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Nice logical fallacy there. It's called "moving the goalposts".

Article was about timed exclusives being the norm, independent of w/e platform they may be timed exclusive to. This has been the case since the 360 and PS3 launched. Half the multiplatform releases of the last generation were timed exclusives for MS.

Next time you reply to someone you disagree with, come up with an actual argument and leave the fallacies at home. #2.1.1
"Will they be the gaming norm?" Newsflash: THEY HAVE BEEN FOR ALMOST 8YRS NOW. #2
You don't suddenly lose your boobs when you die. Sorry. Doesn't work that way. #2
And people expected better from the douchebags that got permabanned from Minecon for their behavior? #1
If the author of an article can't even make it past the headline without committing a logical fallacy, the article isn't worth reading. #3
Religion? Check. Other peoples' money? Check. Are people really surprised that a crowd-funded project of a religious nature is a scam? #3
The worst outcome that can happen is that I wasted 30secs typing this comment. #223
Oh look. Abriael throwing another tantrum on the scale of the one he threw on the Lodestone forums when he didn't get into the Alpha for ARR? I'm shocked. Shocked I say! Keep crying. Your tears, and the tears of all the whiners on the forums, sustain me. #5
One story, a minor and non-issue even then, does not make "more bad press than EA" nor does it bear redredging unless you're REALLY reaching for reasons to dislike them.

They've done more for their own, and other, communities than you'll do in a lifetime of being a bitter, two-bit "games journalist" who has to dig for things to call people out on. If you have a legit reason to dislike them, write about that instead. As it is, you're a trol... #1.1.1
Welcome to *3 YEARS AGO*. What's next from this site? Red Ring of Death? Hot Coffee? Can't wait to read their riveting coverage of the Mortal Kombat and DooM controversies!

Seriously. No one cares anymore, if they even cared then. #1
One offensive douchebag defending another. How cute. #1
"..before it was cool.."
"..probably never played/seen/read/heard of.."

Don't wanna be labeled a hipster? Don't start articles or replies in conversations with those phrases. Simple. Otherwise, you're trying to make yourself sound pretentious and are a hipster. #2.1.1
What he CHOOSES to do is no one's fault but his own. He brought all this negative attention on himself. No one else. Using your suicide guilt trip as a reason to not call a douchebag a douchebag is rather stupid an doesn't hold an ounce of water.

Edit: PHIL FISH IS NOT A VICTIM. *HE* started this. *HIS* actions brought this about. DO NOT claim he's a victim of anything more than his own hubris and conceit. #3.1.3
"..people are awful..." indeed. Maybe Philip shouldn't have been such a jackass to start with and then people would have no reason to call him on it.

All the people defending Fishsticks are part of the problem. The entertainment industry, be it movies or music or games, is the only place where this behavior seems to be acceptable, encouraged even, and it should not be. He acted like a child and started this whole thing with his IGF outburst and his unprofessiona... #3
Hipsters. /facepalm #2
Fish started the namecalling and shit talking at IGF when he first started this behavior. He's reaping what he sowed, at this point. #1.1.1
Nobody owes Phil Fish or Johnathan Blow any apologies for having negative opinions of them. They earned those opinions when they decided to be pompous gasbags and, in Fish's case, a complete and total douchebag.

Let them get huffy, let Fish act like a 5yr old in the toy aisle who just got told no. They'll either grow up and act like mature adults should when faced with things they don't like or they'll be children the rest of their lives, and mocked as such. #2
More bullshit hipster articles. Yay. If you've never heard of these you've been living under a rock.

"You've probably never heard of it." said every hipster ever. Seriously, GTFO. #3
It's safe to say anything said by this fraudster can be ignored. Cheat people, commit fraud, abuse your users and still think your voice matters? Newsflash: you wrote yourself into irrelevancy. #1
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