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"too much hair gels says what?"
that is HILARIOUS! #1.11
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I know, right?
out of all publishers, it's CRAPCOM/SCAMCOM (or what so ever!)! the one who is losing touch with every single franchise they are making and keep scamming people with rip-off DLCs and everything - for god sake you don't have the rights to warn Sony and M$ on how to run their business! if you don't like the idea of any or both of them, no one is pushing u to produce any game for it and if you feel like not liking their consoles anymore, there's always keyboard+mouse on PCs! so,... #1.3
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kinda like GTAIV
I think there will be auto aim like GTAIV too. I think I'm gonna get this game! #2
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congrats to him
but this may be 1 of the reason we still not seeing GT5 on store shelves! #1.4
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exactly what I was thinking
not hoping for the game to suck or anything but it's true that GTAIV was not as good as many would hope. not in any way suck but it's not that good either! wait till you play the game, then decide! #3.1
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a contender for sure but a winner?
is everybody forgetting GoW3? #1.7
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so, after all the great games and several GoTY candidates and winners, for you PS3 still has no games and only a BD player? now, THAT's SAD! #1.1.2
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where was he when Fahrenheit was released last gen? and even when HR was released like 3 months ago? kinda late for that kind of comment to be honest! I think if HR didn't find success in terms of sales, he might say something else like "the market is not there for games like HR" or something! #1.4
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don't even ask. seems like a lot of people having issues with saga kin, saaking or what so ever! I personally would like him to turn it down a bit on the fanboyism site or else, he's just in the same league as the likes of PoG, Green, Halo3 MLG and so on! #2.3.2
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AW breaking 1 mil?
come on and be rational over here. Splinter Cell is a long running, huge franchise and it didn't break 1/2 a million even. so, how in hell would AW go straight to 1 mil? I don't think that's going to happen. RDR is going to be huge but 1 mil? we shall see as there hasn't been many games released in the middle of the year made it to 1 mil 1st month! #1.3.2
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just admit that you hate everything PS3!

who said that YOU need to do amazing things with the tools to even enjoy LBP? I'm yet to publish or even start making my own levels but I have a blast playing lots and lots of levels in LBP and I have the game since launch! over a million user created levels, there will be turd everywhere but there's a star rating system for you to know if people like it or not! so, who said that YOU have to play with all those rubbish levels?... #3.2.3
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charge for online?
are you Kotick Jr. now Miyamoto san? #1.5
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IGN gives 9 & 10s like candy!
how can you trust them? MW2 = 9.5 LOL! #11.4
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360's Haze is Too Human
none can take that crown! #3.1.4
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perfect TV for gaming?
...about a monitor! not even a TV! FAIL! #1.5
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I don't mind playing GoW3 again and again because it's just THAT good! I've finished it 4 times! yet to try chaos mode though! Titan is challenging enough for me already! #21
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these are why you can't take parenting advice in N4G! LOL! #5.4
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STOP with the BD playback issue already!
why don't you just wait until Sony remove it and then start flaming about it rather than just making random accusation! if the BD playback is to stay (and I'm 100% sure it will!) until Sony release the PS4, you'll realize how stupid you look right now by then! so, save it for someday else! #2.5.4
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removal of PS2 BC is totally different!
PS2 BC is not something you paid for after the PS3 dropped to $399/introduction of 40GB! Sony removed the PS2 chip and card readers and gave just 2 USB ports and sold it for $399 at the time! 60GB owners who paid premium since launch still able to play PS2 games until today! so, don't even think of bringing THAT here! #2.3.2
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I'm sick of people saying what if, what if...
come on, BD playback is still there and I think it will stay there! how can you be so sure that even the most ridiculous PS3 fanboys won't get mad and start suing Sony if they decide to remove that feature? so, that analogy is not valid because even in term of weightage, BD playback >>> Linux on PS3!

the removal of OtherOS is unfortunate and even by me, it's in no way fair for all fat PS3 owner! but don't you ever forget that what Sony did is just trying... #2.1.10
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