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im glad this game has been getting the reviews it deserves, well except for IGN's. had a blast, comedy/freaky game #1
doesnt really matter, i have kinect and will only use it for games that make sense. #6
just finished the game, cant wait for no more heroes paradise! now onto the platinum! #5
boring as it was Sony had the GAMES, which was really just the most important thing. Nintendo's new controller? ok..wheres the interesting games? gears3,fable3.5,halo1.1, halo4,5,6...kiddie games, kids with bad acting.. #15.1
i agree, where are the new first party ips for MS? #8.1.3
lol that would really work? well, just got la noire from craigslist yesterday for $30 #6.1.1
man i cringed a lot at MS conference. too much cringe worthy stuff happened lol :D halo 4 and a remake, was that really unexpected? that has been leaked months before. everyone who doubts MS is going to stop making halo games is crazy. lets see halo 5,6,7... #8.1
they've had better conferences but they definitely had the best games than the other two. ps vita price was a big plus. #7
lol lucky you. not that hunted is a really bad game though, it has its strengths too. also got shadow of the damned for $30 and yes its hella worth it. almost done with this awesome game #4.1.1
definitely not 5 hours. im only on chapter 3-2 and im way over 3 hours. #8.1
only 8 hours? cmon, thats pretty decent. compared to other games with 10+ hours of sp campaign which tends to get boring. 8 "cant put this controller down" hours is more practical to me #3
np, im playing on normal mode right now and im not even trying hard to find all the red gems, still it feels like ive been playin for weeks. no dull moment so far. lots of funny stuff, albeit cheesy dialogues #5.1.1
this sucks, i only want La Noire there :( already got portal2 n mortal kombat #6
i regret even paying $30 for this game. i wish i could have bought it for $20, thats what its worth to me. #4
got this game for $30 last week from a retail connection. i can definitely vouch for this review. awesome game, almost finished, just need 2 more chapters. #5
EA partners is really good. next up, Insomniac's Overstrike #14
lol i died in this boss fight not knowing where the stupid goat head was. good thing i had lots of hot sauce :P #3
Microsoft will no doubt incorporate kinect to every big title they can. whether its a gimmick or not ala mass effect 3, they dnt care as long as there is the kinect support. #5
Ive had this game since thursday, a lot of cheesy and funny stuff. no more heroes meets re4 i think is the perfect description for this game. add me psn AguilarX. considering it has a pretty decent single player lenght, nothing was boring. loved the boss fights too #12
i bought the game at midnite no pre-order. got 1 of the last 4. been playin it for 8 hours now and no disc read error. im really lucky in these kind of stuff. launch psp no dead pixel, launch ps3 no problems, launch wii, no problems, launch ds no stuck pixels. just dont want to test my luck on the 360 red ring just yet. #8
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