bad naruto

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@ james090162, Well people born with illness everyday it doesn't mean it can't be cured.

i feel pity for you as even dogs don't do what gays do.

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@ Paytaa "Dude it's almost 2015 and you're still standing by that "gays need to be cured"?"

so it's by what year we in now.

i quote you.

"That was easily the most idiotic statement I have read in a while"

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@ CaspuR, yeah lets turn best friends into gays just to prove your right.

if that's what you are seeing in Naruto then you need to see a psychiatrist.

Last time i checked they both married a women.

@ Thryhring you mean Gay porn is TV?

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if being gay is OK, why not seeing Movies or Series where the lovers are males or a love story where the lovers are gay.

Being a gay is an illness that should be cured not spreading, if we accept this then in the future we'll also see people want their right to marry their dogs and have sex with them and you'll be insightful for not supporting them.

if encouraging these ill people is being OPEN minded then i rather be a close minded one that seeing th...

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Go psvita.
this is what happen when you develop a digimon game on psvita instead of 3DS.

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Bros before hoes.

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the video is EPIC!!!

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Forcing Gay shit in games that's meant for kids. just to please these sick people.

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that was my thought too.

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why they wana shove the gay shit in our throat??
it has no point what so ever, the only purpose is to make the teenagers being gay is cool or something.

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"victim of moral panic"

Now that's new, are you suggestion to put our moral aside when we play video games?

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Disgusting Picture.

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anyone knows the name of the soundtrack??please.

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anyone who disagree KonsoruMasuta is GAY.

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it's WB Montreal not rocksteady.

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@ MegaRay
then it's not DRM you stupid.

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can you guess the right answer.

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