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I hate Activision with a passion
lucky me non of their games interest me even a slight bit. I can always find a better substitute for their games from almost everywhere. yeah...that's how generic their games are! #1.4
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custom dynamic themes ill not be available for now
unless until someone pays $10000 for the dev kit or until someone hack the PS3. #1.4.4
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if it's anything like KH, I'll be all over this game
but the too long wait actually killed my hype level for this game but a mere hope. I hope this will be good and Nomura can work on KH3! #1.4
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looking good
I didn't get into the beta but this game is already in my must buy list because of MoH Frontlines! 2 games for 1 price, too hard to pass up! #1.4
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I wonder if you're going to admit Kinect is a fraud too; ripping off Eye Toy and PS EYE like how you blatantly accusing MOVE as a Wii rip-off! #1.4.6
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the butthurt Itagaki again.

to Itagaki: dude, if your games doesn't sell well over there, doesn't mean the whole industry is dying!

last week alone Sengoku Basara made a huge week debut and before that MGS PW were doing superbly and it's PSP exclusive! many times, Japanese devs made games tailored for Japanese taste and only the bigger player like Capcom, Konami and SE are really looking into 'westernizing' their games for a more global ap... #1.1.9
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not really the 1st though
I remember there's already several games including RE5 will only support MOVE but not Kinect. the others are yet to be released games though but I'm too lazy to look for the links #5.2
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with IGN being like a giddy kid like this
another 9.5/10 from IGN confirmed! #1.2.9
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THQ really "claimed" this?
they do know it sounds REALLY bad, right? #1.1.5
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I love midnight launches
and oh do I love if we have it here! I used to go to some of them when I was in Japan and I missed those times a lot! as a gamer, I don't think I'm too old for midnight launches every once in a while and certainly never too old for some gaming fix! #1.6
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you sir, are CORRECT and SMART! I like it and THAT's the reason I still don't have my copy and I don't pirate it either! it's between not wanting to give Kotick my money and can't digest the fact they hold up the other 2 campaigns so they can charge them again in the form of expansion pack! SCII really puts me in a hard place but I have my reasons! Kotick FTMFL! #16.1.2
2006d ago by badz149 | View comment guys should feel lucky they don't have internets
or else you're all asking for missile spam after that comments LOL! #2.1.4
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it's not hell
more like half-assed heaven! they paid for nothing, remember? #1.3.1
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this game is THIS close
to become a vaporware and even if it does, I don't really care anymore! I guess KH3 will remain a dream for now :( #1.3
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since when is there are too much of FPS?
I love both games and if Sony release both of them this year, a copy each for me for sure! I love KZ and I love Insomniac's games! #1.1.6
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WTF did I just read here?
oh yeah...another best seller = best game argument! ...or are u a new breed of fanboy or something? FPS fanboy? like really???? #9.1
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I buy sports game especially FIFA but I also think buying it every year is STUPID! especially if you're playing on PC, free roster updates/patch are available every year. but that still depends on the game itself. FIFA is pretty much a console game and it's a rare example of a game which performs better on consoles but PES is better on PC with gamepads. that's how I've been playing my football games all this time #1.9
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I also don't think that BC2 failed
but the short single player really pissed me off! I'm not much of the MP type but I enjoyed the 1st BC SP so much and obtained all the SP trophies for the game. normal and hard difficulty are not linked in the 1st but I enjoy it so much both times and why the hell do they think making the sequel a shorter game is beyond me! so much for the "not short SP" promise there huh? #1.8
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if this is true,
1st it was the exclusive Brotherhood beta and now this? Ubisoft is up to something with Sony. I'm not complaining though. more HD releases of the old good PS2 games are welcomed! more than 1 game for $40 + trophies? count me in every fvckin time! if this is true, out of all games that has been made or confirmed being remade in HD are games I haven't played before, except Sly 1! but the rumor is for PC, 360 and PS3! are we looking at multiplat HD remakes here? #1.2
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why are you singling out Sony on this? and are you really THAT surprised? M$ do this ALL the time. are you saying that smack talking about the competition is exclusive to M$ or else it's wrong? #3.2
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