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give the Man a break
he founded a new studio and deserves to have a surprise or 2 but douchebags in the industry won't let him get what he deserves! of course he was lying and trying to cover any tracks of the game existence because he was saving for E3 and thanks to THAT, the announcement was still a bit of a surprise TBH and Twisted Metal was under the limelight at E3 for good reason! from the videos shown, the game looks and plays awesome! give credits where its due not to the douchebags trying hard to spo... #1.4
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it's still a MGS by its name and the fact that its made in the MGS universe
but not Kojima's MGS! Kojima's new MGS lies in the form of Peace Walker on the PSP! but seriously we can't expect Rising to be the same as the other MGS due the fact that the main protagonist is Raiden and he's never about stealth from the beginning! if they change Snake into something else...then I'll be pissed! but Rising is about Raiden and is fine the way it is! #1.1.5
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good review
the only thing that bigs me is the short campaign also mentioned in this review like the one before! WTH? if the game is not strictly sticking to the movie in terms of story, why made it limited to just 3-4 hours long? (I just assume this as in the earlier review said it's about 2 hours which sounds kinda BS!) but that is still too short even for today's standards! I'm excited on getting my hands on the game but spending $60 for short games? urgh...makes it a really tough decision... #1.1
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I'm sick of
people saying "Sony's E3 press conference wasn't filled with too many surprises." - WTF? come on now, they had a great show comparable to Nintendo! IMO, the thing that made people think that Ninty had the best show was because they didn't show anything pre-E3! Ninty showed

1. Mario sports mix
2. Zelda (pity they screwed up the stage demo)
3. Kirby (looking good)
4. Donkey Kong (if I spelled it right)
5. Kid Icarus
... #1.5
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there's an awesome thunder twister in the middle of the pic and you still managed to notice something on his ass! impressive! /jk

but I wonder why at the time when he's unleashing this power, there's no electrical surge visible on his body like in the 1st? in that pic, he looks like a civilian getting ready to run from a chaos in front of him! the same in the 1st pic

http:... #1.2.3
there'll be no difference playing as a dude or a chick
right? maybe just the voice part and that's it! I don't think they'll differentiate the gender with difference in agility, ability or recoil level or what weapons suit the gender best etc. #1.3
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unlike the cake
which was real, the article pic is an utter lie! damn! #5.1
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it's in pre-alpha and already looks AMAZING!
it's like a finished game already and we know it will just get better before launch. 1st day buy confirmed! not that it's not already on my 1st day buy list anyway. :P huge fan of Motorstorm here!

but WTH is with IGN? I know they're dumb and everything but 1st Crysis 2, now MS Apocalypse, games are crashing on their watch! but at least we know this game is not running on Windows7 LOL! :D #1.1.4
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dynamic theme
IMO, the only reason we Sony don't allow us to make it on our own is because they wanna sell it! dynamic these are optional but they look good. PSN, like XBL is the place where companies get money for selling optional stuff and in this case, Dynamic themes! #2.2.3
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you really need to twist your body like THAT while playing??
oh back, my back...never mind, "gaming like never before" my ass! #1.6
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words can't even describe how ridiculously STUPID you look after THAT comment! #6.3
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I think M$ was waiting for Sony to announce the price of MOVE 1st
and come back later on to compete with that price but I think they didn't think that MOVE will be price $60! - although without the EYE, it's still a smart move (pun unintended) from Sony to just announce the base price 1st before unveiling the whole package! ironically the same thing M$ ahs been doing with their 360 Arcade priced at $199 but without HDD! there's just no way Kinect can be priced $60 and now M$ is scratching heads on how to make it look "not expensive". j... #1.2
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Windows 7
LOL FAIL! #1.1.6
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two sentences actually
but he speaks the truth #2.1.2
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I actually would be delighted to see he really does it!
not because I'll gladly pay, but I just wanna see how many STUPID SHEEP are there in the gaming community today! #1.1.7
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the 1st is AWESOME
among the best game last year IMO! the changes are significant but the details in the screenshots are amazing! I don't really care for the changes as long as they keep the story's continuity from the 1st game! CAN7T FRICKIN WAIT!

btw, do we have a release date yet? #1.3
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it's not this way, the other way! remember this trailer? I bet they'll do the same for inFAMOUS 2 #8.1
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believe me, Hell is not fun
ask Kratos :P #14.1
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I really hope so! but even at $60, I'll still buy it in a heart beat! #7.1
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it's also a gamers' dream
you were saying it like these are casual crap collection! Sly series are among the best the PS2 has to offer and a lot of people were missing out on it when they were 1st released - like me, I just played the 1st! now Sony is giving the remastered version of all Sly games in 1 package, this is unlike the usual "trophy whore dream" title like Hanna Montana and Terminator Salvation, this is a treat! #2.1.1
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