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of course it's about money
but it's on Sony and gamers will get 2 games for 1 price! - not just exclusive DLCs you'll still need to pay for it on the other 'side'! #1.7
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hmm...that user name, really? and you're just another xbox fanboy playing victim! oh why did I even bother. you'll just come out with another user name again! #1.1.12
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as expected
nuff said #3
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why would anyone ask where's Mario for 3DS? for once, I was pleased that they didn't depend on Mario to come along as launch title for 3DS! but hell Nintendo is Mario vice versa is strong thus the milking of Mario never stops! #3.2
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you do know the difference of a demo and full game demo right?
Intro offer: LBP (standard edition)
PSN PS3: Wipeout HD
minis: Field Runners, Age of Zombies
PSone: Destruction Derby
Full Game Trial: Shatter, Savage Moon

minus the discounts, which is optional, for the 1st month alone, there are already 7 games for you to play plus 2 dynamic themes and premium avatars! I think that cost more than $50 already!

"its like PS users are paying $50 a year for what XBL Silver members gets, and... #3.2.2
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haha...funny but lets not go there
what I meant was the type of games. no more just-slightly-better-than-GBA games? I mean, look at those shots. those are no ordinary DS games #1.3.2
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same here
what kind of article is this? #4.1
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E: Exclusives! 1st Parties FTW!
F: FFXIII the definitive version!
G: God of War!! nuff said!
H: Heavy Rain is AWESOME!
I: inFAMOUS 2 is coming
... #3.1
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so, this means we'll see 360/PS3 - like games on 3DS too?
I wonder if it will sell! I hope these games won't suffer the same fate as their WII counterparts and 3DS end up being another platform where only Nintendo's own games shine! #1.3
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I did say the look SIMILAR! but clearly the tech being use is not the same! #1.4.6
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"And jrpgs sell more on the ps3 because of japan. When you look at the sales of jrpgs in the west it is pretty even on the 360 and ps3." - that's your own words over there! you said "jrpgs"! so, FFXIII included. plus, I just gave an example! #1.3.9
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sharing is caring! :P #2.1
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sell more TVs??
LOL, the writer acts like Sony is the only company making 3DTVs! such ignorant statement from an ignorant source! they may have only put that picture for fun but the new 3D glasses is way cooler that THAT and this shows how this guy is living in the past and love the past! people is moving forward, WAKE UP!!

why isn't anybody think that Sony promoting 3D because they think that the technology is ready for mass market? 3D is not new and when companies start to push 3D, the... #1.1.12
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what I can see from Sony/EA & MS/AV situation
Sony/EA - EA is taking advantage of what Sony has to offer with extra space provided by Bluray to put extra games on the disc and sell it for the price of 1 game. I'm sure EA is getting a chunk of money from Sony for this deal but in the end, gamers win! EA is also embracing the MOVE with the inclusion of DS Extraction which is not doing really well on the Wii and I hope they will remaster it in HD for the PS3 version. but even if they don't, hey it's included FREE with every DS2... #1.4
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If I remember correctly
during the removal of OtherOS, people did blame the hacker but I hardly found anybody praising Sony for it! the closest to "praising" that I found is something like "they have to do it to protect their interest" - and that's not even sounds good to me. - more like bitter! #5.1.2
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"with a STICK!"
LOL KB is funny! the best thing to ever happen for the PS3 marketing IMO! forget Kaz, forget Jack (no offence to you guys) but KB is the "face" of Sony now! #1.1.3
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err...based on NPD March 2010, FFXIII PS3 outsold 360 almost 2-to-1 and that's in the region where the 360 is supposedly has twice the install base of the PS3! I don't think that's "even" #1.3.4
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ok, it's official
the game IS short! damn...looks like I have to wait for the price to drop before i buy this. #3
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I respect your opinion
but after playing both games, although Batman AA is a good game, Uncharted is just better. maybe the nature of both games are different thus making me feel it that way.

in Uncharted, you're tied to the ever engaging story! the near perfect animations and voice overs never make you bored and you find yourself progressing through the game wanting for more and really excited on how the story folds. the gameplay also allows for various approach to eliminate the enemies, which... #7.2
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he's not dissing anybody in this video. in fact, this new version is closer to the one with KB than ever. I know you may not be bothered to watch but don't bother to make senseless comment either! #1.2.2
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