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I don't care which one as long as the game remains AWESOME
but if they do use the new one, I'll need a damn good explanation of how he somehow getting younger, not older! #1.1.15
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just saying. but honestly, why should gamers discuss THIS deep into this matter anyway? some games are selling and some games are not whether they are good or bad games! it happens, ok? and these games fell under those not really selling. not every game can be a million seller, you know. #1.1.19
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I don't think porting it to the PS3 is a good idea business-wise
I would rather have a new MGS game over MGS PW PS3 port any day. I haven't played PW yet due to my PSP being fvcked up at the moment and I'm too busy playing on my PS3, but I still hope PW stays on the PSP. PSP's library is building up and making more of its games available elsewhere is counter-productive in terms of popularizing it and appeal it to more gamers! PSP is an awesome platform but it still can't run away from the image of being just 'another' PS platform ou... #1.1.13
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it's not too hard but easy?
let alone easiest? come on, that has to go to Hannah Montanah! #12.2
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PW should remain PSP exclusive! what i want for my PS3 is Trophy Patch for MGS4! it's not like i'm asking for MGS5 but just a patch! I've never thrown out hope since FW2.40 was released and surely will not let it go now! I'll always be waiting! :P #1.7
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Challenge of Olympus is easy compared to the previous challenges in the 1st 2 games
the only one that takes patience is Get Stoned. others? not so much! I was kinda disappointed with the challenge because of how easy it was compared to the 1st 2 games! the most frustrating parts to get to the Platinum are the fight with giant scorpion and the part with 2 satyrs + cerberus on Titan! almost made me give up but thinking about the Platinum, I somehow managed to get through by luck especially with the satyrs! #10.1
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"and like those hardcore titles on wii, it received zero marketing" - no it's not! although maybe not properly advertised on TV, they did show it at E3 09! that's one hell of an event to show your game!

and crackdown2, from reviews so far (official and users), is kinda let down! kinda like the 1st with new coatings. so, I think I can understand M$'s stance with it. spending money over it might have been a waste. they still have to market Reach to infinit... #3.2
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the main reason is RDR
but can't honestly say that it was not hyped because they did show it at E3 09 - the biggest gaming event on the planet and 360 fans went crazy for it! hyped about almost everything from graphic to the smallest details! so, yeah, with THAT kind of hype, it's expected to sell more but it didn't! no wonder M$ is still unsure to fund for the sequel. #1.4
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that's not the case with R2 and R&C ACIT
Trophies and Skill points are totally separated in those games and trophies are easier to obtain compared to skill points! I plat R&C ACIT but haven't got all the skill points. really love to but too many games to play, not enough time to do that. so I stopped not long after I got the platinum #2.1.1
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LOL Activision
serve u right! #13
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the thing about PS+ is it's optional. when you pay, it's true that Sony decides what to give you for free and you might end up getting games you don't even want in the 1st place. but with 40+ free games a year, can you honestly say that you don't want to play even 1/3 of them at all? we don't know yet do we? so, I think it's a gamble at this point because we don't know what are there to be offered for the rest of the year but so far, the offer has been great! lets... #1.1.13
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an insult? the like of your trolling to this site in general is an insult or maybe your intelligence level as well! an optional service like PS+ is not! the fact that you can't play online on games you paid for without paying $50 on XBL is another insult if you ask me! I may sound like a Sony fanboy here but the day Sony charge playing online like M$ is the day I'll move on and go finding for another hobby! nobody's going to insult me over paying for things that should've been... #1.5.8
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out of all the things that Kratos did
the author picked Hermes' part. what about Helios? or even Poseidon? those poor souls ripped apart by Kratos mercilessly! kinda make you wanna just forgive and let them go watching Kratos doing them like THAT! for god sake Kratos, have some mercy! oops...too late #1.3
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nobody cares for dead mosquitoes! you only care for them when they're around alive and biting! damn these mosquitoes trying to attack my baby! #5.1.3
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LOL you're funny as always!

"all Uncharted 2 is is pre-scripted events, linear platforming, and shootouts in a big room. technically, theres nothing special about it." - sure, a "nothing special" game won countless awards! who would have guess?

"there are many games that already are graphically above Uncharted 2 IMO. and games like Crysis 2, Gears of War 3, and Rage are so far above it its not even worth mentioning Uncharted 2.&q... #1.1.17
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I also think that eventually Jak collection will see the light of day on the PS3! plus, like GoW and Sly, the remastering was done by 3rd parties. not necessarily taking any amount of work from the original developers themselves. so, yeah, it will happen. maybe sometime next year! #1.4
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I missed them so much
bring it on to the PS3 Sony! day-fvcking-1! #1.7
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can't frickin wait for this! day-1 comfirmed!! is it $40 or $60? not that it matters anyway but just curious. #1.6
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oh no, please stop the 60GB thing already
that makes me miss mine so much! :( YLoD on me after 2+ years and successfully fixed it twice before I failed to revive it again the 3rd time! it's still sitting over there DEAD! while I'm on my new Slim right now, the 60GB's ghost still haunts me to this day but I just refuse to throw it away! do you know who 'killed' it? KRATOS, that's who! not enough with the gods, HE KILLED MY PS3! :( #1.2.6
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stupid article is stupid
Sony's big answer to XBL?? the writer clearly has no knowledge or whatsoever about PS+ thus that ignorant statement! how's an optional subscription that entitles gamers for free games, dynamic themes, premium avatars, 1 hour demo of retail games, various discounts for almost all stuff on PSN and priority of beta invites a big answer to XBL?? I don't recall paying $50 for XBL entitles anyone to all these stuff offered to every subscriber of PS+? paying $50 for XBL gives you access... #1.1.12
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