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got it for a week now and it hasnt left my disc drive. even though darksiders 2 and maxpayne 3 just arrived from newegg.
fighting online gets my adrenaline rushing though, people are good.

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Sony's monthly gift is atleast two free games/avatars/themes and a whole bunch of discounts for ten bucks less

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Its dual-audio with english subs

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Repetitive much?

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Glad i got the trial first, saved me 15 bucks. Images were so pretty but in game felt different. Felt bland or a free flash game. Really wanted to like this game

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@ Disagree(s)
The game already sucked in 15 hours of my time and im only on the fourth dungeon out of twenty. cant disagree with that lol

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too late!! ive been taken!

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249 for sure for me to buy it day one with a couple of games. No more than that.

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i wish Nariko was up there too. its just a personal list anyway. Heavenly Sword 2 cmon Sony!

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I know developers say its easy to port ps3 games to the Vita, but i hope the Vita version isnt a port, if they want people to buy both titles, the Vita version could be a side story or some sort and then include cross platform connectivity. either way i thought the assassins creed announced for the vita on tgs was a completely different story.

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NO WAAY! man i love this on xbla indie! glad i can take this awesome game on the road on my Vita! retro goodness along with Retro City Rampage.

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Awesome that this incudes jap voice overs. Even if there is no trophies, people should def get this game. Great rpg hands down

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Sucks that silent hill collection is delayed. no physical games for me this month

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im actually replaying it for the third time, goin for the platinum. this game is so entertaining, unless your one of them conservative types. i bet lollipop chainsaw will be fun as well

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Hate games having freezing n gliching problems, thats what sums up this generation of gaming. Dlc and patches

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Halo is pretty decent, enemies though cartoonish fit really well. Story wise its hard for me to get interested but gameplay is good. Overall gears for me is more appealing, it wont match halo's sales but the overall quality is imo better. Again to emphasize, my opinion not fact, still click on the disagree!

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I know r3 isnt supposed to be a scary game, but some areas freaked me out. They should do a scary game

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KB getting killed or shot is bad for his image tho

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2's story was better though.

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awesome and UNDERRATED game/graphics. cant get attached to characters though. but better than r1 and r2

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