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They're already available: #1.1
" may be shocked..."

I really hope that was sarcasm. #2
Guess I'll stay on the current version and they can go fuck themselves. #1
290d ago by badjournalism | View comment | Bad language
The BBB is a scam. Any company can get an A+ if they pay fees and play the BBB's game. They are not an authoritative body and have zero legal power and zero integrity. This has been known for YEARS. #3
Your update is laughable. 11yrs after the first does not a pioneer make. Other MMOs that beat it to the "one of the first" by a few years: Front Mission Online, Nobunaga's Ambition Online, Dragon Quest X. Please stop digging your hole. #8
To the two people who clicked 'Disagree' you're either A) morons/trolls, or B) been living under a rock for the last 13yrs. #3.2
LOL "first console MMO" and "first full MMO on a console"... Yeah. No. FFXI, EQOA, DCUO... all full MMOs on consoles BEFORE Defiance ever came out. #3
Spoiler Alert! They're not. #4
Little late on that whole 'not milking the franchise' thing, guys.

Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive 2
Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore
Dead or Alive 3
Dead or Alive 4
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Dead or Alive 5
Dead or Alive 5 Plus
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
Dead or Alive Paradise

Whoever disagreed with me, do you understand basic sentence structure? That headline looks like a Google search string, not an article title. To the author: don't write articles in a language you, CLEARLY, aren't fluent enough in to handle at even a first grade level. #3.1
That's some nice Engrish there, chief. #3
Yay! The always classic "No true Scotsman" fallacy! #4
Reading the full "review" right now. I don't see a review of the game. Someone show me where the review of the game is, and not a rant about the dev. #6
Non-issue. Has to be enabled by the user. Way to click bait, "journalist".

PS To the author: You might wanna familiarize yourself with Betteridge's Law of Headlines. This is a CLASSIC example. #1
@Eonjay: They did leave it out....of the game. #1.3.4
Nice logical fallacy there. It's called "moving the goalposts".

Article was about timed exclusives being the norm, independent of w/e platform they may be timed exclusive to. This has been the case since the 360 and PS3 launched. Half the multiplatform releases of the last generation were timed exclusives for MS.

Next time you reply to someone you disagree with, come up with an actual argument and leave the fallacies at home. #2.1.1
"Will they be the gaming norm?" Newsflash: THEY HAVE BEEN FOR ALMOST 8YRS NOW. #2
You don't suddenly lose your boobs when you die. Sorry. Doesn't work that way. #2
And people expected better from the douchebags that got permabanned from Minecon for their behavior? #1
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