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the first thing that sucked me in the Darksiders franchise was the art style. even have the darksiders art book from udon. joeMAD ftw! #7
damn! with the success Demon Souls generated, you would think Atlus would have secured to publish this one. Anyway, Sony was regretful for not publishing the first one too, so it sucks for them not securing the spiritual successor. #1
oh my bad, i thought the similarities were a good compliment. never knew the game was bashed for it #1.4.1
platinumed the first one, cant wait for the 2nd one to come. #3.4
you dont see it similar to GoW cuz you looked past it lol. it was zelda w/ the puzzles and exploration and GoW with the combat including QTEs. #1.3
loved the concept of the first one but havent really had the time to finish it. a 2nd one would be nice #5
damn, really?! i guess im the only one enjoying this game...
no diablo 3/torchlight for ps3 #1
not with the cost of developing a pretty decent game. decent 3rd party exlusives like no more heroes paradise/silent hill collection/mgs4 are really rare this current gen. #3
wow, mediocre i guess. ill be gettin this once a price drop comes #1
man, cant put the controller down! 2nd replay! #2
new ip please, though infamous 3 won't hurt either way. its just nice that sony has tons of awesome exclusive IPs #15
the art style is definitely nice dont get me wrong, thats why i was glad to pick this up. battle is pretty fun too. enemies look pretty awesome. platforming is just too repetitive and tends to get boring #7.1.1
thats where i game the most. and i dont get taxed on psn games lol #1.1.1
finished the game, sucks i didnt get the "beat the game in easy mode" trophy since i finished on normal. oh well, i guess im playin 3 times. really worth it. reminds me of zelda bosses #1
sucks i wont be able to play this on my ps3, im not sure if i should get this on my xbla, might just be a timed exclusive.. #1
got this game for $30 yesterday. pretty decent, nothing special. glad i bought it but i wouldnt regret missing it either #7
gabriel? #7.1
lol at disagrees, i guess you guys wanna use your kinect for stupid reasons. good luck flailing while holding a controller! :D #6.1
lol people have been playing this game since last week. just got done with the game to be exact. yes, ign's review doesnt match my opinion of the game. sorry for those who will skip on this sleeper hit. its like killer7 all over again #5
it doesnt really matter unless its an exclusive game. same with 360 and ps3. nothing still beats uncharted 2 and killzone in the graphics dept. cuz they're exclusives. i doubt other companies would make their games way better looking for wiiu than their ps3/360 counterparts. #4
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