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you own the "DISC" but not the "CONTENTS"

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why the F*** do you want us to care? Capcom themselves clearly don't care too much about the game anymore and changed it from "Survival Horror" to "Action/Shooter"!

sad day to be RE fan but hey...I didn't know RE games on Wii are being remastered for PS3 and are now available on PSN! heard that Umbrella Chronicles is good...might give it a try!

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again with the AZURE? come back here when MS even do games via Remote Play!

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when will people stop comparing video streaming and game streaming on here? they are both different like a lot of level different! do you press different buttons every half a second while watching movies like you do in games? NO! NOBODY DOES THAT! that's 1 of the glaring difference between the 2 for starters!

video streaming is already available on so many form and on so many devices it's not worth mentioning anymore but do you see game streaming anywhere as many or e...

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on my local PSN, it's about $34 and the cheapest retail I could find is $47. I find it quite hard toi let go off retail copy just yet

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but damn my inner self...still wanting the retail version although it costs more!

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it's nothing but a stupid service to grab extra money from uninformed fans! and Elite subscribers on PS3 is still getting the shaft too! what's the point of paying the same amount of money when Elite on 360 still get contents earlier? they shouldn't have waited for Activision to slap them, they should've slapped themselves long ago!

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that's why STEAM is doomed, right? /s

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where's GoW3?

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I gave up on Platinum long ago and moved on to Apocalypse although I still play it time after time for some challenge! man...those level 7 and 8 AIs are INSANE!

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seriously, what DOESN'T this game do?

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both Radical and Sucker Punch improved both games a lot in their 2nd iterations.

Sucker Punched acquired by Sony while Radical is now closed! it's really clear now who's really thinking about GAMES and GAMERS and who only cares about MONEY 1st gamers 10th! (2nd - 9th are also money btw!)

good job there Activision! /s

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how many games do you wanna have at 1 time? 32 can hold a lot of games and if you have more, back it up on your PS3. I doubt you play even 5 games simultaneously!

personally I have a 4GB with my value pack purchase and I have Escape PLan and MS RC + LBP(PSP) + MNR (PSP) on it too. and then I have the retail of other 4 games and I don't see myself playing them all especially those I have finished

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maybe instead of u

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maybe instead of using PSN, CRYTEK wants to have a total control over Warface like Konami was with MGO and their stupid Konami ID. who knows

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especially regarding Sony. like many here have said, Free Realms, DCU Online and soon Dust514, I don't see how Sony is against the idea. in fact, HOME is a F2P game too

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congrats ND and I can't wait to get to experience it myself!

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no XL upgrade feature? lol

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"So when Sony redid the PSP 2 times, not in design but just some minor add-ons, and then came out with the Go, no one complained."

PSP2000 (2007) came out almost 3 years after the original (2004) and is 33% lighter and 19% thinner than the original. it also came with 100% more RAM too! that's more than "minor add-ons"! while this 3DS XL comes just a year after the original!

PSP3000 (2008) came a year after PSP2000 and that was quite mi...

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"Nothing wrong with DVD9 except the storage size..."


THAT's the single biggest issue here! and whoever compares DVD on 360 to those on PCs, you guys clearly don't know what you're talking about! 360 games are streamed directly from DVD but PC games are not! PC games have to be installed on HDD and streamed from there. the DVD will only be needed present in the DVD drive as a proof that you have the original copy but install a crack ...

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