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wanted to study the inner of the PS3? yeah, right? that's why they exposed every key, every hole they found to the public? they knew piracy will happen and their findings will play a major roll in it but they still release it, right? side effect? NO! although indirectly, this is clearly INTENTIONAL!

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"why would a boss turn on his employee??" - Ask Kotick!

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NO, just NO! that would be just too cruel to Reach!

@jack who

Reach GoTY? where?

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the graphics can't be compared to the like of KZ2, Uncharted, Crysis etc. and the SP was average at best but you have to give credits where it's due to Insomniac because the MP part of R2 is very well executed. 60-player MP and 8-player coop is undeniably awesome!

so lets look at Reach, shall we? the SP is nothing special, graphics is not top notch as well. what differentiate it from R2 is the popularity which undeniably favors Reach.

for Halo fans, t...

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at 1st, it was only pirate, now there's a TROLL called PR0X1!

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and 3rd birthday being a new game maybe have people interested on how it performs in Japan. plus, the original article on that site never have any picture at all. this Valay guy just put them randomly, I think

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but MW2 and BO grade A? I almost spill my coffee on my keyboard! damn Johnny, that's not funny!

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that's kinda new to me. thanks for the info but comparing Mafia II with GTA:SA is still unfair though

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the motto: our 2nd language is Nintendo++. it's a Nintendo dedicated site duh...

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but he's certainly not white either. he's brownish and he became white skinned by the ashes of his wife and daughter.

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GTA:SA is HUGE and there's tons of other stuff we can do outside the mission! the only game that I remember being larger than that is JC2! I mean the map of course

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said someone who gave Deadly Premonition a 10/10!! he doesn't know what a good game is! gaming standard = TRASH!

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lens of cake!....and the cake is a LIE!

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you can't keep your head down there didn't you? way to start the new year there ha?

"sony faggots now these days gotta love them think they own everything,"

- and douchebag like you think you can say anything on the internet just because people don't know you!

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XP is too old now and making BF3 support down to XP and DX9 is a stupider choice.

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32-bit OS can handle up to 4GB RAM total and that includes system RAM and GPU RAM. so, captain obvious has 5GB in total making it a waste of 1GB!

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yes he is!

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suddenly? what are you trying to say? come on, say it!

piracy is always bad! always was, still is and always will be!

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...and the I thought "oh, just another troll!"

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it's not perfect but totally AWESOME! I'll admit that MGS4 was my 1st MGS game but I'm totally hooked and after finishing that, I found myself playing the PSP MGS but have yet to play Peace Walker which I'll definitely play once I have more time in my disposal! it is THAT GOOD!

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