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it's highly acclaimed as an SP game, not MP! so for me too, it's a YES in a heartbeat!

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but seems like it's not for long now!

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but they certainly have fallen! KH was one hell of a game and it was still under Squaresoft but when Enix came in and KH2 was released, it felt like a downgrade from KH! who in the right mind thought that QTE is suitable for an ARPG?

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and hook it on your tv, you then just need games to play on it! at similar prize, you got only a GPU! kinda reminding me why I'm still on my HD4850 from 2 years ago! luckily I'm mostly a console gamer and only plays several games on pc.

btw, I still play games such as PES 2012, Transformers WfC, LEGO games, TF2 and some others on max setting at 1080p! I played BFBC2 at 1080p on medium though.

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true that! and I hate it when they do this kind of thing! promised first and take it back a few days before release? WTF? after the abomination which is the Online Pass, and now THIS, I lose all hope on EA! DAMN!

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PS3 gamers were promised to get 1943 with every purchase of BF3 and it was announced ON STAGE during the freakin E3!

so what if the game is old and now it's $10 on PSN? last time I check FREE<<<<$10! this is about EA not giving what they've promised!

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I guess this will take longer! can't wait!

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3.3 hours is hardly a speed run! how can a speed run of a linear game like Uncharted 3 be longer than a RPG like Skyrim which took just over 2 hours on speed run? either the tester for Uncharted 3 is not THAT good or the tester for Skyrim is too damn good! or...maybe the tester for Uncharted 3 was enjoying the gorgeous scenery in the game and somehow forgot that he was on the ticking clock lol!

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KZ3 is like a game made for MOVE! the implementation is flawless!

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I was thinking that the Submarine in the article pic would make an appearance in top 10 but no! why though? I was sat back to my couch the 1st time I saw it! simply stunning! Uncharted DF - still one of the best game I played this gen!

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but it's not. so...kinda make the game on-rail. I don't really like on-rail games as I like playing games the way I want to! hopefully Sorcery will be AWESOME!

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but this is totally a different company. kinda worried we haven't heard much about Sorcery though :-(

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none of them turn into a jerk and spoil the game ending online! if they are doing it for trophy guides then, I guess it's ok

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anybody seriously thinking that they will drop the franchise when its in the most profitable and highly acclaimed state ever for a Batman game? not gonna happen!

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Damn...that could get u exactly 28 copies of Uncharted 3 and u can share them with your friends so they will not play (insert any competition here) :-P

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why can't people on same console use the same DLCs and online pass?? I am having trouble with this! I used to live in AUS and until now use an AUS PS. account. now that I'm back to Malaysia, I can't buy AUS games and always buy region 3 games available here. DLCs are region locked but I have no problem buying region 3 games as I can download them using my Malaysian account and can still use them with my AUS account! this shit will mess THAT up and now I can't play things I bou...

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And we are wondering why more and more ridiculous DLCs are being practiced by even the best of devs. Gamers are at fault for supporting it thus making its unwelcomed stay a permanent stay in the industry!

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All I can see are 1-off attemps that got scrapped right after release. Where are they now? In the trash bins somewhere in their backyard! With the Wii, they just gave up on everything and decided to bank on Mario & friends instead.

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I am asking because AA was not hard at all on HARD!

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how the hell would I be playing Uncharted GA then? all cards sold out?

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