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these hackers are seriously getting on my nerve! can you see I'm gaming peacefully here? what have I done to you?

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but the focus of A4O is coop and the game are designed to be played in coop. personally I think it's good to have something fresh from the franchise that many haters are calling "more of the same" and still maintaining the charm of the series. but now seems like reviewers are like knocking it down for not being "more of the same" and I think you do too!

it's a coop focus game, so shouldn't it be praised if it plays good enough in coop? I don...

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just ask anyone on N4G or anywhere else, they will definitely say CoD4 is a great game and they love it! why? for its time, it was revolutionary and it actually brought something new to the table! several years later - 4 years to be exact, the quality of the franchise is stale (BO actually looks worst) and you don't have to be a LoT or DF member to see that they are all just CoD4 with different setting - more like expansion packs if anything, thus the hate!

reviewers givi...

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if any other games adapting some of CoD's formula and still manage to execute them perfectly, they will be slayed with "CoD clone" label and got marked down to 6/10 or 7/10 easily by reviewers but when CoD does it every year, it's 9/10!just to show that some reviewers review games by name and hype, not the content!

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what important is, it SELLS! plus, retailers don't order 3.8mil copies to make sandwiches!

congrats ND for another AMAZING game!

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for god sake when will they learn?'s not that they don't learn, it's just that they don't want to learn! why even bother trying as sheep will keep buying regardless of being fed the rotten grass from 2007?

gamers brought this shit upon themselves and they have none other to blame but themselves!

after CoD4, I'm still CoD-free till now and by looking at the ways things are, it's going to stay that way longer!

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"Puzzles are re-used to death and it really drains all the fun out of it"

how's that so? if you've been playing R&C games before, puzzles are always the same from beginning to end while they are becoming more challenging going further into the game. IMO they are special in All4One because it requires teamwork and lack of teamwork will halt progress especially during the laser wall section. this is a blend of competitive + cooperative at it's finest! ...

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no, at some places they aren't! the world is a huge place.

the probability of another CoD coming next year is actually way higher than the probability of a grass being green lol!

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and you call yourself a CoD fan?

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the delay was for europe? nah...still have to wait

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"It's so much improved from MW1"

you mean THAT game from 2007? hello, this is already Nov 2011! and by "improved" you mean DX11 kinda improved or just the same stuff from 2007?

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didn't this get delayed to 2012? it's out already? Sorry Hideo, MGS HD have to wait. too many games too little time

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definitely ain't playing it right! simply the most fun coop game out there hands down! and yeah...this is not a spin-off, it's a true R&C game which continues the story after Crack in Time! this is coop combined with competitive gameplay and it's a blast online and offline!

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u sure you played Uncharted 3? I don't think so!

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what do you expect from a reviewer who can't even differentiate X from O?

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how sad!

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anyone expecting mind blowing graphic from a CoD title these days?

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just being always! straying away from trouble!

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you got them backwards dude! you hold off from Uncharted 3 just so you can see the ctrl+c + ctrl+v for yourself? good that you're back to your sense now that it's over!

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he's not your father!

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