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Motorstorm 3, KZ3, GoW Origins all blew my mind in 3D! Uncharted? come to papa! :-)

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how would you know that? nobody has tried it before.

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that is a big question. I'm getting Uncharted 2 nonetheless but will Asian version have the beta key?

I'm positive that the beta will be offered for PS+ members later but I am still not a PS+ user because there's 1 word to describe PS+ Malaysia...CRAP!

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I'm looking for a new PS3! sharing 1 PS3 for 3 is not looking too good now that many games are coming and backlog also growing! good to know that it's coming to Asia as well, Unlike inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition which was NA only (although I still managed to get it.)

this sounds great...hey it's Uncharted, of course it's great! I'll definitely spam visit all my local stores for this!

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same here, looking forward to it all year! can't wait!

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it's safe to assume that it's DEAD! with Ninty shifting their focus to 3DS and WiiU, there's no way this will ever see the light of the day!

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isn't it good to know that some Nintendo fanboys still exist despite Nintendo being sellouts to the casuals?

"I hope people realize nintendo has made the most money on software and hardware during the last 5 holidays"

he cares more about Nintendo getting money from them over Nintendo giving them more original games to play! maybe he's a stock holder in Nintendo or something.

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what about >95% of weapons in Borderlands? they are there for the sole purpose of so you can sell them for money!

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"...can you really blame devs for not wanting to deviate too much from the formula?"

formula is 1 thing but to keep the franchise looking almost the same for 5 years running is something else!

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" is the best superhero game out there followed by Infamous."

WHAT? for an old-timer hero, Batman AA is the best game available out there but better than inFAMOUS? maybe that's your opinion but I strongly disagree. Cole is a new hero/villain and inFAMOUS is the better game of the 2 BY FAR!

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Asylum has set a foot in the industry and City will have no trouble to at least break the 1 mil barrier.

I'm with LOGICWINS here and think that Batman AA is good but not great. It got its fair share of praises due to being a Superhero game well executed after a long time. personally I'll give it an 8.5. it's a b it repetitive and the end boss fight is seriously underwhelming and disappointing!

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I love it so much! finished it on normal and now working on Superhuman!

I hope more people will bring themselves to play this! it truly is an amazing game!

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with their rag doll physics, it will be just as much as a joke!

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it's HALO! if they suggest to remake let say...any other games that doesn't have the selling power as HALO, like hell MS will ever agree to fund it!

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EA and DICE should've known better! IMO Crysis 2 fell victim of its own beta and it sold less copies on 3 platforms compared to its predecessor which was PC exclusive.

gamers are taking beta as demo nowadays but they're not to be blamed as other betas like UC3, Gears3, R3, KZ3...all were solid and really felt like just a load test but BF3's beta seems a lot more than just a load test! low res textures and glitches everywhere!

now I know why Activi...

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most reviewers lost their credibility with Forza 4! if you are suppose to review the game and talk only about the game being reviewed but NO, most of the reviews mention GT5 like it's something they must do or else they'll die if they don't! oh well, feeding fanboys war and trolls seems to be the trend now and it's showing it's ugly rear with Forza 4 review!

why don't just stick to praising the game and less condemning other games? NO? if you do really...

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just imagine later on we get this kind of review when BF3 comes out and then the same thing again when MW3 comes out! not gonna be pretty!

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and then ghost & Goblins

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it will happen one way or another. just the matter of when

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this review lost credibility from the get go! why not just focus on the improvements from F3 to F4 - which what it should be? reviewer FAIL!

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