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I don't get why MS abandoned its core gamers who supported them and went for casual gamers and TV enthusiast.

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Multiple choice:

A) Kinect made the X1 too expensive
B) Kinect was Rejected by hardcore gamers as a gimmick
C) Microsoft was getting there butt kicked by PS4
D) NSA live video uplink was discovered

Bonus answer: PS fanboys pretended to be xbot gamers and complained to Microsoft.

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Xbox one designers need to be fired. What were they thinking.

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I love my Xbox one but let's be real, This Gen belongs to Sony...back to titanfall

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Been a Xbox 360 owner but the facts are the facts and PS4 is the better machine. Now my only question is how to get a PS4 at launch without a pre-order?

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That Fish happens to be quite intelligent with its NEW AI.

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I smell smoke

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I never understood why you needed xbl to have those features.

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When they say inferior, how much of a difference are we talking about. I'm sure the PC guys may be able to answer this

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The Wiiu will die prematurely.

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Only gamers who has both system should comment. Ultimately PS3 was the better system. But your comment is invalid only owning one console.

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Titan Fall

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Why do I see disagrees in your immediate future.

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Guys like that make PS4 gamers look bad.

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Both are great. GT series wins this one

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When they say win? What exactly do they mean? Last time I checked PS4 had better pre-order numbers, a better line up, cheaper price, better specs.

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Buy a PS4 if you are worrying about policies coming back

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I'm jealous. We got Fable and AC2...

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