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but what the heck is the guy doing now? he's in Atari now, right? no news since the move from Sony

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but out here, "outsold" means something else is selling better! are you talking about Reach? that's the only one that I can think of at the moment outselling the MOVE!

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u have 1 bubble to troll (be honest here, THAT's all you've been doing) and THAT is your best shot? try harder in the next MOVE article! see you there

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"If only the other team would stop talking about graphics and actually buy their exclusive..." - yeah, like how 360 gamers buy ME2, AW, SC:C, right? oh wait...never mind! only 1 or two games selling gazzilion on 360 means the PS3 gamers don't buy games? your logic sounds a bit fanboyish tbh!

edit: Unicron beat me to it

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I must say that they are not that hard to get and are actually achievable with little efforts. nothing like get 10002 kills or whatsoever! basically try all the MP game modes and being top 3 10x is not hard if played with friends. although getting top level in 1 class is gonna take some times depending of what the level cap is.

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a mediocre game competing with another mediocre game. so, it's fair!

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HOW THE HELL did he made that? this is amazing!

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ding! ding! ding! I knew it, somebody will play the "me too" card using KZ2! being defensive much? at least @omi25p backed up his claim with proof, but you? I'll regard it as trolling until you provide proof! good day

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while I also agree but that's Nintendo, this is Sony! even the flagship title of MOVE which is the Sports Champions has no MOVE in its name, so why should this heroes game? Playstation MOVE heroes? from 1 to 10, that name scores 2!

Heroes on the MOVE sounds so much better! don't get me wrong, I still love the offerings and will buy the game regardless but the new name just feels YUCK!

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"If this was on anyother platform (namely Kinect)" - there is no need to worry about THAT! Kinect doesn't need these stuff, you have your hands, right? pew pew pew

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yeah, actually holding a toy gun and using your hand as a gun looks the same /s

pew pew pew have fun with your imaginary gun while others enjoy the shoot and Time Crisis with this

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you can expect the same for MOVE! 3rd party peripherals will infiltrate the MOVE market sooner than you think

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you're missing the point. moparful99 got it right. enkei clearly said "due to multiplayer community" like the PS3 has NONE of it thus some(including me) considered him as trolling. he could just say "due to "MY" multiplayer community" or "I have more friends on XBL" and there'll be nothing wrong with what he said.

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Speedy Gonzales to that. that little guy is badass!! LOL!

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yeah, it's so easy that pirates needed to wait almost 4 years for someone to steal the debug code and reverse engineered it to work on various devices and within a month hitting a dead end when Sony released 3.42 and now 3.50! pirates are having a happy time staying offline and in the past! no new games, no PSN! what an achievement!! /s

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how in hell selling some old games that many out there probably haven't play when they were 1st released, with upgraded to HD graphics + trophies and then 3D, packed in 2 or 3 in 1 BD at $40 not a friend?? stupid much?

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LOL best reply ever! OWNED! :D

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selective comprehension and memory at its best! remember AW, Halo Reach = best graphic? Halo3 ODST, Gears2 = best online although the former is a rehashed with firefight added-on and the later was buggy as hell! and...and...nah, that's about it as there's not that many exclusive on 360! ok, maybe you're right afterall. what to hype when you don't have any, right? as oppose to many on PS3, what's left is the so-called "superior" multiplats. LOL

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what about 3D? will 3D games look bad on normal HDTV? I hope not :(

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was released not so long before GoW collection but all those games were still in their original states - no HD, no trophies! I concur with MGS4 trophy patch and re-release of MGS1,2,3 in HD! hopefully by the time MGS:Rising release! please Konami, just do it! - I believe Nike said that!

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