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it tops the PS3 charts as well! oh well, this gen, if you're an FPS, no matter how shitty you are, you still got the chance to top charts!

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"And once you try a game in complete 1080p glory on HD TVs/monitors, trust me, you wont revert back to the outdated blurry excuse of an HD res, which is 720p."

wow, not even to play games not available on PCs such as PS3 or Wii exclusives? dude, you're not a gamer, you're just a graphic whore!

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"I'd take BF2's graphics at 1080p and 60 FPS, than BF3's console graphics at <720p and <30 FPS"

seriously dude...just for the sake of trolling or what?

see the video below and many more on YouTube and even a child can see that BF2 looks like shit compared to MANY MANY games on consoles this gen! even Conduits on the Wii looks miles better!

"In slo-mo, it's even better..."

yeah...because people enjoy playing games in slo-mo!

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get out of here! why would we?

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it's the DLC generation. expect nothing less! :-(

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it's Team Bondi's and R* just the publisher!

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no cars? would be better with some cars over there somewhere!

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We need science behind teabagging now? I think dancing in SOCOM takes the cake in this regard solely because of the emotionless face dancing over a dead I laugh everytime! XD

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killing people and teabag them? Is that a confession? Lol jk :-P

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Of course this will be on disc. What else do you expect?

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Dead Space would want to have a word with you

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>50GB game? doubt it!

would never fit or would never "PRO"fit? I guess the later!

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"the more (of the same), the merrier!"

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I've yet to buy a Capcom game this gen! call me missing out or whatever but their games not really appealing to me. If Onimusha collection or a new Onimusha comes out, then that's another story. until then...I'm Capcom-free, still!

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SF4 set a very good warning for this to happen!

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an accessory for an accessory? NICE!

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How can this be possible?

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No gadjet Bond is not Bond at all. There are tons of other action movies out there but personally I watch Bond for the cool gadjets, which Craig probably have forgotten where he put them!

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Not saying that IGN is credible all of a sudden but expect similar scores from all accross the board.

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