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HOME is a nice addition to the PS3
and it's free! but for someone like me who has only little time for gaming, how can I afford going HOME when there are lots and lots of great games yet to be played? #1.21
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LOL cnet!
they try to imply a point here with Uncharted 2 and if Sony can't sell so many more PS3 compared to 360 this month, they will come out with article that says something like this;

"Uncharted 2 is among the best game this generation but can't help Sony to heavily outsell 360"


"even Uncharted 2 can't bring Sony up from last place"

or simply

"PS3 is DOOMED" #1.8
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not all that hot #11
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why not just try the demo?
I think it's not bad! seems like a fun game to play #4.1
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this guy doesn't know hell
but he's right about making data backup more often! I had my PS3 YLoD on me and I was crapped out because I had never back up anything! I was lucky to find video guide on how to fix it and tried fixing it myself voila, I got my PS3 back with all my data still there! it's pretty damn quick and easy! although this is only for those who are out of warranty! but now, just in case, I always backup after playing! #2
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this boycott thing has a leader??
and he's giving in...just like that? I'd say he has no balls or maybe just a douchebag crazy for attention! #1.1
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poeple are buying them still!
great library of games, which in many cases cost less than half the price of newer games! the console itself is already at $99! 10 years? try 12! #3
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dude? why are u in here but not in the gamer zone? banned or something? #1.8
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the thing is...
some things remain mysterious in the story and it screams "inFAMOUS 2" right after you finished the game! I'm looking forward to it and hopefully it will come sometime as early as christmas 2010! ND did finished Uncharted 2 which is a major upgrade from the 1st in lesss than 2 years, so I think Sucker Punch can do it too with inFAMOUS 2!

*************************** SPOILER ****************************** ***
who's the beast? Kessler said that he had the power to st... #2.13
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reviewers may have taken several points also for it not having MP! but inFAMOUS is AWESOME nonetheless! anybody looking for the best sandbox game at the moment, it is got to be inFAMOUS! good story, great art style and fun to play! the only complaint from me is maybe it is a little too easy! #2.2
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should off just stay with racing games which they are good at! does Clive Barker's Jericho rings any bell? anyone? #2.15
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you're a pathetic troll pp!
this is the 2nd time I read about the exact same post in 5 minutes from you and I think that you won't stop are you? yeah keep copy+paste this comment to every PSP Go! related article, you moron! at the time people are embracing Bluray, all you people say was "buh buh buh..DD" and now that Sony is stepping up DD with Go! you guys say "buh buh buh...physical media ownership" and so on! HYPOCRITES! #1.16
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big LOL for that! #2.3
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why don't they make the collectors edition more available?
I was ready to spew extra cash for the collectors edition! damn! #5
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can't wait to receive my copy!


yeah...that will improve the graphics of games drastically! I have a 37" (1366x768) HDTV and 23" 1080p LCD monitor! although both support 1080p, all games look way better on my monitor compared to my TV at 720p and 1080p! 1st I thought it's the screen size problem but when I went to the Sony Style and watch LBP on the full HD bravia, I was blown away by the difference! I might pick 1 new HDTV soon if I have extra cash!... #1.5
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sure, those will add values to XBL Gold members
now they have more reasons to justify paying the fee over those who don't. but to think that people will buy 360 and subscribe to XBL just for these? that's a little too far fetch! - considering all pc, laptop, netbook and cell phones are doing them better and FREE with the portability (except for pc) as well, not gonna happen! #2.7
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he just ran through IGN's review and come out with this!
this guy is crazy for publicity! he knows nothing about marketing at all! #1.2
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the media was jumping the guns too early with GTAIV
now they have problems to rate a lot of games because of that! GTAIV was nothing special except for it being a huge and quite detailed open world! for a sandbox game, inFAMOUS IMO beats it by miles with awesome environment and more variety of missions unlike GTAIV's "go there, kill him!" and "go there, win the race!" type of missions! more important is the FUN factor which the latter really excels in!

Uncharted 2 is different! it best Uncharted 1 which is stil... #1.16
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I'm not doubting a lot of works being done in Uncharted 2
but all I'm gonna say is MGS4 is well on top in terms of production values! the focus on details and the inclusion of things which many will not even notice while playing the game is amazing and there is yet a game that can top it IMO! if Uncharted 2 is also emphasizing in such details, then as gamers, we are getting the blessing from the gaming god himself! Naughty Dog and Uncharted 2 FTMFW!! #1.14
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got to love ND!
they finished the game which is a major upgrade from the 1st in less than 2 years and still come out with a lot of stuff! I think, they have a lot of free time to be able to do such things! Naughty God! #1.17
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