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if sales, I don't think so. I think it will easily sell in the region of 2mil+ just by the name alone on all platform but as a series...yeah it's pretty much safe to say that this is not the TRUE RE game anymore!

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I think it's more "this is what the game want you to buy it for" kind of thing

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I have yet to finish Jak collection though

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I do think that the "moaning" sound in question should be toned down a bit and I don't think that it will ruin the experience

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on the other news, Kotick says CoDs are not rehashes from CoD4!

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But they messed up despite having the biggest gun out of the big 3 (Wii U) and even had a separate event for 3DS! What were they thinking?

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he's Pachter II

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Wii U? the one that has to sacrifice 1080p in order to achieve 60fps? you really mean THAT one?

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with 20+mil ahead of both 360 and PS3, it's hard to admit otherwise. but that's due to it evading a direct competition with the PS3 and 360 altogether!

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some people are just happy paying to xgamechat with friends and play online and their 360 might be their only platform capable of doing FB, Twitter, stream TV, Netflix, Last FM and so on so...let them pay and let the PS+ owners harvest the benefits of $50 a year subscription!

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3rd place this gen is not THAT bad considering they sold more than 60mil already and 360 is not THAT far away ahead. Wii is a different story but this is nothing like last gen's 2nd and 3rd! last gen XBOX was 2nd with 25mil lifetime while the PS2 still going strong with 150mil+!

you guys are seriously in need for a surgery in the head if thinking that 3rd place is dooming Sony in any way! guess what, their gaming division is making money and proof? exclusive games keep co...

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Wii is more powerful than GC and GC is about as powerful as XBOX. so...I'm pretty sure Wii is more powerful than the XBOX too.

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do you really need to have a Wii U before believing that it's more powerful? PS3 and 360 are 2005/2006 techs and there's no way Wii U will be less than those! it's called COMMON SENSE!

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Wii U is definitely more powerful than PS3 and 360, so if the games look bad, the dev make them look bad!

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"Nobody uses their thumbs on a touch screen."

simply the dumbest thing I've heard all day!

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but their HD console is 7 years late and launch with 720p games?? WTF big N?? sacrificing 1080p for 60fps means that the console itself is not powerful enough to begin with! much like the GC compared to PS2 but they are in the same gen! so...this pretty much confirm that Wii U is indeed NOT a next gen console!

err...welcome to 7th gen Nintendo!

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suckers gonna...suck?

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From the console itself, the controller to the games...they all look cheap imo. If anyone is to take a loss for every console sold, it will be the gamers who buy such cheaply made console!

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