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I'm not trying to be a hater
but wouldn't it makes more sense for comparison sake if they make it 7 vs "other OS" --> linux or mac to impress people? makes it 7 vs Vista which both are M$ products and it's like they purposely screwing up vista to make 7 looks good although 7 is only doing what it really "should" be doing as a predecessor OS while they were letting people down with vista for the past 3 years! #1.2
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gotta love the DOGS!
ND FTW!! #1.5
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about fixing the YLoD
yeah...they will probably crapped on you again but *the point here* you can get it back ON so you can have all your data back! I've been chatting with a friend with similar problems and his PS3 YLoD again 2 times in like 3 weeks but he's playing games out of that thing constantly for several hours everyday but he managed to fixed it again everytime. like me, it's been 2 weeks and my once YLoD PS3 is still going strong although I'm taking the safest route by always backing up my save data ever... #6.4
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do you play games on your ps3? at all? just being curious, I found this;

hard to believe what you say when PSN ID can be made even without a PS3 #19.3
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LOL @reaper
I see what you did there! :D #12.3
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what did you do to your YLoD PS3?
did you send it back to Sony? I can't blame you if you were still in warranty but if not, you can actually fix it yourself! it's easy and there's no losing save data! #6.1
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is it safe to say...
the Wii fad is over? no? from what i see, seems like it already happening! #1.10
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it was due for 2008 but delayed
it was something like 'back to drawing boards/scratch' kinda thing, right? and by the time of release, it will already be 2 years since the delay. mediocre/average won't cut it anymore! plus, 360 fans are clinging to this title as a worthy exclusive for a while (although it will be available also on PC) - good looking one! #1.9
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Motorstorm Arctic Edge dynamic theme is also very good!
I love it as well as the AFRIKA theme. and there are FREE #1.10
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5 FPS?
...and it's worth moving from Vista to 7? ok...I think I've seen enough #4.2
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minus for aging formula??
WTH?? try saying that while reviewing any FPS games, then I'll accept this kind of BS! there's no other games on any console plays like R&C and with additions of more unique weapons and this time around plus the extra customizations, time manipulating mechanism etc. how are those old formulas? I'm right that IGN is indeed stupid! they don't have the balls to rate it higher thus making them look like a PS3 biased site although PS3 games deserve high scores! - thus they try to find somethin... #2.6
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with this...
say goodbye to any hope for WiiHD! at least for a foreseeable future! #1.9
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just don't buy the damn game already!
how many times shall you let AV and IW fingerfvck your ass before you realize that they are money-hungry PRICKS?! this is not directed specifically for anybody, but to everybody in general! I stand for a greater advancement in gaming and what IW been doing, is going against that and I will never ever support them again until they quit their BS! #2.5
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yeah, you obviously don't know
you even spelled it wrong! it's psychology #1.3
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and he's taking us all back to E3!
come on...PS3 slim was still not even announced back then! flamebaits are ok but keep it up to date! #4.3
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raising the price of XBL is not an accessible option for M$ at the moment
but I can see they will pull it out in a way that they will slash the price for 360 to $150 for arcade and $250 for elite but maybe $75 for XBL! we know that if that happens, they'll run ads like crazy saying "HD experience on XBOX 360 starting @ $150! Online access is FREE!" #1.10
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you are admittedly a PS3 hater but can you please name 1 game that has achieved what Uncharted 2 is doing this gen? you may name a PC game also because you are a PC fanboy as I see it! stop trying to pass the hate already, dude! you can stay away from Uncharted 2 and play your beloved but outdated HL while the others who actually want to move on, play Uncharted 2!

"I think the lack of quality across all platforms this gen may be the cause of this" - then your quality is... #1.13
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what league? #6.1
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this is my 1st time reading a comment with your name without "deleted by mods" sign!

back on topic, this will be a great game! already on my 1st day buy list! after Uncharted 2, I'll platinum this and then GoW collection! #1.11
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I know, right?
why are people always backing up IW on this? they are acting as bad in these fiasco! AV publishes the game but IW made it! dedicated servers and mods (if any) are all set up by the devs, not publishers! there are almost no or only little improvement with the engine and MW2 will stay at on 600p on consoles! what is this? 2007?

IW is no saint, no angel! how do people forget how little the support was for CoD4? just 1 additional map pack?? nearly no monitoring and fix for laggers an... #3.3
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