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insomniac and naughtydog are one of sony's prized supporters. #10
another gimmick but will sell nontheless. count me in wiifit! #1
nope development costs so much more these days unless they make dev tools cheaper and others stuff too adds on. maybe when the new consoles arive. but id rather wait for a used game 54.99, then use my gamerscard(gamestop/ebgames)to make it 49.99. #2.1
drake?drake!draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaake!!!!! love this game!!!! #1
ps3 FTW!!!! eat yourself nintendo! though i have a wii :P #3
meh you're right...ps3!!! #17.2
dude i have atleast 50 games i need to finish and 50 games i need to get for ps2,psp,ps3,wii,ds and next year...360. im just glad i was able to finish 1 game. thank God it was short but awesooooome!!!! cant wait for the sequels. #22
meh,,,, one console one world!!!!!! #17
jeeezzzz,,,,, cant wait for years later when the ps3 redesign will come hopefully alteast half the size of that sexy beast. hopefully ps2 bc will comeback, dont forget 40gb still plays psx. #2
bestbuy target and walmart all the way baby, no need for preorders!!! #7
one thing about sony, they stay commited to their consoles unlike the other two who dropped their past consoles. "those who dont look at the past can never go forward" #16
omg keep milking this system while you can!!!! #1
media dont give justice to ps3 games because of all the hate the ps3 got when the system was released, phucking idiots. #5
agreed! #9.1
our targets and walmarts also have more BDs in display than HDdvds #11
lol spiderman three which sucked will surpass transformers hd-dvd sales, no surprise there. #2.6
isnt HS a trilogy, then obviously the 2nd and 3rd will arrange those problems. #10
microsoft ship sinking.....jack(bungie)! dont let go!!! damn you!!!! #3
lol then why did transformers had compressed sound?
maybe like the 360, movies on the hddvd should be 2 discs since users dont mind replacing discs :D #2.3
played the game 3 times, its that good. #3
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