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been waiting so long for a sequel! next, Jak 4! make it happen SONY!!

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are we getting ready for annual RE now? anyone?

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But we still get a new FPS every here and then, right? So, what's the problem of this? And have you ever played Crack in Time? It's not based on time travel at all and it has the best time manipulating puzzle ever imo!

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I didn't say you said Sony either. I was generally commenting on the article. I used the reply button but no, I'm not blasting you.

I've said this several times in the past already but I'll say it again. 3D is mainly about perspective although there are some games mandating the use of 3D on 3DS. when talking about perspective, the experience will be different from one person to another and it's not strange if there are groups that don't want it (you ma...

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the only thing you can hope for CoD on next gen consoles is higher resolution!

and all the fans will be like OMG!! CoD IN HD!!

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and I think the reason is because Sony is the biggest supporter of it at the moment! if it's MS, articles about how 3D is awesome, will change gaming etc. will pop out instead from left and right.

just think about it. 3D gaming is not new and nVidia 3D vision came out earlier than Sony's push for 3D with less availability of 120Hz monitors at that time to make it happen at the least but there weren't any article like this back then! so, why now? why when the 3DTVs...

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that's a confused face right there!

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I see what you did there

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from Microsoft just by giving a 1 month time exclusive DLC for 360!

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you do know that FIFA has lots of different covers every year, right? covers are different by regions and even countries in Europe too

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if only they would put in the Madden and NHL mechanic into FIFA...that might be a possibility!

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too easy to get penalties!

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you're kidding yourself if you think like that! CoD is 600p on console because they are pushing 60fps and with THAT, sacrifice has to be made in the form of resolution! that's pretty much known for so long now.

the thing is, even mid-end PCs are running hardware which can be considered as next gen compared to PS3 and 360 but do they use a next gen engine for CoD on PC? NO! so, why would you think that they will simply move on to a new engine comes the next gen? THEY W...

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so predictable to the point that they are desperate to be seen as different from the others!

I'm not saying it should get a higher score as I have not experience the game either but when they are doing this with every big releases, people will start to question their intention. The pattern is as clear as day!

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he's a recycler!

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poo year incoming!

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having Pachter saying something about anything is the same as jinxing it!

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The best? Hardly, but the most popular, definitely.

You wanna know which 1 is best? my vote is on either KZ2 or BFBC2! compared to those 2, CoD is childplay!

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Uncharted 3 did it with the Talbot chase and it is pretty amazing too!

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