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I don't really care about the score but...glitchest??
really? that's how low they wanna go for the sake of downplaying PS3 exclusives?? they didn't even mentioned anything about glitches in MW2 review which are clearly rampant in the MP side of the game but went the extra miles mentioning it for MAG!

"Despite that sizeable blemish, Infinity Ward has delivered – and then some. Modern Warfare 2 not only stands comparison with a predecessor that some believe to be the best game of this generation, but in several areas it surpasses... #1.40
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it's surprisingly quiet at 2K prior to the release of this
too quiet, it's disturbing! this was 1 of the most anticipated game last year until it got delayed but not long before release, yet we hear nothing about the game! no hype no nothing! what happen? #2
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I'll never ever let my kids being too familiar with video games
I started gaming just occasionally on Mega Drive 2 in 1995 and back then, mom won't let me play more than 2 hours every weekend. I started gaming as a hobby in 2002 when I got my own PS2 and by then, I'm old enough already to not let myself drunk in gaming. now, I'm a working adult, going to have my 1st kid (hopefully a boy), I only have little time I can really to gaming without others interrupting (parents, wife)! although there are more times people will distract while I'm gaming, I really... #2.5
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@Halo Noob
"MW2 does not lack quality. It's superbly polished. If there's anything wrong with it, it's the predominance of glitches and maybe some gameplay aspects."

LOL of the day! a glitchfest game is considered polished now? and "superbly"?? Kotick's ass sure is tasty for you ha? #1.16
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you were like describing a "reverse" porn! LOL! NO...NO...NO...AHHHHH... #3.2
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the 2nd time you mentioned about "no innovation" in this section! if evolving is to be more a shooter like FO3 & ME2, then I don't think that's necessary! I know westerners like shooters and a shooter-based 'RPG' like ME2 will get instant praises from the media but I think JRPG as a genre has a unique feel to them and to change that element into something more 'western' just to get the western media to praise the game is somewhat LAME IMO! JRPGs are selling well in Japan where t... #3.8
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technical marvel
congrats to Zipper! MAG FTW! #1.15
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PS3 is "dead" last place? it's still behind in term of sales but "dead last"? what are u smoking there? you conveniently just forgot that 360 was released a year to a year and a half earlier didn't you? I guess if you wanna counter that with "Wii also released a year late" argument, that will make the 360 looks worst! a year head start and then doubled in 2 years! #1.20
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great reviews so far
I might end up getting HR afterall!! #1.7
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this article is full with STUPID rants!
I really want to know what the writer thinks about movie-tide, movie-based games? he must think most of them are stupid as well!

he's so living under the rock for all these times because he's totally missing the point of the entertainment business at the moment! did he missed the article "MW2 set record for the biggest launch in the entertainment history" thing? video game industry is a niche market no more! it's perfectly normal for any game dev to try to tap the marke... #1.29
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Insomniac mediocre??
@crab,that's CRAP! which part of their games are mediocre? maybe for a fanboy like you but games with 80+ score is never mediocre in my book! don't try to run your mouth like it's fact, PERIOD!

Insomniac has yet to really disappoint me to this day and I love their games on PS3 so far! R:FoM is an original twist to WW2 which is really great for a launch title and although R2 went slightly generic with the gameplay mechanic, you can't deny that the MP part of the game is a total bl... #3.26
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list for easy platinum?
there's a lot of them! the lists are more or less the same but have 1 game in common! - Hannah Montana! wish you luck for that R&C platinum! I'm actually just 1 trophy away from platinum, that is the challenge mode but I think that might take a while because I'm shooting for all the skill points! more people need to play this game, it's such a great game! the best IMO for the whole series! #11.2
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the disagree phamtom is running rampant I see
+bubbles to everyone. #1.8
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by fail they mean 2 million 1st day, right?
and 10 mil lifetime! #2.17
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EPIC! #6.1
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and why is that? sorry I didn't quite get the joke! I was about to put 128v128 but there are 3 factions in MAG and I've yet to play it so I don't really familiar with the game! but it certainly does a 256player game. so? #1.7
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I didn't say anything about you not liking the game! the posters below me did!

but if you haven't played the game yet, that I'm still stand corrected with my comment above. I'm also not defending the game either from all the reviews! maybe people who actually have the game have something better to say! #1.15
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this is what I like with 360 fanboys
there is a great game coming out and still want to play the sales game like aquanox! the mentality of "great game = great sales" really needs to be thrown away guys, like SERIOUSLY! #1.21
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look who's back!
NaiNaiNai! and the 1st thing to do is troll a PS3 game section!

tatotiburon, kitty, aquanox etc...what makes you think your opinion is more correct than other's? you guys don't even played the game for god sake, so stop spitting CRAP! it stinks!

this is the review for the full game, not the beta you played! if you haven't played the full game, you don't have the rights to justify any score for the game, period! #1.16
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such highly regarded dev like IW (at least, they used to be) can't even make it right with 9v9 when Zipper has it at 256! thanks a lot IW and AV for ruining the experience for everybody! you guys must look so cool now with that outfit made of cash! thanks to all the reviewers who jumped the gun and praised this POS to sky level - how stupid all of you look now! and the morons @Gametrailer - this is your GoTY 2009! all of you are Kotick's b1tches! #1.5
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