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okami beats zelda hands down. zelda tp copied too much off of okami IMO especially since okami came out almost a year before tp did. #9
link and mario, stories suck gameplay rules. #5
if you have a psp and not plan on getting beats, your a loser. or just dont have a credit/debit card. its that awesome. no offense. #1
its doing so well because of the hype and the price. but software wise compared to the other competitors, it bombs. #5
nintendo will always rely on 1st party. #9
how is 6 any diff from the rest rather than the HD part? anyway, the underdog will win. ps3 ftw. #5
i applaud nintendo for taking a huge risk and succeeding. though the DS kinda helped them already with the decision to release the wii. but hardware ware sales is nothing. exclusives and software sales are everything. and that aint happening to them with only 4 worthy exclusives and cookie clutter of games. #16
haze another damn fine ps3 exclusive!!!! #31
lol wait for ninja gaiden sigma 2 :D ps3 exclusive!!!! #40
obviously deserved it, and better than assassins creed w/c is also a good game btw. seriously, gamers nowadays have too high standards, like they can make their own AAA game. #40
stop torturing us wii owners wii cookie clutters!!! and then what? house of the dead 4 will come to the ps3 like time crisis 4? #6
yea right, enough. blu ray will pwn all. #10
toy home rocks :D #11
lol it plays old skool nes cartridges!!!! #18
lol :D #4
meh, screw pics. make jade raymond do naked mo-caps that altair can interact with. #6
jade raymond is hot but amanda mackay is hotter. #3
no matter how they put it, how the media views it, assassins creed is and will always be a breakthrough and a master piece. one of the ps3 exclusives that unfortunately escaped. #2
stfu microsoft dksucker!!! #16.2
reviewers are bias, cant wait for november 19!!!!!!!!!! #17
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