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just like PS4 owners did with TRoTR? ZING!!

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"The lack of exploration and cliched characters with linear gameplay that got recycled in every game was a dealbreaker"


"The game has the most repetitive bs gameplay. UC2 was mainly trash"

LOL GTFO Uncharted haters! your opinions mean shit when you talk out of your back end! not all games need exploration FFS! most games of old didn't have exploration but didn't stop t...

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Nintendo Psychic have been calling BoTW as GoTY since launch. so...let him spice things up a little bit here

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I prefer they let it rests for awhile and let ND work on TLOU2 and possibly another new IP? who knows but in ND we trust! I don't want them to milk the IP to death like how Nintendo do with Mario. sure Mario is a successful strategy for Nintendo but as a character itself, it lacks identity. Mario is only an avatar for whatever game Nintendo decides to put him in and personally, seeing Mario in every single thing is really annoying!

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LOL at the username. Imagine applying for a job and they see the email address [email protected]

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Full generation behind? Yeah...because next gen only started when you can change your username, right?


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UC4 grabbed more GoTY award in the end compared to Overwatch

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xbox fanboys here regarding Super Lucky's Tale - review don't matter

xbox fanboys regarding Forza 7 - Forza is better than GTS because it score higher.


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being "grindy" is a bit of curse nowadays. and then we have publishers like EA and WB who introduced MT to shorten the grinding and then they get a flak for it for doing it wrong. I wonder how will the internet react if the introduce MT in XC2 too because main complaints from the reviews are it's "grindy" or "dragging"

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no Spiderman? wow

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I'm really looking forward to concrete genie.

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I think it better. it has been a while and taking any longer will kill the hype

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wait...2nd of June or 6th of February?

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Ape Escape is long overdue. They only did mini games collections and cheap MOVE game last gen which didn't do the franchise justice. Hopefully we can see a new entry soon

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still an award. that's an award too many! are you trying to encourage devs to start competing for that award?? who can come out with the most obnoxious practice of the year?? GOD NO!

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"Sony needs a break from goty awards anyways. Can’t win em all."

WHAT?? you're saying like Sony took a break this year from releasing a great game! Sony have been ruthless this year with 1st party games and seriously made MS looks like Atari! what's sad is not that HZD didn't win GoTY, but won nothing at all! that's just highway robbery for such a great new IP

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seriously...robo dinos! how the hell didn't robo dinos win??

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"It didn't win that category because it has far less physics to the combat itself than Zelda Breath of the Wild."


do you hear developers?? physics wins you GoTY!

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come on...there's no story in BoTW or Mario. if you still consider "save the princess" as a "story", what are you? 10??

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