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maybe someday you can afford that special place for special people like you guys....under a bridge somewhere!

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and fun too! :-)

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just need to know it's out already and I'm buying

**turn on PS3 and going to PS Store**

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WTF? this game is a LEGO game without the LEGO! I's say it's a LEGO game + LBP costumes! so original /s

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WTH? aside from external mic, camera and GPS adopted by the PSP, no other peripheral will suit a handheld and this is the pinnacle of RIDICULOUSNESS!

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and then BAMMM 8/10! doesn't that mean 9 and 10 or even 8.1 is impossible? or are they not really understanding the meaning of the word "BEST"?

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WHAT? in order to do THAT, you must get all 3 versions? THAT doesn't really make any sense! wouldn't it be easier for you to just not involve yourself in this stupid fanboys war and just enjoy the game on any platform of your choice? I think THAT makes more sense for living on the fence.

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wait till the crazy people at Sony come out with the hard to developed for PS4 and we will start seeing article like "PS4 hard to develop for" just like the PS3 early in its lifetime! although I doubt Sony will want to do it again next gen :-P

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winning! :-)

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read these;

seems like having 'just' a HD4850 is a crime over here lol!

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Drake has shown Lara Croft how to do a game right and now you want him to show Harry Potter how to beat a snake right? lol slow down a bit dude!

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you have this one 'room' for you to run and climb up and down to fight him but you actually just need one side of the room to beat him! how's THAT the best?

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the boss fight will take too long! I don't think that's the direction ND want to take the Uncharted series to. it's a fast paced shooter, make the fight too long and the immersion of the game lost!

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I was able to beat him without getting hit on normal! even on Crushing he's easy if you've played the game once before! outrun him and wait for him to arrive at 2 points where there are that blue pods! rinse and repeat. Navaro in the 1st game is a total b1tch though!

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shouldn't it be December? I need to check this out. I'm oddly interested in this game! I just don't know why!


taken directly from the review;

"The game follows TinTin on his journey with Captain Haddock as they embark on a quest to discover the lost treasure of Captain Haddock’s ancestor Sir Francis Haddoque. Along the way they must solve various puzzles and find new clues to aid them on the discovery of the lost treasu...

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no thanks!

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they can just put anyone in there wearing the exact helmet and call him Ghost! it's not like he was born and the parents gave him the name "Ghost"! it's a fvcking code name!

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they took the scene during WWII on BFBC2 (which until this day I see as a better looking BF1943) and compared it with the modern one in BF3! FAIL! lol

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LMAO...that's a good joke! I'm not saying that the game is bad but lets just be honest here! the game is praised like it is because it's a great Hero game in a long time!

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