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counter article
WOW, so pointless! I swear I never saw that one coming! and reason #4 is just LOL! #2.9
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that's the gamers' mentality which Activision is trying very very hard right now to exploit and drain easy money from! 4h and maybe 1+ hour more for veteran is not worth $60 even with a great MP! how do you want to explain that to those that not really into online MP or doesn't have internet connection? look, MP is about playing the same game on the same set of maps over and over again! no extra resources needed thus not worth extra charge!

ok, a practice for you, try typing 4h1+... #1.17
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that is the sigle most reasonable comment for this article!
Wii currently is cruising ahead with virtually no competition! even with no big games released this year accept for the NSMB, Wii is easily the most sold console worldwide this year! thanks to NA! #3.1
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I thought FB integration is only for quicker FB access from XMB but it is actually more than that! I might use my FB more instead of just signing in for once in awhile and look at the updates. FB have failed to attract me to use it more but with trophy sync, I'll have things to to talk about with friends instead of the boring old-school flashbacks! for the friends tab, I would love it to be more invisible and blend with the dynamic themes background like before 3.00 but they are... #1.24
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@sub4dis, @sitdown
"and for the record, neither system had remarkable titles, but yes, sony did have the better exclusives...but they aren't great games...not by a long shot. if there were so remarkable, they wouldn't all be deserts now that MW2 is out."

come on! KZ2, inFAMOUS, Demon Souls, Uncharted 2, Fat Princess, MLB 09 The Show, Ratchet and Clank ACiT, and may I add GoW collections are all great games! if these aren't great, I don't even know what is! and are you seriously comparing... #1.28
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dude, that's great! I'm also planning to get it on eBay because it takes forever for Sony Style here to have the official version! #9.3
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the game itself is not even worth $60 with its short campaign!
let alone paying extra for online! nothing in this world and the next can justify that decision! #1.10
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the question is
why haven't you play it yet? I myself are playing it for the 5th time on Crushing and the game still feels gorgeous! #1.6
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agreed! #5.1
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this co-op thing is too good to be true! luckily I was not over excited about it! I just wanna play GoW3 now! that's all I'm asking! #1.8
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yeah, try telling that to the majority of people with PC which are not capable of giving out what you said! I know my HD4850 won't be able to max out everything 1080p and stay at 30fps! plus, this is about 360 vs PS3. no need to bring the sure winner PC here! #2.14
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Dude, these 2 games are INDEED awesome!
these are 2 of the best PS2 games ever released and now remastered in 720p and 60fps with trophies! it also includes GoW3 demo which I think sweeten the deal and for those who haven't play these games and love action adventure SP game, these 2 games will easily give you over 20 hours of gameplay! for a SP game lover like me, MW2 is not my cup of tea a.k.a. crap! #9.1
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err...PS2 can't play these games anymore! these are HD games! you do know that, right? #1.7
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ok, let see;

Main Entry: lackluster
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: dull, lifeless
blah*, blind, boring, colorless, dark, dead, dim, drab, draggy, dry, flat*, ho-hum, laid-back*, leaden, lusterless, matte, muted, nothing*, obscure, pabulum, prosaic, sombre, unimaginative, uninspired, vanilla, vapid, zero*

bright, enthusiastic, lively, shining, shiny, spirited

hint: not PS3 or Wii #1.12
Thank you! couldn't have said it better myself!


yes, these 2 games are last-gen games but beautifully remastered in 720p and added with trophies and 60fps! you're talking about generation of games here? like, really? no Halo or CoD even have more than 640p on consoles yet! how about that for your "current gen" games? plus, many other out there like myself have never played these games last gen and to be able to get these in HD and trophies is a s... #10.12
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what kind of logic is that? MGS4 was released in June 2008 and got many GoTY awards! #1.29
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dude, just shut up if you just wanna bring MW2 in here! plus it's not just 'a' PS2 game, it's a compilation of TWO of the best PS2 games remastered in HD and added trophies! it is rendered at higher resolutions than both ODST and MW2 and cost $40! SP in ODST and MW2 added up to 11 hours max and buying both cost $120! this collection at $40 will simply exceed 20 hours to finish and do you really wanna come in here and say it's not worth it? GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY! #10.8
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I don't think any dev will go THAT stupid by mimicking the 911. Banned in Russia, why would they care? it's not that big of a market to begin with. but banned in the USA, you're asking for bankruptcy! #1.17
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OMG!! my eyes!!
I went to the site and there it is...MW2 background and it's eye sickening! #2.6
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