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are you forgetting something? M_c_e_l P_c_t_r? doesn't ring a bell?

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don't know why but that's kinda funny! XD

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maybe with THAT we can finally get a free crappy game!

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"Development for the PS3 was rushed."

are you sure you weren't talking about the 360? Sony took their time well for developing the PS3 and even spent years making the CELL with IBM and Toshiba. how's that "rushed"?

"PSN was built piecemeal, after the fact, as an "open system". Their poor planning has led to this problem."

piecemeal? compared to XBL, initially PSN was not having too many contents...

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I'm not arguing which is better between 720p and 1080p. but, going with your thoughts on the matter, if the cafe is only pushing mostly 720p games especially for multiplats, it's kinda pointless as far as the existing 360 and PS3 are concerned! why buy a new console that can only play games already playable on PS3 and 360? sure you can play Mario in HD natively now but will Nintendo games alone be enough? the GC has proven that only 1st parties alone can't save a console! 3rd part...

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hating on discounts! you certain fanboys love to hate PS+ which also offers discounted games and contents!

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hate to burst your bubble but CELL was "failing"?

"cell was funded by Sony and Toshiba when it kind of failed Sony sold it to Toshiba than put it in the ps3 and recently they bought it back from Toshiba"

that's 1 twisted history you have there! Sony's intention was always to put the CELL in the PS3! out of the 3; Sony, Toshiba and IBM, Sony clearly has the biggest use of CELL. IBM used it in their super computer but ceased develop...

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Google Translate SUCKS!

but whatever SP is working on, they should know that 1 copy is mine!

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with the rumors saying it will use 4000 series GPU, it's hardly a powerhouse although the GPU alone is a couple of times more powerful than those in 360 and PS3 considering they were released ages ago but 4000 series is not new too!

looks to me like Nintendo is once again trying to keep the price low while outperforming the 360 and PS3 just a little bit more!

still, the cafe can fully support 1080p games if it wants but is there enough push to convince th...

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will Nintendo go Full HD aka 1080p with cafe? if it's simply 720p which is the norm for 360 and PS3, that will not cut it! but producing 1080p games for console still is expensive and Nintendo is having more things to be worried about than Sony or M$ IMO!

even if they go the route of 1080p, what incentives are there especially for 3rd parties? assuming that multiplat games are now going to be released on cafe, I don't think it will be worth it to go the extra miles to...

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it's true that gamers are having their gaming experience cut short due to this but Sony is clearly suffering more with the drop in stock prices, backlash from the media, and revenue loss due to no PSN business and the cost of maintenance for god knows how many more days it will be now.

it's a free service, deal with it. they are doing their best to keep your online gaming going smoothly and your personal information safe. I'm frustrated myself for not being able t...

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based on a google search? then, green poop is bigger than all of them combined lol!

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I'd say HUGE!

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PS3 has the highest rate of online connection thus the PSN being down will surely makes millions upon millions wondering!

"THANK YOU" responsible hackers for this mess! owh...I should rephrase my gratitude towards them in this case..."F**K YOU"...ok, that's more like it!

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are you high or something? so, gamers who play by the rules and pay for their games being vocal about their dislike and hatred towards a group that is clearly ruining the hobby for them is the bad guys now? are you saying that all who voiced their opinions towards these menacing group deserve all these? I don't know why would anybody want to side with these low-life hackers on this matter! attacking a free service and resulting all PS3 owners unable to go online and play their games they ...

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pizza prank is so 'competent', right?

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is that kind of an organization? OMG!

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all the above! and although it's getting mediocre reviews, PS MOVE Heroes controls accurately with MOVE! no lag. the upcoming Sourcery is looking to be a good MOVE exclusive title too.

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but can't wait to play it with MOVE just like I did KZ3 and not too long now, Resistance 3!

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I think the writer is dying for more hits lol!

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