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FH3 also didn't have real money MT at launch. but after all reviews were said and done, they flipped the switch for it to have real money MT. the same will happen with Forza 7. those lootboxes are there for a reason and you knew the reason well

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just like how they didn't release Driveclub definitive edition, I doubt it.

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the creator of GIF said it's pronounced as a soft "g" as in "JIF" but THAT didn't stop people from using hard "g" like the word "gift" without the "t"

so no matter what Nintendo says, there are people who will call it otherwise or...simply as what it is...a HANDHELD!

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which one is worse? this or TRoTR?

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"3 trillion extra pixels has been generated by the X since launch" - MS

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xbox fanboys were already lighting fireworks yesterday over that "news"

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buh buh buh...Forza 7

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the PC version will always be the best version if you have a decent rig. just like every single game on the X

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you're NOT on PC though. this will be just like every other Xbone game right now. you want the best version and free online, go play on a decent rig. it's MS fault for stubbornly wanted to stay in this gen. if they would just announced the X as next gen, they can get away with 60fps just like earlier in the gen with BF4. last gen version 30fps, this gen 60fps.

while you're at it, why don't you demand FREE XBL just like on PC...

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"For 4K TV owners like myself, not having the ability to play 98% of the same games at their highest fidelity would be a disservice to our 4K TV investment...and the X Beast is the only console that exist in this World that can offer us 4K TV gamers the console gaming nirvana that we all desired"

LOL If xbone owners were this enthusiatic about power since the beginning of this gen, the Xbox brand would already long been down unde...

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"Even zelda couldve been nailed for this yet it didnt."

so you agreed that BoTW was given a pass?

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BoTW highest rated game ever = best game ever made! don't matter!

Bravo fanboys! Make up your mind already!

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Not dumb enough to let those MT money go away

83d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment's just EA sticking to UFC roots?

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definitely not Xbone

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I'm not a US citizen, and too lazy to google what position that guy has. but does it really matter?

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I think we should be surprised by this now, right? there was an article a couple of weeks back where T2 executives have had meetings and agreeing on exploring more MT practice in the future and that future certainly includes RDR2

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Ea is an easy target. it's pretty easy to hate EA and form a crowd huge enough to support the movement. but this is deserved! I'm so proud of the vocal community right now and let's hope the value goes down more and let this be a message to EA and other publishers as well. we are looking at you Activision!

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