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Insomniac is still giving 2 PS3 exclusives this year and I see they are not slowing down and not lacking in terms of quality from what I've seen so far! they want to cater to a wider audience? well, if you're truly a fan, exclusive or not, you should support them! personally, I'm a die hard fan myself but I'm not feeling even a bit offended by their decision to make a multiplat.if the game is excellent like their PS3 games, then count me in!

don't worry Te...

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is this for the old Hot Shot Golf 5 or for a new title?

edit: ok, it's for the old Hot Shot Golf 5! will there be trophy support as well?

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but there is a Halo every year since 2007!

Halo 3 - 2007
Halo Wars - 2008
Halo ODST - 2009
Halo Reach - 2010
Halo CE Anniversary - 2011
Halo 4 - 2012

in that regards, it's kinda similar with CoD though!

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average? yeah right! in your dreams!

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it's not long before the game is set to launch this year. I do think they will need to rush it a bit to make it in time

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But VITA is not making anything absolete. Definitely not the 3DS. It's just that it will give a better competition than the PSP ever was to the DS.

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Nowgamer? More like out-of-date gamer suits you guys better! Fail attempt at trolling plus fail for not knowing an old news! This is a 2nd degree fail and they really need this:

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That 1 bubble is for a comment, so why not?

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In this case, you have no choicebut to give prop to Sony. This is a solution like no other at least at the moment!

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There are still lots of people buying tube tv where I live

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what are you talking trash for? the more the merrier!

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OMG what a place to shop! out of all's got to be E3?

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you mad :-)

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do we really need an analysis for a 2009's game? oh wait...this is releasing this year?

everything about it MEH especially with BF3 in bounds!

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but this is so much better especially the split-screen approach of it which hasn't been done anywhere else! can't wait to see it in action!

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they are trying to make people believe that only Kinect can do what is being done in ME3! they or even EA will never let this feature to be used without Kinect although it's 100% possible! and I doubt people will rush out to buy Kinect just to play ME3! nice addition to gameplay but nothing to buy a Kinect for!

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but that's up to the point where you customize you weapons! playing it with Kinect is another story! I know I DON'T want to play my games in THAT pose!

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What shown off ME3 Kinect can be done without the $150 peripherals! a mic will do but no...they made people believe that this can only be done with Kinect!

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I feel like playing Uncharted the traditional way and then play it again with the new controls! nicely done, Sony!

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who would have guessed, ha?


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