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at least Sigma version got extras
minus the blood, it's the better version! boobs jingle FTW!! :P #2.1.1
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you may be right at the blood part
but don't you worry about the boobs! NGS2 has sixaxis boob jingle and the new one will possibly have it too! - I don't know how will they get it to work with 360 though! natal maybe? #1.3.1
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obviously no love for LP2
Eurogamer gave it 6 and now GR giving 7! where does it go wrong? #1.8
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new looking site, same old audience!
were you expecting less? #2.2.1
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I don't know why you would want to mention HR here
but this kind of reviews make some people miss the Open Zone for sure! :D #10.2
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Eurogamer is on a roll!!
first Alan Wake, and now Lost Planet! #1.6
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someone is still hurts KZ2 the game looks better than the 2005 footage! #2.1.2
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mario will always get a pass
eventhough it plays just like the games before it, none will mention about no innovation, same like before of something like that! #1.8
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come on, what's with the disagrees?
if you watch the vid he said 1920x1080 not 1080p! - which is not true for GT5:P! I know some games use unorthodox resolution like GT5:P(1280x1080) and MGS4(1024x768), you can't call them 1080p or 720p although they are displayed at those resolution on tv due to to the console! 720p = 1280x720 & 1080p = 1920x1080 period! #2.9
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SOLD! when can I pick it up?
I personally think that inFAMOUS is a great game! I'm a big fan and the 2nd is greatly anticipated! it trumps GTAIV in terms of fun sandbox game and for the 2nd it would be sweet to include destructible environment! I'm not talking total destruction but something a bit more than GTAIV but not so much like red faction guerilla! #1.11
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GT5: prologue
he includes GT5: Prologue as 1920x1080 = full HD game! last time I checked, it's 1280x1080! plus, this is not even a good comparison! more like he only compares games he played! #2.3
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what the...? what? I think Remedy will be greatly offended and sad reading your comment! #8.6
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there's no way Nintendo can ever sue Sony as far as the technology is concern! Wiimote and PS Move are different technology implemented in the same way! but the huge advantage of Wiimote is that it will work with every Wii available but Move still needs the PS EYE!

I was not interested at all with move when it was unveiled as i though that it will be another casual gimmick (the sole reason why i don't buy the Wii) but seeing now that it is indeed going to be used in games that I'... #1.14
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not even Ryu?
come on! everybody who plays games should know Ryu! #3.1
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it won't stop yet
at least for another few years! believe it or not, the iteration after this Vietnam which will be released next year is already in development! afterall this franchise is worked on by more than 1 studio. after they released this, Treyatch will work on the next 1 which is going to be released 2012! and the cycle goes on! I'm not a fan of CoD, and CoD4 being the last 1 I bought! although I'm a gamer at heart, no matter how good this game turns out, I will not buy it! that's how much I hate AV! #7.3
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AV's attitude is starting to take action! I just hope the agreement doesn't include being a DOUCHEBAG like the publisher! #2.2
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I was seriously planning to get the BD version
and I replayed GTAIV to at least finish the game as I know platinum will be impossible at this point but is the damn game boring as hell! I stopped playing after forcing myself through about 25 hours and I'm still at 51%! "go there kill this guy" - flush and repeat for almost all the time really killed it for me! no wonder I stopped playing it not so long ago after I got it! now, I don't even feel to get the BD version anymore! I think, playing the main game again was a HUGE mistake! #2.6
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my take
this is HUGE no doubt about it but for once, it's the 1st time ever since Bungie became a big player in the industry that it's not about Halo! for those comparing this deal with what happen to IW, you're way off the mark! IW and all their properties is owned by AV and MW is AV's as well! this is just publishing right, and it's not Halo! seeing as I'm not a fan of Halo and I hate AV, Bungie still will not see my money going to them! but I can see many are looking forward to this new IP! I just... #1.26
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I didn't brag about anything and I didn't even bash SC for god sake! why should you be so defensive? I don't have a 360, so? can't I play the game on my pc later? how am I a clown when I just said that almost all reviews stressed on that point!

IGN: "The single-player and co-op campaigns are short, but there's a lot of other things to do."

GS: "Great storytelling makes the short campaign entertaining,..."

EDGE: "Its flaws stand o... #1.14
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me too
the only multiplat I'm interested in at the moment! #3.2
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