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lol im playing ff8 hahaha

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freakin dictionary! I didnt know it was spreading lies! thanks for the disagrees and opening up my corrupted mind. whew! too close.

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hahaha so if its the same old dante with black hair none of you will complain? oops let the disagree rain

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Sony, i like you but....*facepalm smh

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after the excitement is gone, ill cry because of the 9999 damage attack on my wallet

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this year is crazy for ps3 exclusives, ni no kuni, tales of xillia, beyond, last of us, god of war ascension. especially now that the next console is just months away from reveal and release. exciting is an understatement at this point.

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oooh you goin to jail now! *Uppercut

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Reboot (narratology)-To discard all previous continuity in a series and restart the series.

meaning all devil may cry in the past is non existent now. sorry

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lol all this DmC hate started with the HAIR. no one even knew how the game controlled or even how the difficulty was. I even remembered all the Nero hate back then and now they forget about it and hate on the new guy. sad to say but old dante is meaningless now, then again just play the devil may cry collection

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I see another mass effect type deal gonna happen here. Everyone said it will never come to ps3, even though so late in the cycle, it still did.

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what are u talking about!!? i got the ni no kuni issue too!! where was it at? man i hope i can still redeem it

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proven right to hate, proven right to like. nothin wrong with that

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damn! wish US would have this too so I can grab another extra month

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then again this is when they were young. Virgil might change later on. we'll never know but im excited on where NT is taking the franchise. i've only loved the 1st n 3rd DmC, so i could care less about the old originals

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ending was awesome but I cant wait for Season 2. now im contemplating if i need to replay the game to get a different ending :(

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Been a big supporter of Ninja Theory amidst all the hate. Heavenly Sword was awesome that's why people are clamoring for a sequel. I platinumed Enslaved, so after playing the DmC demo on ps3, it cemented my decision. it was a no-brainer that I pre-ordered the game on newegg for $47! cant wait till next year! Haters gonna hate

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Story definitely wasnt worth it, yeah it was a step up but MK9's story blew it out. fighting though is ridiculously good.

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pre-ordered this game through newegg last week for for $47!!
along with God of War:A, Beyond 2 Souls, Bioshock Infinite, Xcom, Playstation Allstars, and Assassin's Creed 3 all for $47 a pop! gotta love newegg

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retro city rampage next week!!!! damn, im still enjoying super crate box and aqua kitty. give me trophies on psmobile dammit!!

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the demo i played was entertaining, i fail to imagine that that was only the best part of the game and the rest is crap. will buy this game on half-off or if lucky, as a free PS+ game someday.

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