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he tried to sound smart but sounds stupid instead!

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there will not be this much rage over the ending if ME was an RPG with a linear story and gamers just need to follow that story path dictated by Bioware!

ME is about choices you made along the way and you can even carry over your saves and characters since the 1st game all the way to the 3rd! gamers were PROMISED that their choices will bare different consequences and will effect the outcome of the trilogy but the endings are far cry from what promised! so, why make such ridi...

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yeah seriously dude, from where did you get that

"they're very limited in terms of their versatility."

part of your comment? it's just that EPIC made UE to be licensed to others while ND and GG don't do the same doesn't mean shit in terms of versatility! it's proven that ND's and GG's engines are optimized for PS3 and they went beyond what UE can do at least on the PS3 alone!

UE3 was made for multiple pl...

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more like Ninja Gaiden 0.3!

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and the game is terrible!

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Let me give you an advice. Never buy any Insomniac games for their 3D. I'm a huge fan of Insomniac and even I can't help but admitting that their 3D is bad! Sorry Ted Price and co but this is the truth. It's true that All4One and Resistance 3 have 3D but you will be disappointed with them.

Buy them for the story and gameplay instead and you should. Personally, I think All4One is the best coop game this gen for a platformer where cooperative and competitive element...

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You should give them all a go after you play the collection! For those not too keen on coop, All4One might not appeal much to them but it's still a full fledged R&C game continuing the story after Crack in Time. The humor, arsenal of weapons and gameplay stay true to the main R&C game, so fans of the game still feel right at home! Not to forget that the coop is so much fun and challenging too!

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No kidding. I am a huge fan of the series! This is my most wanted HD collection too. 1080p 60fps and 720p 3D are promised too which are just icing on the cake! Can't wait!

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Sensational title to garner hits! If anybody ever thinking like this, they either haven't been playing many games if at all or just started gaming this gen or only have played certain shooters or just simply dumb!

An ending like ME3 where you have to make your own theories of why it happened so you would make your mind think that it's actually good is NEVER WAS GOOD TO BEGIN WITH!...let alone the most impressive in gaming history! Neither u nor Bioware is fooling anyb...

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Get ready for the buggiest iOS game ever!

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Have you not played DA2? It's everything but what made DA Origins a great game. How they thought DA2 was a good idea is beyond me. With things the way it is, there is less anticipation for DA3. It's like Bioware doesn't know how to make a proper RPG anymore!

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but still agree. sooo...LOL!

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I played them all but #4 but I'm still getting this! it's the 1st collection I've been wishing since the introduction of classics HD collection!

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comparing ME3 to Uncharted 3 is just plain wrong and yeah...dumb! the former is a RPG, and the later is a straight out action game! how are they comparable again? and FYI, 30-40 hours for an RPG is SHORT and you can only finish UC3 in 8 hours if you play or normal or lower and ignore the treasures!

why not compare it with Skyrim? they are both RPGs! oh yeah...THAT will totally shows how much lacking ME3 in terms of contents for an RPG!

ME3 far exceeds the qua...

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Then you would be pissed off too! It's not a big deal if you just play #3 but when you have spent time since the 1st and import your save to ME3, it's all fvcked up! Why even promised that every action you take throughout the whole trilogy will have consequences when in the end gamers are only given 2 endings which are basically the same just different color? That's epic lazyness compared to the premises they've promised since day 1!

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That's not too far away now. This is just great! Thanks bud

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I'm overjoyed over this! Sly, Jak and then THIS! The difference is I've played all R&C already but I'm still getting this! Is there a firm release date for it? Please make it happen this year, Sony!

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can't believe that there is 1 day when people start saying something Valve's is crap!

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it's just that you can't view them on PS3 yet. the Vita can view both PS3's and Vita's trophy though.

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this is Microsoft that we're talking about. I think what they really meant is AAAA marketing or advertising, right? makes more sense!

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