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this article's charm point is not WoW, it's Adrianne Curry and she's naked!! - while playing WoW!

do you think that if this article is about a random girl let alone random dude playing WoW naked, it will got approved? let alone being in front page?? I don't play WoW and at least I'm pretty sure I'm in this comment section not because of WoW! :) #1.11
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agreed wholeheartedly!
it's been awhile since the glitch was found and still no article blaming IW and already a bunch of which accuse Sony? for god sake people in the so-called "gaming journalism", start opening those eyes and see the truth! it's IW whom you should blame! I don't even see an article complaining about patch 1.05 that didn't even touch the javelin glitch!

Sony "couldn't" care less? in this case, I might as well say IW and AV couldn't care less! why should they, right... #2.6
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I haven't even finished with the 1st one
maybe I'm not too much in to horror genre. glad that I just borrowing this from my friend but it's a good game! I'll try to finish this after Ratchet and clank, hopefully! :P #1.10
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I third that
although sometimes it's not wrong to be a gamer AND a hater! hating Activision for instance... #5.5
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Gears is better?
err...based on what actually? have you played it (quantum) or pure speculation? #8.1
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he said he wants THIS game. so no, Gears won't cut it because it's not THIS game!

on a serious note, come on dude, there are always rooms for other games on the market and more games being made means more games to be enjoyed by gamers. if you wanna stick with gears and stick with the classic "quantum is gears rip-off" mentality, then fine. but don't drag others who think that they want to move on and enjoy something else!

this is exactly like Dante's infern... #1.7
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yeah, really can't wait.
I hope that it's not just another generic warfare shooter with short campaign just to compete with CoD! I like games that are balanced SP and MP wise! MW2 short campaign shows that CoD is no longer about story, it's all about MP! please EA, don't do that with MoH! #1.1
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dude get your acts together on this
"Bad devs, and DICE is just as bad IMO. Tho BF BC2 is looking better."

how's BFBC2 looking better than a game that still has no footage at all? or did I missed something? I think we should just wait for EA to release a gameplay footage of this new MoH before we throw in judgments!

DICE is great. BF series are always great maybe except for Heroes but that's a free to play cartoon shooter, kinda expected. anyway, all other games in BF series is great although... #2.1
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it's aftreall the 2nd most played sports in Japan only after baseball
although FIFA is not that huge in Japan, PES actually selling well every year. #4.1
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@Halo MLG
you're a stupid troll and does not even belong in this article! this is an article about what KZ2 does right but you're trolling saying it sucks here and there and then spewing about sales and then Halo? go away TROLL! the open zone is welcoming your kind with open arms! welcome to my ignore list! I'm sick of you trolling in here on everything PS3 related all day long! you enjoy your Halo3? fine, but don't come in here trying to spoil the fun other people is having with other games not halo!... #18.17
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not that surprising
remember this? #7.2
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don't for get now that Eidos under Square Enix
you guys know how SE really like to milk things! give me any other game that has the running number larger than FF and DQ! if it's not sport games, they are hardly any isn't it?

but like I said before and I'll always say this, there are rooms for even the crappiest games in current market. that just means that there'll be more games for everyone. a turd in one person's eyes could be a gem in the others'. heck this is Tomb Raider we're talking about! there's no way it will get any... #2.20
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wow, just wow! defending a console with proven high failure rates to THAT extent...what are you? M$ PR team?

"...and wow do you believe any crap that youtube shows?....i can have an old xbox 360 with RROD and simple change the case."

for what? to be cool? RRoD is a new cool trend now?

I'm a PS fan (fanboy? maybe...) myself but will never ever defend Sony for any misconduct if any! I've got YLoD once with my launch 60GB and I was upset! although... #1.29
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"They get flak for going back into the past and showing us the true face of history..."
that one over there made me chuckle a bit. zombies are 'real' huh?

just kidding but Treyatch is not THAT bad. they are decent! #1.6
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IW studio of the year??
pfft...there is still no words on the javelin glitch, save file hacks for cheap and easy trophies, update 1.05 didn't fix the glitch, tactical nuke exploit, XP, what's next on the menu IW? hello? are you guys even listening? stop counting that money and get your asses back here to fix these! #1.7
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why put nukes in the 1st place?
this is bound to happen just the matter of when. seems like it's time! this is again, not requiring any cheat codes thus not cheating. just tactical although SAD! #19
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shouldn't the question be
"how well can consoles run Crysis?" #1.8
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evrfighter is a dedicated PS hater and love to brag about his/her hates towards anything PS related! when you accuse him(her? sounds like a lady in period!) of being a 360 fanboy, he'll dodge with "I'm a PC fanboy" comment! I think, this will be my last time reading his stupid rants, I'll put him under ignore from now on!

on topic:

inFAMOUS is a great game! platinumed it and recommended it to some of my friends and they also love it! the stunt trophy is a b... #1.35
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in 1995,
my mom bought me a Sega MegaDrive II. that was my 1st gaming system and I really loved it. I 1st played the Playstation in 1997 at my cousin's but to be honest, I hated it! hahaha...just can't get the grip with the controller I guess and I stayed away from it. I mostly gamed on PC with red alert 2 and then Starcraft, FIFA 98 LAN party was also a blast until I went for my degree in Japan in 2002 and there I was craving for the most talked about console, the PS2! thanks to that PS2, now I have... #1.10
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and he's very good too to say the least! damn, it's going to be hard beating him online! :P #1.12
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