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I think you should! it's the better version afterall! I just platinumed GoW2 like 4 hours ago and I think it's a deeper game than the 1st! I platinumed that as well but the puzzles in 2 sometimes made me scratch my head! GoW2 is definitely more challenging than the 1st! the collection made those 2 games feels definitive and a must-play! why the hell didn't I play these games when they were released? but with the collection, I'm relieved (plus the 2 platinums) and I'm so ready for GoW3! so, Ma... #2.2
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PS3 is DOOMED I tell you, DOOOMED!
I think we'll see that kind of article anytime now! or maybe something like Forza3 DLC pack 2 scared GT5 away! just some of my speculations! #2.15
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@LoVeRSaMa +bubbles!
I agree that skills should determine skills not how long you've been online although being online longer more than always means that you'll know the maps and skills better than those who don't! like in Uncharted 2, I can beat Crushing any day but always find online MP to be hard! with me only on level 8 and going against people with sky high ranks! kinda hopeless to be honest but there's a way to boast ranks easier which is the co-op but there is where the rank system has its flaw! but I don'... #1.8
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this is not surpriseng at all!
it's 1 of the most anticipated title for the PSP and you all know how the Japanese love RPG! this is Kingdom Hearts afterall! it's bound to sell A LOT! if I remember correctly, MH Portable 2ndG sold 750k in its 1st week in Japan and that's among the most sold game on PSP or maybe the best selling game on PSP to date! I might be wrong though #1.4
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dissapointing article as well!
I thought the article was written based on 1st hand impression but it's actually reflecting those from Eurogamer's hands on. why the hell write anything while you're yet to experience it yourself? #3
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is this NA only?
or is it worldwide? #1
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WTH is this??
"Game Journalism for DUMMIES"? #1
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LOL wut??
don't replay games? what if the games is really good?? what about online MP?? what should I do with my game collections?? FAIL article is FAIL! (now I feel like HHG with all these "?" marks!!) #1.4
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you have your winner! up there...ThanatosDMC! #6.4
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wasn't this guy always talk about the future?
it was always about this will become that....that will be become this, revolution this, evolution that and so on! why suddenly trying to state the obvious? is he just trying to be right for once? #2.7
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new gameplay elements?
like what? RPG ala FO3 and Borderlands? or something like Bioshock? #1.11
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but whatever, as long as great exclusives keep coming PS3 fit of anything, I don't care! but if Sony is going Nintendo way and traditional gaming is going the way of the dodo, I'm calling it off for good! #2.12
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it's January
and we're arguing which game will be GoTY 2010? come on guys, there's a limit for being unreasonable!! #1.19
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IGN is fvcked up lately
sometimes, I even think that HHG brings in more to the table (although most of the time, flamebait) than IGN!

WTH IGN? looking for something to hate anything PS3?

hate YLoD...oh wait, RRoD is worst. hate PSN...oh wait, it's free and evolving. too expensive...oh wait, now not so much. no games...oh wait, this is already 2010! a movie player...oh wait, 360 also does it with HD DVD add-on, netflix, movie streaming etc. come on...come up with something we can hate! *brow... #6.1
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for me
something that stands out from the crowds! something that you can clearly say better than the others! although the PC fans are likely to come in here to claim the graphics crown, IMO I still think KZ2 and Uncharted 2 are looking better than most PC games out there despite only 720p! and this is from someone who have a decent PC to run most games @ 1080p on PC! many times, we can agree that higher resolutions will give crispier graphics but sometimes, it's not all about the 'p', but how to uti... #2.4
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don't worry about evrfighter, he's a full blown anything-Sony hater! it's like Sony killed his mom or dog or something! even if Sony takes over M$ and brings him the same 360, he'll still hate it with passion! if you accuse him for being a 360 fanboy, he'll dodge with "I'm a PC fan" but all he ever do is be in any PS3 related articles and troll!

on topic, this article is not at ALL about quality now? pfft...what have the gaming journalism turned sad! keep play... #1.19
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I really feel ya dude
I fall for it yet again! damn HHG! #6.1
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with that kind of user name, you're expecting people to take your comment seriously? like seriously? pfft...TROLL! #38.1
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I don't think Marvel will like that #18.6
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FIFA is good as well
but I've chosen tetris but FIFA really suits this category too. +bubbles dude #8.2
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