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simply the best SP campaign among FPS this year! totally love it!

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thus the single bubble

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I never said 5X3=17, just saying lol!

and people might argue that the Vita is the best handheld gaming device ever created but as things stand, Vita can basically do anything gaming-wise and no other platform before this can be said as such!

the usual gaming with buttons, touch based games, motion control games, AR based games social name it, they are all possible with the tech crammed into the Vita!

this may sound a bit fanboyish...

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I'm all ears

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Plus the air ticket, your Vita will be the most expensive vita EVER! lol

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*dead* (my wallet that is!)

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is stupid!

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Uncharted GA, Motorstorm RC, Escape Plan, Unit 13 and HotShot Golf all get my money! much will all those cost me?

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if that happen, the 360 will not have any left lol! jk

but exclusives, especially from 1st parties have no reason to go multiplat as they define a platform but those from 3rd parties are another story though.

but in the end, it's up to the console makers to make the decision about it. it's a bit easier to decide for those 1st parties as they are going nowhere but they certainly have to cough a huge dough of cash to secure those from 3rd parties and so...

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if he trolls boosters and cheaters, I wouldn't mind but he's basically ruining the game for random people who just want to enjoy the game!

"GrieferParadise" - you know who's the TROLL is now, and just kick him if he's in your team!

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is the Vita released not just in Japan for now? or he's a Chinese living in Japan?

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that's flat out STUPIDITY! ...or he has a serious insomnia!

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40" LED for $400? I think you meant LCD with LED backlight.

3D was, is and will always be an extra feature and personally I think it's really nice bar some games!

I wear glasses and I wear 3D glasses over my glasses too. a bit awkward at 1st but it's a well thought design for people with or without glasses. I have a Samsung Plasma 3D btw and I play all 3D games in 3D for hours without much problem and totally loving it! Uncharted 3 3D is straight...

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a chain THAT huge and heavy only made THAT little splash?!

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good that Sony finally implement it! this is really a great feature!

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it's called Everybody's Golf Invitational, right?

btw, can we just download and store Vita games on PS3 like a library and copy them to Vita everytime we want to play them?

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more games are always welcome! I always love Zipper's games and yeah, including SOCOM4! haters be gone!

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Bathesda will keep pumping out buggy games year after year!

critics should start condemning them for the bugs because clearly the voices of mere gamers aren't enough to wake them up from their buggy dreams!

but critics are so hard to believe nowadays especially when the like of VGA awards putting Skyrim as a candidate of GoTY when the game wasn't even released yet! so much for credibility ha?

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The campaign felt longer than UC2 but I clocked 15 hours on UC2 1st playthrough. Then I realized it's actually shorter :-(

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