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how short is TOO short?
Heavenly Sword, gears1, ODST, MW2, Lego Indiana Jones...are TOO SHORT! 8+ hours games aren't short by any meaning! there's nothing else to complaint about GoW3 and the media is bringing up the 'too short' card! why am I not surprised? oh...another PS3 exclusive shows its AWESOMENESS! god forbid that happens without bashing! #1.33
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this 1 is funny
"I don't have to have yet another plastic controller cluttering up my coffee table."

maybe you should just get rid of that coffee table too because you would want to have more space than that or you might hurt yourself kicking the table when using natal! #40
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couldn't have said it better myself! #10.5
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"there is nothing wrong with IGN"?

then, there is something wrong with you!

on topic, poor guy. hope he finds a new job #1.26
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yeah, I personally hate online trophies!
this is because I don't have too much time to spend online just for certain games! and yes, there are grinding trophies like getting 10001 kills online for BC1! that 1 needs serious dedication! #8.5
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just hope that he's not being serious with that comment of his #4.8
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Uncharted 2 stealing awards!
when will it ever stop? totally unbelievable! I don't think we'll see any game that can top what Uncharted 2 has done in terms of winning awards! ND is the best!! #1.5
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you wanna cookie? #13.1
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this map pack is timed exclusive for 360
so they can rip-off 1 group of gamers after another! nice move AV! exactly what you can expect from Kotick! #1.13
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M$ buy Epic?
for what? so that they can add up another douchebag in their line up of exec? good luck with trying though! #1.13
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"All the costumes and level packs in LBP are mandatory updates that you download when entering the game. Then to access the stuff you have to go buy a key to unlock it."

dude what're you talking about?? you clearly haven't play LBP for you to say that and you are clearly clueless about these DLC things! #16.1
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"360 fanboys express their enthusiasm by being enthusiastic of the 360"

LOL that made me laugh so hard! they are so enthusiastic to the 360 and came up with user name like "ps3hasnogames", "ps3hasonlyflopgames" ;, "giantenemycrab", "Wii360BeatsPS3" and so goes both ways dude! stop being delusional! #1.25
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"Are you aware of how many flamebait PS3 articles get approved or how garbage generally gets approved anyway?"

yeah? but I don't think I've seen anything so blatantly addressing "xbox fanboys are the worst of the bunch" kinda article here! - although we can expect it to come any minute now because you know how counter articles always find a way to the front page over here!

the writer is a fanboy himself and I think he's the worst kind of fanboy, w... #1.23
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why? Nintendo owns the Wii but motion controls are for everybody! it's not even 'exclusive' to begin with! they just implement it out front compared to their competitors and it paid off for them! but to say that other people should be embarrassed for imitating? that's kinda ignorant! Nintendo was not even the 1st to implement motion control and now Reggie is trying to convince people that motion controls are Nintendo's? yeah, what ever makes you sleep better at night, Reggie boy! #1.20
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yeah, you got to climb the train twice but the 2nd 1 is not as complicated as the 1st and with all the swearing Drake is doing while climbing, it feels some what different psychologically as you are playing the game! I mean, 1st time around, it's for tutorial and you just wanna get up there but clueless about why he's there in the 1st place! 2nd time around, when you got the grip of what's going on, the feeling is just not the same! - at least for me! #1.9
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do they like games?
yes they do! only if it's 360 'exclusives' or games that perform better on the 360 compared to PS3! PS3 games? not so much! #9.1
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um...another title on the Source Engine I guess?
too afraid to move forward there, Gabe? I'm happy to be proven wrong! #1.3
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I guess fanboys and non-fanboys alike will hate you as well with the name like that!

you downplayed KZ2 cover system nicely over there and then suddenly Gears! LOL EPIC FAIL! FPS vs TPS! give 1 other FPS that has proper FPS cover system like KZ2, then talk! if not, fvck off!

and this is about Crysis 2 btw and I think it looks SWEET! #2.12
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almost doubling the Wii numbers as well!
what more surprising is the DS numbers! although all 3 models combined will total at around 43k, that's kinda low for DS in Japan! this can only means 1 of these 2 things;

1) they're tired having breakfast with the DS cereal; or
2) they're getting the memo that consoles is the way to go! (but still PSP number is kinda unnatural!) #1.5
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LOL! we can't care about any other numbers outside NPD now?? there you go, America is the world classic! #6.4
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