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it's the most profitable in the industry at the moment!

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me too and hopefully many more will!

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but seeing at current momentum, CoD sales will remain unbeatable. BF doesn't have that 'charm' to warrant CoD like sales. sad but true!


"BF3 will become the new Mw2 minus the 12 year olds..." - THAT alone will negate sales by more than HALF! do you think that DICE don't want 12 year olds to buy BF3?

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because they're monkeys?

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after last year, and people still buy it...Dear God, WHY?

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does this mean the Zerg and Protoss expansion pack for StarCraft II not coming this year too? that SUCKS!

I'm not expecting any NEW game release, knowing Blizzard, but SCII expansion is kinda like a no brainer for this year, no?

WTF is wrong with ActiBliz these days??!

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if "for Kotick", this game is "not good enough", the game must be on TRASH level because he thinks CoD and Tony Hawk is "good enough" but for many, it's far from "good enough"!

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"Yep and Sony are all about handing out money alright."

that's kinda TRUE if you really think about it. they were selling every single PS3 at a loss since launch and just recently making profit on console sales. that counts as handing out money too, right?

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I heard 3DSi XL has bigger battery and longer gaming time!

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but in this case, it's barely a reverse engineering at all. of course CFW are reverse engineered from OFW but running any homebrew on the PS3 requires the "key", which is a string of numbers and letters embed in every PS3 by Sony and by right, this "key" is copyrighted!

PS3 hackers stole this key and use the exact key to sign their own software so the PS3 will recognize it thus making it illegal! you can't reverse engineer a key because it will be ...

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wall of text? do you even know what that means? see #20: now THAT'S a wall of text. theif's not at all!

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wow, you sure did being asleep for long now. good morning? it's already close to 50mil by now. there was an article about it like last week.

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you're living well to you username! if that happens, that will leaves you with just 360 and Wii and that's funny to you??

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I have electronic devices varies from many brands. but trying to ban the PS3? you gotta fucking kidding me! SCREW YOU LG!

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getting a PS3 just for the collection! DUDE, that's the spirit! true fan at heart! +bubble

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but if they have to do it on 3 discs, in which they don't have any other option on the 360 at the moment, selling each 1 separately for $15 or $20 is a more viable approach to generate the most income - gamers might not like it though.

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you clearly haven't play GoW collection or Sly collection at all but dare making such claim! for the collection, YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO XMB TO SWITCH GAMES!!

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the fact that these collection is impossible on a single DVD and making it multiple DVD is not a good decision as they have to pay royalty for each extra DVD they use.

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you really think Sony paid for those PoP HD remakes? with the PS3 exclusive lineups enough to warrant at least 2 games released per month this year, you really think Sony would care to pay for old games in HD? wake up dude! Ubi saw the success of GoW collection thus following Sony's footsteps into this thing! it's pretty much a given that Ubi is the one paying Sony so their old games to be on the PS3! Ubi is trying to shoot for easy money with PoP games thus the quality is nowhere nea...

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