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Dude, stop embarrassing yourself like that. I am mainly a console gamer but even I know that 6870 can handle all Crysis very well at dx11. The "can it run Crysis?" joke is now on you!

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I thought that I messed up the setting of my MOVE. it really is unresponsive! DAMN...I had to switch back to DS3 just because of this annoying problem.

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by the look of it, it's not just the best for handheld, more like the best launch line-up for any gaming device ever made!

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if this is not milking, I don't know what else is!

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what are u saying man? collections means that they are still 'keeping' the franchise up! from GoW collections, we got GoW3, Sly Collections and then Sly4, Tr collection and then the new who knows? maybe they will announce ZOE 3 next year!

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just tear them off the screen lol!

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because FPS is where the majority of the moneys are at at the moment!

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it's not about the games are great or not, it's just a list for milking and Nintendo MUST BE in the list somewhere! instant FAIL!

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well...that's the only thing they have in their arsenal just like Activision with CoD! milk away...

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innovation at its finest! /s

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what the hell was THAT? that's not Monster Hunter!

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it's not like I like to live with it but this is only a problem if you buy used games, right? from the look of it, it doesn't seem like this idea will go away just like that anytime soon. EA was reported to generate quite an amount from their online pass if I'm not mistaken.

what if your most anticipated and most love games have this feature? look at it this way, if you really anticipate, excited about and love the game, you would have buy it new anyway, right? so...

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is it really THAT bad?

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but "neither of them managed to leave a truly lasting impression on most people"?

the R:FoM is not just solid but also leaves a very deep impression in most PS3 gamers! as a launch title, it had a lot to proof but it delivered very very well! IMO it's still the best launch game for any console ever! that might change with the Vita though!

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it is undoubtedly among the best action platformer series ever made!

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lots of things I'm uninformed on! is it confirmed that RAGE will be like that? that's bullshit!

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This is the biggest early adopters screw up scheme in history IMO.

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I have never buy any online pass before but those from EA not working on multiple accounts on a same console? Wow didn't know that. That sucks!

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These passes are useless for offline only games but will be in every single online enabled games from now on. Sucks but it's not the end of the world. New copies will get cheaper over time for most games and this hopefully will stop gamestop from overcharging for used copies.

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no matter what people say, this is not a good PR.

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