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"...I don't even know why I'm explaining this, it should be common sense." - I'm a bit confused as well because you're clearly not the one to explain this! you don't now shit of what you're talking about!

you mentioned about raw power, then you said lacks of memory!

you mentioned about smoke and mirrors, I clearly can see you don't know the meaning of that term.

and then you said "Also, an exclusive...

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albeit great for being open source, and have cheaper phones compared to iPhone and WP7, has a serious flaw in the whole system! I was just looking at a Galaxy 5 with 2.1 version and just recently 2.2 were released! and then 2.3 SDK were released and is about to be released maybe early next year! the thing is, the phone OS is unupgradable at the moment thus making you feel like having a 2.1, you're somewhat being left behind and Galaxy 5 isn't exactly an old phone! that's my only i...

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"It almost looks as though Sony is trying really hard to assure PS+ members that they've done right in purchasing their membership by OFFERING CONTENTS regardless of quality,.. and always doing so within limits."

"Paying for the privilege of playing 'em is just ridiculous.."

oohh...I hope you hate XBL wih passion too! more so than PS+! or else, you're just some dumb hater on the internet!

how's paying $60 t...

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Insomniac is the best!

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I would say DUMB!

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MoH and BFBC are already a better game in any way! what's hard is to establish millions of dumb followers like what CoD is doing!

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I have a 37" Sony S series 720p tv that can upscale to 1080p and a native 1080p 23" monitor and I can tell you 1 thing for sure! no matter what, be it 720p games or 1080p games or BD movies, my monitor will always gives better picture! the only reason I hook my ps3 to my TV is because it's in the living and bigger in size! albeit small, the difference is as clear as you can get! size doesn't matter, 1080p will always be better!

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"PSN+ is the biggest con a games company has ever pulled and sony is lucky so many of their fans aren't very smart."

and paying to play online and have the portion of games you bought for $60 = DUMB!

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knowing Kotick, that will be...NEVER EVER!

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out of all shovelwares released this year especially on the Wii (no offence but come on), these are the games selected for being among the worst of 2010?? some poeple are just hungry for hits and thanks @guitarded, I'm not feeding them any!

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if you're an action game fan, Uncharted is a MUST!

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will definitely be redundant with the early scenes in TR Underworld.

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BO is published by SE in Japan. practically, they might have bought BO because of the SE name on the box!

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they just rush out so that they can be the 1st with the review! the embargo is for holding off early reviews but never to rush you to post a review! IGN's review posted 12.01 the day the embargo went off just shows you what's their priority really is!

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"Even StarCraft II , PC exclusive sold more than it in the same time."

you do know that there's millions more PCs available to play SCII on compared to total PS3 sold, right? you didn't bother with facts or you're here simply for trolling? I bet BOTH!

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that's just cruel!

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I thought not buying a game due to bad reviews is bad but not buying due to many loving and defending the game on N4G? that's just stupid! facepalm worthy stupid!

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sure ND was the father of crash but he's not theirs no more! I think they sold the IP before they made Jak& Dexter

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why are some people need to talk about this right now? GT5 is a massive game with lots and lots of things to do and with track editor and stuff, there'll always be different tracks for you to drive everyday! for PD, I hope they don't released GT6 just yet - at least not for another 2 years! GT5 is the fruit of dedication and selling it for $60 is like a crime when there are games like CoD and other short and shoddy games are also available at the same price!

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thus games like CoD getting praise like the 2nd coming but real hardcore game like GT5 got "issues"! GT5 is what the GT game is all about and what people care the most is damage! I don't remember the reason I learn to drive a car just so I can damage it!

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