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I'm not trying to bash miyamoto or anything
but he says this and it coincides with the release of the NSMB, which is unfortunately the biggest title for the Wii from them this year! next year when SMG2 release, he will say something in favor of 3D! trust me, this man is marketing his new game and that's all it to this statement! #2.5
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feeling kinda guilty myself
I still haven't buy mine! I was about to buy it but I have bills to settle before pay day! damn it! this will be the 1st one I buy on pay day! #1.7
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yeah, me too
look at the Go! it's clearly bombed in sales even in Japan! when will Sony learned that higher price will hinder sales? #14.1
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Valve made this as a sequel in just a few months!
you shouldn't be surprised about a new DLC just a few days after launch! afterall, it's an ancient engine they're using, they can even make the DLC using a mid-end laptop while sh1tting in toilets!

edit: to think back about it, that's kinda awesome! :P #5.1
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WTFBBQ!? 200mil?
and only 40-50 mil for the game which is already crazy for a very short and non-dedicated server game! #1.9
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ok, I'll be serious now, if this is nothing but to add hype to the game, I'm gonna be pissed! kinda weird to be playing a game with pointless nudity! we already have lots and lots of hentai game for that! #1.11
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putting GoW3 and GT5 together in a sentence is like calling for a God of War Racing! don't put your hope high unless if Sony pull a Nintendo on its franchises like Mario! #1.10
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that would be very funny!
but who knows. this is kodick we're talking about! #5.2
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who the hell will want to watch a movie with a silent protagonist?
even if they are going to give him a persona, it will only be another generic warfare movie! the story in CoD4 and MW2 are as generic as it can get! I hope it bombs! HARD! #1.5
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most of the listing does not make sense it's not even funny!
how can MW2 and AC2 be a candidate of GoTY if they are not even nominated in best games for any platform?? #1.5
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what problem is this actually?
I have not experienced it as everything is going OK. I read that this problem occurs mostly on DLC content, is that true? just asking because I don't have DLC of anything other than MGS4 DLC for LBP. #1.12
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so sad to see studio after studio going down the way of the dodo!
and in recent cases, they are (or were) owned by big companies! Ensemble with M$ and now Pandemic with EA and RARE is pretty much KIA (killed in action) under M$ because they are in no way or shape the RARE that we used to know! #1.3
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you sell out! :) #17.3
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ok, it has been 13 hours now since you said that! was the robbery? reply, or I assume that you're already in jail! /jk #17.1
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that is sooo absolutely right!
I have issues with time too! time is so not very kind to my hobby and most of the time frustrating! I really want to have more time for gaming but having a job that's almost always dragged to the night and now a pregnant wife, I'm considered lucky if I can game constantly for 1 hour per night! that's why I seldom go out during weekends as I love to play my games and still a lot of time, my wife will try to pull me off my gaming and drag me eating outside! I have a friend who platinumed Unchar... #8.4
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any minute now
someone with the user name like "60percent" or "sixtypercent" will appear! just wait for it... #1.20
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time's flying
it has been 3 years now? I got mine a little late (august 2007) but my wallet has never been this broken before these 2+ years! happy gaming all along! #3.6
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counter article
WOW, so pointless! I swear I never saw that one coming! and reason #4 is just LOL! #2.9
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that's the gamers' mentality which Activision is trying very very hard right now to exploit and drain easy money from! 4h and maybe 1+ hour more for veteran is not worth $60 even with a great MP! how do you want to explain that to those that not really into online MP or doesn't have internet connection? look, MP is about playing the same game on the same set of maps over and over again! no extra resources needed thus not worth extra charge!

ok, a practice for you, try typing 4h1+... #1.17
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that is the sigle most reasonable comment for this article!
Wii currently is cruising ahead with virtually no competition! even with no big games released this year accept for the NSMB, Wii is easily the most sold console worldwide this year! thanks to NA! #3.1
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