretty sure most people would agree if Dan is there instead of Jack and he's 10x more deserving to be there than Jack! definitive this (720p), definitive that (damage), no other comes close, years ahead of competition, the best racing game this generation, largest number of cars 400 (will need HDD, GT will have 1000), more than 100 tracks (24 tracks, more than 100 variations, need HDD) etc. how'... #1.34
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Charted - GoTY! *ching* #17.1
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this year is Uncarted 2's and ND's year!
the only worthy contention for GoTY is MW2 but that is majorly due to hype! MW2 is nothing special and is far inferior compared to KZ2! - which really grin my gear because with THAT hype, it manages to steal the best FPS title from KZ2! luckily no one is stupid enough (yet!) to let MW2 won GoTY over Uncharted 2! #12.4
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so, you didn't import the game...
in that case, I also don't know why. I was just curious of the issue because I once received the beta code for LBP and R2 and I tried downloading them on Aus PSN but they didn't work. I made a US account and downloaded them there, and it worked. sorry I can't be more of a help to you. #11.5
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I got you there dude. I'll leave these delusional fanboys thinking about Reach going to take on KZ2 graphically! it's the end of 2009 but KZ2 remains up there as the juggernaut in terms of graphics rivaled by only Uncharted 2 at least on consoles! more amazingly, these games have the great gameplay to back them up! these 2 game are even compared to Crysis for god sake.!

I'm not hating on Halo here and I know there's so many people love Halo to death! I also hope that there will b... #1.34
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it's true that the demo left gamers with a lot to desire
especially the graphic. it's 60 fps but not too polish to be honest! I'd rather having a 30fps game with better graphics than what I've seen in the demo. #1.16
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did you get your codes from the game or pre-order? just make sure you enter the code in the correct region of PSN if imported! #11.3
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I don't know what n4f stands for
but E3 was great these last 2 years, especially Sony's although the same can't be said about Nintendo! E3 was always about games! (although you know, one particular camp always brings in celebrities!)

but I agree about one thing VGA was all about fame! most of the awards given were nonsense!

p/s: E3 2008 #3.3
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back on topic
if M$ really wanna do that, I hope they come here to my country! piracy is rampant here with all sofwares being heavily pirated over here (of course except for the PS3) and all mod-able consoles are sold pre-modded! if they do, and every other companies do, I can safely say it's game over for gaming in my country (where legal softwares are like rare gems on the market!) #2.7
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I think a proper word would be "imploded"! #2.11
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I think not only MW2, Black Friday did make a major impact too!
I think when MW2 launched, 360 outsold the PS3 heavily, heavier than anybody would have thought but on Black Friday week, we had news that the PS3 sold almost 1/2 a million and there was no specific comment from M$ camp besides they sold double their previous week's number. so, IMO, Black Friday actually saved the PS3 from being outsold too much in November thanks to MW2.

but based on this one;

and most of the time, only NA and Japan got the best features, just like LIVE! so, I won't pay a dime for online play, period! #1.17
Reach is graphically better than KZ2??
what have you guys been watching? did I watched something else or what?? from that footage alone, and people are saying it's already looking better than KZ2? it's not even looking better than Gears for god sake! I've read a lot of comments since yesterday and I've gone through comments as ridiculous as this

"far surpassed anything I've seen done on consoles"

like seriously?? I understand the high hope of fanboys for this to surpass KZ2 graphically but for... #1.23
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this pachter guy is full of himself!
this will be the last time I click anything with the mention of Pachter in it!

lackluster compared to what? GTA? Halo3? CoD? Gears? Mario? tell me what other games do numbers like those 5? after proven (and admittedly) being wrong for so many times now, pachter is trying to be 'right' by once again pulling the captain obvious but over a million sold is not lackluster, you fool! #1.28
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that's IW for ya!
no beta FTW!! /s #1.7
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problem with the price?
try telling that to Activision!



... #1.6
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VGA award is a joke!
and although Uncharted 2 won GoTY, WTF was going on with some of the awards? AC2 was not even a contender for best game of any platform, yet it won best action game! - against the GoTY itself?? and how the hell Rock Steady won studio of the year with ND have the most contentions?? best original score is ODST? what is this 'original score' thing? 83? and best shooter is MW2? 'best shooter' should be changed to 'most popular shooter' next time to avoid confusion!! #8.4
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it's GoTY all right
but how the hell did AC2 won best action game when it's not even the best game on any console and it was against the GoTY itself?? #4.1
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sold 700k in NA?
that, minus 175k in october, will give 525k in november!! from november NPD;

well...busted again there VGChartz? oh yeah, not needed here because your other name is VGFakeChartz! #2.1
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this is the video from months before, right?
I swear I've watched this. and after reading other's comments, yeah, this is old! #1.16
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