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Ending? more like a hint that we need to spend more money on DLC. #1
I say free DLC to the mass effect community as a way to say we care. #3
OMG, does that means my copy of FORZA is a fraud?
What about uncharted,is it Tomb Raider in disguise?

Its all about trying to make a good game better...many times they fail to emulate there "role models" but sometimes a game like Uncharted comes by and raise the bar #1.3
Microsoft did not know the way of the Samurai...

Never take a fight to someone else backyard #1
both franchises are household names...just like Mario and Zelda #1.1
Im glad Heavy Rain turned out great...As for Splinter Cell, it just needed more work...better to get it rite than to rush it and ruin your credibility. #2
After watching the video...i feel bad for everybody else on the opposing team...spawn die,spawn die over and over again...

Just another example of how broken this game is... #1
Casual Arcade shooter #1.2
This game is as far from sim as you can get,its an arcade shooter...MW2 can be fun at times but things like Akimbo,lights weight,heartbeat sensor,thermal,nuke and quite a few more ruin this game. #1.1
For some people its what they can afford #1.5
Sorry Sony but Uncharted 2 made me buy 1

Edit:GOW3 and GT5 is enough reason #1.7
Square and enix needs a divorce...things are not looking good for this company...they never give there fans what they want and have gone so far astray on what a traditional JRPG is supposed to be...give me back my turn base,towns,shops,inns and strategy in battles... #2.3
7,8,9 and 10 was great...9 had a very good story if you got into it...i finished 12 and dont remember what it was about #8.2
Something new to fight over...and guess what,after all the fighting is over,MS and Sony will be cashing those checks and laugh at you guys for taking this so seriously... #1.10
a fight over 2 games thats not even out... #1.1
give credit where its due...GOW3 will be amazing for GOW fans and some...Halo has a following so what do you expect... #1.1
This game is a clear winner...i think they are giving this game there all this time...not like ODST that was made by Bungies interns #1.3
they should rename Emile, call him Ghost instead #1.4
i predict these guys don't have a clue...nobody knows the true numbers since walmart and a few more are not accounted for #1
i agree with you BUT consoles cant handle Crysis,so KZ2 is the best example i can think of as far as FPS goes... #1.19
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