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@scar @soda
and you know the state of PSN while not even using it at all? having fun trolling aren't you?


"I don't see people complaining about Naughty Dog not making 360 games." - simply the stupidest comment of the day! hands down!


"I think you fanboys have much more insight in how popular and active PSN really is than people who actually work in the business..."

valve don't have any idea either! how would... #1.36
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people like to complaint
and will complaint about anything! even when it rains, people are complaining to god why it's raining! but the guys should off thought a bit before replying because he's 1 of the dev of the game and people will take his words in so many ways if not clearly explained! #2.8
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I think many would agree
that valve should just STFU! don't want to develop for PS3, fine! not everyone of us wants you games either! just mind your own audiences and leave the PS3 alone! with the recently announced 27mil user base, the clear STUPID LOOSER here is Valve not PS3 gamers! #2.4
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please EA, just DON'T!
you have a great franchise that is improving and very good which is FIFA but don't go and bash anything not yours! don't pull a "turn 10" here please! PES is good in its own way and have dedicated fans! my brothers prefer PES while I prefer FIFA so, I have them both! I play FIFA on PS3 because on PC, it just feels 'off' but my brothers play PES on PC because that's the best version with rooster updates and patch etc! #1.5
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there's a yellow PS3?
really? I WANT THAT! (T^T) #2.3
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there will be part 2? kinda surprised honestly. #1.1
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I know
and i think many others out there also do! what's with the disagrees btw? #9.2
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I can understand the attitude
latest earning shows that they made 35% revenue out of $703m from consoles and PC was less than 5%! although MMO brought in about 43%, that's another story! so...if you're Kotick, what will you do? release one game with similar features on all platforms and earn more or keep releasing the "best" version for a platform with less than 5% earning?

for the record, I'm all for the boycott, hate or anything negative for AV and all for advancement in gaming! I hate them and wi... #1.7
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no real support for PSP
and it brings in $9m. for those who are trying to bash the PSP, look at the real situation 1st! AV hardly release any game on PSP! how do you expect great revenue with little effort? #3.6
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the thing about going HD is
dev will start making HD games similar to those on 360 and PS3 for it! and if you ask me is that a good thing - IMO not very much! Wii is unique on its own with its games because devs have to cater specifically to the different resolution and most importantly the motion controller scheme in order to appeal to the Wii owning crowd but if it is HD capable, devs will make games similar with those on 360 and PS3 because afterall, Wii also support normal controllers and porting directly the same g... #1.4
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they instead took it the other way around! AV and IW want to "consolize" PC gaming! I'm not a dedicated PC gamer but I sometimes play games especially multiplat games on PC because they are cheaper and with the mods and everything, it's an experience not found on consoles. if IW is gonna strip all those, then FVCK it, no way in hell I'm gonna support them ever again! I'm all for advancement in gaming thus although I love my PS3, I envy high end gaming rigs and love devs who push bou... #1.15
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only fanboys will flame this to oblivion
what is so hard about accepting a movie on BD? 360 games won't see the light of the day on BD - FINE! PS3 owners can watch Halo anime on BD - also FINE! see? no need to flame or anything! #1.10
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nice to have a fellow elderly gamer in the house!
my father don't play games at all! he's more an outdoor type of guy and when at home, he prefers to sleep! but he sometimes watches me playing FIFA with my brothers as he likes football, and also watching when I play racing games because he like cars! recently, he sat there for quite awhile watching me playing Uncharted 2! he seems amazed! :) #3.2
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1 week gap between them
I think AC2 will sell decently. maybe not to the extend of MW2 numbers but it will still sell. IMO, actually this is not about Ubi being afraid of MW2 or any other games out there but the fact that their software sales already dropped over 50% for the 1st half of this year because of the lack of games being released! AC2 is their only hope of regaining that 'loss' and return of revenue for this year! they actually can't afford to delay AC2 but if they could, I think they would like to! #1.5
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it's VGChartz afterall...
just don't take it THAT seriously! #1.14
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MC is what selling the Halo franchise!
it's just logical that Bungie will put him in-charge in Reach! admit it guys, not playing as MC in ODST makes it feels a little 'off' isn't it? #9
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actually there's nothing wrong with trolling in the open zone next door! but trolling in the gamer zone is a different story!

aka the guy above me! what are you even doing here, troll? #1.9
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it doesn't scream anything
it's just that there were no big games by them in the first 6 month! what are you guys expecting? #1.8
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9vs9 on PC?
I thought they were only removing the dedicated servers support but this? IW should off just make MW2 for consoles! all these make them look like a douchebag even more! #1.10
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overpowered? you mean 1 hit kill? dude, all sniper rifles in all games do that! #2.6
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