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previous PES were always released later than FIFA and those are lost sale straight away as FIFA is in no way a bad game! as far as this gen is concerned, PES dropped the ball hard and FIFA picked it up and ran away with it since 2008 and is the best selling sport game ever since!

I hope there will be more competition this year from PES and looking at the same release date, I think we will see!

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a total of 3 great games with great gameplay good story for $40 and they gave it a 5/10? trolling? DEFINITELY!

it's not intended for gamers already playing these game but last time I checked, neither of these games sold CoD numbers so chances are, there are more people haven't experience these than those who did! so, why the hate?

I have all GoW games released on PS3 this gen but that doesn't mean that I'll give GoW Saga which includes all 5 g...

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that's a sad truth. you need marketing prowess and hype machine for a game to sell really well.

plus, this type of game is not what the masses prefer this gen and it's SP only. just look at call of juarez the cartel, it's crap but just because it's a FPS, it sells way better! sad buy true

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who would want to spend $500 just so they can play mini games from Google Play Store??

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KZ HD is all I wanted! not really willing to let go of my copies of KZ2 and KZ3!

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still holding on to my KZ2 and KZ3 copies, so hopefully KZ HD will be available for download! can't wait!

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"amazing" would be pushing it but it is a good game! I'm only 1 more mission before the end don't get the urge to finish it any sooner! I waited for the 1st to get discounted and got it off PSN and I think I'll wait for the 2nd to be discounted too with all DLC included!

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This can be considered as minor boost. Still not like what MH Portable 2 did for the PSP back in 2007! That was such a massive boost and the PSP was top seller in Japan ever since until 3DS price cut and Vita arrived!

Makes me wonder, when will Capcom make the move? I know MH4 is exclusive to 3DS but don't they see the potential of another massive hit like it did on the PSP?

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You mean by the fangirls' period?

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They meant milk it till it dry, right? They have so many IPs but decided to milk a few! Let the RE and SF franchise rest for awhile and how about giving other IP like Onimusha another run? NO?

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But I find sex in games are awkward and most of the time annoying! Kinda make me feel terrible or like a pervert (don't know how it is actually) playing a game in front of others or family members when suddenly the scene appears! Sex might sell a game but not what make or break a game!

Keep it brief like GoW mini games and I can just muted it if I were to play it in front of others and it won't take long (lol at Kratos for cumming red orbs and short sessions too) but...

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If only they can slap this game with another name. It's not DMC and that emo kid is not Dante! We had a young Dante already in DMC3 and that was such a great game!

But with Capcom, RE are not RE anymore, and now DMC too! Way to devalue your IP there, Capcom.

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You are just a troll. Want a fast pace game, look somewhere else. This a survival horror game not run and gun like RE. Even Capcom doesn't understand how to make scary games anymore!

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Gonna try it later and see how it looks. But these are old games and I've played through these several times. Hope Sony will make this feature available for new games too.

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but SONY did say that the potential of cross buy is limited and at the moment, only 1st party titles are embracing it. can't wait for 3rd parties to start doing the same. hope SONY's move will set a precedent here!

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can pretty much say that the rumor that VS is dead is getting truer by the days!

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can't wait!

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lol, you're so OWNED!

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instead of trying to promote the game, they are downplaying it! why don't we get any article like this when pre-orders for a new IP is not looking good? oh yeah...other new IPs are fine but not Sony's! wanna talk rip-off? why don't look at Marvel vs Capcom, for example? only Nintendo can do mash up of characters from different IP and let them fight each other when everybody else does it, it's a rip-off! PATHETIC!

personally, I think this is looking good so far...

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the Asian version of R&C trilogy doesn't have this demo which is a shame but good to know that it plays just like how it should be! huge fan here and this has long been in my must buy list and here's hoping for the cross buy promotion will apply to the asian version too!

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