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gotcha, let me try it. #2.4
my top 10

ratchet and clank
assassins creed
eye of judgment
heavenly sword
ninja gaiden sigma
guitar hero 3
folklore #8
hd dvd can save their ass and admit defeat. bluray do doubt will take over. #3
and grilling pork chops........uuuuuuuuuuuuummmm mmmmmm.....poooorkschoops!!!! #4
cant wait for this game, but if sony made its own smash it'll be better. #1
i do, i was logging to my psn account on HIS ps3 to dl tekken, but like i said it didnt work. #2.2
and theres more important things than HARDWARE sales, software!!!!
no matter how many harware wii sells, they dont have enough software to justify that. in the end more wii's gathering dusts. and thats a fact. back to the topic, no wii cant compete to the 360/ps3, its out of its league. #7
hd dvd like the wii only has hardware sales, but disc sales... blu-ray pwns hd dvds #9
dynasty warriors? meh. id rather see ratchet on number 2 than that. but surely ps3 will never lose. #3
how do you share your psn downloads to upto 5 ps3s? i tried logging in on my psn account from another ps3 and it kept saying "you cant log in on a different user account", how the heck am i supposed to do that? any tips? #2
agreed, resistance should be atleast on the top 5, and no uncharted aint no tomb raider. definitely a must have. #2.1
tekken dr than virtua fighter 5, but i guess each to his own.
and i'll remove orange box there, i'd rather have heavenly sword. #3
sony is back for domination!!!!! #41
the demo was so awesome, cant wait for ps3 to gain ground!!! this will surely help! start advertising this game SONY!!!!!!!!!! move! move! move!!!!! #35
more commercials, posters, start advertising this game sony!!!!!! your advertising departments needs to get up their ass and start doing their job. look at halo's advertising!!! #86
just because ps3 had too much negativity when it released people just made it a convention to be negative on sony. screw you reviewers!!!! #24
this is an AA game nontheless, ps3 is really shaping up even better than the 360's first year. #19
get ratchet instead :D #7
ps3 FTW!!!!!!! #24
wii is no threat, it only has hardware sales. softwarewise it sucks, full of cookie clutter games. thats why you dont see uncharted and assassins creed on the wii. and imho, most ppl who bought it especially the impulse buyers arent playing it anymore. #8
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