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your Kotick! LOL

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I don't think he will ever jeopardize his high rolling career just for a DLC! for all we know, Activision might have simply cut him off because he has a very high salary due to the popularity of CoD! afterall, CoD is his and Co. to begin with!

so, with Bowling gone, there's no need to pay just 1 man a ridiculous amount of money for a copy and paste job every year! the foundation for future CoDs is there and they just need guys to put them together which is relatively ...

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musical? what's a musical game?

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why do we need to label it as a spin-off? it's not like any LBP before has any significant story, let alone have any relation in terms of stories between them.

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they are considering Windows tablets as their portable

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"the PS2 was way more popular than the Xbox, and then the swapped places in the next cycle."

PS2 - 150mil and counting
XBOX - 25mil and dead!


360 - ~65mil and counting
PS3 - 60mil and counting

I can't see how's THAT considered as "swapped places" at all! yes, the 360 is dominant in the USA just like how most XBOX were sold there too back then but worldwide, it's too close to ...

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but if only Metacritic would do the same! why would they put a no name site on there in the first place?

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Niko would simply fall to the ground from a poke on a shoulder!

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the true RE are dead in the water!

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I don't think it's that hard for them to do it too considering Dead Space 2 on PS3 has the DS Extraction HD!

the PSV version is also a possibility!

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what the hell? that's only for exclusive and this 1 is not! I think this is just a lazy copy and paste box art on the retailer's side!

MOVE support is making so much sense because this was actually a Wii-born!

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to be fair to him, he didn't say that he's a dictionary store manager lol!

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this game is very close to be the most overhyped vaporware of all time!

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more like "never gonna see it"!

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good point but why Sony? why not MS or even Nintendo? I know Sony is famous this gen for buying out indi devs after their games appear to be successful on PS3 or PSP. but it's not that everything Sony touches become gold, it's just Sony securing up good and competent devs for themselves. base on their track records, Sony will never buy Slant6 as that would be dumb, MS is not ever gonna buy another studio again and knowing MS track record, Slant6 wouldn't want to be bought by MS ei...

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can you just shut up and let them have their refunds? don't you see? this is actually good for gamers! hate the ending or not, a refund is great to customers no matter what! If only I've bought ME3 via origins, I'll ask for refund regardless of reason! finish the game and use the refund towards another. that's pure WIN in my book!

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if the ending is what you're after, Youtube is your friend my man. no need to spend money on it and no need to be refunded either!

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I thought that it's a point & click? no?

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no one ask him to review the game in the first place and he can always say no and ignore the game because he clearly knows that it's not his type of game but NO, he played for several minutes and write a rubbish review on how the game is rubbish!

hits generation to the max!

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